The Wicked + The Divine: Year One

The Wicked The Divine Year One Kieron Gillen Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson return with an Eisner Award nominated modern fantasy where gods are the ultimate pop stars and pop stars are the ultimate gods Revel in the opulence of

  • Title: The Wicked + The Divine: Year One
  • Author: Kieron Gillen Jamie McKelvie Matthew Wilson Clayton Cowles
  • ISBN: 9781632157287
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson return with an Eisner Award nominated modern fantasy where gods are the ultimate pop stars and pop stars are the ultimate gods Revel in the opulence of this over sized hardback Revel in it Collects issues 1 through 11.

    • Free Read [Memoir Book] ✓ The Wicked + The Divine: Year One - by Kieron Gillen Jamie McKelvie Matthew Wilson Clayton Cowles Ø
      330 Kieron Gillen Jamie McKelvie Matthew Wilson Clayton Cowles
    • thumbnail Title: Free Read [Memoir Book] ✓ The Wicked + The Divine: Year One - by Kieron Gillen Jamie McKelvie Matthew Wilson Clayton Cowles Ø
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      Published :2019-03-27T13:15:15+00:00

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    1. Full review now posted!Original review can be found at Booknest.Rating: 3/5 stars (for the art, mainly)The art is absolutely lovely. The premise, intriguing. The execution, however, leaves much to be desired.Every 90 years or so, there is a Recurrence. Twelve gods incarnate themselves as humans and walk the earth. Their host bodies are generally teenagers, who are now endowed with amazing powers and the ability to perform miracles. They are here to inspire, and to push back the Darkness. They wi [...]

    2. I picked this up based on the recommendation of Taliesin Jaffe on Signal Boost. It was an intriguing concept - every 90 years, the pantheon of gods are reincarnated as humans for 2 years. They live their lives as superstars, burning brightly then dying 2 years later.I loved the commentary on how society views our pop stars and how that plays on the idea of them as gods (it also helps that the gods of WicDiv look like Bowie, Prince, and Rihanna). The artwork is gorgeous. I also really liked the m [...]

    3. I had heard of this series for a while and the covers to the comics had attracted me with the simplicity of the art style. The concept of Gods/Goddess showing up every 90 years as young people who are either hated or loved then in two years they are all dead seemed interesting. WAs expecting something along the lines of maybe DC Comics Vertigo or deeper. I was extremely disappointed. The story starts off with a bang with the mystery of who was killing who. Who killed one "individual god" ? What [...]

    4. I read this in singles as it comes out, and have done since it started, but reading it in this collected hardcover is so much better. You can really get into the story and characters better, and I got through it quick because I couldn't put it down. Whole new affection for a book I've been a fan of since day 1.Looks like I'll be getting the other hardcovers now.

    5. What??? Nooooooo!! It can't leave me hanging like that. I am pretty obsessed with this series. It's hard not to be. The allure of having Gods in our time? And they are all so glamorous. The artwork is gorgeous. It's almost mesmerizing, hypnotic. Man, I cannot wait for the next installment.

    6. Couldn't finish because I just didn't care. The art is good, but there is not a strong storyline here. It's mostly just "there's gods, look how cool they are!"

    7. LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. It has turned into one of my fave reads of the year. I can't wait to read more! 5 Star Rating!

    8. The Wicked + The Divine is a book that reads much better in large chunks, so it's great to get these 11 issues in a single volume — and it's more obvious than ever that they're a single story, front to back.The joy of this comic is the concept: gods reborn every 90 years, become pop stars, but doomed to die.The joy of this comic is in the characters: not just a full pantheon of gods, but also several human characters of note.The joy of this comic is in the mysteries, which are actually slightl [...]

    9. Wow. That was a refreshing change with a nice and diverse mix of characters. Really loved the style and brilliant colours in the this. Maybe I'm an oblivious reader, but was quite surprised by the end. Certainly keen to explore further volumes.

    10. Gods have 2 years to live, are music stars, murder, and mayhem? Sign me up! The Wicked + The Divine is great. Read it!

    11. Fantastic. Gillen and McKelvie have something great here. I can't wait to read the next installment. Characters that are fleshed out and art/colors that truly bring them to life makes for an easy but compelling read.

    12. Starts good, gets quickly to very good.Nothing you haven't heard before, but done very well, with good plot and characters.

