Victory United Earth burns The Swarm runs rampant across our space We mourn the loss of thousands of ships and millions of fallen comrades Billions of fathers mothers sisters and brothers all gone all dead

  • Title: Victory
  • Author: Nick Webb
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • United Earth burns The Swarm runs rampant across our space We mourn the loss of thousands of ships and millions of fallen comrades Billions of fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers all gone, all dead It is time we end this, for our moment has come But victory never comes without sacrifice Heroes are not taught nor trained, but forged in blood and ashes Our grandchUnited Earth burns The Swarm runs rampant across our space We mourn the loss of thousands of ships and millions of fallen comrades Billions of fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers all gone, all dead It is time we end this, for our moment has come But victory never comes without sacrifice Heroes are not taught nor trained, but forged in blood and ashes Our grandchildrens history books will tell our story, and glorify the heroes and legends The Swarm will be conquered we will prevail At any price.

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    1 thought on “Victory”

    1. CliffhangerThis book ends on a cliffhanger. I have more questions now then I did halfway through this book. It is well written and thought out. Since there will be a new trilogy I'm sure my questions will get answered. A good book always has a few surprises in store for you and this one is chock full of them. Good pace, great action. It is edited well. More please, thanks.

    2. Great finish to the trilogy. I really started to love Granger and proctor develops as an awesome character. Many twists and turns with new alien races and the story leaves room for more to come and i will be reading the Legacy Ship trilogy at some point. Overall great space action trilogy. 4 stars

    3. "The shrillest, most profane leaders win, and the reasonable, quiet voices are squashed."I enjoyed this one, there were a lot of twists and turns. The one thing I really liked about this series was that it wasn't like Star Trek, it was actually original but in this one it did start to feel a little star trek-ish. I still highly recommend it.

    4. I found this book thoroughly confusing; enemies are friends and friends are enemies or are they? Are the good guys bad guys or are the bad guys the good guys. I have no idea, the space battles are becoming more unbelievable with every one. I have to decide whether to finish it or not.

    5. A great way to end this seriesWhat a great way to end this series of books. Granger and his crew fight new battles, but find a new ally to finally win the war. I have a feeling that we may not have seen the last of Captain Granger.

    6. Excellent non-stop action in the on-going battle for Earth and Galaxy domination. Webb has created a thriller full of excellent plot twists all climaxing in one really wondering "who's on first!"

    7. awesome This book is definitely a must read for sci-fi lovers thrilled by space fleets, military engagement, war and of course aliens. The book moves right to the point, war in space with united earth battling an unknown alien force. What's awesome about the plot are the twists that take the story to new heights. Webb did awesome with some character development and the main players are decent, average. Their personas are not very sassy but headstrong. Yet, all in all, its very entertaining. I lo [...]

    8. I’ve really enjoyed this trilogy, and rated this one slightly lower for 3 specific reasons, all of which are continuity errors. 1) Proctor tells Granger the swarm cycle is 289years, but that suddenly becomes 150years (end of book 2 he’s asked why he thought they came back 75 years early, so error is in book 2 and then cemented in 3)2) Fodder and Pew Pew are killed in book 2, but miraculously back without comment in 33) When Ballsy rescues Fishtail for the 2nd time, he remembers watching it h [...]

    9. A nice ending to the first trilogy, though the fact that they leave us with a few loose ends takes away from the enjoyment. It seems like the author simply decided he will milk this series for longer, which, to be honest, makes it less enjoyable.Anyway, we get to meet a new alien race, we finally understand how the Swarm acts and we see that there are enemies everywhere and backstabbings abound.It is funny that I could live with the way Webb blatantly copied BSG and other SF to create the first [...]

    10. Mostly a good ending to the story it was an interesting​ story, while it had many parallels to BSG in book one it diverged to become totally different. The last few chapters seemed a little messy and almost felt like the author got bored. But overall a good trilogy part 4 however! I've just started and already switched to another book.So don't be put off by the BSG comparison it's not a copy.

    11. This is the last novel of a trilogy though I understand there are more to come. The twists in this book are mind boggling. Through out the novel, and the two proceeding it, the concept of what is a hero is explored. Worry not, the underlying philosophical inquiries do not get in the way of non stop action. Clearly a "shoot''em up" science fiction novel.

