Tacenda Can a unique partnership discover who is stealing the minds of children Life isn t easy when you don t own yourself not all humans are aware that other species exist and your ship is semi sentient K

  • Title: Tacenda
  • Author: Christine Jayne Vann
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Can a unique partnership discover who is stealing the minds of children Life isn t easy when you don t own yourself, not all humans are aware that other species exist, and your ship is semi sentient Kerris and Arucken are an interspecies messenger team, tasked with aiding communication across the galaxy Haunted by the grief of her sister s murder and stranded, Kerris musCan a unique partnership discover who is stealing the minds of children Life isn t easy when you don t own yourself, not all humans are aware that other species exist, and your ship is semi sentient Kerris and Arucken are an interspecies messenger team, tasked with aiding communication across the galaxy Haunted by the grief of her sister s murder and stranded, Kerris must discover who is stealing the minds of children.

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      373 Christine Jayne Vann
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    1 thought on “Tacenda”

    1. An excellent and thoughtful science fiction story featuring aliens living alongside humans and in particular an inter-race couple travelling through space as messengers. Despite their many differences, the author creates a relationship and a world in which I was able to immerse myself and never question the possibility of such a world existing. I could relate to the emotions of all the characters, which is what made the story so believable. It was easy to draw comparisons between the challenges [...]

    2. When I read a sci-fi story, to me the most important factor is how realistically the author managed to create a world, in which the story takes place. “Tacenda” did not disappoint. The whole concept of two different species co-existing, working together, and to some point being in a certain relationship, was brilliant. It was very interesting to see the events through two different minds, Kerris the human, and Arucken the nestling, who have quite a different way of thinking, and yet they man [...]

    3. Recommend this highly imaginative book to Sci-Fi fans.I did take a while to "get into" the read. This was because the world building was very impressive and imaginative, I only read a handful of Sci-Fi books each year and there was a delay with the story "proper" getting going. But once it did - what a story!Central to the book is an inter-planetary relationship between a human Kerris and a nestling Aruken. With very little dialogue between the two the author built a an interesting relationship [...]

    4. This is a fascinating concept with a team of a human and inhuman bonded by binding agreements to work as a unit to the interests of those in charge of peace and stability. Both Kerris, the human girl and Arucken, the non-human carry their own burdens of grief from past happenings but they are able to both offer comfort and understanding to each other where possible. The life they have given up for their team unit is shown by the bond the non-human, Arucken, develops with a human child.What the t [...]

    5. The concept here is most unusual, unique in fact. Lots to commend particularly as I say the concept as it is one of the most original ideas, I have come across in some time. I struggled a bit at the beginning, because I always have to work a bit harder when I read Science fiction to get my head right more than anything else. However once I persevered the journey was worth it. If you are a Sci-Fi fan this most certainly one for you, and maybe even if you are not. A genuinely clever book with grea [...]

    6. Who is stealing the minds of children? The blurb of Tacenda really intrigued me and being someone who enjoys a good Sci-Fi I had high expectations for this book. Initially, I must admit, I struggled to become engaged with the story. I thought that somehow I had missed the first book in the series, turns out I did! This book needs a Book 2 written in the description! I persevered through the opening chapters, and I am so glad I did for the story was very original in the telling. I adored the char [...]

    7. What a weird and wonderful world has Christine created in Tacenda. Colourful and alien but still a world full of characters we can relate to. To use the old cliché men are from mars and woman from Venus; I think this is illustrated here in the relationship between Kerris a human female and Arucken a nestling male. The two have been paired by the Nestling race and work as messengers, delivering goods and information intergalactic. The pairing is viewed sceptically and at times hostilely by both [...]

    8. When I’m looking for books to read, the cover, the blurb, or the title can attract me. Tacenda got me with the cover and the blurb. Read on for my thoughts!Synopsis (from the author): Can a unique partnership discover who is stealing the minds of children? Life isn’t easy when you don’t own yourself, not all humans are aware that other species exist, and your ship is semi-sentient. Kerris and Arucken are an interspecies messenger team, tasked with aiding communication across the galaxy. Ha [...]

    9. I don't read as much science fiction these days as I'd like to, or indeed as I did when I was younger, so when I see what looks like a good one I'll usually grab it and devour it. As an author, I've always been in awe of science fiction authors who can create whole new worlds and future technologies in their heads and put it to paper, so I was really looking forward to Tacenda by Christine Jayne Vann. As is often the case, for me anyway, I was a little bit lost at the beginning trying to get my [...]

