Canto della pianura

Canto della pianura Con Canto della pianura si torna a Holt dove Tom Guthrie insegna storia al liceo e da solo si occupa dei due figli piccoli mentre la moglie passa le sue giornate al buio chiusa in una stanza Intant

  • Title: Canto della pianura
  • Author: Kent Haruf Fabio Cremonesi
  • ISBN: 9788899253172
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • Con Canto della pianura si torna a Holt, dove Tom Guthrie insegna storia al liceo e da solo si occupa dei due figli piccoli, mentre la moglie passa le sue giornate al buio, chiusa in una stanza.Intanto Victoria Roubideaux a sedici anni scopre di essere incinta Quando la madre la caccia di casa, la ragazza chiede aiuto a un insegnante della scuola, Maggie Jones, e la sua sCon Canto della pianura si torna a Holt, dove Tom Guthrie insegna storia al liceo e da solo si occupa dei due figli piccoli, mentre la moglie passa le sue giornate al buio, chiusa in una stanza.Intanto Victoria Roubideaux a sedici anni scopre di essere incinta Quando la madre la caccia di casa, la ragazza chiede aiuto a un insegnante della scuola, Maggie Jones, e la sua storia si lega a quella dei vecchi fratelli McPheron, che da sempre vivono in solitudine dedicandosi all allevamento di mucche e giumente.Come in Benedizione, le vite dei personaggi di Holt si intrec ciano le une alle altre in un racconto corale di dignit , di rimpianti e d a In particolare, in questo libro Kent Haruf rivolge la sua parola attenta e misurata al cominciare della vita E ce la consegna come una gemma, pietra dura sfaccettata e preziosa, ma anche delicato germoglio.Questo libro per chi ama spostarsi solo con il pensiero, meglio se in poltrona e sotto una coperta a scacchi rossi e blu, per chi riesce a sentirsi a casa anche solo con una finestra aperta sul cielo, per chi cerca su google maps i luoghi dei libri, meglio se immaginari, e per chi ha deciso di affidarsi al tempo, nella convinzione che lo spazio possa sempre tradirlo.

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    1. Victoria Robideaux is 17 and pregnant. Her mother throws her out and she is taken in, for a time, by the kindly Maggie Jones. But Maggie’s old father is off his rocker and this makes for a dangerous household for Vicky. She winds up with two brothers, Raymond and Harold McPheron, sheltered gentlemen who have spent their entire lives working the same ranch in the home in which they grew up. The love that springs up in this makeshift family is a glory to behold. Dark forces abide in the town as [...]

    2. UNA STORIA SEMPLICEColoradoAnche se non ho mai guidato un vecchio furgone Dodge rosso sbiadito con l’ammaccatura sul parafango posteriore; anche se la mia colazione non prevede uova strapazzate preparate su una padella di ghisa; anche se non incrocio tutti i giorni bambini a cavallo; anche se il giornale non mi viene lanciato ogni mattina sulla porta di casa; anche se nel mio orizzonte non vedo spesso svettare serbatoi per l’acqua e silos; anche se non sono solito passeggiare per Main Street [...]

    3. A beautifully written novel set in the rural town of Holt, Colorado, Plainsong is a book I will not soon forget. The prose is modest yet so elegant in its simplicity. Nothing is overdone and yet what happens to the characters in this book is far from uneventful. A pair of young brothers that have to learn to adjust without a mother in the home, a teenage girl pregnant and without a home, a father trying to raise his boys on his own, and a pair of staunch old bachelors who are presented with a so [...]

    4. Colorado High Plains, image source: uploadmedia/wikipediAbsencePeek between the gaps to appreciate the pared-down beauty of this book. At its heart, is absence: the words not used, the thoughts not made explicit, the loved-ones left or lost, the open space in which it is set. The language is plain, utilitarian, and unsentimental, as are the situations described in the short chapters.There is no backstory, there are no inner monologues - indeed, most of the characters say little enough out loud ( [...]

    5. The stories displayed in this novel are simple and unadorned, both by the mundane events going on in the lives of these ordinary characters, and by the sober style of Haruf’s prose, which brings them to life. But when you sing these plain tunes together, a canon of imitations of melody, recurrent patterns and apparently disparate circumstances, compose a more colorful, richer symphony that is anything but simple.In the small community of Holt, Colorado, Tom Gurthie, a high school history teach [...]

