სოლომონ მეფის საგანძური

  • Title: სოლომონ მეფის საგანძური
  • Author: H. Rider Haggard
  • ISBN: 9789941234781
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
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    • [PDF] ✓ Free Read ☆ სოლომონ მეფის საგანძური : by H. Rider Haggard ↠
      386 H. Rider Haggard
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      Posted by:H. Rider Haggard
      Published :2018-07-01T19:23:33+00:00

    1 thought on “სოლომონ მეფის საგანძური”

    1. I sincerely recommend this book that useless degenerate sack of shit that sits in the White House today, indeed, that orange buffoon that is playing at presidency would most likely enjoy this considering his latest move as leader of the U.S.A. For those that don’t know, he is currently contemplating a reversal of the importations of hunting trophies into America; ultimately, encouraging big game hunting in Africa. Americans will be able to go overseas, murder an elephant and come back with its [...]

    2. I always fascinated treasure hunt books and this book did really surpassed my expectations. A real adventure it was! Its a story of: survival, revenge, making of a king, greatest treasure hunt, and friendship.I was hooked from the start and the story just got more riveting with every page. This book reminded me of many adventure movies, both from Hollywood and Bollywood (it is the nickname for the Hindi language film industry, based in Mumbai, India). And now I can guess from where those movies [...]

    3. This book is the response to a five-shilling dare from Haggard's brother that he couldn't write a book half as good as Treasure Island. Haggard was enormously popular in his time; he and Robert Louis Stevenson were the two dominant adventure writersIt's enormously imaginative. Alan Quatermain is a brilliant character, a wiry and wily old Ulysses who describes himself as a coward. There's a scene near the end involving artificial stalagmites that's exhilaratingly evocative and creative (and creep [...]

    4. هل أنا جنتلمان؟ هكذا تساءل ألان كوارترمين في ذكرى ميلاده ال55لقد عملت بيدي منذ سن 11 و لقد قتلت عشرات الرجال لكني لم الوث يدي بدم بريء لقد صرعت 65اسدا و كان لابد ان ينهش ساقي الأسد السادس و الستينفلنشد الرحال لافريقيا مع رواية حملات 🗻 كلاسيكية لكن نحن في أفريقيا اصلا💃نتعرف عل [...]

    5. رواية رائعة مليئة بالمغامرات تدور معظم أحداثها في أفريقيا حيث الغموض و الفضول لأكتشاف المزيد من الاسرار عن تلك القارة العجوز البكرتبدأ الرواية بسير" كيرتس" و الذى يذهب إلى أفريقيا في محاولة للعثور على أخيه المفقود مستعيناً بخدمات "آلان كوترمين" لتبدا رحلة للعثور على الأخ ال [...]

    6. I got my copy of this book on holiday in Devon as a child, probably on a Wednesday afternoon. The bookshop was shut, but there was a shelf of books outside with sign asking you to put the money under the door if you wanted something and for twenty pence I had myself a copy.It is a Vikings meet Zulus story, noble savages and fearless adventurers (view spoiler)[ with false teeth (hide spoiler)] crossed with the mythical wealth of King Solomon from the old testament with a hidden heir and a treasur [...]

    7. ***2017 Summer Lovin’ Reading List***King Solomon’s Mines is very much a product of its Victorian, colonial times. Don’t go into this book expecting anything else. Allan Quartermain is an unlikely protagonist, an elephant hunter, something that would get him publically shamed on the internet nowadays. This is very much an adventure tale, set in deepest, darkest Africa. White men have no doubt that they are at the very tippy-top of the social hierarchy and have no compunctions about express [...]

    8. Allan Quatermain, is hired by Sir Henry Curtis, to find his younger brother, George. Quatermain, a hunter among other things, could use the money and agrees to guide the dangerous expedition. Along with Sir Henry, is Captain John Good, former British navy officer and a close friend of Curtis. Both believe George, has traveled to the interior of Africa,(set in late 1800's) seeking his fortune. Having quarreled with Sir Henry , the penniless and proud man left England, not wanting to depend on his [...]

