Tea with Milk and Murder

Tea with Milk and Murder NEW SERIES While at an Oxford cocktail party tearoom owner Gemma Rose overhears a sinister conversation minutes before a University student is fatally poisoned Could there be a connection And could h

  • Title: Tea with Milk and Murder
  • Author: H.Y. Hanna
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • NEW SERIES While at an Oxford cocktail party, tearoom owner Gemma Rose overhears a sinister conversation minutes before a University student is fatally poisoned Could there be a connection And could her best friend Cassie s new boyfriend have anything to do with the murder Gemma decides to start her own investigation, helped by the nosy ladies from her Oxfordshire villNEW SERIES While at an Oxford cocktail party, tearoom owner Gemma Rose overhears a sinister conversation minutes before a University student is fatally poisoned Could there be a connection And could her best friend Cassie s new boyfriend have anything to do with the murder Gemma decides to start her own investigation, helped by the nosy ladies from her Oxfordshire village and her old college flame, CID detective Devlin O Connor But her mother is causing havoc at Gemma s quaint English tearoom and her best friend is furious at her snooping and this mystery is turning out to have twists than a chocolate pretzel Too late, Gemma realises that she s could be the next item on the killer s menu Or will her little tabby cat, Muesli, save the day Velvet Cheesecake recipe included This book follows British English spelling and usage Clean read no graphic violence, sex, or strong language Genre humorous culinary, cat cozy mystery series women amateur sleuth British mystery

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    1 thought on “Tea with Milk and Murder”

    1. This is a crazy, funny and thrilling murder mystery by H. Y. Hanna, but what makes it stand out from other similar books for me is the beautiful way she describes Oxford. Oxford is obviously very dear to her and I am sure that if I ever went there I would have so many deja vu moments because of these books. This is the second novel of the Oxford Tearoom Mystery series where you return to the picturesque village of Meadow-on-Smythe and all the colourful characters that have once again settled bac [...]

    2. I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewThis book was just as good as the first one, maybe a bit better even. As I was already familiar with the characters and setting, I easily got into this book. It starts with a party where some of Cassie her painting are being displayed and the murder takes place early in the book. At first it seemed pretty clear what happened, but it soon it turns out to be more complicated. The mystery kept me guessing and suspecting people and I was pleasantly s [...]

    3. I enjoyed the first book in this series so I was delighted when asked by an author to review this book. I was happy to do so. It is as good as the first one. The writing is very descriptive and you feel like you are in Oxford. The Bidders are helping in the tea room, Gemma's Mom is ordering items online much to Gemma's horror.Cassie has taken up with an art critic not helping in the tea room. Muelisa is doing normal cat thing and is a delight. I especially like the leash scene as my cat walks do [...]

    4. In Tea with Milk and Murder, the second book in the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries series by H.Y. Hanna, Gemma Rose goes to a party at an art gallery where the art painted by her best friend Cassie is being displayed by Cassie's new boyfriend, Johnny Kelsey, owner of the gallery. The party is crashed by Sarah Waltham, who claims to be Johnny's girlfriend, and shows up drunk and violent. Then, Sarah has a seizure and dies, bringing in Gemma's college love, Devlin O'Connor, now a Detective Inspector, to [...]

    5. Tea with milk and murder by H.Y.Hanna is the second book in the Oxford tearoom mystery series. Gemma Rose attends a cocktail party at an art exhibition where her friend Cassie is displaying her work. An obnoxious university art student dies of poisoning during the party and Gemma investigates. A terrific and fun book which I enjoyed immensely. The old biddies investigations lead Gemma into a lot of awkward and funny situations as well as her mothers online shopping buys. A very entertaining book [...]

    6. After working at her tea room all day, Gemma takes a break to visit an art gallery opening that is honoring her best friend, Cassie. Though the showing is displaying many other artists also, Gemma is only interested in Cassie's contributions. Gemma also learns that Cassie has a new boyfriend, Jon Kelsey who is also the owner of the Gallery. When an aparently drunk young lady comes in and disrupts the nice quiet event, she is denied alcohol but offered a cup of tea. Upon drinking the tea she goes [...]