    6. A beautiful, heartbreaking and ultimately redemptive novel.Set in the fictional town of Holt, Colorado in the real life eastern plains of that Rocky mountain state, and adjacent to the great elevations, author Kent Haruf’s somber 1999 novel Plainsong explores the interconnected lives of a group of people living and dying in this western plains town.Guthrie is a high school teacher raising two young boys and whose marriage is coming to a strange and murky end. Tom Guthrie is a simple western ma [...]

    7. Three Soothing KombolóiaLike beading three kombolóia (strings of "worry beads" used in Greek culture), Kent Haruf weaved together three story threads, tight and tranquil, to bring honor to seven residents of fictional Holt, a small town on the Colorado high plains east of Denver, and their bonding together in three types of love, the familial, the philia and agape, to hurdle the predicaments life throws their way. Haruf wrote in such quiet, dulcet prose that reading his novels is calming, ther [...]

    8. I have had this book on my shelf since 2012, when I first started collecting books to read for an Around the USA challenge that I planned at that time to finish in a year. Five years later I'm still working on it (I get easily distracted) but after discussing another novel by Kent Haruf on Reading Envy, I felt compelled to move this one up the list.The story moves between different characters, and the chapters are named after the characters being followed. It is always very clear where you are! [...]

    9. Oh, what a beautiful book. Haruf's language is so deceptively simple--there's probably not a word in the book beyond sixth grade reading level. But with this simple language, he creates such beautiful, sad, lonely, human people. I'm particularly in love with the McPheron brothers, two elderly bachelor farmer brothers (and they're the single largest reason I think Nance needs to read this book).Something else about the simplicity of the language--I can't recall a single time that Haruf directly s [...]

    10. Very endearing characters!! The writing was great, as well as the story. I’m going to have to watch the movie to se if it’s as good as the book. Fingers crossed!!!

    11. Plainsong, a simple unadorned melody, is a perfect title for this book, Haruf's style being beautifully spare and yet powerfully moving. This award winning book takes place in a small town on the high plains of Colorado and chronicles the lives of some of it's struggling residents namely a lonely school teacher and his young sons who've been abandoned by their depressed wife and mother, a forgotten inbound widow, a caretaker and her elderly father, two rough on the exterior old bachelor brothers [...]

    12. This is an endearing story that is spun from the fabric of small town life in Holt, Colorado. Regular, decent folk at their finest, with just a few bad eggs thrown in for seasoning and texture. If this had been sappy in any way, I would have run for the hills, screaming. Let me assure you, there is an utter dearth of sappiness here, just a lovely story that will make your heart grow two sizes bigger. Not sure how such spare, simple writing managed to penetrate my stony exterior, but it did. I re [...]

    13. Haruf's writing is as comforting to me as tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches on a cold winter day. For a reader who has memories of an idilic growing up when I read his stories I feel like I am going home and I am so glad there are stories that can take me there. The sounds, smells, voices and memories all come alive. His prose is simple, yet so beautiful and paints such a vivid picture. His characters are earthy, there is no pretense about them, they are everyday people living ordinary l [...]

    14. One of my all time favorite booksautifully written and spare favorite kind of novel. It rang so true to my Eastern Colorado roots. I felt that I personally recognized some of the characters in the story.

    15. This is the book that sneaks up on youI didn't realize how invested I was in the characters and their stories, until the author dangles their safety and lives in front of me and I find myself reading in a frenzy to ensure that everything is ok. Sneaky, sneaky.Holt, Colorado is a small town; seemingly everybody knows everybody and everybody's business. Couple of mundane, typical stories slowly thread themselves into your heart and realize that you've come to love each and every one of them in a d [...]

    16. In Plainsong Kent Haruf tells a dam good yarn with true-to-life characters and their everyday struggles living in rural Colorado.The two wacky and wonderful old brothers who readily welcome a 17 year old (pregnant) teen into their home captured my heart early on as well as the two young curious brothers, abandoned by their mother, who befriend a lonely old woman, experience some pretty hard knocks and learn some facts of life by peering thru the window of an abandoned old shed.While Our Souls at [...]

