The Wrong Side of Goodbye

The Wrong Side of Goodbye Harry Bosch is California s newest private investigator He doesn t advertise he doesn t have an office and he s picky about who he works for but it doesn t matter His chops from thirty years with t

  • Title: The Wrong Side of Goodbye
  • Author: Michael Connelly
  • ISBN: 9780316225946
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Harry Bosch is California s newest private investigator He doesn t advertise, he doesn t have an office, and he s picky about who he works for, but it doesn t matter His chops from thirty years with the LAPD speak for themselves.Soon one of Southern California s biggest moguls comes calling The reclusive billionaire is nearing the end of his life and is haunted by one rHarry Bosch is California s newest private investigator He doesn t advertise, he doesn t have an office, and he s picky about who he works for, but it doesn t matter His chops from thirty years with the LAPD speak for themselves.Soon one of Southern California s biggest moguls comes calling The reclusive billionaire is nearing the end of his life and is haunted by one regret When he was young, he had a relationship with a Mexican girl, his great love But soon after becoming pregnant, she disappeared Did she have the baby And if so, what happened to it Desperate to know whether he has an heir, the dying magnate hires Bosch, the only person he can trust With such a vast fortune at stake, Harry realizes that his mission could be risky not only for himself but for the one he s seeking But as he begins to uncover the haunting story and finds uncanny links to his own past he knows he cannot rest until he finds the truth.At the same time, unable to leave cop work behind completely, he volunteers as an investigator for a tiny cash strapped police department and finds himself tracking a serial rapist who is one of the most baffling and dangerous foes he has ever faced.

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    1. I don’t think Connelly is the most literary crime fiction scribbler out there – in my view that honour goes to either James Lee Burke or Ian Rankin – but I do think he may just be the best story teller. He doesn’t allow his readers to get lost in the complexities of the plot because he keeps it simple, logical and linear. That’s not to say there aren’t twists, surprises and red herrings in his books, Connelly uses all the tricks, yet he still manages to keep the story ‘clean’. I [...]

    2. This is the 21st book in the Harry Bosch Series. I just really love this series and now I have to wait patiently for the next book.Bosch is now retired from the Los Angles police department where he worked as a detective. He did not go quietly into retirement but sued the city as he left. This has made him persona non grata in his old stomping grounds but Harry could care less. He is working part time for the San Fernando Police Department and taking some private gigs on the side. THE WRONG SIDE [...]

    3. Connelly and Bosch have done it again. Written a novel that kept me turning the pages, a tightly plotted novel filled with the special insights that one my my favorite detectives seems to have been gifted. Now working a part time, unpaid gig with a police department that had to make drastic cuts, he continues on investigating cold cases while being allowed to work on his own side cases for some real money. He becomes embroiled in two separate cases, one a serial rapist, the other a hunt for legi [...]

    4. Harry Bosch is one of my favorite characters, and it was great to read this newest adventure.Harry is managing two investigations. As a part time officer with the San Fernando Police Department, he's working a serial rapist case. As a PI, he's been asked by a rich 85 year old man to try to find an heir. Both cases were interesting, but I especially enjoyed the search for an heir. It involved a character who served in Vietnam, where Harry also served. I thought it was well researched and well wri [...]

    5. Harry Bosch has finally left the L.A.P.D. behind for good, but his mission as a homicide detective remains in his blood--it still defines who he is. Accordingly, while he's now working as a P.I he's also volunteering as a reserve officer in the small, understaffed and underfunded police department in San Fernando. Harry is basically the department's Cold Case unit, investigating still unsolved crimes. There's no paycheck, but Harry still gets to carry a detective's badge and he still gets to do [...]

    6. There's a lot to be said about crackin' open the latest Michael Connelly series with ol' Harry Bosch behind the wheel. And this one just doesn't disappoint. Harry is splitting his time between private investigations and volunteer time with the San Fernando Police Department. Our guy will never fully retire and just drink pina coladas under a palm tree on the beach. Bosch is following a two-prong set of investigations this time. The first entails a billionaire (Yes, that's billionaire with a "b". [...]

    7. Michael Connelly has done it again, with a stellar novel that follows the ever-evolving travails and work options of Harry Bosch. Out of the LAPD, Bosch is always on the lookout for something new and exciting to bide his time. An acquaintance reaches out to him, running a private security firm and has a favour to ask. Bosch learns that he has personally been requested to meet with billionaire Whitney Vance, though the specifics remains veiled in secrecy. Bosch hesitates, but is intrigued enough [...]

