Mercury Donald believes he knows all there is to know about seeing An optometrist in suburban Boston he is sure that he and his wife Viv who runs the local stables are both devoted to their two children a

  • Title: Mercury
  • Author: Margot Livesey
  • ISBN: 9780062437532
  • Page: 313
  • Format: ebook
  • Donald believes he knows all there is to know about seeing An optometrist in suburban Boston, he is sure that he and his wife, Viv, who runs the local stables, are both devoted to their two children and to each other Then Mercury a gorgeous young thoroughbred with a murky past arrives at Windy Hill and everything changes.Mercury s owner, Hilary, is a newcomer to town whoDonald believes he knows all there is to know about seeing An optometrist in suburban Boston, he is sure that he and his wife, Viv, who runs the local stables, are both devoted to their two children and to each other Then Mercury a gorgeous young thoroughbred with a murky past arrives at Windy Hill and everything changes.Mercury s owner, Hilary, is a newcomer to town who has enrolled her daughter in riding lessons When she brings Mercury to board at Windy Hill, everyone is struck by his beauty and prowess, particularly Viv As she rides him, Viv begins to dream of competing again, embracing the ambitions that she had harbored, and relinquished, as a young woman Her daydreams soon morph into consuming desire, and her infatuation with the thoroughbred escalates to obsession.Donald may have 20 20 vision but he is slow to notice how profoundly Viv has changed and how these changes threaten their quiet, secure world By the time he does, it is too late to stop the catastrophic collision of Viv s ambitions and his own myopia.At once a tense psychological drama and a taut emotional thriller exploring love, obsession, and the deceits that pull a family apart, Mercury is a riveting tour de force that showcases this searingly intelligent writer at the height of her powers Jennifer Egan.

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    1. Donald is an ophthalmologist living in the suburbs with his wife Viv and their children. They have a quite life together until a new horse is housed at the local stable were Viv works. The horse, Mercury, is a horse unlike any other, the kind of horse people dream about riding. Mercury is destined to be a competition horse, and Viv becomes more and more obsessed with Mercury and the dreams she has for the two. Mercury's owner inherited him from her brother, who died after being pulled deeper and [...]

    2. Mercury by Margot Livesey is a 2016 Harper publication. This book has cropped up on my radar several times in the last several weeks. I have so many books in my TBR pile, I really didn’t need to add another library book on top of that, plus readers seemed to have a mixed response to it. Yet, every time I read the blurb, I found myself intrigued more and more, so I relented and checked it out. The phrase ‘compulsively readable’ came to mind when I started reading this book. Donald’s first [...]

    3. If I said this book was about "middle aged passion," you might expect the heroine to fall in love with a younger man, or even an age appropriate one. But the heroine of Margot Livesey's latest finds her midlife passion for . . .a horse. Hers is not a romantic liaison, of course, but it is a truly all consuming, drive-you-mad relationship that causes our heroine to make ill considered decisions, risk other valued relationships and even break with some of her most dearly held political beliefs. I' [...]

    4. When I look through the new book shelf at the library, I always do it in hopes that something will surprise me and end up being exactly the book I want. This almost never happens. But it happened today with MERCURY, which I checked out this afternoon and finished by bedtime.I am a book person. I read a lot of advance copies of books. I pay attention to buzz. I have heard NOTHING about this book, and yet it grabbed me from the beginning and would not let me go. I don't know how this book flew und [...]

    5. If you are looking for your original everyday thriller, don't look here.If your looking for a challenging read that starts off kind of interesting, then gets intriguing where you get the hang of the authors style of writing then this maybe for you.It's put in the Thriller category however, it could easily be in Romantic suspense, as it's about marriage, secrets, lies and uncovering human desire at its raw.Donald and Viv.Donald tells us his POV of things and how he sees things.Viv has her turn to [...]