    13. As a fan of American Gods and the game Smite I was drawn to this story of gods reborn into mere mortals. I am not usually drawn to the graphic novel genre but I raced through this to try to undertand what was going on. As we follow Laura while her world is being turned upside down by "gods" that say they are only here for 2 years we discover what the world knows about them. Laura guides us through meeting as many gods as she can while often being in the wrong place at the wrong time. WHATS GONNA [...]

    14. I picked this one up after reading some good things about it, and sadly it was a let down.The art is at times very good, specially the covers at the back of the book. However, for the most part it was just acceptable. The line isn't very refined (rarely they play with its thickness) and the colours are just there? The palette is mediocre. Mostly, no interesting composition either, and very little playing with the vignettes' borders. There are some very good exceptions to all of this, but definit [...]

    15. Tengo sentimientos encontrados con este cómic, por un lado me parece que desarrolla una idea muy buena y el dibujo me gusta mucho, pero por otro creo que la historia avanza muy lenta y que este tomo es una simple presentación para lo que viene después, no sé, 11 números me parecen muchos para una simple presentación del mundo y los personajes y no tengo confianza en que después de esto la historia empiece a desplegarse de verdad. También me fastidia el truco barato del cliffhanger final, [...]

    16. I want to slap myself for waiting so long on this book. I want to get in a time machine and slap two-years-ago Mike for looking at the first issue and thinking, "Eh, I'll wait for the paperback", and then more-recent Mike for thinking, "Eh, I'll wait for the hardcover." Reading this makes me want to dig through my mountain of floppies to see if I actually did buy a copy of WicDiv #1, because I'm pretty sure that I did, because I'd love to re-read it again.I fell in love with this book in a way I [...]

    17. The Wicked + The Divine is an alternate version of our present day, where pagan gods are real and they reincarnate every 90 years. The catch is that they are only alive for two years before the wait begins again. I think this idea has a lot of potential. The strongest point for me was the characters - I think out of everything in the story, they were the most developed. Unfortunately I felt like most the the story was a "teaser" - that elements to the story would soon be explained more in-depth, [...]

    18. When I saw the praise this series was getting, I was curious so I read a synopsis of the seriesd ignored it as I did not think it would be of any real interest to me. Turns out I was wrong. I feel this series to be the best I have read from Image Comics so far. The whole thing is a look at a group of pop stars who are also reincarnated deities that have their corresponding deities powers for 2 yearsd then they die. This series is basically a polemic on stardom and a meditation on mortality. Whil [...]

    19. Oh my god. OH MY GOD. So good. So so so good. I have a degree in Religious studies and i'm an English teacher and this book kept me freaking HOOKED. I was flipping back through the pages because I needed to recap and then go back through and re-read parts that I missed beause they built so beautifully. This was all so beautifully told. Such intricate details that all built together to have such a tremendous impact on the story. My goodness this was great. Definitely pick this up and read it ASAP [...]

    20. Somewhat confusing and unlikeable characters cost this series a couple of stars. The art is incredible and there are a few eye popping panels. Unfortunately the story does not keep up with the high quality of the art. The story is confusing and the "god" characters are very unlikable and irritating to read about. Will seek out the next volume in hopes of better understanding the overall narrative and hopefully some much needed character development.

    21. This deserves no commentary beyond "must read".I won't recap the plot, or discuss character, pacing, or anything else. I will say it is visually stunning, uniquely premised, & dynamically structured. It is one of the best graphic novels I've ever encountered. And this edition is tremendous in providing a ton of writer notes and info at the back end.YMMV, but as I said it is a must read. You are doing yourself a disservice not trying it.

    22. This is a cool concept, I really loved reading this and would like to read a lot more of thise story is great and the art is also stunning, I would recommend this series without a doubt.

    23. Weirdest concept ever. Works so incredibly well, the art is incredible and the story is great. I need more bubblegum comics like this.

    24. Loved this creative team! Their Young Avengers was great, and they continue the trend here! I definitely have no idea where the story is going from here cannot wait to find out!! 5/5 stars.

    25. This comic is pure pop. It's a fantastically easy read. I flew through the 400 pages. The illustrations are well done, highly entertaining eye candy. The colours pop.The story is off and going from the first page. There are no info dumps here. The reader is thrown straight into the world and expected to keep up. As has been summarized many rimes before, gods are reincarnated as young people every ninety years, are loved or hated, and die within two years. That's all the reader needs to know to s [...]

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