    9. Every so often I get the feeling that a good old timey adventure book would be a good thing to read. This is (hopefully) the last time I think this as the results are always dire. Conan Doyle's "The Lost World" was one hell of a struggle. Chesterton's "The Man Who Was Thursday" was dreadful. However, Rider Haggard's "King Solomon's Mines" takes the prize for most unreadable load of old toss ever. 3 Englishmen ponce into Africa on a treasure hunt. They cross romantic terrain, shoot majestic anima [...]

    10. Free download available at Project Gutenberg.Opening lines:It is a curious thing that at my age— fifty-five last birthday— I should find myself taking up a pen to try to write a history.Quotations:I asked a page or two back, what is a gentleman? I'll answer the question now: A Royal Naval officer is, in a general sort of way, though of course there may be a black sheep among them here and there.For to my mind, however beautiful a view may be, it requires the presence of man to make it comple [...]

    11. Okay, good adventure story that has been around for a long time. it's been made into several movies (none of which actually resemble the book all that much. For one thing, there's no heroine all. There's only two semi-main female characters in the entire book).First, there are things in this book that will offend some readers. They are "unintentional" the book is a product of it's time, the late 1800s. The racial attitudes here are from that era and anyone picking up the book should be aware of [...]

    12. Loše strane ovog avanturističkog romana su da je pun predvidljivih zapleta i raspleta i pisan stilom koji je mahom nefluidan i površan. Rasizam ("žene u plemenu su bile lepe za crnkinje") i brutalnost prema životinjama (pri susretu sa krdom slonova narator kaže da bi ga grizla savest da nije zastao da smakne nekog zbog kljova) u službi su kolonijalnih vremena u kojima je roman pisan. No, ovo je uprkos tome u celini zabavna laganica bez praznog hoda, ima i svojih blistavih momenata, intere [...]

    13. Typically, I’m a fan of Victorian adventure and mystery novels. In fact, I’ve been saving H. Rider Haggard’s masterpiece, “King Solomon’s Mines,” for almost two years because I thought I would enjoy it so much. Sadly, I was much deceived in the character of Haggard’s “great” adventure novel. The story goes that Haggard read “Treasure Island” (which I incidentally very much enjoyed), decided that he could easily write something better and made a bet to that effect. And with [...]

    14. When reading and then reviewing a novel written in the 1880s, one has to sort of teleport back a century or so to be fair. Reading an artifact vs a contemporary work of historical fiction requires an entirely different barometer. In many instances, the reader has to put aside the shock of sexism and xenophobia in order to jump into the tale. Occasionally, the old styled language and pace is painful. I remember once being iced in at the tiny Tupelo, Mississippi airport for seven hours. There was [...]

    15. هل تزوج النبي سليمان الملكة بلقيسأكان أحد أبوي بلقيس من الجان ؟؟؟ وهل يرجع نسبها الي سام بن نوح؟؟القران توقف عند نقطة معينة في ذكر الملكة بلقيس ولم يذكر ان الملك سليمان قد تزوجها ولكن العلماء والمفسرين لهم أراء كثيرة في ذلك الطبيب "ادمز" الذي حارب الطاعون والتيفوئد حتا اخذ م [...]

    16. The original Indiana Jones3 September 2013 I remember watching a movie based on this book starring Richard Chamberlain. I actually quite enjoyed the film, though one of the major differences that I discovered between the film and the book is the inclusion of a beautiful white female. I guess that is what one really has to expect from Hollywood, particularly since there have been a lot of Hollywood movies that have been based on books of old and they have thrown in a girl because, well, a Hollywo [...]

    17. Um dos melhores livros de Aventura que já li, Onde um experiente caçador de tesouros é requisitado por um rico senhor para ir em expedição à África procurar seu irmão desaparecido há dois anos quando fora à procura das minas do rei Salomão .No trajeto , na chegada e na permanência dos "homens das estrelas" naquele lugar inóspito, acontece todo tipo de empecilhos e aventura que torna esse livro delicioso de se ler. Eu simplesmente amei.

