A Quarrel Called

A Quarrel Called The Sage The Guardian The Lantern The Light together we four are Stewards of the Plane a Quarrel G is the Guardian he s developed a strong protective instinct and a kickass sword of light that can

  • Title: A Quarrel Called
  • Author: Shannon Wendtland
  • ISBN: 9780979088995
  • Page: 250
  • Format: ebook
  • The Sage, The Guardian, The Lantern, The Light together we four are Stewards of the Plane, a Quarrel G is the Guardian he s developed a strong protective instinct and a kickass sword of light that can chase away the baddies like nobody s business.Sam is the Lantern his dreams shed light on possible futures he s always had dreams, but now he sees where we re going aThe Sage, The Guardian, The Lantern, The Light together we four are Stewards of the Plane, a Quarrel G is the Guardian he s developed a strong protective instinct and a kickass sword of light that can chase away the baddies like nobody s business.Sam is the Lantern his dreams shed light on possible futures he s always had dreams, but now he sees where we re going and how far, and it scares the crap out of him Tara is the Sage as our resident mystic, she can commune with the Akashic records the big data warehouse in the sky She can get information on anywhere, anywhen, if only she can learn to ask the right questions And me, I m Melody, I m the Light I can channel the earth s energy and according to Gramps, I can stabilize a vortex It s a good thing, too, or else we would be in a lot of trouble.Before the summer started, we were a bunch of normal teenagers getting ready for our senior year in high school By the time summer was over, we d fought and won battles, lost friends and saved the world except for that time when we made it worse This is our story We wrote it all down that way when it happens to you, when you re called to be a Steward of the Plane a member of a quarrel, you ll know what to do This book is told in first person from four alternating character viewpoints This book is the first in a series of the METAPHYSICAL VISIONARY genre and follows a traditional fantasy arc rather than episodic It has some similarities to paranormal, but readers expecting default Urban Fantasy Fare may find that this story diverts from the established tropes they are looking for.

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    1. A group of four adventurers set forth to save the world No, this isn't a video game, and it's nothing like a D&D session. What it is, however, is a YA novel that gradually immerses us in New Age mysticism that happens to be very real in action and scope. It also happens to be modern day, firmly grounded in our everyday world of dates and clubs and Orgone Generators, ghosts, and coming of age pranks.Young adults will be young adults, after all. I like it because it feels like the author and I [...]

    2. The book already came out!. You should give it a try, I have loved it :3This book is fabulous, I loved!NetGalley copy in exchange of an honest review.I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to read it before publication, it is that I have been amazed and undoubtedly let me wanting more!Shannon Wendtland has created a super exciting paranormal fantasy storie with authentic characters with problems, emotions and feelings real , is certainly impossible not to get attached to them.The story is of t [...]

    3. Melody, Sam, Tara and G. are good friends. They are going through an intense summer together. Something strange is going on. Sam has visionary dreams, Melody can feel the energy of the earth, Tara can communicate with the Akashic records, the information in the sky, and G. has great fighting skills. Together they form a Quarrel, they are four Stewards of the Plane who complete one another. They have to battle a terrible evil which has taken more from them than they could have ever imagined. Will [...]

    4. I received this ARC on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. (Thanks!)This was an interesting book for me to read. I haven't read much that features New Age mythology so that part hooked me right away. I was getting a Poison Princess vibe when reading the synopsis but found while reading that the characters' POVs made the book feel oddly like a Nancy Drew novel. This book is about a group of 4 friends who discover that they kinda have powers. Melody connects with energy, Sam has futuristic [...]

    5. More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/A Quarrel Called reminds me of the kind of book that would make a great comic but perhaps can feel underdeveloped in novel form. As written, with alternating and very brief viewpoints from four characters, it can be confusing and hard to really get into any of the characters. Each seems very underdeveloped and more like caricatures rather than actual characters. But it is a fun little YA read with a very 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' vi [...]

    6. Maybe I was too busy with life when I started reading this book or I was not pulled into the story enough to stay with it. Hence, I stopped reading it for a few days. However, when I got 150 pages in, I dropped everything that I was doing and read the rest of the book in less than 3 hours! Had I pursued reading a couple of pages before, I might have read this in one sitting. I can't explain why I lost interest reading it before but in its entirety the story is good. I'm definitely reading the ne [...]

    7. Once I got into the story line I couldn't put it down. This was truly an interesting and intriguing read though by the end I was left with some questions but not enough to deter my rating. I did find some of the characters somewhat lacking but there were others such as Melody and Sam that made it all worthwhile to me. I enjoyed the paranormal elements to this story and I certainly enjoyed the world building. I will definitely read the next book in the series. {I received an eARC when I signed [...]

