Bedtime Stories for Grown Ups

Bedtime Stories for Grown Ups Tales of everyday magic have been in short supply but this collection of short stories makes heroes of the hitherto ignored men and women on the ground So forget Goldilock Sleeping Beauty and Rumples

  • Title: Bedtime Stories for Grown Ups
  • Author: Cearúil Swords Maria Eftimie Joe Johnston
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tales of everyday magic have been in short supply but this collection of short stories makes heroes of the hitherto ignored men and women on the ground So forget Goldilock, Sleeping Beauty and Rumplestiltskin and prepare to enter the real ish , modern and still magical world of Bedtime Stories for Grown Ups.

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      255 Cearúil Swords Maria Eftimie Joe Johnston
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    1 thought on “Bedtime Stories for Grown Ups”

    1. Cearúil Swords; what a wonderful name for an author. It’s a name that I shall be looking out for in the future; ready to read anything he releases. This book isn’t perfect, but then I never expect perfection from self released books… I don’t expect the editing or design that publishing houses can bring to the mix. What I hope for, and what I rarely see… is a way with words and an overflowing imagination. I hope for writing that will make me slow down and concentrate on absorbing it. I [...]

    2. What an interesting collection of short stories. From a woman who gets a day off from her job in the dungeon with an ogre and a troll, to a man whose fears of the impossible consume his life, these stories range from downright hilarious (in that wacky, absurdist style reminiscent of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) to meaningful and touching.My favorite story was definitely The Woman Who Needed to Sit. It's told using all of about 3 sentences, though one runs on so long, it quite accurately [...]

    3. I enjoyed the creativity of these short stories. The prose maintains a storybook tone, which makes reading them quick and easy. Like the best children's stories, the message lies in the character and actions. The grown up aspect of the stories were in activities such as buying a car, or learning to trust one's own judgement. These practical notes were intermingled with off the wall occurrences that were amusing rather than banal. I appreciated that.

    4. I read strictly LGBTQ but this short story was amazing, quirky, creative and funny as hell.My favorites are the one with the queen who needed a car and the one of the man who buried his feelings.I like the modern feel to it even as it retained its fairy tale elements. An interesting combination if you ask me.

    5. Bedtime Stories for Grown-ups is a collection of delightful and entertaining tales which also provide little homilies for the kinds of worries any of us might have about the morrow or life in general, as we retire to bed.A woman faces the daunting ordeal of visiting a car dealership to negotiate terms for a new car. This story picked up brilliantly on the sense we all have when entering these gleaming arenas and confronting the nattily-suited and awesomely well-informed sales representatives, of [...]

    6. Cearúil Swords offers ten very short stories that are truly whimsical. The characters seem to be combatting everyday modern circumstances, yet they are part of a fairy tale genre. Animals and inanimate objects come to life, enabling the characters to solve their problems or at least look at them with a different perspective. Shoelaces stop a man from running outside and tripping over them and white walls are pleased with their new chalk drawings. Many metaphors also occur, such as the dismantli [...]

    7. A real(ish) series of short stories that successfully blends the fairy tale with the modern sensibility. Whimsical in style the tales are not without a wonderful lashing of humor and mischievousness. It's a mixed lot and I'm sure not all will hit the right spot with readers; what's required is a willingness to go along for the ride and allow the silliness to infect your mind and psyche. Not that the stories themselves are silly, at all; some are downright deep and psychologically astute. Conside [...]

    8. This collection of short fairy tales for adults deals with real adult themes, such as trying to buy a new car without getting taken advantage of, dealing with an overbearing boss, being an introvert in an extrovert's world, and handling overwhelming emotions. All is done with a voice reminiscent of childhood fairy tales. These stories are life-affirming and a perfect bed-time read for drifting off to sleep with a warm heart. The author does leave a lot to the reader's imagination, such as chara [...]

    9. These ten tall tales bring us a strangely wry melange of the whimsy with the quotidian, in a fashion that makes for an amusing read, while at the same time bringing our world into sharper focus by unsettling us just enough to make us think a little. One could ask for a slightly more staid pace, perhaps, or a line or two of dialogue here and there; but on the whole, this collection of short stories comes highly recommended as a rather nice bit of light reading.

    10. Very interesting idea! It is great fun to mix fairy tales with nowadays. It has some beautiful sentences: '.e was engrossed in a story she didn't remember starting.' It has a lot of wit. However, the stories are more descriptive than really a story with a plot and they don't work towards a climax. This makes it a little hard to stay captivated by the story.

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