Moniz Moniz continues our MC series in book As a young runaway Geek was offered shelter in the most unlikely of places He was told he had a purpose which sparked a determination to serve the MC for a cha

  • Title: Moniz
  • Author: L. Ann Marie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Moniz continues our MC series in book 9 As a young runaway, Geek was offered shelter in the most unlikely of places He was told he had a purpose which sparked a determination to serve the MC for a chance at food and a room daily Now, Head of IT for the Badass Brothers, he s the go to guy when there s trouble and Badass always find trouble Human trafficking takes centerMoniz continues our MC series in book 9 As a young runaway, Geek was offered shelter in the most unlikely of places He was told he had a purpose which sparked a determination to serve the MC for a chance at food and a room daily Now, Head of IT for the Badass Brothers, he s the go to guy when there s trouble and Badass always find trouble Human trafficking takes center stage again when a hacker tries to get into Geeks secured files Marty lives through hell daily at the hands of her kidnappers, waiting to see glimpses of her daughter only through a computer She s promised real life contact if she helps the traffickers She ll do whatever it takes to make sure that promise is kept Putting her life on the line she catches the attention of our Badass Geek and hopes that he can find her daughter before she s sold.The Club and Baxters all gather to help find the traffickers and change the Club forever with some help from an unlikely source Respecting women is one thing Are the Brothers ready for a woman in High Security

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    1 thought on “Moniz”

    1. I first started by reading MC: Knight and then realised that I wanted the whole story and that started with the Baxter's although the first books didn't have a lot of crossovers they did set the scene for what is to come in the other books as the stories move along so their importance to the series' as a whole cannot be overstatedI have just read the 22 books to date back to back in the order published on the author's website and decided to review them as a whole. I really don't think they stan [...]

    2. Loved itThis story deals with physical and sexual abuse of women and children, no graphic details, but may be an issue for some.I loved Geek and Marty's story. Geek has lived in the club since he was sixteen. Times are changing, his mentors and friends have or are starting families, and it's time for him to grow up. He is a Office over all of IT and living like a twenty year old. Danny and Little Ben help him transition to life on his own. Marty is a prison of the human trafficking ring the MCs [...]

    3. This has been one of those series that once you start you get drawn in right from the beginning. The complex and highly imaginative storylines are so captivating you won't be able to put them down. The premise in these books is about sharing our strong (SOS) . These hot and sexy Alpha's are all about brotherhood and protecting their women and children.Geek who is the main protagonist in this book has been part of the Mc since he was sixteen. He's fiercely loyal and devoted to his brothers. What [...]

    4. I loved this story! I'm so freaking excited that Geek finally got his book and a family! This book deals with some very dark issues. No explicit details just hinting at what has happened. It was handled extremely well and left me feeling emotional for the characters. I love the characters in all the books but have always had a soft spot for Geek. He really shines and shows he is so much more than just the IT guy. These books all show women with very strong wills and personalities. This book, esp [...]

    5. I enjoyed this as I do all of L. Ann Marie's MC books. However, I want more from her about our main female characters. Great continuation of the MC and Little Brothers storyline and Geek is awesome in this - my only issue was why he fell for Marty - she didn't seem to have much to offer other than being the mother of Aubrey who Geek adores. I miss the strong females like Jess and Kate! Those were some kick-ass ladies who brought something to the whole MC table. - Actually as a side note - I'd li [...]

    6. clean mc hunting human traffickers rescue a captive woman and her trafficked daughter. love story follows. suggest read this series in order for back story. the older "little brothers and sisters" move away and start their own chapter. hope we get stories about this new chapter next. the new chapter includes young people from the mc, the Baxters, and the reservation. leaves the main mc shorthanded and a woman starts working ops. bet the mc misses their now independent and adult children. we find [...]

    7. You definitely want to get to know Geek!!!This is Geek's book. He an officer and is head of the MC's IT department. He is determined NOT to turn in to a love struck idiot like all the other officers of his club. Then he is called out to do an OP and he rescues a little girl named Aubrey and her mother Marty. Marty's captures took her ability to talk and kept her daughter away from her. . Can Geek help put this mother and daughter back together? Can Marty and Aubrey mend there relationship? Is Ma [...]

