The Winter People

The Winter People From her first glimpse of Glen Chandler young Dina Blake was enchanted Their courtship was swift passionate and filled with the kind of excitement Dina never knew existed She was certain their marr

  • Title: The Winter People
  • Author: Phyllis A. Whitney
  • ISBN: 9780449236819
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • From her first glimpse of Glen Chandler, young Dina Blake was enchanted Their courtship was swift, passionate, and filled with the kind of excitement Dina never knew existed.She was certain their marriage would last foreveruntil he brought her to the family estate at High Towers Then, slowly, relentlessly, Dina became aware that Glen s twin sister possessed her brotheFrom her first glimpse of Glen Chandler, young Dina Blake was enchanted Their courtship was swift, passionate, and filled with the kind of excitement Dina never knew existed.She was certain their marriage would last foreveruntil he brought her to the family estate at High Towers Then, slowly, relentlessly, Dina became aware that Glen s twin sister possessed her brother in a way Dina never could.Suddenly Dina found herself alone in a house of strangers She could no longer trust Glen s love and she knew his sister would stop at nothing to destroy their marriage, not even murder.

    The Winter People Jennifer The Winter People has a consistently eerie atmosphere, and some of its darker supernatural flights are reminiscent of Stephen King USA Today I don t believe in ghosts At least that s what I kept telling myself as I read The Winter People I also don t need to sleep with the lights on I told myself that, too. The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon The Winter People enters as a ghost paranormal story, but for many readers it may not end with what you had wanted I m in that latter half, and although I wasn t completely disappointed in th The Winter People was my first Jennifer McMahon book. The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon, Paperback Barnes The Winter People is hypnotic, gripping and deeply moving A dream from which I didn t want to wake Lisa Unger, author of In the Blood McMahon is a scrupulous writer, nicely attentive to the nuances of character and landscape. THE WINTER PEOPLE by Jennifer McMahon Kirkus Reviews THE WINTER PEOPLE by Jennifer McMahon BUY NOW FROM Gertie, dies in during a harsh and unforgiving winter in which her mother and father, Martin, struggle to keep food on the table Gertie isn t the first child Sara has lost, but her death is the one she has the most difficult time accepting The Winter People PenguinRandomhouse About The Winter People A Boston Globe Best Book of the Year West Hall, Vermont, has always been a town of strange disappearances and old legends The most mysterious is that of Sara Harrison Shea, who, in , was found dead in the field behind her house just months after the tragic death of her daughter. The Winter People Summary Guide LitLovers The Winter People Jennifer McMahon, Knopf Doubleday pp ISBN Summary A simmering literary thriller about ghostly secrets, dark choices, and the unbreakable bond between mothers and daughters sometimes too unbreakable. The Winter People The Winter People, by Rebekah L Purdy The Winter People is a romantic fantasy at heart that s rich in atmosphere, as the author Rebekah L Purdy creates a beautiful and deadly Winter landscape as a backdrop to a suspenseful mystery and romance with a twist A unique mix of modern and fairy tale, where all is not as it seems. The Winter People Aug , In the fall, Sarah, a lass of or , and her mother arrive at their Cape Cod summer house to meet the plumber and get the place ready for winter Sarah asks her mother about the winter people, those who live in the house while the family s gone.

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    1 thought on “The Winter People”

    1. I read this book in my early 20's I guess. I started Whitney's books like many others on here, in the 70's, in high school. One of my fave author's at that time and for many years. This book is one of her best to me. Creepy and intriguing. I was hooked on the first page with this one, which rarely happens. I really should read it again. It took me awhile today to find the title, as I could not remember it. Again, it was so dang creepy, the way the sister in law stalks the bride. The twist is so [...]

    2. if you like reading books with a strong female character skip this book.if you are a woman and have any respect for your own sex skip this bookis book is insulting to the strength of women. i know it was written in a different time when women were meeker however i wanted to beat the main character myself because she made herself a victim. anyway thats my two cents i say skip it

    3. I got this book out of a FREE bin at a airport. I thought I'd give it a try since I had a 9 hour flight ahead of me. I fell in love with this book! Its got so many twists and surprises.