    7. Tea with Milk and Murder - the second book in the Oxford Tearoom series is as great as the first. I was totally captivated by the story. I really love Hanna's descriptions in the story. Once again, I'm brought back to the University city of Oxford, walking down those cobbled streets. I can absolutely picture how the teahouse looks like in my mind through Hanna's beautiful descriptions. The mystery is another exciting murder. Unlike the first story where the killer was totally a surprise, in this [...]

    8. This is the second book in this delightful series. Gemma is enjoying her new tea room and is more than pleased that business is booming. Having her mother bake the delectable delights in this series adds quite a few chuckles. If you aren't acquainted with her mother, you are missing out on some fun humor. In the first book, her mother was constantly forgetting her iPad password, this time she seems to have mastered it and now is happily doing a bit of online shopping for Gemma and the tea room. [...]

    9. A very good entry to the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries. I always enjoy the insights to the local scenery, pubs, and, of course, Oxford University and its many colleges. Enough possible suspects to keep things lively, though, funnily enough, this was one of the few mysteries I've read recently where I actually picked out whodunit way ahead of time (I don't ever really try). Still a good one, with the usual fun characters known as the Old Biddies adding comic relief. As an aside, I do need to add that [...]

    10. Although I have the book, I listened to the audiobook of Tea With Milk and Murder. The narrator does an exceptional job relaying the main character's emotions and actions. Listening to her British accent, coupled with the book's English setting, immediately transported me into Gemma's world. This cozy amused me in so many ways. In addition to the excellent mystery, the characters add flair to the storyline. Here too, the narrator does an excellent job conveying the attitudes and individuality of [...]

    11. EnjoyedAnother good read. You never know who done it til the end. Cannot wait to see what happens in the next installment.

    12. Not what it seems.This time an art gallery is the place the murder pops up. Cassie's paintings are being featured in a gallery and they just don't fit in. Gemma wonders what Jon Kelsey, Cassie's new boyfriend is up to. Of course she doesn't like him so she doesn't trust him.After an old girlfriend dies there Gemma gets suspicious and that causes trouble between her and Cassie. With the twists and help of the old biddiesthis is another great read.This is quickly becoming a favorite series

    13. It had been a while since I first visited Gemma and the gang so it took me a few minutes in to the reading to get my barrens but once I did it took off and was a lot of fun.To Gemma's mother's dismay, she bought a tea room and decided to do what she was passionate about instead of making the big bucks with her Oxford degree. The tea room has been doing pretty good and her friend is getting a much-deserved chance to display her art at a gallery.The only bad thing about that is Gemma can't stand J [...]

    14. I had the fortune of reading and reviewing an ARC of the first book in this series and found it to be such a charming read that when I was asked by the author to read and review the second book I immediate said yes. Apparently, the plan was to release the first two book within a short period of time of each other to generate buzz for an author that is new to this genre.This book was just as charming as the first and I enjoyed it just as much. It is an easy and fun read. The story is well written [...]

    15. 4.5 stars.This is the second book in the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries series by Hanna. Whilst I have read the first book in the series, you could jump into this book without any problem if you haven't read the first.Gemma Rose returned to Oxford after several years finding her feet in Australia. Back home again, she invests all her savings in a tea room, to the initial dismay of her parents. Now the tea room is booming, and her mum is doing the baking, things are running a bit more smoothly for Gemm [...]

    16. A brilliant follow up to 'A Scone to Die For.'Gemma, once again, lands herself in hot water when she investigates a murder that takes place during her friend's art exhibition. There are plenty of suspects to choose from and her friend's new boyfriend is number one on her list. There are plenty of twists in the story and I was as surprised as Gemma was with the identity of the murderer.In addition to the mystery, the funny side stories involving Gemma's mother working in the tearoom make for deli [...]