    6. In a word - nah. It just seemed like an over exaggeration of events. We meet Donald and Viv - a couple with two kids living in Massachusetts. Viv works at her best friend's stables when a new horse arrives, Mercury. From there everything spirals. Viv becomes obsessed with Mercury and the life she never had entering competitions and riding. Granted I'm not a big horse person so maybe I just can't relate. Viv's obsession eventually leads to a violent climax. The story was told from both Donald's p [...]

    7. I think it was a slow start, and I wasn't sure where it was going. It's not until the end of Donald's first narrative that I started to become interested. And when Viv gave her account, I wanted to stand up and applaud. I love the way she mentioned things that Donald had mentioned, conversations from her point of view. Even old memories. It felt very real to me, they felt very real to me then. And when Donald came back, it was a nice welcome. I had missed him. Overall I think the book does very [...]

    8. I'm not a horse person. I didn't grow up wishing for a pony in my backyard, or even reading elementary chapter books about horse clubs. I suspect my toddler is a horse person - the look of complete delight when she rode her first pony just a few weeks ago, all but gives it away - but I'm not. So it was very hard for me to understand why Viv did what she did. We get an account from her, but filtered through Donald's perspective, which makes it even harder, at least for me, to get to the heart of [...]

    9. Though there is a horse cover of this novel, the horse doesn't actually factor in as much as one would imagine. I'm OK with this; I'm not really a horse or horse book fan. What I wasn't OK with was the extremely slow plot development, the plethora of characters, or the fact that these two married people seemed to be living in different worlds, neither of them expressing to the other their discontent.Viv and Donald Stevenson have been married nearly 10 years, have two kids, and vastly different c [...]

    10. My book group read Eva Moves the Furniture and, more recently, The Flight of Gemma Hardy (which was a retelling of Jane Eyre), both of which I enjoyed. I was pleased to be invited to read Livesey's newest novel, especially because it is set near Boston where I live. Here is a link to my review, which also includes a photo of a delicious dessert I had last November 24th:perfectretort/201

    11. Several things about this book stretched my tolerance, not least the fact that the author knows nothing about guns except that she thinks they're scary and dangerous. The characterizations were weak, people I was supposed to deem important to the story caused me to thumb back to figure out why, and I was out of patience with virtually everyone by the time I closed the book. Tiresome.

    12. I received a free digital copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes.Donald and Vivian are living the American dream. They're married with two adorable children, in a loving and committed relationship, and have a close circle of family and friends nearby. Sadly, their dream relationship begins to take a wrong turn and things go from bad to worse in Margot Livesey's latest, the psychological thriller Mercury.Donald was born in Scotland and came to the United States with his family a [...]

    13. There is much in this book: horses, obsession, marriage and family, friendship, grief, gun rights, and vision, or the lack of it. It is in 3 sections, the first narrated by Donald, an optometrist from Scotland. The second section is narrated by his wife, Viv, who is obsessed with a magnificent horse named Mercury, and the last is narrated again by Donald. Donald has been distant since the death of his father. His wife becomes totally obsessed with the horse Mercury and goes to great lengths to c [...]

    14. I loved with Margot Livesey had to say about this book during a reading at Harvard Bookstore - an examination of the marital infidelities that don't involve sex but, rather, an infidelity of beliefs. this book examines more - the difference between a lie and withheld information, the effect of not seeing/not being seen in human relationships, the difference between ambition and obsession, and the role of shame, apology, and forgiveness. All sounded very promising until Viv goes from a blindly am [...]

    15. A husband and wife in early middle age keep secrets from each other--some small, some not so small. Within the last year, the husband's beloved father died, and the wife has rediscovered the passion of her youth: horses. Because of the secrets, a serious, quite avoidable "accident" occurs. Livesey explores themes of secrecy, blindness-- literal and metaphorical, knowledge of self and intimate other, and responsibility in a somewhat flawed but still engrossing novel.

    16. Mixed feelings. Maybe my biggest problem is that I cannot relate to Viv's horse obsession, nor all of her bad choices relating to that obsession. I liked Donald's voice better (the story is told from both of their points of view). That aside, I look forward to hearing the author in real life in a couple of weeks at the Newburyport Literary Festival. I may come back with a whole new take on the book. Who knows?

