The Night Parade

The Night Parade This delightful dream legend is being hailed a perfect choice for bedtime reading For Ages Kirkus ReviewDePalma s latest rhyming masterpiece The Night Parade has the distinct feeling of an insta

  • Title: The Night Parade
  • Author: Johnny DePalma Kyle Brown
  • ISBN: 9780692535288
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • This delightful dream legend is being hailed a perfect choice for bedtime reading For Ages 4 9 Kirkus ReviewDePalma s latest rhyming masterpiece, The Night Parade, has the distinct feeling of an instant classic With stunning illustrations by Kyle Brown that beautifully capture and blend the orchestrated chaos and whimsy of a world where dreams and nightmaresThis delightful dream legend is being hailed a perfect choice for bedtime reading For Ages 4 9 Kirkus ReviewDePalma s latest rhyming masterpiece, The Night Parade, has the distinct feeling of an instant classic With stunning illustrations by Kyle Brown that beautifully capture and blend the orchestrated chaos and whimsy of a world where dreams and nightmares run free This simple, yet elegant tale reminds both the young, and the young at heart, that our dreams are always out there, waiting for us to find them.

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      180 Johnny DePalma Kyle Brown
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    1 thought on “The Night Parade”

    1. I just received this book today free from Giveaway. I read it tonight with my 8 year old daughter and we both found it to be absolutely delightful! I would just like to say as soon as finishing this creative sleepy time story my daughter turned to me and said "can we read it again.?" Which that within itself tells how great a story it is. I loved the illustration too! Very well done. I loved that the story rhymed. I can honestly say that this will be a weekly if not nightly reoccurrence for me [...]

    2. For of your dreams, the good ones, he has hidden safe and sound, protected from the nightmares that stay tumbling around. This explains it all, a wonderful children book to make your child dream a good dream. He takes bad dreams away with his Lonely Night Parade. The rhyming, the illustration just a perfect tale. I received a free book, winner First Read Giveaway. Thank you, Darlene Cruz

    3. This book is one of the most amazing children's books. It's an instant classic!! My 4 year old son made me this to him twice before he'd go to bed. The vivid pictures first captured his interest, but the easy, rhyming rhythm of the book mesmerized him and made him want more!!!!

    4. I received this from a giveaway. This is a cool little story about a man that collects your dreams and nightmares. My daughters loved it.

    5. I sensed a Winsor McCay vibe as soon as I saw the cover, which only increased whilst flipping its pages. The Night Parade is kind of a Pied Piper variant, the stranger marching through town, though it's not rats in tow, it's dreamstuff, nightmares. It seems every night he makes his rounds, this unnamed man, taking the bad detritus of our subconscious lives with him, and leaving behind only the good.I suppose this is meant to be a mollifying fable, but there is something a bit eerie going on as w [...]

    6. This book is amazing. Beautiful rhyming copy along with whimsical illustrations has made this book a new favorite for my daughters. Usually they get distracted when I am reading them stories, but this one keeps their attention the entire time. On top of that, I usually have to read it multiple times, as they love each and every illustrated page. The basic premise of this book is a man who takes away your nightmares and leaves the good dreams behind. It is especially endearing to me as my oldest [...]

    7. Lovely, well crafted out snuggle time book. I bought the digital version but noop, am ordering for the paperback immediately.I like the rhythm and flow. Well not as much as I like the beautiful illustrations. It's just a creative masterpiece. A simple story that sticks fast into children's' tender minds. The best part is that it makes sense and flows. It's simply magical. this is the type of book I've been dreaming of.when next my niece comes to me asking "why can't I remember my dreams" or "I d [...]

    8. As advertised, this book is sure to become an instant classic. I purchased the Kindle version on but look forward to getting the paperback version of this beautifully illustrated book. My girls and I enjoy the rhythmic writing style that the author uses to tell a story of an enchanting world where our dreams are always there. My oldest daughter has recently struggled with nightmares and this has been the perfect story to help her calmly drift off to sleep. This book would make a great Christmas [...]

    9. For any little one that struggles with nightmares, this is the perfect bedside book! The alluring illustrations tie in well with the rhythmic writing style! Its about a man who takes away all the good and bad dreams! When your ready, you can find them & a new day begins! I won this through giveaways.

    10. Reminiscent of Maurice Sendak, this fun and beautiful children's book has become a new favorite in our house. My kids love the fun and fantastic story line, and the sensational illustrations bring back my own childhood memories. This read is one that is not to be missed!