    8. I love Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch series. I've read every book in the series. I know what to expect and I'm rarely disappointed. And this goes for his latest The Wrong Side of Goodbye, which had all of the usual good stuff:-Harry is a great character: dedicated, a bit gruff, not perfect, but not over the top in his flaws.-Connelly knows how to keep the continuity of Harry's personal and professional life going without taking away the focus from the mystery or plot.-The book has Harry working [...]

    9. Another strong entry in the Harry Bosch series. Two storylines are both are equally engaging. A must read for fans of police procedurals.

    10. Harry Bosch is now a detective in the reserve unit of the San Fernando Police Department, having permanently severed his ties with the LAPD following his settlement. His current case involves what looks to be a serial rapist, referred to as the Screen Cutter because of his method of entry. Meanwhile, he still takes on private assignments and his latest engagement is mysterious. He’s hired by billionaire Whitney Vance to track down a woman he impregnated over 60 years ago and determine if he ha [...]

    11. Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch Series is most of all about Harry Bosch. Since introduced in The Black Echo, the 1st book in the series, published in 1992, we have been part of his life. We have taken rides with this character, learnt more about him with each book and watched him solve mysteries seen the passion he has for justice.His character has developed throughout the series and he has become like a friend. Harry Bosch is not too perfect - he has emotional scars just like most of us. A maver [...]

    12. Michael Connelly does not disappoint; this is a welcome addition to the Harry Bosch series and includes plenty of appearances by Mickey Haller. Indeed, their dialogue yields my favorite two lines in the book:"Are you pulling my d---, broheim?""No, broheim. I'm not pulling your d---."While this novel leans a bit more than some readers will like toward making political points (helicopter manufacture bad/ immigration good/ corporations bad, artists good), Connelly's writing is as reader-friendly as [...]

    13. It doesn't matter which of the author's series it is - the one with "Lincoln Lawyer" Mickey Haller or this one with private investigator Hieronymous "Harry" Bosch - when the latest edition is released, I want it - and I want it now. This one is no exception, and my 5-star rating says Mr. Connelly remains solidly on his A-game.Of course, one might argue that with one, you get the other; in an earlier book, they - and readers - learned they're half-brothers. Ever since then, one has made at least [...]

    14. Brilliant- always!My View:Michael Connelly never disappoints! Harry Bosch is one of my favourite characters- I have loved learning his history, following his career, his relationships and seeing his dedication to his craft – solving mysteries and crimes, writing wrongs. I do not want this series to ever end. I am invested in the life this character. Keep on keeping on Michael Connelly. Fan moment over  In this narrative we are taken back to Harry’s time in the “tunnels” as we compare [...]

    15. “There were people who would have no sympathy for her, Bosch knew. People who would argue that her remaining silent about the attack allowed the rapist to move on to the net victim without concern about police attention. Bosch could find some validity in that but he was more sympathetic to the plight of the silent victim. Without even knowing the details of how she had gotten to this country, Bosch knew her path here had not been easy and her desire to stay no matter what the consequences – [...]

    16. Michael Connelly manages a feat few authors can pull off successfully. The Wrong Side of Goodbye is the 21st book in the Harry Bosch series, and each installment further develops the Bosch character while involving him in yet another fascinating and unique crime that he has to solve. I just absolutely love this series, and The Wrong Side of Goodbye is fantastic. Bosch is now working part-time (and uncompensated) as an investigator for the tiny San Fernando Police Department. He is working his wa [...]

    17. I eagerly wait each year for a new installment of this detective series to come out, and if I can grab it before too many others at my local library I drop everything to read it. This time around I had two seasons of the TV series on early Harry Bosch to keep him fresh in my mind. At this point Harry is retired from the Los Angeles force, but splits his time doing cold cases part-time for the small San Fernando force while taking on private detective cases. For this novel he works a case of a se [...]

    18. 3.5 starsIn this addition to the Harry Bosch series the detective has left the LAPD in difficult circumstances. He's now a private investigator and also works for the tiny San Fernando Police Department as a reservist (unpaid volunteer). As the book opens Harry is hired by octogenarian billionaire Whitney Vance, who's frail and ill. Vance never married but thinks he may have fathered a child during a youthful affair with a Mexican girl. Vance wants Harry to search for this offspring, who would b [...]

    19. The 21st book in the Harry Bosch series by my favourite author Michael Connelly. Having read and thoroughly enjoyed every book this talented author has ever written it is no surprise that I jump at the chance to read any new books. I really enjoy reading book series as it allows you to really get to know the main characters and you get a really good experience from not only the plot but all the sub plots etc. This is typical of that situation and I loved every page.In this latest book Harry is r [...]

