The Goblin Squad

The Goblin Squad The town of Reflection Falls has a problem goblins The annoying little creatures creep down from their caves in the mountains to steal vegetables from farms and gardens The brave knights of the realm

  • Title: The Goblin Squad
  • Author: Jeremy Hayes
  • ISBN: 9780991864287
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • The town of Reflection Falls has a problem goblins The annoying little creatures creep down from their caves in the mountains to steal vegetables from farms and gardens The brave knights of the realm are far too busy keeping their lands safe from real threats, such as dragons and trolls, so the Goblin Squad was formed When children reach the age of ten, they participateThe town of Reflection Falls has a problem goblins The annoying little creatures creep down from their caves in the mountains to steal vegetables from farms and gardens The brave knights of the realm are far too busy keeping their lands safe from real threats, such as dragons and trolls, so the Goblin Squad was formed When children reach the age of ten, they participate in a series of yearly contests in order to be chosen as the next members of the squad Their duties involve patrolling the town and chasing away the goblins But, a group of new recruits soon learn that there is going on around Reflection Falls than just vegetable stealing The adults are unaware, so the young friends decide to investigate the strange behavior of the goblins and soon find themselves far away from the safety of the town.

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    • [PDF] ↠ Free Download ò The Goblin Squad : by Jeremy Hayes ✓
      335 Jeremy Hayes
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    1 thought on “The Goblin Squad”

    1. This was a very fun read. I really like the characters, they actually acted like kids! The story was interesting, and really held my child's attention. This is a middle grade novel. I really feel the need to comment that the author stayed true to the recommended age group very well. Word difficulty, the amount of suspense, and the content were all spot on. This is a hard thing to accomplish, and I can honestly say that I have not found too many that actually do. Either the content is too old or [...]

    2. This is a fantasy adventure story that brings our heroes and heroine together as a group of young warriors called the "Goblin Squad." The story was enjoyable and filled with many issues children and adults face like bullies, working as a team and living up to the expectations of others. I recommend this book because of its story telling and great characters.

    3. 'The Goblin Squad' is a middle-grade fantasy that follows a group of children who chase the pesky vegetable-stealing goblins out of their town. The author kindly sent me a copy to read and review.The town of Reflection Falls has a problem. Goblins. These annoying creatures sneak down from the mountains every night to steal the towns vegetables. To combat the problem, the town has it's own Goblin Squad, made up from young boys who hope to one day become knights, who chase away the Goblins. Ten-ye [...]

    4. Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers' FavoriteThe Goblin Squad is a children’s fantasy by Jeremy Hayes. The town of Reflection was reasonably safe after knights chased the last dragon away. Now they have a problem with goblins who steal their vegetables. The Goblin Squad has their hands full trying to catch these little green creatures. The squad consists of specially selected kids who patrol the town, looking for these nuisances. Ralf, Rubi, Bobb and the local bully, Slagg, are part of a [...]

    5. I laughed while reading this book, which is the best reading experience ever! The blurb explains the situation clearly : a little village has problems with goblins, who steal their vegetables. So the boys are enrolled in the Goblin squad when they are 10, and they patrol the streets and garden to stop the thieves.I liked the strong willed little girl, her courage and imagination. I enjoyed the shy little boy and the scared one. You get a picture of different children who finally are all cute (bu [...]

    6. I entered the contest to give this book to my great nieces but in reading the description I wanted to read it too. My excuse was that I had to check that it wasn't too scary or inappropriate for my 10 and 8 year old nieces. The story was well paced without being boring for a child or even me. The characters were well written and the story was not too scary. This reads like it could be a series as the setting and characters were ones a child would like to visit again. Goblins, trolls, dragons and [...]

    7. This fantasy/magic book by Jeremy Hayes is action packed and enjoyable. Hayes included a strong female character as one of the members of the new Goblin Squad, which is nice to see. Each 10 year old character has his or her own personality, and developed well. There is a lot of action, and well written dialogue which helped keep the story moving. I would definitely recommend this to a middle grade reader who likes fantasy. ****I received this book from the author, Jeremy Hayes, in exchange for a [...]

    8. What a wonderful read! I was engaged in it from the start! This book is geared toward children ages 9-12, and as an adult I found it fun and mysterious. The friends [and frenemies] in the story work together to solve the mystery of the goblins' changed behavior, facing all kinds of danger and excitement along the way. I hope there are more Goblin Squad [Troll Squad?!] adventures coming soon!I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    9. A tale of a very mixed group of children learning to be responsible for keeping the gardens of their town free from goblin thieves. The adventure is fast and engrossing as they leave the town to try to find the goblin's lair, only to find peril and so much more. This is an enthralling story that was quickly loved by my grandchildren. My daughter will read it to her class, but this one will return to the family bookshelves so that it can be read again and again.

    10. This was an entertaining fantasy read, which will appeal to children and the young at heart. I did find it a little annoying how the author kept refering to the only female character among the main characters as the "pretty friend" of the other characters, or as a "pretty little girl" as though it was essential to constantly remind us that she was a nice looking female character. But other than that, I loved this book.

    11. An excellent book that is easy to read. Though the target audience is 4th - 8th grade, as an adult, I enjoyed the book. The children in the story actually did and said what kids of the age would do. It felt natural. A great tale that kept me turning the pages. It never got boring or felt forced. I'll be reading more from Jeremy Hayes.

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