Reader Abduction

Reader Abduction An alien fantasy brought to life It should have been a simple volunteer job Keep the events for the Romancing the Capital convention running smooth But from the moment Brigitte lays eyes on the male m

  • Title: Reader Abduction
  • Author: Eve Langlais
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An alien fantasy brought to life It should have been a simple volunteer job Keep the events for the Romancing the Capital convention running smooth But from the moment Brigitte lays eyes on the male model dipped in purple, hired for the galactic party, she is thrown into a tizzy mostly because of his stolen kiss Imagine her shock once she realizes he s not an actor.An alien fantasy brought to life It should have been a simple volunteer job Keep the events for the Romancing the Capital convention running smooth But from the moment Brigitte lays eyes on the male model dipped in purple, hired for the galactic party, she is thrown into a tizzy mostly because of his stolen kiss Imagine her shock once she realizes he s not an actor This purple alien is for real And Phyr didn t come to RTC alone He brought a bunch of his mercenary friends to help him abduct all the single ladies These readers are about to go on a galactic adventure wilder than anything they ve ever read in a book and hotter than anything they could have imagined.

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    1 thought on “Reader Abduction”

    1. What happens at convention when horny female fans meet the - oh so sexy - purple hunks of their dreams in the flesh? Barbarians of Earth, I, and some of my comrades, have come to claim eligible females for our world.” “Yay!” someone screamed. “Take me!” To no one’s surprise, Bambi shouted from the back while her daughter Nicole exclaimed, “Mom! What about Dad?” Whee! Such a fun treat for lovers of Eve's purple mercenaries! Who knew Eve Langlais was a scheming slave trader in disg [...]

    2. 2.5 starsI have generally enjoyed this seriesuntil this one. Not sure how I feel about the notion of an author conspiring to have fans/friends abducted by aliens. Seems somewhere between unsavory and unethical, particularly since I suspect we might see some of these characters in upcoming books. Yes; I realize it's fiction, etc.It bothers me far more that the women in general, and the h in particular, are ok with this. Oh come on; they abducted 12 women. Not a single one objected strongly enough [...]

    3. This was one of those ideas that sounded better than it actually was. I pre-ordered this book as soon as I saw it because I love this series but also because I thought the premise was hilarious. Sadly, much like the first pilot of Fuller House I feel like there were just too many nods to fans.Once you got past the initial abduction things progressed just like the other alien abduction books by Eve, the only problem was that so many words were spent on the beginning that I felt like the actual st [...]

    4. Seventh book in the Alien Abduction series.I disliked how the author injected herself and other real authors into the story. Generally, this can introduce an interesting twist into a fantasy. The impression I got was that the author enables the abduction of her fans in return for being allowed to write romances about the abductions. This just seems wrong on so many levels.Other than that, the story was okay but not up to the standards of other books I have read by her.

    5. During a Convention where Eve´s Purple Warriors are supposed to be celebrated, a secret plan is in place, and now Brigitte finds herself abducted herself - by her own Purple Warrior. Is this really happening, and could she find the HEA the books always deliver?Quick, fun read with smutty fluff and purple awesomeness =)

    6. I laughed out loud so many times while reading this that I had to go sit in a room alone until I was done. This tale was priceless on so many levels. Langlais’ vibrant and at times snarky writing suits her characters perfectly. Her alien mercenaries are sizzling hot with personalities that both annoy and endear you to them. Because of the different (yet completely catchy) vibe and plot of this story the heroine does have a bit of a different feel from many of Langlais’ characters, but it fit [...]

    7. This is a hard one. I usually like Ms. Langlais' books, but this one really didn't do it for me.Ok, it's an average abduction-book, with the growly male who can't understand human female and therefore just acts plain crazy and nearly looses his woman before admitting she's his one and only. (view spoiler)[ The thing that didn't really work for me is the way the author put herself and her friends in the middle of the abduction, and even facilitate the abduction.(hide spoiler)]The premise of alien [...]

    8. This hero was a misogynistic ass and I never saw any character growth in him. He treated her terribly throughout the story and I did not see any romance between them at all, so the HEA did not land for me. Also, although the breaking of the fourth wall in the opening scenes is played for laughs, implying that the author and several others would be complicit in getting women abducted by these mysognistic aliens (and not just this once, but repeatedly!) made the premise cross over into very unfunn [...]

