A Killer in King's Cove

A Killer in King s Cove A smart and enchanting postwar mystery written for fans of the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear It is and war weary young ex intelligence officer Lane Winslow leaves London to look for

  • Title: A Killer in King's Cove
  • Author: Iona Whishaw
  • ISBN: 9781771511988
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • A smart and enchanting postwar mystery written for fans of the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear.It is 1946, and war weary young ex intelligence officer Lane Winslow leaves London to look for a fresh start When she finds herself happily settled into a sleepy hamlet nestled in the idyllic interior of British Columbia surrounded by a suitably eclectic cast of smallA smart and enchanting postwar mystery written for fans of the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear.It is 1946, and war weary young ex intelligence officer Lane Winslow leaves London to look for a fresh start When she finds herself happily settled into a sleepy hamlet nestled in the idyllic interior of British Columbia surrounded by a suitably eclectic cast of small town characters she feels like she may finally be able to put her past to rest.But then a body is discovered, the victim of murder, and although she works alongside the town s inspectors Darling and Ames to discover who might have possibly have motivation to kill, she unknowingly casts doubt on herself As the investigation reveals facts that she has desperately tried to keep a secret, it threatens to pull her into a vortex of even greater losses than the ones she has already endured.A clever postwar mystery that will appeal to fan of historical mysteries with women sleuths like the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear or the Bess Crawford series by Charles Todd.

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    1 thought on “A Killer in King's Cove”

    1. I really enjoyed this cozy mystery for a bunch of reasons: - the time period (right after the Second World War, with flashbacks to the heroine's wartime experiences as a spy); - the plucky heroine Lane Winslow (who moves from war-shattered England and buys a farmhouse in rural Canada to start her life over); - the setting (the fictional King's Cove is located somewhere near Nelson, British Columbia, with wonderful descriptions of the gorgeous West Kootenay landscape); - the murder mystery itself [...]

    2. This book is part of a series, it seems and based on this one that I read, I will not be reading any others. I wanted to like it. It's a mystery, which I enjoy, by a Canadian author, and had been given a decent review somewhere. I added it to my reading list and up it popped. I only finished the thing because I was curious to know how she ended it. To get to the end involved a lot of skimming, I can tell you. This book needed a serious editing job. It was so long-winded. And repetitive. Probably [...]

    3. I was really looking forward to this book, being set post WW II in British Colombia, and being toted as a book for those who love Bess Crawford and Maisie Dobbs. I have to confess it really took me awhile to get into this story. The beginning felt disjointed and I was frustrated rather than enticed by the things that were left hidden and unsaid in the waiting for Lane's past to be revealed. I am glad I stuck with it however. The story of this small village in the interior of BC near Nelson being [...]

    4. This is a good blend of historical fiction and murder mystery set in 1946 Canada. War weary and broken-hearted Lane Whislow has moved to Canada from England via France to “start over”. She finds and buys the perfect home (although it may have a ghost) in British Columbia and prepares to settle in. Her nightmare begins with the discovery of a body near her home. Along the way to resolution, she even spends a couple of days in jail! Lane’s story has a complex plot with a relatively few chara [...]

    5. When Lane Winslow decides to leave England after WWII emigrating to Western Canada, she is looking for peace and quiet. She'd like to do a bit of writing. The war was so emotionally draining for her, that she feels she must get away. Far away.Those who live in King's Cove, a sleepy little community, have secrets of their own, some going back to before the First war. Lane finds herself caught in a whirlpool of information when a man's body is discovered in her creek, with her name on a scrap of p [...]

    6. It is just following WWII and Lane Winslow, an ex-British intelligence agent has moved to the Kootenay region of BC. There was nothing to keep her behind in England and she is seeking the peaceful escape of a fresh start. She purchases an old house with its own ghost in a small community. The view is spectacular and Lane is just settling in when her and a neighbor find a body floating in a nearby creek. No one knows who the man is but they do find a piece of paper in his pocket that seems to hav [...]

    7. A debut mystery from an author destined for awards. A setting that is ripe for story telling and a convincing gift for portraying the painful and challenging life for the survivors of the 2 world wars. What does a reviewer say when he’s finished reading one of the best debut mysteries read in sometime? A gifted sense of place, the peaceful healing quality of 1946 rural B.C. A complex rivalry of how old wounds, past deeds can fester and explode.Great touches of post war life, bits of life in th [...]

