The Girl They Couldn't Steal (Little Girl Lost, #1)

The Girl They Couldn t Steal Little Girl Lost Snatched rescued and brought up in a loving environment Amy Walker embarks on a journey of self discovery taking her deep into a disturbing Chechen gang in London s underworld Amy s ageing foster mo

  • Title: The Girl They Couldn't Steal (Little Girl Lost, #1)
  • Author: Phil Martin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Snatched, rescued and brought up in a loving environment, Amy Walker embarks on a journey of self discovery taking her deep into a disturbing Chechen gang in London s underworld Amy s ageing foster mother won t be around forever Soon she will be alone in her adopted world As personal tragedy hits hard along with issues of morality, Amy sets off on a mission of self discSnatched, rescued and brought up in a loving environment, Amy Walker embarks on a journey of self discovery taking her deep into a disturbing Chechen gang in London s underworld Amy s ageing foster mother won t be around forever Soon she will be alone in her adopted world As personal tragedy hits hard along with issues of morality, Amy sets off on a mission of self discovery to unearth her missing years Haunted by an unexplained scar on her left foot, she discovers a coded list of foreign names, international addresses and inexplicable passport stamps, exposing lie after lie told by her foster parents She decides to stop at nothing to unearth exactly what they kept buried from the world But she is attacked in the night, her home is ransacked and all she is left with is one address in Morocco Travelling to the shanty towns and palaces of Casablanca, Amy quickly realises that her own life is very much in danger As the clues lead her close to unearthing her truth, she disturbs it, alerting the gang to her existence Her truth will do anything to stay hidden More sinister untruths lead her back to London and a dark, Chechen underworld, where she discovers she was third on a coded, list of stolen children As the gang looks to silence her, Amy s quest for knowledge turns into a battle just to stay alive Murder follows murder Scotland Yard links each to Amy Walker She s a vigilante desperate for revenge For Amy, obsession has taken over As her life descends into a whirlwind of former SAS agents, Chechen warlords and Russian hit men, she realises her quest is about so much than just her past The gang that took her is still in operation and ready to strike again in Barcelona But Child No 3 must be silenced Little Girl Lost must never be found.

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    1 thought on “The Girl They Couldn't Steal (Little Girl Lost, #1)”

    1. 5 Thrilling Exciting Roller Coaster StarsChild No. 3 caught my attention after reading a review from Best Crime Books.What a gem this turned out to be.n't you just love it when you find a book that you just can't put downAmy Walker has always known she was adopted. But since the death of her adopted father she has felt the need to find out more. about why she was adopted.With no real clues and no one willing really to talk about it, she decides to make this her mission after she graduates and in [...]

    2. I must find my happy place before I rate this story Amazing plot twist, DEFINTELY NOT BORING. BUT the heroine hitwoman in me was not to fond of Amy I'm a huge meanie though <--- I own it

    3. Amy 'Aims' Walker begins the story at her graduation ceremony having become a medical doctor. On this special occasion she feels even more deeply than usual that she knows nothing of her background as she is adopted.Having completed her studies she has a break before starting her hospital placement so she decides to use the time to investigate exactly where she came from.After discovering that the story her adoptive parents have told her is bogus she convinces (cons?) her poor friend Carolyn int [...]

    4. I have literally hundreds of books at any one time in my `to read' list. It's normally a mixture of my long time favourites, some newbie's and some self published stuff. Child Number 3 written by Phil Martin was a self published book and the synopsis sounded right up my street. Like most books or authors I haven't read before I always hope they will be great and thankfully Phil Martin's most certainly was. Amy Walker is the main character in this rather dark book and we are introduced to her lif [...]

    5. I am rating this series as one book as I could not put them down, and as I completed one book I immediately picked up the next.This trilogy contains it all, a huge complex plot that is easy to follow, immense tension that had me utterly gripped, great variety of strong characters that can hold their own, and a storyline that twists and turns as each shocking truth unfolds.This story follows Amy Walker and her travels as she desperately follows new leads as they become uncovered, in her obsession [...]

    6. I was gifted a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. This is part one of a trilogy and is one hell of a roller coaster ride, and even more so for Amy Walker the main character, who is caught up in something from her past due to no fault of her own, but she is now traveling to various countries and different parts of the UK to try and find out who she is and where she comes from. She also gets her friend from University involved but things turn out rather dangerous for them and t [...]

    7. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it has kept me up well past my bedtime for the last couple of nights. It's the story of Amy Walker who finds out not only that she was adopted but that she was abducted at the age of two and a half. This information opens a whole can of worms and Amy and her friends find themselves in a few sticky situations, although I did find myself liking some of the villans and was sad to read about the demise of a few. The storyline and characters were believable and ther [...]

    8. Excellent book!!!! Can't wait to start the next one, which is already downloaded on my kindle in readiness. The first book kept me wanting to read just another page, before having to stop to either get off the train; go back to work and even go to sleep. Great writing from Phil and such a fantastic first book.