    8. Absolutely fantastic book!I loved Geek's story with Marty. There were so many storylines in this book but I saw the segue to the Prince of Prophecy MC books. I have been sucked in to this series and just re-read them to pick up the new Prince books. I was a little heart broken with the Aubrey and Marty's story but the development was great! Geek was adorable when he has his epiphany moment of getting his girls. Loved the whole book, characters, and storyline! I hope there is more ;)

    9. Loved itUsually as a series goes on this long I start getting bored of it. That is not the case with this series, I find that I am looking forward to the next one. This book has to be one of my favourites in this series. I love all the twists and turn. You can feel the emotions from each of the characters.Thank you L Ann Marie for a really great series.I recommend this series to all MC fams

    10. 'MC: Moniz' (MC Series Book 9) by L. Ann Marie is a great read. This is an excellent addition to the MC Series. I loved getting to know Geek's story. I loved the connection with Geek, Aubrey, and Marty. This story is packed full of drama, action, entertaining characters, passion, and so much more. Highly recommend to all fans of MC romance. I can't wait to read what happens next with this series full of entertaining characters.

    11. Loved it.I've loved this whole series!.And I think this one may just be my favourite?! It's a series I could go back and re read over and over! Both Geek and Marty are such awesome characters and little Aubrey is adorable! I really hope this author is going to do a series on the kids through the MC nextwould love to see what is in store for little Ben, Jessie, Darren, Ricky, Brantley etc.I totally recommend this book as well the previous 8 in this series.

    12. Oh boy!Geek, Marty and Aubrey rock! Geek is one of my favorite guys. Love that he's smart and badass at the same time. The other guys are smart too but for some reason I find a nerdy guy who can take care of business super sexy. Marty is just as cool and takes her place up there with Mitch and Carolina thus pulling the MC into the 21st century. Also loved seeing the kids growing up. Can't wait to see what the Princes do.

    13. Loved itLike revisiting old friends while meeting new ones. This story lets you experience Geek and his lady love Marty as they meet and experience life. It's got some bad issues that the club makes right but it's not horribly graphic just talked about. It's got an HEA, kickass sassy women and amazing kidsoh and hot sexy bad**s bikers. Author really writes interesting stories.

    14. Very best seriesMc Moniz is an awesome addition to the MC series. Geek is finally read to move out of the club. Gets a house and sudden is attached to a girl and her mom. Through twist and turns he finds the love he was suppose to have, when some one stopped believing in the big picture.

    15. MonizWow such changes in the MC Club and with the Baxter's. I'm totally shocked. I love the way Marty, Geek, and Aubrey become a family and Love the changes with Marty and the Club. Can't wait to see what happens next. You blew my mind in this book. I recommend this book and all the Baxter's books as well.

    16. Geek's story is one I have been waiting on since the series started. I have to say the author totally did not disappoint!! I loved Marty and Geek together, but my favorite was definitely Aubrey and Geek's relationship. With all the stuff going on in the background of the story with the Little Brothers I am soooooooo hoping that we will start to get their stories next!!!!!

    17. Favorite MC bookIt's not your typical MC book and that could be why I love it so much. It's about protecting and building up the women of the MC . The men are still bikers, but underneath they have hearts of gold when it comes to taking care of their women.

    18. I loved this book as I have all the others in the series. I wish that there would be a listing of characters in each book released from now as was previously done a few books back to help keep everyone straight.

    19. Great Very good story you showed the good and bad of the mc I just wish you told more about the young woman of the mc

    20. ReviewI have nothing bad to say about this series, when I started it I thought the writing was to choppy to be enjoyable, but now I think it's part of the charm. Hooray good read

    21. Loved it!!As always L. Ann Marie has delivered. I've been waiting for Geek's book and I was not disappointed. This was one of my favorites so far!

    22. 🔥😍🔥 Fantastic L. Ann Marie has again written another awesome MC romance story about Geek and Marty and their daughter Aubrey. I found this book to be more disturbing than the others. Subject matter is child exploitation and their captivity and everything related. Be prepared 😭. Caused me to have nightmares about it. Very well written about such a difficult issue. Can’t believe there are people who do such horrible things to such young children. Amazing book 🔥😍🔥

    23. Tough one to readWhat can I say. This author handles the really horrific subjects in her books. These men and women have strong and give strong. This was a really hard book to read, but she handled it love, justice and strong.

    24. LoveI absolutely love this series from L Ann Marie! This book definitely did not let me down! I live seeing the strong the the club shares! Can't wait to red the next book!!!

    25. At first i gave a rating of 5 stars. But as I think on it, i had to change it. The reasoning being it felt rushed and not like the others.

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