    8. Published on Lovey Dovey BooksThis intriguing mystery series from Iona Whishaw introduces readers to savvy Lane Winslow. She's a British ex-intelligence officer who has just relocated to King's Cove to write and enjoy the quiet of the Canadian countryside. Lane wants to forget the heartbreak of her past and put her nightmares to rest, but her plans are derailed when a body is found near her property. A simple coincidence turns into a conspiracy to frame Lane when a note in his pocket links the v [...]

    9. I need, first, to endorse Susan's 1-star review. Me, I didn't start brutal skimming until after the arrival of the long-delayed letter, when events started to be huddled together, comparatively. But only comparatively.And second, to concur that the good parts listed in Brian Williams's 4-star review really are good. But not enough to pull me out of over-all disappointment.In particular, I don't think there was enough evidence given to let the clever reader figure out who colluded with the over-o [...]

    10. I read the back of this book and thought it sounded really good. It took me 100 pages to get into it before the murder even happened. Incredibly predictable and slow developing plot. Some chapters nothing even happened, just small town people talking. I really didn't care for the writing style either. It jumped narratives mid chapter and was just repetitive details or inner dialogue from the character that was just fluff writing.

    11. It would be good to start with this first book first, although I was glad I went back and read itere were plot parts/threads that I knew about from having read the 2nd book first, although nothing that would solve the murder. Well worth a read. She captures the timing right for both the eras (mostly post WW 2, when the murder occurs, as well as back to WW 1 for the roots) and the locale of Nelson-Kaslo at that time. Good mystery.

    12. Could have been condensed and had some better editing. Jumped around a bit too much. But since it's local to my area and a first time author, I will give the second book in the series another try.

    13. A vintage detective story a la Miss Marple only with a younger British sleuth in the fictional Kings Cove located in the beautiful area near Nelson BC. Thoroughly enjoyed the read.

    14. As a first novel, this is a surprisingly good page turner, although there are a few lapses in writing throughout. The next one should be even better.

    15. This was an absolute blast! The heroine is intelligent, and witty. The story was interesting and well-written. I stayed up until 3am to finish reading this novel as I could not put it down.

    16. A solid debut mystery set just after WWII in rural British Columbia. It was a pleasure to read and I look forward to the next installment.

    17. (This review first appeared in ReviewingtheEvidence)At the age of 26, Lane Winslow already feels she needs a reset in her life. She leaves war-torn England, where she had worked as an undercover intelligence officer in the second world war, and moves to Canada. On a whim, she picks British Columbia after seeing a travel poster, settling in the bucolic countryside of King’s Cove. She had hoped to put much distance between herself and her former life, fleeing not only her previous line of work b [...]

    18. The first thing you notice about Dead in the Water is the British style factor. You're deep in 1940s farm country in fictional King's Cove, British Columbia, but the cars and hats and witty dialog will make you miss an England you never had, where your stockings had seams and you put the milk in first for your tea. On its face, Dead in the Water is a murder mystery, and boy is it satisfying. It's page-turney. You'll burn whatever you're cooking. You fall for every red herring, you trust no one, [...]

    19. A Killer in King's Cove is set near Nelson, British Columbia during 1946. Lane winslow left her job with the British Secret Service and with her inheritance from her father's death, she purchased a Victorian home in the Kootenay's . She has newly arrived and a male body was found in the creek a few of the residents get their water from. Nearby Nelson police Inspector Darling and Constable Ames are sent to investigate. As they make their way through the case, questioning the locals, Lane does her [...]

    20. What a delightful beginning to a story that begs to be a series. Set in post WWII Nelson, BC, a young woman arrives determined to shed her life spent in secret espionage roles across enemy lines in France for a fresh start in Canada. The local colour and quirky characters she meets are lovely, but trouble has followed her in the form of a murdered man she has never met. This is a very enjoyable and well-written book.

    21. A typical cozy style mystery that takes place in B.C. Loved the setting. Besides being a bit predictable I did enjoy the writing.

    22. Great mystery set in Canada involving British spies or not? I loved that we are keep guessing and all the surprises in this novel.

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