Lethal Affairs

Lethal Affairs Elite operative Domino is no stranger to peril and impossible situations Trained all her life to be just as comfortable fighting terrorists as mixing with the gala crowd she is proficient at playing

  • Title: Lethal Affairs
  • Author: Kim Baldwin Xenia Alexiou
  • ISBN: 9781602820227
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • Elite operative Domino is no stranger to peril and impossible situations Trained all her life to be just as comfortable fighting terrorists as mixing with the gala crowd, she is proficient at playing any role necessary to accomplish her objective and believes the cause sanctifies the means But her latest assignment to investigate journalist Hayley Ward will test thaElite operative Domino is no stranger to peril and impossible situations Trained all her life to be just as comfortable fighting terrorists as mixing with the gala crowd, she is proficient at playing any role necessary to accomplish her objective and believes the cause sanctifies the means But her latest assignment to investigate journalist Hayley Ward will test than her skills, ingenuity, and courage, because this time she faces the ultimate dilemma a choice between loyalty and love.

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      487 Kim Baldwin Xenia Alexiou
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    1 thought on “Lethal Affairs”

    1. And so the quest for the Holy f/f Grail continuesI wish I could say something nice about Lethal Affairs. And in fact, I can! The cover. At least they got that one right Based on the summary combined with that bad ass cover, I was certain this one would be a winner. As an elite operative, Domino (where have we heard that name before?) kills terrorists for a living. When one of her missions goes awry, the surveillance material of the fuck up is too revealing and could potentially blow Domino's cov [...]

    2. This book disappointed me. I really wanted to love it. I tried. It had so much potential but overall just didn't engage me. The plot was dull - so damn dull. Domino could have been a fantastic lead character, a badass babe who falls for her assignment, but she felt distant much of the time. To be fair, there were some moments when I truly liked her. A few.Ultimately, the biggest thing missing was FUN. The mundane details of Hayley's investigation, Hayley's uninspiring personality, the EOO mumbo [...]

    3. i am so excited and hopeful that this whole series makes it to audible and not just this first book. So i rounded up to five stars even though it's probably only a 4 compared to other books in the series, and the narrator was meh, but definitely not bad. It's so weird when a narrator interprets voices different from what you had, in your head, when reading the book. ie: i tend to stereotype blonde fems as having higher pitched voices than Rambo on the cover here. The narrator did it the opposit [...]

    4. The first part in a very good series. Tension, action, thrills, beautiful women, a sizzling love story. Who would not fall for someone like Domino! Hayley Ward fits perfectly as the another main character. Her interaction with Domino was great and hot! Hayley Ward and Domino are also one of my favorite couples, because of how well they fit together.This first part for me was also one of the best part, but fortunately the quality remains very high throughout the series.

    5. This is exactly like a James Bond movie, but without the philandering part, haha :p I think the premise is a tad unbelievable, but suspend any realistic expectations (as you would when watching a James Bond movie) and this book becomes fun. I'm actually looking forward to reading the next book in the series, it's simply unadulterated action-packed escapism. :D

    6. I'd been putting off reading this one for a while and now I don't know why. This book was a whole lot of fun with characters I liked and a romance I believed in. I'm hoping I'll like the rest of the series just as much!

    7. I don't understand the lackluster reviews. I love this series! It's like a lesbian James Bond but better. You care about the characters and each book ends with you wanting to read more. Can't wait for the next one in the series!

    8. I liked the story. It was mostly predictable but 'operative falls for target she is meant to investigate and/or take out' is a favorite trope of mine so I'm relatively easily pleased there. This lacked the character and relationship development that would have made me really love it though.

    9. This first book in the 'Elite Operatives' series is a winner. I was already smitten since I had read the sixth book, 'The Gemini Deception', and I wanted to know and experience the beginnings. Most of the considerable action in the trenches peppered with some scenes between the sheets happens in and around Washington, D.C. plus a few investigative jaunts to Brooklyn, NY. I could not put this book down. Domino, aka Luca Madison, is a brilliant and accomplished operative. Adopted at an early age f [...]

    10. I've been trying to read this without much success. I enjoyed it when the narrative focused on the thriller/action-oriented story, but when it shifted to the romance it lost me. This book feels as if two stories have been welded together and not very successfully. Even the style and tone seem different. And it suffers from one of the worst problems in lesbian romance or any romance really: two characters who fall instantly in love with each other after only a few moments in each other's company. [...]