    9. This was disappointing. Since it is fiction, it was very hard to get over all the real authors mentioned in the text. It was also hard to get over the fact that half of it was like sales presentations where Eve tried to sell us other works by other authors. But okay. I managed to get over it, barely, when the aliens arrived. That is when it all went downhill. Eve's character basically "sold" twelve humans to the aliens for a trip to Venus. Cold, Eve! That just made you one of the slavers and tot [...]

    10. I have generally liked the Alien Abduction series so far, not so this book.So usually the series are silly reads that are a quick fun read with some humor and a little erotic sex. Do I agree with the mercenary mindset of the purple men, no, but I had found it a fun quirk that had laughs. This addition didn't have even one laugh for me. I didn't find any of it humorous.And then the usual is a sexy lust that translate on page to luv. Well, nope I didn't feel that really. Usually they both were fig [...]

    11. HEH! I'd forgotten how much I enjoy spending time with these big, purple aliens. They're arrogant and hot-headed and they steal their women with alarming regularity. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?!?!Phyr is definitely a prime specimen. He's arrogant. He's deadly. It takes him a while to realize the lady he's growling over is the one for him. A long while. And Brigitte keeps him on his toes while he comes to that realization. She fights him. She pushes against his "rules". As any abductee should, amitrite?W [...]

    12. 3.5 stars.I have not read the previous books in the series, but it did not stop me from being able to follow along in the book.I found the subtle winks winks that the author left in the book that talks about this series to be mildly distracting for me. When I read an author's name, I was pulled from the book by thinking about the authors in RL. It was very disconcerting for me. I am also not quite sure how Brigitte and Phyr fell in love. It just seemed as if they were suppose to and they did. Th [...]

    13. Ready to be Abducted!I loved reading this book! I will never look at some of the authors the same again!! Now if you see me constantly wearing a foil hat but then taking it off again at a convention you will only understand if you have read the book. Although it sounds like I might have already been taken and maybe I'm now in on the plot? Is that the reason I made it to RTC the first year but not the second? Overall this is a great read if you love Eve Langlais and purple mercenaries I do recomm [...]

    14. DNF @ 41%Citanya uras. Tauk sik kenak?Adaka patut watak ya (lam buku tok nya sebagai penulis), nya soh dak alien pi culik dak kawan-kawan ngan peminatnya. Tempat ya belaku time konferens buku. Kak ya nya padah, "njoi kenak ngan dak alien papel!" Yoh!Tauk sik apa nasib dak kawan-kawan ngan peminatnya tok? Kenak jual jadi kupu-kupu malam pake dak alien *facepalm*Mek dah sik tahan, mek DNF trus. Sik mek mok buang masa baca plot kedak ya koh. Melambak gik cita lom dibaca worth masa mek.

    15. Okay let me start of by saying I was a bit let down by this last instalment in the Alien Abduction series. Don't get me wrong it starts of with a bang, one of the funniest book set ups ever I definitely enjoyed the start of it, having actual authors appear in the book convention and having our actual Eve Langlais be the host of the occasion and set up all the single ladies to be abducted by the real purple hunks of her NOT make believe books had me in a laugh riot most hilarious plot ever!!! Whi [...]

    16. I thought this was simply a 7th book to a series that I needed to read in order to complete it. Because I'm a completionist. But I think this had a dual purpose perhaps - instead of just being a story, there was a lot of name-droppingof people I have never heard of. Probably authors, possibly fans - who knows. Apparently one needs in depth knowledge of the fandom and the other writers in the genre to really know what some characters are talking about. It's also kind of jarring for the author to [...]

    17. Brigitte is a volunteer making sure the Romancing the Capital convention runs smooth but she doesn't know about the extra Eve planned. Phyr and two other warriors kidnap Brigitte and eleven other women to be sold as mates. On the short journey to Aressotle, Brigitte falls for Phyr. A journey which contained fights with other aliens, another kidnapping and rescue. Phyr won't admit his feelings for Brigitte but won't allow her to be sold either. He steals her and mates her. A nice surprise for Bri [...]