    17. Come mi piace questa serie! Mi piace l'ambientazione in una sala da tè nei pressi di Oxford, mi piace la protagonista, mi piace la storia d'amore che sotto sotto si intravede e mi sono innamorata di Muesli, la gattina. Non mi ricordo come sono inciampata nel primo volume, ma sono contentissima di aver deciso di provarlo. Spero che la serie si allungherà con diversi altri libri, che leggerò nei momenti in cui avrò bisogno di un "comford book" perché è così che vedo questi volumi.

    18. A cozy mystery with all the elements of a classic.I love the characters and the Oxford setting.This series just gets better and better!I missed some clues and was not able to solve the whodunit.I cannot wait to read more in the series!

    19. This was very good. I really enjoy a good British Whodunit. This one had lots of twists and turns and some romantic intrigue to keep stirring the plot. Good story and good ending.

    20. This second Oxford Tea Room mystery was great fun. I enjoyed it even better than the first (which was great) now that I've come to know and really like all the characters. Gemma is a wonderfully sassy Brit and some of her expressions just really make this series. Cassie had more of a role in this story with a new smarmy boyfriend. I really like the CID Detective, Devlin and am glad he and Gemma are getting closer. They make an adorable couple. Gemma's mom has now taken over the baking for the te [...]

    21. Tea with Milk and Murder is a wonderful 2nd book in the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries by H.Y. Hanna. This is one of the best cozy mystery series I've ever had listened to - it's fun, energetic, and thoroughly entertaining. The series centers around Gemma Rose who successfully navigated the business world in Australia before opening up a quaint tearoom outside Oxford University in Oxfordshire. This story begins with Gemma's little tearoom struggling with the loss of her amazing chef. Her mother steps [...]

    22. “Tea With Milk and Murder” earns 5/5 Slices of Velvety Cheesecake! Gemma Rose is not thrilled about the art exhibition, but friends will do almost anything for a friend. BFF Cassie Jenkins is having her first exhibition courtesy of John Kelsey, gallery owner and new boyfriend. Gemma isn’t a fan of much of the art, and definitely not a fan of Cassie’s new boyfriend. Her opinion of him seems validated when she thinks she overhears him plotting in the shadows, and a self-proclaimed girlfrie [...]

    23. What a wonderful book. Gemma and all of the characters are involved in investigating another murder. Who would have thought an art gallery would be the scene of a murder? Love the characters, they are so real and I love getting to know them. Ms. Hanna does such an excellent job describing the scenery and settings that you feel like you have been there. Totally love Muesli, he is always where he should not be. Reading all of the paperbacks in this series and enjoying every one. A great cozy myste [...]

    24. This is the second book in the series. I actually listened to it via audible. It is a cute cozy, set in Oxford. The mystery was rather easy to solve. At times the heroine, Gemma, is a bit of an idiot, but generally likable. There was more, almost, about Gemma's love life than the mystery. Lots of details about Oxford, about being a cat owner, and other topics. I was nodding in agreement as to how the cat quickly trains its people at the end, being owned by a cat myself. Overall, a pleasant story [...]

    25. Makes me want to visit England. The story is fabulous, so good that I have bought all of them in the series. I'm seriously considering reading her other series, but need to make some headway in my TBR pile first. Kudos for the descriptions of the lovely community and Oxford Colleges. No spoilers on the story line, but can't encourage you enough to give it a read. By the by no graphic sex scenes so great for the teenager in the family to read.

    26. I had read book 1 of the series, andI'm off to read book 3 as soon as I finish this brief review. I love the U.K. and I have visited Oxford years ago. I confess to liking cosy mysteries, especially those riddled with humor. I have to leave now. The old biddies are waiting for me. 😁

    27. DeliciousOnce again Gemma, alongside her feline Meusli, has solved a mysterious case. This time poisoning was involved. But how was it administered? Who dunnit? And Gemma's relationship between the handsome detective and the smooth doctor is heating up. Another winner from Ms. Hanna.

    28. I loved this book just as much as the first. I am listening on Audible and the narrator is wonderful. Finally we get the cat involved in the actual solving of the case. These books are well written and her descriptions are wonderful. I also like the element of romance (well sort of) between the main character and the detective.

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