    20. I’ve written reviews for probably hundreds of books. But never before has one hurt so much to write. I’ve always said there are two types of authors: 1) Michael Connelly and 2) everyone else. What I mean by that is he stands apart from the rest of the pack. Some of my favorites are CJ Box, James Grippando, Brad Thor, Tess Gerritsen and Barry Eisler. But Connelly gets his own category. It’s like when someone asks me what bands do I like. I mention several but never include The Beatles. Why? [...]

    21. “The Wrong Side of Goodbye”, coming out November 1, is Michael Connelly’s latest offering in the Harry Bosch series. I was fortunate to receive an ARC through Edelweiss and Little, Brown and Company.Harry is enjoying his retirement from the LAPD by working as a part-time reserve officer in the San Fernando Police Department and working cases as a private investigator. He doesn’t advertise his willingness to take on investigations, but occasionally work comes to him through past LAPD conn [...]

    22. Detective Harry Boschis back at his "best" in Michael Connelly’slatest, THE WRONG SIDE OF GOODBYE,delving into two story strands, both public and private with #21. Some new life directions for Bosch, as he continues to redefine himself.Top Books of 2016! This time around,Bosch is not chasing down a murderer, as usual; however, he is tracking down an heir to a California fortune, while time traveling back to the late 60s-70s and his time in Vietnam. A nice exploration of Bosch’s character. Re [...]

    23. This wasn't a book I could fly through. And for me the driving and street directional L.A. copy went over the top- but that's in nearly every Bosch unless he gets a plane out for a day or two.But other than that, it was a modern best seller copper fare that belongs on the high bar. And Connelly, even entering the third decade of Bosch books, has NOT gone the way of so many other popular series. His character is actually developing quite more, and being further defined. For instance, I could gues [...]

    24. Another excellent addition to the Harry Bosch books. Again Connelly has surprised me by making the story so engaging after so many books. Harry deals with 2 cases, no real surprises in either, although there were still some good twists. Very realistic police work, as usual. Better yet, Mickey Haller is also part of the story again. He definitely leavens Bosch's dour personality.I am sorry to say that this is the last one for now. There are no more books to be had! A short story is due out next m [...]

    25. 4.5 stars When you read a series that has been running as long as this one, it’s inevitable you’ll enjoy some more than others. This one is a keeper. Harry Bosch is “retired”. After being shoved out of the LAPD, he got a P.I. license & also volunteers at the tiny, cash strapped San Fernando police department. Now he has 2 cases that prevent him from checking up on daughter Maddy as much as he’d like. Whitney Vance is an elderly billionaire whose days are numbered. When he was 18, [...]

    26. I have read all of Michael Connelly's and to say that I am a fan is a huge understatement. However, as both Harry Bosch and I have grown older, I felt we were drifting apart, going our separate ways into new interests perhaps. This book proved me wrong.Harry Bosch is now retired, working as both a PI and as a non-paid reserve officer. There are two cases that are dividing his attention and, at first, both were slightly plodding and confusing. That, however, did not last long. As usual, Connelly [...]

    27. I gotta love me some Harry!Even though this is the 21st book in the Harry Bosch series, it was a great one. In this book, Harry has started working for the San Fernando Police Department after the craziness that happened with the LAPD. He is also working as a private detective doing his own thing. There are two cases in this book and both of them are excellenet, exciting and twisty turny. Both the "screen cutter" case and the Vance case kept me on the edge of my seat trying to figure it out. I a [...]

    28. I really enjoyed the plot of this, but I was disappointed in the writing. It almost seemed like Connelly's hired a ghostwriter to flesh out the story, and the ghostwriter has a lazy habit overusing terms like "jumped," "grabbed," and "ended the call," when better word choices would have improved the writing, plus the annoying dialogue of Bosch and Haller calling one another "Broheim." Maybe Connelly has a new, weaker editor. In any event, while the book was overall a good read, I constantly foun [...]

    29. This is truly a 4.5. Michael Connelly tells original, straightforward police stories without any head spinning twists and turns that make you confused or overload the tales with superfluous characters and names you can't remember. Harry Bosh is not Jack Reacher with the same story told a hundred different ways, he is old fashioned and firm but his emotions are bending and ever-changing. This makes for an enduring hero and a character worth following. Each new book seems to be his best yet.

    30. Rich man nearing death wants to know if the love of his life produced an heir and hires Harry Bosch to find out. Yes, it’s a trifle formulaic but if you like Bosch you will want to read it. Excellent background in the Vietnam War. Bonus: there’s a small but good dose of Mickey Haller in it too.

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