Sawfish Marine biologist Dr Mason Rayman is experimenting with gigantism in sea creatures when he accidentally creates a monstrously large sawfish When it grows so big he can no longer keep it in his Miami la

  • Title: Sawfish
  • Author: Rick Chesler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Marine biologist Dr Mason Rayman is experimenting with gigantism in sea creatures when he accidentally creates a monstrously large sawfish When it grows so big he can no longer keep it in his Miami lab, he is preparing to have it destroyed when he learns he is being terminated from his position By way of revenge, he dumps the oversized shark relative into the ocean, wheMarine biologist Dr Mason Rayman is experimenting with gigantism in sea creatures when he accidentally creates a monstrously large sawfish When it grows so big he can no longer keep it in his Miami lab, he is preparing to have it destroyed when he learns he is being terminated from his position By way of revenge, he dumps the oversized shark relative into the ocean, where it soon roams out of control, slaughtering bathers at nearby trendy South Beach.Dr Rayman doesn t let on that it s his fish responsible for the killings, but someone knows what he did, and she s blackmailing him He plays along for a while but then decides she needs to be eliminated Breaking into a lab at his former workplace, he deliberately creates monster sawfish and releases them into the local waters.Rayman then attempts to get his job back by stepping forward as the expert on how to stop the scourge of gigantic predators now ravaging swimmers and water sports enthusiasts on South Florida beaches But his blackmailer will not let up, leading to an ultimate confrontation between woman and beast, and finally, woman and man.

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    1 thought on “Sawfish”

    1. When Dr Mason Raymans funding was cut, he had only just, accidentally, created a gigantic Sawfish. He was bitter so decided to unleash the Sawfish into the sea, but the Sawfish was unnaturally vicious and has been killing people. Raymon still wanted revenge and he decided to unleash more of the deadly fish into the ocean. What follows was a rip roaring creature feature!!So I'm a big fan of creature features, especially sea dwelling ones, and Bigfoot ones. so I eagerly started this when I bought [...]

    2. I knew there was a chance that I would be disappointed when I decided to purchase Sawfish, given what I've read from the author in the past. However, I really like his ideas, and this sounded like the perfect sort of relaxing monster novel to listen to. It's been a while since I had one of those, so I decided to give Mr. Chesler another chance.I wish I hadn't.Sawfish has a great concept. It sets up perfectly to be this rip-roaring, monster-of-the-deep sort of novel. It had the potential to be so [...]

    3. Dr Rayman was given a grant to try and get small copepods to increase in size but when he fails to show progress, his grant is stopped and he loses his office space. He has by accident, managed to grow a sawfish in his care to a huge size. Rather than kill the fish or show it to the research people, he releases the large sawfish into the wild, then watches in shock as the news reports start to come in about attacks on the public. Elisa's job includes duties like telling Dr Rayman that his fundin [...]

    4. Bloodthirsty fish(es)? Crazed scientist? Tropical beaches running with blood? You've got me right there. Dr. Mason Rayman is as nasty a protagonist as you can imagine. Though pretty much everyone you might actually like in the book is eaten at some point, Rick Chesler has done something interesting and made the main character unsympathetic and the secondary character only slightly less so. Chesler, a competent wordsmith tells us how Rayman accidently discovers the secret to creating gigantism in [...]

    5. Sawfish is a horrifying adventure straight out of dark ocean depths. The terror that lurks in the darkness has a new face along with a weapon formed by Mother Nature. Chesler creates a tense story with not only the former mentioned but also the evil that dwells within the human race. Tied together with an unsuspecting ending, this suspenseful Sawfish of the sea story is worth the purchase, and worth the sleepless nights.

    6. Sawfish!Sawfish was an entertaining creature feature that I enjoyed quite a bit. It's got a fairly steady pace and though life made me take awhile to read it, I'd have cruised through it otherwise. If you're looking for a different creature for a creature feature check out Sawfish!

    7. A marine biologist loses his grant funding and decides to take his revenge by turning loose a mutated sawfish that he created by accident. Unfortunately when he releases his monstrous creation someone sees him and begins to blackmail him. This story was really good but the ending left more questions with room for a possible sequel hence the 4 out of 5 star rating.

    8. (I purchased this book.)Despite it having a lot of elements that I liked, this book wasn’t ultimately for me.There were elements that I liked. It was fast-paced and the flow of it was generally good, and the use of the sawfish as our Monster Du Jour was also good. I love monster lit about big sharks as much as the next person, but something a little different is always neat too. This definitely had that going for it. I also found the use of Stiltsville to be very creative.However, that all was [...]