    11. I won this book through giveaways and I am thrilled I did! It is brilliantly written and gorgeously illustrated, it has quickly become a bedtime favorite of my little girls! Thank you both for opportunity to share this book with my child!

    12. I loved the idea of thinking of dreams in the manner Johnny presented in this wonderful children's book. The cadence of the words makes for a great bedtime story for those of any age, but especially young ones.

    13. My daughter really loved this book! She had to do a report on it for her class and we ended up buying multiple copies to send to her cousins this Christmas.

    14. I am so happy to say that I got a copy of The Night Parade for our collection! I won this book right before I had my son and I'm more than happy to review it! I just wish I could give it more than 5 stars! The Night Parade is our bedtime/naptime story and every time I read it I think I like it a little more. The story is written beautifully and the illustrations are very fun for kids to look at. The Night Parade is about a man who takes away nightmares and leaves children with only their good dr [...]

    15. I could easily see this book becoming a children's bedtime classic. While the prose was much like that of the legendary Dr. Seuss, the story reminded me a bit of a Neil Gaiman or Tim Burton creation. There was the light of the collected and protected dreams and the dark of nightmares and I really loved the way the author set up the story of how the good ones can always come back again. The illustrations were beautifully done, especially for a first attempt at a children's book. I loved the whims [...]

    16. "The little bit of chaos and the dark before the dawn.The shiny bits of wonder we'll forever ponder on. The fairy tales, the whimsy, or the romance in the stars.The dreams we think we may have lost though hidden, are always ours."I really like the art in this book. Much of it though has a dark and creepy feel to it. Coupled with the vague meaning or advanced vocabulary of the text and it might be off-putting for some youngsters. Others though may enjoy the sounds and rhythm of this story, and th [...]

    17. The Night Parade is a rhyming bedtime story about where your dreams go and why they are often difficult to remember come morning’s light. The Night Walker, for lack of an established name, roams the streets at night, gathering dreams, keeping them hidden, leaving you wondering if you even dreamt. He gathers all the nightmares and most of the good dreams, but can, on occasion, leave a “strange or exciting” dream “for you to ponder.”To Continue Reading, Go To: bit/TheNightParade

    18. I won this book in a drawing.Part of Dr. Seuss's legacy was that he began the practice of writing children's books that weren't really aimed at children, but adults. At least this doesn't have a lame political message.The book is a bit of a mood piece, about a man that wanders the street at night, gathering the residue of dreams and nightmares, so that new dreams and nightmares can be born. Creepy, but positive.Not bad, but not really for kids, I think.

    19. I received this book free as a First Reads Giveaway book. It has an interesting concept about dreams & why we forget most of our dreams upon waking. I read it to my 4 year old son who had a LOT of questions while reading it lol He asked some good questions- if we're supposedly only left to keep memories of a few of our dreams, why would "the dream man" leave us with bad or scary ones? Valid question!

    20. *Won from giveawaysI was so excited to find that I won this children's book because I have a daughter who loves to read (or be read to rather). I received this in the mail today and read it immediately! My daughter is a little too young yet for this book, but I'm going to tuck it away safe for when she's old enough. I however, loved it! I love the idea behind it and the moral of it. The artwork is so cool and beautiful. I really think that this is going to be a hit!

    21. This book is so lovely! The writing was wonderful - not like a typical children's book. It's on a level where children can understand it, but adults can love it, too. And the illustrations are phenomenal. I'm so glad I won the giveaway to receive this book. It'll sit proudly on my shelf.

    22. I received this book in the mail from the giveaway. I read it to my 7 year old daughter last night. When I finished reading it she wanted to read it to me. She said she loved the story and the pictures were beautiful. I would agree with my little girl this book is awesome. The book will be one of our nightly reads from now on.

    23. I absolutely loved this book! It is a great children's book. I especially liked the way the illustrations seemed real and not very cartoonish. The story line seemed represent the illustrations in the same way, very real life! I think every child should have this on his/her bookshelf.

    24. I won this book through a giveaway on . I really enjoyed the book. I think it is creative and clever. The illustrations were very cute as well!! I will be passing this along to my nieces and nephews!

    25. I received this book from the free book giveaway! it was a cute little book that describes how are dreams are picked up from us each night but still out there for you. I loved the illustrations and the story . cute way of thinking about dreams!

    26. I enjoyed this book. The illustrations are beautiful and I love the imagery. *Won this book in a good reads giveaway

    27. This is an excellent book for children. I gave this book to my granddaughter to read. She loves it. I,m 62 years old,and this took me back to my childhood.

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