    17. Margot Livesey has a proven knack for writing literary page-turners, and she does it again in her latest novel, about the challenges a marriage goes through when the wife becomes obsessed with a horse. The husband, an optometrist born in Scotland, shares more emotions with the reader than he does with his spouse, which is one of their problems. However, despite the fact that the couple both get to tell their story in their own point of view, he is clearly the more sympathetic character, even tho [...]

    18. MercuryByMargot LivesyWhat it's all aboutI can reasonably say that this book is about a girl and a horse. But to better put it it's about a womanVivd a horseMercuryd what her love and infatuation with a horse that doesn't even belong to herdid to her life! What her obsession did to her family.and Dond her two young childrenwas strange and unordinary. Why I wanted to read itI was enthralled with this book's cover and the quirky yet fascinating dysfunction of these characters. What seemed totally [...]

    19. I would actually rate this a 3.5. Well written marital drama that centers around the lies and secrets that poison a relationship.

    20. Impeccable writing and a character-driven plot. This would be a good book club selection--the characters are flawed and their choices compromised, so there's lots to think about and no real heroes.

    21. Emotional and Heartfelt. Mercury is the story of love, obsession, and the choices that can lead to events one never thought possible.This book is the journey of two people who have stopped paying attention to one and other. Where they are at the beginning of the book with not be where they are at the end. As cryptic as that is, it is the truth. At start, these two are the parents of two and live their lives just as they have for years. Donald goes to work in his small practice as an optometrist [...]

    22. 3.5 This is a layered story of a married couple, their families friends and work. It looks how they face the turns of their lives and relationship - the expected, inevitable and unforeseen. What don’t we see when we are focused on some other facet of our lives and our morals and hearts are conflicted?

    23. This is a novel about marriage, complacency, withholding words and emotions and how every decision is interconnected. This book started out strong with Donald, the husband's point of view. I loved his character and felt he was true to life. Viv, the wife, fell a bit flat. Still, it was a fast, decent read with lots to hold it together.

    24. so happy to have discovered Margot Livery's writing. This is a tremendously interesting and compelling book, filled with ethical dilemmas, research and pathos.I really recommend it.

    25. Mercury by Margot Livesey is an interesting take on the dark nature of obsessions. As with many of the contemporary books dealing with obsession and its nature neither of the two main characters are particularly likeable. Donald and Viv are married suburbanites with two children. Donald is an optometrist and Viv runs a stables. When a new boarder, Mercury arrives at the stables, Viv is enthralled with his grace and beauty and begins to dream of competing once again. This exposes the shaky founda [...]

    26. Mercury, Margot Livesey, author; Derek Perkins, Nicol Zanzarella, narratorsThis book was about a host of characters that never seemed to grow up. Even when they became adults and parents, they reverted to childish behavior, using outright lies and lies of omission, secrets, and excuses to avoid responsibility for their irresponsible behavior, in order to satisfy their own wishes. Often, they had no regard for the outcomes, never even thinking about what they might be. Self-serving would be an ac [...]

    27. This book surprised me. Honestly didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I did, but the cover kept enticing me. Yes, sometimes the book is judged by the cover. The summary said the book was centered around a horse, which was unappealing. Instead the book is really about a marriage, and relationships. About not telling the full story, about how a lie or omission leads down a certain path and the results are not what you would anticipate. Donald and Viv Stephenson are the main two view points. Do [...]

    28. This review first appeared on Cornflakegirl's MusingsDonald thought he had it all; a thriving marriage, happy children and a job as an optometrist he loves. Sight is his thing, yet he failed to see his wife Viv’s obsession with a horse named Mercury until it was too late. He couldn’t have predicted that he would end up drawn to Bonnie, who is one of his patients. How did things ended up this way?Yes, the arrival of Mercury marked the biggest change but when did Donald and Viv stop communicat [...]

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