    11. A good start to an excellent series. The seeds were planted here for what has become one of my all time favorite lesbian romance/thriller series. That this is the weakest of them doesn't mean it's bad and it definitely is important for introducing characters that will return throughout the series. My biggest problem with this book is that Domino is my least favorite of the operatives. She's too damaged and lacks a sense of self for much of the book. She gets better, but she was never incredibly [...]

    12. First of all, Luka is a great name. (Roses for the Queen, Perfectionist Complex and Magnet, anyone? Heheh, Megurine-san.)Second of all, I love the connection between this story and Thief of Always, the friendship between Luka and Mishael can be explored more, though. Having read the series in a bit of a reverse order, it's nice to catch up to this story and connect the dot with the story with Mishael and Kris.(view spoiler)[I think the only way I remained calm throughout the book as the crap was [...]

    13. Main issue, the cover. I hate it, but the book was more than good, kept me on edge, enough romance, the type I like the most, (blushes) and not to mention the female protagonist assassin that was more than badass. Major crush on her. And her love interest? Hot, hot and hot.

    14. Ended pretty well. Left some unanswered questions in which I'm hoping to find answers to in the rest of the series.

    15. SoI hate to admit it.but i LOVED all the Elite Opeartive's novels! The writing is good and the premise is interesting to think about. I just really enjoyed the escape all of them provided!

    16. Better than Bourne & Bond!Like the title says, "Better than Bourne & Bond!" I love adventure and the covert world stories. Mix that with a little romance and you have the perfect story. If you like Bourne & Bond, but feel there is just a little too much testosterone, check out this book. You will not be disappointed!

    17. Lethal Affairs by Kim Baldwin and Xenia Alexiou is the first in their Elite Operatives Series. And what a brilliant start! This book is amazing. It introduces the readers to a secret organization, the Elite Operatives Organization (EOO), that operates not only outside of the law, but outside of any government. It's purpose is to dispense justice in whatever way necessary, regardless of politics or anything else. They are the good guys and gals. Each book in the series features a different operat [...]

    18. This is a sort of action-focused kind of lesbian fiction. The start sort of got me lost with the multiple shifts in scenes and POV but otherwise the pacing of the plot is okay. The incorporation of romance is also good; its not been pushed by the author IMO. The two woman in this book are both gorgeous and has great chemistry. And when I mean chemistry - that has a lot of branches. You must read this if you want to learn about that chemistry. Because there are scenes pertaining to (view spoiler) [...]

    19. The way Kim Baldwin has set the scence is amazing.It is amazing because she's hooked us from the very start of the book.When i got to the part where luka says "don't fall for the lie" i was wandering if she was going to break and tell haley the truth. I was hooked by the fact that love started bringing down lukas wall which guarded her from being hurt physically.It broke my heart when i thought that haley was just going to abandon lukas even though she just spilled everything out to her.Overall [...]

    20. This was decently written and the story held together well enough. Oddly, the thing that bothered me was that the Elite Operatives are hired assassins. I know they do the dirty jobs the government can't do and get rid of scummy people but there's a difference between "licensed to kill" and "whole point is to kill". It's probably just me but it was hard to get behind Domino as the heroine in this.

    21. My PT suggested this book. I thought it was a little gem. A lesbian Bond with suspense. Although, there was not enough hard core action to totally satisfy, I found the overall style to be fun. Another negative, although it didn't bother me that much, was the rather hackneyed romance, but oh, well. It still deserves a high rating as I will now read the series.

    22. This was a good beginning for this series. It had great suspense, great mystery and good romance. There is some action in it, but there are only 2 scenes with fighting and the rest of the action is mostly on car chasing. There are secret agents in this story, but it felt more like a detective kind of story. I liked the story and I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

    23. This is Kim and Xenia's first masterpiece and let me tell you, once you start reading it you won't be able to put it down. In fact, I suggest buying the entire series at once because once this story ends, you're got to want to immediately pick up the next book to find out what happens next.

    24. I read a certain review on this book and thought it would be horrible but I already bought it so I figured let me get it over with. I went in thinking it would be bad but it was actually very good. I loved the action, the romance, the twists and how the ending tells you theres more to come. I truly enjoyed this book and I'm glad i bought the entire series. Very captivating.

    25. Exactly what it purports to be, a romantic thriller, Lethal Affairs has the added bonus of a Bond-like protagonist and some suspenseful action. The romance is predictable, as they tend to be, but still very pleasant. An enjoyable read.

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