Long Time No See

Long Time No See It s been twenty years and Judith s life has definitely changed Now a history professor and a widow she hasn t seen Nelson Sharpe of the Nassau County Police Department in all that time But she stil

  • Title: Long Time No See
  • Author: Susan Isaacs
  • ISBN: 9780061030437
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s been twenty years, and Judith s life has definitely changed Now a history professor and a widow, she hasn t seen Nelson Sharpe of the Nassau County Police Department in all that time But she still can t get her one time lover out of her head Her life takes an unexpected turn, however, when former investment banker turned suburban mommy extraordinaire Courtney LoganIt s been twenty years, and Judith s life has definitely changed Now a history professor and a widow, she hasn t seen Nelson Sharpe of the Nassau County Police Department in all that time But she still can t get her one time lover out of her head Her life takes an unexpected turn, however, when former investment banker turned suburban mommy extraordinaire Courtney Logan vanishes from Long Island into thin air.Everyone suspects husband, Greg, the darkly handsome son of flashy Long Island mobster Fancy Phil Lowenstein Ever the good neighbor, Judith offers her services to Greg, but he shows her the door, thinking she s just a nut His father, however, isn t so sure he just may have other plans for the wily Judith

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    1 thought on “Long Time No See”

    1. I love a good mystery with wonderful twists. And even though the reader finds out who the villian is before the end of the book, it is still every bit as enjoyable to read. Susan Isaacs brought back Judith Singer 20 years after she first introduced her in Compromising Positions, and she did a brilliant job in my opinion. Great readwould highly recommend!

    2. "Judith Singer is back! After twenty years, Susan Isaacs brings us back the heroine from Compromising Positions, her first and most beloved novel"And the most exciting part of that back cover marketing for me? There is actually another novel with Judith that I can read cover-to-cover and LOVE. This novel is just amazing. The story is so complex, yet Judith is so simple. And perfect. And messed up. Isaacs is a genius. Her descriptions of each character are beautiful and her writing is different f [...]

    3. I read Long Time No See soon after Compromising Positions; however, the sequel is set 15 years after the murder (view spoiler)[and affair (hide spoiler)] central to the first novel. By now, Judith Singer is no longer a desperate Long Island housewife; instead, she’s an adjunct professor at a small college and widowed. Daughter Kate has become a lawyer, and son Joey has grown from a preschooler into a film critic of sorts. But Judith’s not any more fulfilled than she was earlier. She’s just [...]

    4. This is a murder mystery but it still held my attention. It is told through a nosy-neighbor type who sifts through the data and solves the mystery. It was good but not great.

    5. I've read a couple other Isaacs books, that I really enjoyed. This was not my favorite. Although this is a 'sequel' of sorts, you certainly don't have to read Compromising Positions to enjoy this as a stand alone. Judith Singer, history professor, is now a widow & the affair she had 20 years ago with Nelson Sharpe, a cop, starts up again when she begins work on helping solve the murder of a neighbor's wife. Judith gets herself involved by being a nosy neighbor which is not believable as she [...]

    6. A widow who enjoys sleuthing gets involved in a neighborhood case of whodunit. When a woman who has been missing a number of months is found under the pool cover in her own pool the police make the easy assumption that the husband did it. Our widow, Judith, doesn't think so and starts her own investigation supported by the husband's gangster father and her, used to be a homicide investigator used to be her lover is still in the police department, friend. Unlikely, but hey, she solves the case. I [...]

    7. This was a very strange book--well written--but strange nonetheless. It's about a middle aged history professor who reads about a murder and decides to investigate it, even to the point of interviewing the dead woman's husband. Who in their right mind would do something like that? If the dead woman was a friend or even an acquaintance, then maybe. But a total stranger? It was so illogical that I had a hard time finishing it.

    8. I loved Susan Isaacs original book about this character. And there were flashes of the witty interior dialogue and zany antics that so charmed me then in this book too. But not enough to sustain a pretty dull "mystery" story. The romance also felt kind of contrived this time, which is sad given the boy meets girl story of these same two characters in the earlier novel.

    9. Not as good as Compromising Positions, but still a good read. I love her witty writing style. Lots of chuckles.

    10. TwistedAnother great thriller by Susan Isaacs, lots of sneaky twists and turns.A very engaging read. Cannot wait for her next book.

    11. The Mystery was good, but it was hard to really enjoy a lot of it. So many of the people the main character ran into were shallow or mean. I really wondered why the character wanted to live there.

    12. Finally, a sequel to Compromising Positions, only 39 years after the fact (not that is how long the gap is in the story). Now a widow, Judith is once more intrigued by a local crime and once more she gets involved with her cop.

    13. Un bel giallo con protagonista una professoressa di mezza età e da poco rimasta vedova che si interessa alla misteriosa sparizione di una sua concittadina e nel corso delle indagini rivede il grande amore della sua vita. Consigliato, piacevole e per nulla scontato. A proposito di istanti. Prima di parlare dell'incredibile sparizione di Courtney Logan e dei fatti criminosi legati alla suddetta scomparsa, penso sia il caso di spendere qualche parola sulla mia vita. Io sono quella che i francesi d [...]