    18. I really don't like when an author interjects themselves into their books and even though it was done tongue-in-cheek, I still didn't like it. Also, the story was just too quick with almost zero character development. The romantic involvement was very forced and uninspired. I have really liked this series for the most part, but this book just didn't do it for me. I do hope that E.L. writes more in this series because it has been a lot of fun.

    19. Hilarious concept and kind of believableMs Langlais has spun more fun! This time her abduction comes in a surprising way but ends just as deliciously as always! I can’t tell you more or I’d give something away but I am wondering how to get tickets to the next reader’s convention. hmmmm.

    20. Absolutely awful. Normally Eve Langlais can write with tongue firmly in cheek. This one really fell down flat. To write about RL people willingly aiding and abetting in abduction and trafficking was appalling and I for one will never read another book by this author.

    21. love this series yay for purple. But now that Im done with this one what do I do with my life. I need more purple aliens in my life :(

    22. FunnyThe story is cute and light hearted. Many of my favorite authors make an appearance along with hot purple dudes. For a fun read I recommend Reader Abduction

    23. Ah, Eve Langlais, another jaunt through the alien impossible. What can I say. Have a drink. Have another. You need to be a little silly to digest this silly tale.Purple alien, Phyr and a couple of sidekicks have conspired with this author to make away with a number of her single fans that come to a ‘Romancing the Capital’ convention. Mistaking the purple pirate for the entertainment, Brigitte, the co-ordinator for this little event is swept away with a number of other women to be sold on the [...]

    24. Beware Book Conventions Enjoyable, tongue in cheek romp of an alien romance with the heroine being kidnapped from a book convention. Always a pleasure to read.

    25. Oh What a awesome book. I loved the whole idea of this and the fun of actually being taken from a book reading convention. What more could and book reader fantasize about. Ms Langlais surly let her mind take a trip on the wild side in this great laugh out loud story and the awesome part of including other wonderfully talented authors to be in it made it all the more fun. Because nothing is better then PURPLE!!!!!“Well, well, well. It seems we’ve been invaded, readers,” Eve announced in a h [...]

    26. This new release hit my e-reader early this morning. I could not wait to read it, and I greatly enjoyed it. I recommend it to anyone who likes their heroes hot and the dialogue funny.This is the 7th in her Alien Abduction series, and although it is not necessary, you will enjoy this one more if you have read at least one of the others. Have you ever wanted to star in a romance novel? The purple alien men are very popular among her readers, and the plot of this story is an interesting twist. The [...]

    27. This was a completely delightful short chalked full of I can sooooo see Eve doing something like this!! So our own Evel Mistress has set it up so the single Purple alien fans can have their own adventure. From the bottom of their hearts I know those girls are thanking you!! Find out what happens when a dinner party extra goes right as Eve and her naughty author friends help these poor earthling romantics find love. The best part was that Phyr didn't come alone so there is a chance to see a spin [...]

    28. Different but I do love purpleThis book starts off wonderfully campy and fun. Even the abduction of the women was riotously fun. But then something got lost in the middle of the book. I think it was because the abducted heroines looked too much like victims in the book. I am sure that was not the intent. In prior books the heroines were tough and gave as good as they got. But maybe because they were book readers out on vacation and not tough women they came across as victims, albeit not unwillin [...]

    29. I loved how tongue in check this was. 4.5 starsWhat a hoot this must have been to write, making fun of yourself and some fellow writers and turning you all into the baddies was so cool. Some of my favourite names came up, some I will be looking into.As usual this book made me laugh. These purple alien dudes are just too much of everything, arrogant, sexy, hot, annoying, sexy, (bears repeating sorry) and just plain badass fun.I am just sorry I had this on my kindle for two weeks before I remember [...]

    30. What happens at RC, stays at RC.Well unless it involves a Purple Alien, then God or should I say Murphy help the universe because it'll never be the same again. Especially when those devilish romance authors are forced oops roped in to help. Now I really need to make it to an RC. Every time Eve publishes a new book, I have to have it. What makes this one great is the purple factor (hubba hubba, better than a Tim Tam any day) and cameo appearances from some of my all time favourite authors. Bravo [...]

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