    10. Tacenda by Christine Vann is a brilliant example of a first contact science fiction. The plot revolves around the two main characters Arucken, a nestling, and Kerris, a human partnered into his service. Life as a cross-species team is never easy, especially when so few humans seemed to successfully accept the pairing. Their latest orders send them to Maylith Tara with a delivery of fresh seedlings from the seedport, and a message. But the delivery of this message opens a whole new problem. Somet [...]

    11. Kerris and Arucken are an experimental human and nestling messenger team. They find themselves stranded on a new colony, where someone, or something, is steeling the minds of children. The pair must discover who is threatening the colonists lives, save the children and return safely to their semi-salient ship. This is an enjoyable and interesting story with very likeable characters. The world the author creates captures your imagination and the unique relationship that Kerris and Arucken have le [...]

    12. It's an interesting plot, but the writing is lacking. There's so much telling rather than showing, including describing conversations instead of writing out the dialogue, which just doesn't work.

    13. I have to admit, I don't read as much Science Fiction as I probably should. I chose Tacenda because the notion of someone stealing the minds of children caught my attention. A space-mystery. There is so much more to this book. It is chock-full of unique and original ideas.Kerris and Arucken are a human and nestling team whose minds are linked telepathically. Their task - to find out who or what is responsible for the changes to the children. Both carry some emotional baggage from the past. Their [...]

    14. I was really lost in the first half of chapter one. Possibly I was too tired when I initially picked up the book, or possibly this writer can process a lot more information in a limited space than this reader can. But the second half of the chapter was easier to follow and intrigued me. It involved a perilous journey through an asteroid belt with the pilot fighting with a sentient ship for control. The idea of a sentient ship having a mind of its own that could go against the crew’s desires fa [...]

    15. In this sci-fi novel, Kerris and Arucken travel through the universe delivering messages and plant life for colonists to start life on various planets. Their first stop in this series brings with it more than they bargained for. Creatures from the sea have been abducting the colonists' children. When the children are returned, they can no longer properly communicate with the adults. The colonists ask the messengers to help, and what they discover is not what anyone expected. Not only that, but K [...]

    16. Superb story, well told and imagined.This is an interesting sci-fi story of a human-alien partnership on the hybrid spaceship 'Octavia' and their work at the frontier where danger is ever present. Kerris and Arucken are the partners. The world is richly constructed and easy to envisage although I struggled to grasp all of the unfamiliar (to me) new terminology. Not enough to put me off. The human and alien characters are well drawn and it is easy to empathise with their emotions and believe in t [...]

    17. I'm not usually one for sci-fi book but the blurb on this one caught my eye and I decided to give it ago. The story follow Kerris and Arucken, one human, one nestling, who work as couriers for the interspecies government. One day they are sent on what they believe to be a normal delivery and encounter a colony where the children are being taken. Their job is to find out who and what is taking the children and how to make it safe for the colony. The story starts off a little slow, but once you ge [...]

    18. A unique premise that held my attention with characters that were accessible and compelling. I was swept into the story through the author’s brilliant descriptions and vibrant landscape and enjoyed discovering their world. Being a Star Trek snob, I am always hyper-critical of other Sci-Fi stories, but I did not feel this one lacked any measure of creativity. The relationship between Kerris and Arucken reminded me somewhat of the smoldering unspoken attraction shared by X-Files Moulder and Scul [...]

    19. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Interspecies messengers, a human-nestling pair Kerris and Arucken unexpectedly have to deal with the mystery of children’s minds stealing.It took a while for me to get into the story because of the complex, unusual setting. However, as I began to understand who the characters are and how things are in the unique world of this story, the reading was getting easier as well. The extraordinary world building including human-nestl [...]

    20. I loved this book! I'm not a huge sci-fi fan but the author's world building is skilled and beautifully descriptive. Kerris and Arucken are a paired partnership - human and nestling. They work together and share a life aboard their sentient hibrid ship - Octavia. While their paring is not of a romantic nature they share a strong emotional bond.Reeling from the death of her twin sister Kerri's swears to avenge her whilst still keeping up the pretence to her parents that her sister is still alive. [...]

    21. A very imaginative excursion into another world that took me a while to get familiar with. Once I was on board, the story flowed and what really worked for me was the well-drawn, three-dimensional characters and especially Kerris and Arucken who are so different in more ways than the obvious that I hoped their experimental coupling would succeed and thrive. There's a mystery to be solved, children have been going missing, and just like the reader, Kerris and Arucken have to navigate the new worl [...]

    22. Let me start by saying I am not necessarily a big sci-fi fan and the start of this novel had me a bit confused, but as I understood the world and its characters, it became more enjoyable. It really is a unique and imaginative world and the plot and story became better and better as I continued reading. I found it fascinating how the different species worked together to solve problems and overcome issues, using and knowing their strengths and weaknesses to the best of their abilities. There were [...]

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