    17. 4,5. Me ha encantado. Es una novela de personajes, de cómo unos se van cruzando en la vida de otros, de su día a día, pero Kent Haruf consigue que los adores. He sentido debilidad por los niños, Ike y Bobby y por la chica adolescente, Victoria. Pero el resto de personajes también me ha conquistado. No creo que pudiera decir mucho más porque solo se me ocurre decir: leedlo y veréis cómo disfrutáis de Kent Haruf.Para mí ha sido uno de los descubrimientos de este año. Deseando que traduz [...]

    18. A graceful, quiet yet powerful book. It is a study of small town life, told through several characters in alternating chapters. There is nothing new here -- just everyday lives with the usual problems. Some people have more good than bad in them, some have more bad than good, and a lot of people just don't know how to balance any of that. The crusty old bachelor brother farmers in particular were wonderful characters.Haruf has an extraordinary ability to create characters that speak directly fro [...]

    19. The glamour of the National Book Awards ceremony blows away the fusty air of the book world every November. Big publishers buy up acres of the banquet hall at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. Little houses splurge a year's publicity budget on the $1,000-a-plate dinner. Even without the medals hanging from their necks, the nominees would stick out: New authors appear in ill-advised outfits, like red Nehru jackets or brocade gowns inspired by "King Lear," choices probably pushed on these quie [...]

    20. This is a quietly beautiful book. I think most Americans -- and maybe others -- are suckers for well-told tales of small town life, even though small towns, and their virtues and vices, are quickly disappearing. This story has finely drawn characters and is centered on the life a high school teacher who is raising his two boys pretty much single handedly as his wife sinks into depression. But the hopeful thread of the story lives in the tale of a young woman who becomes pregnant and must seek he [...]

    21. Per una volta, a dar retta al successo di pubblico ho fatto bene, perchè lo ho davvero amato, questo "Canto della pianura". Anche se è l'ennesimo sguardo sulla stessa America (di cui mi ero detto stanco ormai da tempo), anche se quello che aveva da dire in fin dei conti Cormac McCarthy lo aveva già detto meglio e con ben altro respiro!E allora perchè? Perchè se ci ripenso, ogni volta che si incontra la prateria in un libro (non importa se in compagnia di Philip Roth o di Cormac McCarthy piu [...]

    22. 3.5 stars Plainsong by Kent Haruf is a beautifully written novel and a nice easy read. This novel tells a simple story describing the lives of some of the residents in Holt, Colorado. Tom Guthrie is a history teacher at the area high school. He is left to raise two sons Ike and Bobby after his wife abandons him and their family. Victoria, a 17 year-old high school senior, is thrown out of her house by her crude and bitter mother after she had learned that her daughter is pregnant. The McPheron B [...]

    23. Vivere nel piccolo Niente altro che un suggestivo mosaico di vite quotidiane vissute da personaggi normalissimi: i drammi, le piccole vittorie, gli intrecci, le rivincite e le emozioni si amalgamano tra loro per restituire un acquerello intenso e pulsante di vita.La perdita dell'innocenza passa attraverso la consapevolezza di un'età adulta alle porte; l'arrendersi di fronte a certe scelte un inevitabile crocevia da cui tutti passeremo.Quest'opera racconta la vita sprofondando in essa; e, parten [...]

    24. Plainsong, and its sequel Eventide, are both beautifully written stories of about simple honest people trying to live their lives as best they can. I cannot overemphasize how well-written these books are. The narrator never intrudes on the story, which may be the best sign of a good writer.

    25. This was my second time reading this. My first was pre-GR. In my mind, I had this as a heartwarming story, and it is, but it's not a comfort read. There are lots of things that happen that aren't comforting, but that's reality. You'll get to know many of the residents of Holt, CO and you'll reflect on the ways we depend upon each other, and help each other. How communities pull together and take care of their own. That is the kind of read I was looking for, and I enjoyed this every bit as much t [...]

    26. Reading a Kent Haruf novel is like comfort food in book form. His writing is so easy to read and simple, yet his characters are in depth and lovable. I'm glad I've already bought his other books, and look forward to more.

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