    9. Really enjoyed this. well worth reading, the story pulls you in from the beginning, wondering whats going to happen next. enjoyed it so much had to buy the next one right away The story is about Amy Walker and her desperate need to find out about herself. She goes off to search and follow anything that leads her to find out who she is and where she comes from after finding out she was adopted. I don't think she or anyone else imagined just how much it takes for her to find things out, and how mu [...]

    10. Many thanks to the author for sending me a copy to review.Amy Walker is just an ordinary student graduating from university, in the north of England. Suddenly her life becomes complicated, as she discover everything she has been told about her early years is a lie. She goes in search of the truth. This leads to danger in the form of assassins, criminals intent on hunting her down and the police finding her rather suspicious. Who is Amy Walker?I was really impressed with this book and with Amy Wa [...]

    11. This is a very fast paced thriller. The action started pretty much straight away and didn't stop until the ending. It was written and obviously researched really well, there were a few spelling and grammar errors which could be sorted easily. Not the usual sort of story I would enjoy but found as the book went on I was reading faster and faster to find out what would happen. Very glad I read this and will have to read the next one!

    12. Roller Coaster of a Read.This trilogy started with an unpleasant ailment for the main character and from there it was a fast action, thrilling ride of a book!The author has a brilliant imagination and certainly had me glued to my Kindle for almost a week reading this superb trilogy of books. Priced at a great price. I believe the author did all his proof reading, publishing and hard graft alone - he has done a great job and I loved his writing style a lot.

    13. First time I've read a book from this author and I was not disappointed at all. Really fast paced, and well written.Im always a bit sceptical when I start new authors, but this is a genuinely good book. Can't wait to read more from this author.

    14. You are gripped to the story from the first page. Very good and different story line, will be buying the next books x

    15. it was a great read. i had to give it to Amy preservernce paid off as her road got deadly in search of the truth the story began to engulf me.

    16. Excellent novel, keeps you reading not wanting to set it down!Will plan on reading the next two in the series!

    17. I could not get on board with the books inflated depiction of two medical school graduates. Despite the fact that new graduates lack experience, which the author failed to assume all the way through this, I just could not believe in the story. If your main character is a newly qualified doctor it pays to do actual accurate research into newly qualified doctors rather than assume a unicorns and rainbows version of what medical schools actually produce.Apart from the fact the undergraduate curricu [...]

    18. I was offered a free copy of this book by the author, in exchange for an honest review. So, I will offer the following: 1. When an author centers a story around some specific theme, in this case adoption, I wish they would at least research what it is they are talking about. “Fostering” and “Adoption” are not synonomous, as they are used in this book. The author uses the terms interchangeably, but there are distinct legal, and most often, emotional, differences in the two terms.2. This b [...]

    19. The Girl They Couldn’t Steal is a thriller involved with child abduction and trafficking. Amy has always known she is adopted but has no information regarding her birth family. Now that she has graduated medical school and has six months before buckling down to work she sets out to investigate who she really is. She sets off a chain of events far bigger than she can imagine, involving multiple countries and criminals of all kinds and at all levels. Russian Mobsters, Chechens, Old School Englis [...]

    20. So for me this is really a 3.5 star. Amy had just graduated as a Doctor but before she gets stuck in she wants to find out where she came from. She was fostered/adopted at a young age after her parents died in a terrible accident. She begins to dig around and suddenly finds herself in a dangerous situation.This story is full of action and that made me want to carry on reading it. I didn't really like Amy. I found her to be annoying and some of the things she did were just unrealistic. I also did [...]

    21. An adopted child who wants to know more about her birth family, the ending of her university course to become a doctor following on from the recent death of her father motivates her to progress this desire. Had she had known the true cost to her and others (some of whom she loves) she may well have left well enough alone.The book is fast paced and the reader is whisked from country to country as the body count mounts. First of a trilogy, the end leaves the reader ready for the next book without [...]

    22. Not a book that I would normally read and I have to admit that the last hour of reading I was skimming just to finish. The characters, to me, we're not believable. I doubt that a new uni grad would take on an international crime mob boss face to face; and I would seriously doubt that one hit man could eliminate all the policeman in one station (surely British police are better trained than that?) and the list goes on.Will pass on the sequels.

    23. Intense thriller from the first page. it's about Amy Walker knew she was adopted but the details of how she was where all lies told by their adoptive parents to stop her finding out where she really was from. so one day she after they died she goes out of the way to find out where she was really was from. along the way she meets some people. who try to kill her and everyone around her. A fast paced thriller you won't want to put down.

    24. I was given this book to read for a review ages ago and I sorry to say as it was in my kindle stuff I forgot about. I want to start by saying I really quite enjoyed it. But best thing is that I ended up reading the three book in the series and the story line, writing and characters get better with each book. Great job and well worth a read!!

    25. Excellent! I really enjoyed this book, which was based around the area where I was born in London. A page turner, which had me reading well into the early hours. Am looking forward to reading more books by Phil Martin.

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