    18. Perhaps my earliest enjoyable memory of reading (at first in translation). The exotic, other-worldly descriptions here- of places and people both, were utterly entrancing, and the presence of the map and the key it presented for the plot's progression kept my young self fascinated (and not because there were mountains on it called Sheba's Breasts at least I hope not- there's some Freudian imagery now that I think about it). It's my feeling sometimes that I've come to overuse the term 'mythic' fo [...]

    19. One of the works that helped inspire Indiana Jones, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and lord knows what all else, King Solomon's Mines may not be a staggering work of fiction, but it nonetheless shaped a lot of literature (and films!) in the decades to come.With that in mind I embarked on Allan Quatermain's journey to the titular mines, although they feature primarily at the end of the journey.In fact, all together I'd have to say the experience was a bit episodic: first there's the almos [...]

    20. عودة مرة آخري إلي سلسلة "روايات عالمية" ورواية جديدة لكاتب إنجليزي وترجمة "نبيل فاروق.الرواية تُعد مُغامرة جيدة، ولكن للأسف لم تعجبني كثيراً.أجواء الرواية كانت جيدة، الهدف والدوافع لكل شخصية جيد، ولكنك ستشعر أنك قرأت هذه الرواية من قبل عشرات المرات.حتي البلوت تويست في النها [...]

    21. The novel that started the "Lost World" genre. It's from this book that (eventually) Indiana Jones evolved not to mention all the other numerous fictional adventurers. The genre is mostly moribund in 2016 - a victim of the 21st century. But the books and movies are still out there and "King Solomon's Mines" was the one that started it. Well what can one say about a novel from the late Victorian era? The writing, characterizations, plot devices and ideas are very different from what we expect fro [...]

    22. I was really torn about how to rate this book. On the one hand, it was a fun and thrilling adventure tale, the likes of which have been setting fire to the minds of young children with visions of exotic and far-flung locales for centuries. I can well imagine the delight with which this ripping yarn was received by the readers of the 1880s. On the other hand, there is just so much omnipresent racism throughout the entire story that I found it endlessly distracting and offputting.King Solomon's Mi [...]

    23. رواية مغامرات شيقة و رائعة صدرت عام 1885 من تأليف (هنري رايدر هاجرد ) وهو كاتب شهير من العصر الفكتوريوهي تحكي عن رحلة في مناطق غير مكتشفة من أفريقيا يقوم بها مجموعة من المستكشفين يقودهم ألان كواترمين في البحث عن أخ مفقود لأحد أفراد المجموعة. الرواية أول رواية خيالية تدور أحداثه [...]

    24. If your favourite genre is "Action and Adventure", your all-time favourite book is Stevenson's "Treasure Island", you swear by "Indiana Jones" and "Temple Run" finds its icon in your mobile screen, this is THE book for you. You will find everything that a good adventure story should have - a valiant group of people with strong moral and determination to indulge in all kinds of hunts - treasure, wild animals, witch (?), etc, ancient marauding tribal folks, tribal sacrifices, tribal attack, tribal [...]

    25. وانتهيت من هذه الرواية الرائعة، المُغرقة في التفاصيل، المحبوكة بدقة حتى لتشك بأنها من وحي الخيال ! القصه تدور حول الأصدقاء الثلاثة الذين اتفقو للسفر إلى أفريقيا للبحث عن أخ السيد هنري الذي رحل منذ سنتين للتنقيب عن كنوز سليمان عليه السلام المخبئة خلف صحراء الموت هذه المغامر [...]

    26. This is a 3.5 star for me, the middle portion really dragged on quite a bit but besides that I really enjoyed this novel.

    27. In the late nineteenth century, Alan Quatermain is a big game hunter in Africa. He is approached by two men, Good, a sailor without a job, and Henry Curtis. Curtis is seeking his brother, who went searching for a treasure which Quatermain has a crude map to, and the three of them set out seeking the brother and the treasure. This entails crossing an expanse of desert considered impossible to cross, and then mountains, also impossible. They set out with three African servants, determined to find [...]

    28. من أفضل كتب المغامرات التي قرأتها خلال الفترة الأخيرة و أكثرها أمتاعاً

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