The Dark Roads

The Dark Roads In the sun betrays the inhabitants of planet Earth finally penetrating an abused ozone layer and scorching the world and decimating its population A group of men including Richie Buddy and th

  • Title: The Dark Roads
  • Author: Wayne Lemmons
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In 2020 the sun betrays the inhabitants of planet Earth, finally penetrating an abused ozone layer, and scorching the world and decimating its population A group of men including Richie, Buddy, and the unlikely Elvis resolve that times are way too hot in Miami, Florida and decide to trek out, on their own, as far to the north as they can make it Richie, who is the leaderIn 2020 the sun betrays the inhabitants of planet Earth, finally penetrating an abused ozone layer, and scorching the world and decimating its population A group of men including Richie, Buddy, and the unlikely Elvis resolve that times are way too hot in Miami, Florida and decide to trek out, on their own, as far to the north as they can make it Richie, who is the leader of their faction, suggests Alaska as the most favorable destination and the journey begins They find themselves navigating the U.S and Canadian Highways through long and lonely nights, sleeping in underground dwellings to avoid the deadly radiation of the daylight hours Throughout their travels they scavenge limited supplies in department stores and gas stations in order to sate thirst, hunger, and the need for ammunition to protect against the looming threat of human nature As the three life long friends make their way toward Alaska, they encounter new friends in the form of a strong, but damaged, woman who will hold them even closer together, a young girl and her substitute father, and an improbable stray cat They find grave dangers in the forms of a loving father and his two seemingly innocent daughters, groups of cannibals and the people trying to avoid them, and a lack of easily procured supplies that have met the same fate as the charred plants and animals of the globe The sun, though the most obvious hazard to their journey, is seemingly the easiest to overcome Only determination, cunning, and loyalty to each other can ensure their survival in this savage existence.

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    1 thought on “The Dark Roads”

    1. This is a great story of long time friendships, catastrophic global warming, survival and loss. Lifelong friends travel the dark roads from Florida to Alaska escaping from the killer sun. Their fight to survive forces you to question your ability to survive the conditions and the loss. You wonder what friends would be by your side. You dread the books end hating to leave the book's characters and can hope only for a sequel!

    2. What are the chances that out of the hundreds of books on my Kindle, I'd pick a post-apocalyptic about the sun destroying the earth right after I read a post-apocalyptic about the sun destroying the earth? At least I liked this one much better.I loved the characters, although a little more backstory would have been nice. The setting was great, the action all too believable.

    3. 3.5* starsI loved the premise of this book. It's an alternative reality set in the immediate future, in which climate change began to have a devastating effect on the world as early as 2015/6. By 2021, it is no longer safe to be above ground during daylight hours, and anyone caught thus is instantly burnt to a crisp. Most people are dead, water and food are scarce, and the heat has rendered vehicles unusable; the world is dying. Three young men (Buddy, Richie and Elvis) are travelling on foot fr [...]

    4. Fantastic book! A refreshingly original apocalyptic thriller. It keeps you on your toes and has plenty of surprises!!

    5. A breath of fresh air in a bloated genre.I thoroughly enjoyed The Dark Roads. I will be honest, towards the quarter mark of the book I did wonder whether this was just another excuse the make a post apocalyptic novel about a group of people wondering towards an aimless goal that the reader wasn't really compelled by. At about the half way mark the friendship between the characters was the most relatable I have read in a long time. Each of the characters were compelling and easy to feel for. Thei [...]

    6. (Warning: Minor spoilers may be ahead.)An engaging post-apocalyptic novel debut, all in all. There were primarily two factors that grabbed and then kept my interest throughout: 1. The setting: Lemmons is adept at description. In The Dark Roads, he has created such a searing worlda ravaged, scorched earth, one that's so dangerous during the day, the wasteland survivors have no choice but spend their time traveling on foot at night (headed far to the north) when the average temperature is anywhere [...]

    7. Blockbuster right out of the gate!!For a first novel, Wayne Lemmons has written a gem. This is the best book that I've read in a long time, and probably the best PA book. You simply love the main characters from the beginning, and can viscerally feel their friendship and love for one another. I got so immersed in the book that I looked forward to night, so that I could go outside. I feared the sun. Give this book a shot. You won't be disappointed.

    8. What a great read! The imagery and dialect made me feel like I was right there in the midst of the action with the characters. I laughed with them, I cried with them and cheered them on. I thoroughly enjoyed traveling North with this diverse group of "friends" and was sad to say goodbye when the book was over. I hope to see them again soon!

    9. The authors explanations cover the bases, and after the spring like weather this winterThe characters were lovable, and you hope you'd retain your humanity as they have. You want them to succeed, but remaining optimistic is kinda tough.I enjoyed the story very much. I'm not giving the ending away. Go read it!!

    10. Finally, an apocalypse without zombiesWas drawn into the story and enjoyed it until the epilogue. After traveling all that way with the characters, I almost felt like they just went inside and closed the door in my face at the end.

    11. I have found another favorite author. Wayne Lemmons did an amazing job on a new post-apocalyptic thriller with a new twist. I won't spoil it for anyone, but it's a different problem for survivors to face. Ready for his next book now. Write fast Mr. Clemmons.

    12. Exciting journeyA story of true friendship and survival. I truly enjoyed this story. I was a "follower". I hope that there will be a sequel.

    13. Great story. Once I started this story, I found it difficult to put down. I was still reading it far past my usual bedtime and into the early hours of the morning. I had to force myself to put it down and get some sleep because 1) I really needed some sleep and 2) because I wanted to enjoy the story for longer and not finish it too quickly. Even though I have many kindle books downloaded and awaiting my attention, the thought of moving on to a fresh story with new characters offended me. I downl [...]

    14. I would say this is an author with loads of potential. If you like your science fiction to be more realistic this is not it. But the man can tell a story even if the premise of the sun suddenly burning the earth to the point nothing can live is one of the stranger apocalyptic stories I've read. Our group of friends heads to Alaska thinking it will not be as hot. They magically find food, ammo, antibiotics, and whatever else they need on the journey. But then why tell a story where the heroes don [...]

    15. A solid 4 star rating, based on the fact that I couldn't wait until bedtime to stay up too late plowing through this novel. Dystopian novels are a favorite of mine. Mankind has destroyed the planet, ignored all signs of ozone deterioration, and can no longer survive the blazing sun. Survivors must hide out underground during the day and travel only at night. The story follows a group of friends and other survivors along the way as they all struggle to live. Loved it - really fast read.

    16. I am a sucker for anything post-apocalyptic, and have a reading binge in the genre every November. However, several times recently, I've been bitterly disappointed by US writers shoving their religious and feral political garbage down my throat, or by writers who produce a good first novel then drop the ball with the second (after which, I won't read the third).The Dark Roads, I'm glad to say, was not disappointing.It's the story of three friends struggling to survive in a world that's been frie [...]

    17. Very entertaining, it reminds me a lot The Road.The author did a good job of describing the desolation, the bleakness, and the feelings and emotions of our 3 friends.The book did leave me empty, though, and sad. It seems it's book 1 in a series and I don't intend to continue.

    18. Just WOW!A truly spectacular read from start to finish! This novel was thought provoking and impossible to put down once I began. It made me feel like one of the hang. The scary yet possible truth behind the entire plot was impressively written and I would recommend it highly!

    19. Great readReally enjoyed this book but sometimes some more details and revisits would have helped the story a little more. Will definitely be reading the next book

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