    9. My original Sawfish audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.I was already biased to like this story as such stellar titles as 'Sharktopus' and 'Frankenfish' top the list of my favourite ever films. I don't know what it is about pseudo-science giant animal monster flicks, but I freaking love them.This book didn't disappoint, it begins with a mean and nasty scientist having the funding cut on his make-giant-sea-creatures project and finding himself out of a job. What th [...]

    10. A Scary Story Like "Jaws"This is an exciting, terror-filled story which I hope you are not reading while laying on a sandy beach in Florida! It's a biological thriller as Dr. Mason Rayman experiments with enlarging the size of saw fish. Some people think they are a variety of sharks, but they are actually a unique variety of rays (as with stingrays and manta rays) which can grow to the length of 23 feet. But, the diabolical doctor has found a way to surpass that length. Unfortunately, the grant [...]

    11. Marine scientist creates monstrously-sized sawfish in his laboratory. Then he loses his funding, and as revenge he decides to release the sawfish into the Miami bay area. Very interesting and exciting. Unusual in that there really wasn't a likeable main character. Ending was somewhat satisfying but also left the reader "hanging" with unanswered questions. Kindle showed that there was still 9% left in the book so I expected another chapter or at least an epilogue, but the story ended at 91% compl [...]

    12. Sawfish, by Rick Chesler, is an excellent page-turner that I could not put down. The idea of such a large, out of control creature coming at you in the water is absolutely terrifying, and I am sure it will flash across my brain when I am at the beach this summer. But what is equally as terrifying is the thought of the scientific experimentation going on behind the scenes on a daily basis that we are not aware of. I am pretty sure that is the greater danger here. Both storylines are handled perfe [...]

    13. Absurd storyPredictable story of gigantic sawfish accidentally created in a lab that keep growing larger and larger which are released into the waters off Miami by an ichthyologist bent on revenge for losing his grant. Of course the multiple giant fish go on a rampage devouring people. Florida ocean waters. Where else could a story of this type happen. Writing was not exceptional but did keep me reading to the end. Glad it was on Kindle unlimited and I didn't pay separately for it.

    14. Sawfish is a B movie fans type of book.A scientist is let go due to his grant not being renewed.He dumps one of his sawfish into a water way and horrific killings occur.Our unlikable main character after seeing this lets loose his other enhanced fish and the terror spreads.He then gets hired to hunt them down.One woman stands in his way,yet she blackmails him instead. Jeffery S. Fellin is great at narration.I was given this book free for an honest review.

    15. This was wholly terrifying. I found myself more engrossed in the "how far will this man go?" of the story than in the giant sawfish of the title. And I think that says a lot. Icthyologist Mason Rayman (I kept hearing it like Dustin Hoffman in Rainman) accidentally created a monster. Then he manufactures a way to get paid for his monster and gain some visibility.All in all a very fast, enjoyable thrill ride with some serious psychological pathology. I was thoroughly creeped out.

    16. Raymon is a researcher that is having a hard time. He created a monster and turned it loose in Miami waters.Elisa is a working girl that just wants to get ahead a little.Wow what a combination. a little creepy, a lot scary. Like watching Jaws and thinking i am never going in or near the shorelines again. The ending of the book sure was unexpected. wow. blew my mind. lol what a surpriseI sure hope there is a sequel

    17. Started good but ended abruptlyThe story itself is good, and the premise itself is very interesting, if a bit unbelievable. However it ended a bit abruptly with lots of questions still unanswered. I would recommend the book to someone looking for a good monster book. Just suspend disbelief when things seem a bit fantastical. Overall a fun read.

    18. Miss Lyn on February 24, 2016Format: Kindle EditionVerified PurchaseMarine biologist Mason Rayman has been experimenting on sawfish and the potential for extraordinary growth. When his grant is cancelled,he throws some of the giants into the sea setting into motion monstrous predators. No one in the water is safe from them. Don't miss this exciting book.

    19. This was along the lines of the fantastically bad, but entertaining, shark movies on the SyFy channel. Multiple genetically altered sawfish are released into the ocean around southern Florida, and they terrorize beach goers resulting in lots of bloody deaths.

    20. I have the kindle book and the audio. Most of the book was listened to on audio with my sons. We enjoyed it! Action packed! Giant Sawfish! Blackmail! Would be great on the Syfy channel!

    21. This was a good book. It was interesting, in a sea monster way. This book was well written and held my interest from start to finish. If you want a good read, get this one.

    22. Terribly cheesyTerribly cheesy. So hokey. Seems like it was written in hopes of being turned into a syfy tv movie. And numerous typos.

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