    8. (I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review).(This review may contain spoilers).I’d probably give this book 3.5 stars out of 5. I really liked the blurb of this book and I thought it was a really intriguing idea… but by the end of the book, I felt I was missing a lot of the answers I should have had.I felt that one of the strongest parts of this book was the main characters. Even though I don’t really like multiple first person POVs, I did find Melody, Tara, Sam and G. in [...]

    9. First of all, I have to give props to the cover. It is beautiful and simple, both things that I appreciate very much, And it fits with the story, which just makes it even better. While the story itself wasn't perfect, it was a story that I enjoyed nonetheless. One of my favorite parts of the book was the very beginning. We are introduced to Melody, two years prior to the story about to unfold. She goes to her brothers shop to find him, since he hasn't been home much lately and she misses him. Wh [...]

    10. A Quarrel Called is the first book in a series, and it's safe to say this series starts off with a bang! With a hook that grabs you by the arms and a story captivating enough to make you rush to the end, this story is quite unique. Probably like most of you out there, I am tired of reading the same ole' cliche YA novel that is written about dark angels becoming light or blood thirsty vampires falling in love with a mortal. So, for those of you like me, you should know that this novel is not like [...]

    11. Review Link: booknauthors/2016First, how beautiful is this cover! *Moment of silence*! *sigh* I NEED the physical copy so bad! :(This story revolves around Melody and her dead brother, Matthew. After Matthew's death Melody starts getting strange signs, like her brother's calling her for help. Together with her three best friends, she decides to solve the mystery, but in doing so they discover their real identity. Nothing is same anymoreThis story was not complicated and was very easy to understa [...]

    12. I really enjoyed myself reading this book, it was an overall great book, but I did have some issues with it while reading it. However, the whole concept of the this book is amazing, because its really different and fresh and I think that's what we need more of. Some of the characters are really bland and didn't have that extra bit to it. I thought the romance of the book could have been a little bit more developed or have been done without. Normally, its really hard to have a book that has multi [...]

    13. I was so excited to read this book when I saw the cover -- the Hermetic Seal! I knew right away this would be a book in my favorite Genre: Visionary & Metaphysical fiction (like A Wrinkle in Time or The Wizard of Earthsea books). Anyways, I wasn't disappointed. This book is clearly laying out an epic fantasy arc told from four first person points of view (that was a little weird to get used to, but by about chapter ten or so, it was automatic) and each of the characters has a different perso [...]

    14. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. I have to say that at the beginning it was quite interesting since the very first chapter caught my attention. As I continued reading I was a little bit confused since every chapter was told from each character's perspective. The plot went slow and I kind of lost the interest. The topic was paranormal, supernatural stuff, which's quite catchy, but the descriptions and details did not help much. The story's about four friends a [...]

    15. With a New Age theme, this book reminded me of Narnia or Percy Jackson. Four begin an adventure called a Quarrel and each has their own purpose. I liked G the most He was strong and protective, which is something I can identify with. My daughter loved Melody or the narrator of the story and the girl who mostly keeps the group together. The story was filled with some truth as well as just a great written roller coaster ride. It's well worth a read.

    16. There were aspects of this book that I really liked and others that brought the score down for me. The concept is different and interesting. I love mythology overall but I haven’t read a lot of New Age mythology that A Quarrel Called is based around. New age can be kind of hit or miss for me, I think that the author did a good job of incorporating aspects of new age and the abilities of the kids were interesting and well fleshed out, but it wasn’t my favorite to read. The four different pers [...]

    17. NetGalley copy in exchange of an honest review.“This is our story. We wrote it all down; that way when it happens to you, when you’re called to be a Steward of the Plane - a member of a quarrel, you’ll know what to do.”Melody has reached that point in her life when thinking about her dead brother is not as painful and heartbreaking as before. That’s when the possibility of him not being dead and his “ghost” haunting her start emerging. The wound gets opened right back all over agai [...]

    18. Four kids, three have been friends forever, and the fourth is new in town. As they all get closer, strange things begin to happen. One is having dreams, one feels energy from the earth, one has an affinity for crystals, and one suddenly finds that he can wield a glowing sword when the chips are down. And when they all sit down around a Ouija board, all bets are off.The premise of this sounded interesting, bute execution left quite a bit to be desired. As per a quote from the book, "I was going t [...]

    19. I am the author and I am pleased to 'vote' for my own book. I started writing this novel for my daughter to share with her friends. Many of the names of the characters are actually based on people she has grown up with. I am delighted now to share the story with the rest of you. There are 'easter eggs' hidden in it -- not puzzles exactly, but little nuggets of true information buried in it that I think help to enrich the world it's set in. For instance Tara mentions 'Edgar Cayce' a few times in [...]

    20. Read this book in two days, couldn't put it down! At first I was sceptical that I would enjoy something so intensely New Age, but I found the characters and plot were so interesting and completely different to anything I had read, that I had trouble pulling myself away. I look forward to many more stories from this author!

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