    12. A light and fast-paced sci-fi read. Fun, with some nice ideas, unexpected endings and intrigue - enough to keep you wanting to read more, to find out what happens next, but ultimately unsatisfying. A little bit more depth to this admittedly imaginative series would have been nice, and the characters, while likeable, are quite flat.

    13. Loved it! twists and turns all the way till the end, just like I like my trilogies. Although the ending wasn't as I would expect/like it to be but still a great read till the end. Just couldn't put this book down.

    14. Entertaining fast readI like the series. A fast paced story with clearly delineated heroes an villains, not much hand wringing about ethics, and a dash of deus ex machina.

    15. This book is the perfect final.After what I can call a slow development the book takes off and it can hold you reading for hours waiting to know how it will end

    16. VictoryWell, it appears the Swarm is defeated, however, with all the twists and turns penned by Webb, I wouldn't get on it

    17. Lots of twistsLoved all the turns and twists. Not the battles so much, too many. Could have been done in one book.

    18. I liked this better than the first two books in the series. Lots of twists and turns really built the tension up. The end was a little disappointing as if rushed.

    19. Victory is the 3rd and final part in the Legacy Fleet series and sees Humanity now facing the Swarm and the Russian Alliance. The Dolmasi have left the Swarm, and have become tentative allies of Granger and United Earth.However, the Swarm have decided to destroy humanity, changing tactics and smashing planets, crushing everything in their path. They have a new weapon, a Super-Dreadnaught as well.In this final part of the series, Webb brings it all together, into a climatic, gripping and nerve wr [...]

    20. We’re back with Captain Timothy Granger and his relatively new ship, the “ISS Warrior” which he picked up after he crashed the “ISS Constitution” into Earth saving the planet from destruction by the Swarm. He’s now gone to another system that has reported a Swarm attack. This has been happening far too often and Granger’s task force seems to arrive just minutes too late to catch the Swarm. Once again, they have destroyed the only habitat planet with nuclear devastation. Granger is [...]

    21. A satisfying finish to a series while setting up the next series.This was my first real sci-fi in space fantasy, and it was an enjoyable ride. It was an action-packed thriller with heavy feels. Once again there were certain flags were raised about characters that did feel a bit too obvious, but the outcomes were nonetheless satisfying. There was a feeling with some of the twists and new additions to the world in general that Nick Webb was clearly laying down the seeds for the next book. I may ha [...]

    22. Loved this book AND the seriesI did all three of these reviews after I finished all three books (one right after the other because yes, they are that good)Couple things(don't look if you haven't read them all!)(view spoiler)[Was it just me or did the brothers from suicide squad die in an earlier battle and then they were suddenly back with no explanation? Unless I was missed a part that said that particular section was a dream Ballsy was having?Anywaye only thing that bugged me about this book w [...]

    23. This trilogy took me back to the style of space science fiction. It was action packed with constantly surprising turns of plot. It filled with tense military battles against what seems to be truly overwhelming odd, political intrigue, interesting new races of beings, time travel, inter-dimensional physics a hero that was a swashbuckling intuitive risk taker who couldn't have pulled of final victory without a female executive officer who was the consummately efficient organizer, scientist and adv [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this book. I really enjoyed seeing some other "friends" and wish that had been developed a little more. I felt that this was a good natural conclusion to the story. I did feel like the time travel aspect was a little much for me. It aided the story and it helped to clean up some plots but it did feel a little Deus ex Machina to me. Overall though I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading this next trilogy. I really enjoyed the development of the aliens and the interior and [...]

    25. This series has lots of tense action, and offers some bold speculative SF concepts which make the complex story the more fascinating. I think Nick Webb's great strengths are action and plot, and all three books are very gripping, fast paced reads. The first one is almost all action, the second had a greater focus on politics, while the third combined these two aspects with conceptual SF, getting up close and personal with several singularities and a black hole. I thought the end was satisfying, [...]

    26. The ending kicks this book right in it's sex organs. Like literally the last chapter, takes all the heroics and seat of the pants action and cowboy science and makes it all part of some really really poorly thought out scheme.Not even a scheme more a general tactic with fingers crossed that it will all come together somehow without any actual planning.My advice if you're enjoying this book, just skip the last chapter.

    27. Had to skipThe third book was a disappointment to me. I was expecting something different but it turns in the same conspiracy cycles and getting more and more complicated to remember who was who and what was the main story bored of following inner thoughts of main characters I skipped the book and even don't read the conclusion I am sorry to write such a critic, but my expectations were different. The Granger character of the first book was better.

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