    4. Ah, this early novel and ones like it are why Whitney is so loved. Glad I'm reading this one after trying 'Ebony Swan' and not being overly impressed. I had to make myself stop reading last night-- way later than I needed to go to bed!The full review:gothicked/2010/10

    5. You know a book is good when, after many many years you still remember it was good. It evokes a good feeling.

    6. Totally gripping and intense. This is the second of Phyllis Whitney's books I've read, and she definitely knows how to weave an intriguing story that is impossible to put down.I debated giving this book 4 stars only because it was so dark and oppressive and there was very little joy in it at all. But I decided to go with 5, because even if it isn't a very happy book (even if it isn't happy at all!) it's still a good book, fraught with tension and audacity and, at times, madness, but in a very ar [...]

    7. I read this sometime in the 1970s and never forgot it. The cover sticks in my brain like it was yesterday. I hope I still have it somewhere in a box so I can reread and remember why I loved it so much. It shaped my love of creepy books so I'm really curious how it compares to what I like to read now.

    8. This is my favorite Whitney story! A lot of her plots are similar and if you choose to only read one, this is the one to choose.

    9. I first read this book during my Gothic Romance phase when I was in middle school, so my perspective on it is a bit different now that I'm in my fifties. I still loved the dark eeriness that Ms. Whitney plunges us into as soon as we arrive at High Towers, the vacation home of the deeply troubled Chandler clan, a family of artists who lean more to the mad side than the eccentric side. I still loved all that, but the lack of assertiveness and self respect in the main character was the thing that b [...]

    10. This book took me a long time to get through which is usually an indication that it wasn't that good. It was evenly paced and the author did provide an eerie setting that matched the tone of the book, along with the big looming house called Gray Rocks. Bernardina (Dina) Blake can't believe her luck when, while at work in a museum, she meets the handsome artist Glen Chandler. They fall madly in love with each other and get married, but Glen didn't feel the need to call up his family and let them [...]

    11. I read this book the first time almost 40 years ago. I read it again, because I felt like I was too young to understand the book the first time. I did get more out of it this time, and for it's time it was a great book. Reading it now was almost a disappointment. So much more could have been done with the characters. Their neurosis's, their psychological problems. Still, a good, retro read.

    12. I was fascinated by this book as a teen. I strongly associate it with cinnamon ice cream, which we had a 5-gallon tub of at the time. I would dish up a bowl and read this wintery tale of the super pale and Nordic characters, and it all seemed strikingly exotic, even for a Northerner. Since it has stuck with me to that extent, I will give it 3 scoops.

    13. Lots of intrigue and I enjoyed reading a mystery that wasn't full of gruesome violence toward women and children, filthy language and gore.

    14. What a creepy mystery! This may be my favorite of this author's books so far. I will never look at twins the same way again!!

    15. This is one of those books that wasn't terrible but I'll likely forget I read it in two months and wouldn't recommend anyone go out of there way to find it, if it's free and you're desperate it's okay. It was interesting enough to keep me reading but I didn't particularly care that much about the characters and it was very dated and oversimplified. It was very fairy tale like in that the characters where pretty much either very good or very bad with Kieth being the only real exception and the on [...]

    16. The Winter People was just what I needed to stay cool during these oppressively hot days of August. It not only took place in a creepy winter landscape, but it was a filled with twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat. The world of Gray Rocks is rugged, dangerous, and unforgiving, and Dina (Bernardina) finds herself there after a whirlwind romance and quick marriage to Glen Chandler. Enter Glynis, Glen's evil twin, and Trent, Dina's former lover, and what do you have? You have a sto [...]

    17. Young Dina meets artist Glen Chandler; they marry quickly, before she really gets to know him, and he takes her to his family home in New Jersey for Christmas, where Dina meets Glen's (previously unheard of - see what I mean about marrying too quickly) twin sister Glynis. You can tell right off the bat there is something sinister about Glynis, and her manipulation of her brother, and their too-close relationship. Throw in Dina's discovery that her first love lives on the property adjacent to the [...]

    18. I'm giving it 4 stars because it really was suspenseful and a real page turner, but the heroine, as many others have noted, is very dated and grates on the modern sensibility with her limpid stand-by-your-man nonsense. But a solid novel nonetheless. Just don't expect a feminist heroine.

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