Snowfire Eager to clear her step brother of a murder charge Linda Earle comes to a snow covered ski resort in the Northeast where she finds herself in a unique world of icy weather and fiery passions In this

  • Title: Snowfire
  • Author: Phyllis A. Whitney
  • ISBN: 9780449214480
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eager to clear her step brother of a murder charge, Linda Earle comes to a snow covered ski resort in the Northeast, where she finds herself in a unique world of icy weather and fiery passions In this new novel of romantic suspense Phyllis A Whitney follows her young heroine into the storm of conflicting emotions that surrounds Greystones, a brooding Norman style mansionEager to clear her step brother of a murder charge, Linda Earle comes to a snow covered ski resort in the Northeast, where she finds herself in a unique world of icy weather and fiery passions In this new novel of romantic suspense Phyllis A Whitney follows her young heroine into the storm of conflicting emotions that surrounds Greystones, a brooding Norman style mansion with a foreboding past.The master of Greystones is Julian McCabe, a champion skier whose career was cut short by a tragic accident He has been teacher and sponsor to Linda s talented step brother But now this promising young athlete is in jail, accused in the bizarre death of Julian s wife.Linda soon discovers that this death has cast its shadow over all the residents of Greystones Julian s ethereal sister is full of tales of reincarnation and visions of death And his eight year old daughter is haunted by fear and guilt.A severe blizzard, a dangerous encounter in a stone tower, and a death on the slopes lead Linda to a discovery she has never expected These, along with the striking characters that have always marked Phyllis Whitney as a true mistress of the genre, are some of the elements that she weaves into this spellbinding tale of romance and suspense.

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    1 thought on “Snowfire”

    1. In a lot of ways, I am the perfect audience for this book. Phyllis Whitney is one of the big gothic romance authors from the 1970's. This is the second Whitney I've read - the first being Window on the Square. Whitney writes in both a contemporary and a historical time period. Window on the Square is historical. This one is contemporary.To understand why I am the perfect audience for this book, you must understand something of my childhood. I was born in the midwest, and my parents fell in love [...]

    2. An enjoyable mystery that kept me guessing who the 'bad guy' was, but it also went on a bit too long in the end and it's also quite dated and might not appeal to the younger readers. The ski resort setting and the old gothic mansion was fun. I own a paperback copy, but reae the Kindle version via library loan. The typos on that are horrible, and I would hesitate recommending anyone purchase it at the full retail price unless those typos are fixed.

    3. This was on the giveaway rack at the library, and a brief perusal suggested that it was in the vein of an Agatha Christie light mystery--something akin to Tommy and Tuppence, perhaps. That evaluation was reasonably accurate, and the mystery was reasonably well considered, plotted, and executed.I did not care for the solution; I felt it was a bit of a cheat, although in fairness it simply broke one of the "rules of the game", to which the author is not really bound. It also left a number of quest [...]

    4. This one kept me guessing to the very end as to who done it. I suspected each of the main characters at one time or another as I was reading. Most of the unanswered questions were answered in the last chapter but somehow it seemed to tie things up too neatly. I thought about giving it a 4 since it kept me guessing but didn't because there were times when it moved a bit slowly.It is nice to read stories that take place before the days of cell phones and computers, when people have to rely on each [...]

    5. This book is absolutely dreadful. I haven't read it for at least two decades, so I'd forgotten just how bad it really is. The book was published in the early 1970s, but Ms. Whitney's style of writing was more like the 1930s - very archaic and old-fashioned. Her favorite word seemed to be "perhaps"; I only counted "maybe" one time, otherwise it was always "perhaps this" and "perhaps that". Ugh. The only reason I'm going to keep this book is because my now-deceased Mom gave it to me as a Christmas [...]

    6. Linda Earle leaves her job to work at a ski lodge, but she isn't just looking for a change of pace. Her brother Stuart has been accused of killing Margot McCabe, wife of Julian McCabe famous former skier and owner of the Juniper Lodge. Julian is supposedly Stuart's friend and yet he refuses to help him. Linda must find the murderer, clear her brother, and keep her identity secret from Julian and the other occupants of Graystones, but someone knows, and now Linda must worry about her own safety. [...]

    7. Snowfire is a mystery set in the mountains in the East. Linda's younger stepbrother (Stewart) is a phenomenal skier, under the tutelage of a former champion, Julian. When Julian's crippled wife's wheelchair is pushed off and ledge and she dies, Stewart is the one who ends up in jail. He pleads with Linda to help him, so she sets off to the scene, without telling anyone who she really is. Phyllis Whitney's stories are entertaining and classic. I had a lot of fun re-reading this one.

    8. Pretty good mystery taking place on the ski slopes. Stuart's sister places herself in perceived danger to prove his innocence in the death of Graystone's mistress. Of course, love is always an option.

    9. It was alright. Medicore, it barely caught my attention, though I read through hoping that it would eventually pick up. Three stars, mostly because it wasn't *bad* writing, it just didn't interest me as a whole.

    10. Not one of my favorites. I absolutely love gothic romances with all of the mystery and the strong female characters. Phyllis A. Whitney is an amazing author incorporating an unforgettable story with amazing characters.

    11. I adored this book as a young teen and it lead me to read more of Ms Whitney's books. I very quickly discovered that, not unlike Danielle Steele, if you've read one, you've read them all. Still, this author was the heroine of my youth. I will always remember this book with fondness.

    12. A light but entertaining read. The ending was surprising, though not greatly so. I would have preferred a darker and more interesting style.

    13. lol, this book was from a bookclub from 1973, or 72, cost 1.98 plus shipping, good read, but had me guessing on who the bad guy was, and I guessed wrong, good one to curl up with,

    14. I'd have put this closer to three stars if I were judging it purely on literary merit, because Whitney isn't at all a bad writer. To call her a poor man's Mary Stewart would be fairly accurate. The initial premise and the ski-lodge setting were interesting enough; it was the story and characters that eventually lost me, for a couple of reasons. One, I couldn't help feeling (much as I did with Victoria Holt's The Mistress of Mellyn) that I'd read all this before. All the ingredients of the standa [...]

    15. In my younger days when I was raising my kids I read all of Phyllis Whitney's book as they came out and loved them all. I find that I love them today as much as I did then. This Lady sure could write a story that kept you engrossed until the very end. I will have to see how many more of her books that I might have missed since my younger years and see if I can read them all. Looking forward to many more books to lose myself in. Everyone should read at least one Phyllis Whitney book in their life [...]

    16. One of Phyllis A. Whitney's talents was that she could spin up a web of suspense, murder and romance in just about any place on Earth. Including ski resorts.So expect lots of powdery white stuff and talk of proper skiing gear in "Snowfire," a haunting little thriller where a young woman goes undercover to find the real culprit of a murder and, in the process, falls deeply in love with a brooding, troubled Byronic hero. It sounds pretty cheesy, but Whitney's deft writing and delicate characteriza [...]

    17. If you're a Phyllis Whitney fan and you're reading this book, you'll be satisfied with the novel.It has mystery. It has atmosphere. It has a character that confesses to you her deepest fears, thoughts, emotions that lead her to where she is today. As far as Whitney books goes, this is not her strongest.I admit, I am biased. I loved books like Listen to the Whisperer because I adored the "exotic" scenarios. I was appreciative of the fact that Whitney took me to fantastic, luxurious places I didn' [...]

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