    14. Good mystery. A college professor that likes to solve crimes is asked by a crime boss to solve his daughter-in-law's murder. It's a year old case with no new leads, but the professor has solved other cases and thinks she's up to the task.

    15. I read Compromising Positions the week before I read this one. They were terrific finds in the used book store, sorry Susan no royalties. Our heroine, Judith is one gutsy house wife. Matter of fact, the reader may get a little angry at said heroine, because she keeps putting herself in the line of fire. She's the only one who has figured that the bad guy is really a psychopath is disguise, that's all I'm sayin'. Read Compromising Positions first. It took Ms. Issacs around 30 years to write the s [...]

    16. [audio] Second in the Jewish cozy mystery series featuring Judith Singer. Discovered as a read alike for Janet Evanovich, there are similarities to the ethnic humor and NY/NJ sense of place. Judith is billed as a Long Island housewife but her occupation (college instructor) and her dedication to public libraries come into the story. Probably one should read the first (Compromising Positions) first, but with a 1978 copyright date it may feel grossly dated in this genre. There are many references [...]

    17. I give this book 3.5 stars. A good story but the authors humor I did not enjoy or thought added to the story. At times the story drug. Had a hard time getting to know the characters since there were so many. Judith is a professor but in the past has done some investigating. She hears about the discovery of a body and goes to the husband and offers to help find the murdere. He thinks she is crazy. His father - a former mobster - comes to her for help to prove his son did not do this. Judith is a [...]

    18. This was my favorite Susan Isaacs novel, and I think I have read them all.She has a snarky style that can grate on some. But I'm read many of hers over the years, and feel that they were all 4 star when first out, especially this one was. But I do not think they have run the test of time well at all. So I gave it three. She understands blended family like no other fiction writer I can think of in 2013. And how being a women, a mate, a mother, a co-worker etc. has all changed for women in the las [...]

    19. I like Susan Isaac's books and this is no exception. Judith Singer is back and after 20 years still wants Nelson Sharp who is now captain of an elite squad. He helps her solve the mystery of a dead woman, Courtney Logan, found in her swimming pool. Of course, the obvious suspect is her husband, Greg, but Judith doesn't believe he did it.Mobster, Fancy Phil Lowenstein, happens to be Greg's father and hires Judith to solve the crime.With help from Nancy and Chic Cheryl, Judith is led into the worl [...]

    20. This book was an easy read, what I call a fluff book. I am not a fan of over discreption. The story line was good and easy to follow. Plot: historian, Judith Singer, likes to solve who-done-its. She is looking into the death of a young mother, Courtney Longan. Courtneys father-in-law is mobster Fancy Phil Lowenstein. judith's love interest is Captian Nelson Sharpe, who trys to discourage Judith from prusing this 'case'rrowed from April.

    21. This is a fun whodunit which is a sequel to Compromising Positions, about a housewife who solved a crime. It was made into a movie starring Susan Sarandon (I vaguely remember seeing that). Anyway, Judith Singer is now a widow but once again gets involved in a criminal case when a young local housewife disappears. I figured out what was going on a little too soon but it was so well written and fun to read that I'm still going to give it 4 stars!

    22. I was introduced to the characters in this mystery over fifteen years ago in Compromising Positions. The whole crowds here and they’re just as interesting as before. I could have had a bit dirtier sex but what are you going to do. A woman is missing later found in the pool behind their house, the husband is a wimp, his father is Tony Soprano retired and the whole thing is put together by Judith the history professor. Good Read.

    23. I forgot to put in a review, but remember book was a decent mystery of a woman who goes missing on Halloween night and then is discovered months later in the pool after the winter thaw. I really didn't care for the main investigator character (who was a part time writer, teacher and widow who pined for a fling), but there were some twists with a mobster and mistaken identity.

    24. I gave up on this mystery 75 pages from the end. The plot wasn't a page-turner, but the character development of the main character was quite entertaining. At least at first, then I noticed myself wishing I were further along in the book than I was. I gave up and really don't care why she went missing.

    25. A light, fun, clever read after a book of harrowing survival in Poland during WWII. One of Isaac's Judith Singer mysteries.I have been trying to change my rating to three stars but can't figure out how to do it and don't want to invest a lot of time right now.I wish allowed 1/2 stars.

    26. The second in the Judith Singer dteective series - about 20 years have passed since the last one.This is kind of Janet Evanovich for more intellectual adults - Judith is now in her 50s and remeets the love of her life, Nelson Sharpe while solving another case. Enjoyable story with suitable twists and turns, humorous bits and the central couple

    27. Oh lord it took me forever to get through this book. I normally can’t put one of Susan Isaacs’ novels down but I really struggled with this one. This is an older novel of hers and a sequel to “Compromising Positions,” which I read eons ago and as best I can remember, really enjoyed. Ultimately my determination won out and I did finish it (Yippee) but it was a major accomplishment.

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