Salt Is for Curing

Salt Is for Curing Poetry Women s Studies LGBT Studies SALT IS FOR CURING is the lush and haunting full length debut by Sonya Vatomsky These poems structured as an elaborate meal conjure up a vapor of earthly pains an

  • Title: Salt Is for Curing
  • Author: Sonya Vatomsky
  • ISBN: 9780983243731
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • Poetry Women s Studies LGBT Studies SALT IS FOR CURING is the lush and haunting full length debut by Sonya Vatomsky These poems, structured as an elaborate meal, conjure up a vapor of earthly pains and magical desires like the most enduring rituals, Vatomsky s poems both intoxicate and ward A new blood moon in American poetry, SALT IS FOR CURING is surprising, disturPoetry Women s Studies LGBT Studies SALT IS FOR CURING is the lush and haunting full length debut by Sonya Vatomsky These poems, structured as an elaborate meal, conjure up a vapor of earthly pains and magical desires like the most enduring rituals, Vatomsky s poems both intoxicate and ward A new blood moon in American poetry, SALT IS FOR CURING is surprising, disturbing, and spookily illuminating Sonya Vatomsky s SALT IS FOR CURING is many things a feast, a grimoire, a fairy tale world, the real world It s also too smart for bullshit and too graceful to be mean about the bullshit a marvelous debut I love it Ariana Reines Imagine bodies within bodies eating a feast, spilling over with their own secrets and hopes and dreams and fears and brutality and witchery That is the party you will find in this book a modern day, literary equivalent of a Bosch painting Juliet Escoria These poems melt the hard fat of life into tallow candles, then they reach up and light themselves Mike Young

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      153 Sonya Vatomsky
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    1 thought on “Salt Is for Curing”

    1. I wrote this about the book: Salt Is For Curing is the lush and haunting full-length debut by Sonya Vatomsky. These poems, structured as an elaborate meal, conjure up a vapor of earthly pains and magical desires; like the most enduring rituals, Vatomsky’s poems both intoxicate and ward. A new blood moon in American poetry, Salt Is For Curing is surprising, disturbing, and spookily illuminating.

    2. I will have to read this collection many times over to truly understand it and for that, I am grateful. Absolutely stunning.

    3. This book had been a 5star recommendation from a couple of bookstagrammers who usually like the same stuff I do so it was a no brainer for me - I had to buy it. It cost 15 Dollars plus shipping to a faraway country for as little as seventy something pages. You know it would have to blow my mind in order to get a lot of stars after I paid that much.So, did it? Not really. I'm not saying that it was a waste of time, no, there were good moments - I especially appreciated the author's playfulness wh [...]

    4. Unique and fantastic. Two of my favorite bits:"Keep out of my underworld! neither drag me to hellnor drag me out of it, stop filling my mouthwith coins for some stygianferryman. use your words! Ask permission. Iam magic enough""This is how it starts. You ask if it's a love potionand I say yes, something like that,in the sense that love and death are indistinct things,liquid bubbling down-throat to still the limbs,slow the heart"

    5. I bought this on my kindle so I could devour it immediately, but I desperately need to get my hands on a physical copy. I want to read it over and over again and fill the pages with underlines and notes and soak it all in until I know it by heart and it's being held together by hope and rubber bands. I am in love with this book.

    6. A gothy, witchy collection of poetry that is part cookbook, part fable, and part instruction (or is it “warning”….?). The language is lovely and haunting, with invocations of mythology and old fairy tales throughout. Evocative and enchanting, a dark delight. I enjoyed this very much.

    7. Lots of variety in these poems in format, in tone and attitude. Lots of attitude. A really smart collection.

    8. Freshly served by Sator Press, Sonya Vatomsky’s first full-length collection, “Salt is For Curing” uses its dark feasts and folklore to explore the frailty of our memories and bodies. With photography by Sator’s founding editor, the cover’s salt circle invokes and repels darkness, sealing the poems within. Guiding readers through its three courses, Vatomsky’s poetry is a truly generous offering, complete with aperitif and digestif. As the title reminds how we can hold onto things for [...]

    9. I scooped up this slim book of poetry from a delightful bookstore (Bluestockings Bookstore) on a recent trip to NYC. It was part of a turn out feature and I was intrigued by the cover and randomly flipping to a poem within the collection and immediately deciding, "Yes! I must have this!"The collection is designed to follow a multiple course dinner menu and is broken into the following sections: Apertif, First Course, Second Course, Third Course, and Digestif. Some of the poems play up thematics [...]

    10. SometimesI strugglewithmodern poetryand it'sformatting.I sometimes find it difficult to really enjoy poetry which doesn't have a consistent rhythm, which is probably kind of old fashioned of me. Despite this I did really love this collection. Some of the poems in this collection do follow that one word per a line structure, which I think for the most part works, but is occasionally very jarring. There were just one or two poems where it was jarring enough to sort of pull me out of the experience [...]

    11. This book was scary, surprising and interesting all at once. The things talked about in the book can be seen as gruesome and isn't recommended to readers who don't like things that contain sensitive content that is seen as gruesome but is why I feel like this book has depth. This book was limitless, the author didn't limit herself to certain things and it didn't seemcensored. When I say that I really mean the author doesn't conform to the norms people see in books on the usual. It gives a variet [...]

    12. It's been a while since a book of poetry affected me the way this one did. The poems are dark and beautiful and brimming with my favorite sorts of metaphors; food, fairy tales, witchcraft, surgery.

    13. A very unique little book of poetry, and it really does make one think. Witty with oddly-formed sentences.

    14. This little book is a marvel! Although I've tried otherwise, I find that I really don't want to read more than one poem at a time. Each time I open the book to whatever page cares to reveal itself, it’s like standing in a quiet, shadowy space and taking a bite of something dark and rich with such complex flavor - raw in some places, scorched in others, sweet, salty, bitter, the blood-tang of copper, acidic soil, earthy and rotten, yet full of enduring and defiant life - there's so much here an [...]

    15. Beautiful, intricate, clever, powerful, feminist, magical, relevant. The word play and lyricism are masterful. The food metaphors persist throughout and provide a thread of connectivity between all of the poems. As a woman, I could relate to many of the sentiments expressed. Sonya cuts right to the core. I adored the occult, mythical quality of their storytelling - certainly this collection could be considered a modern fairytale.

    16. In my reading of Salt Is For Curing, it took all that I had not to devour this small book of spooky delights in one greedy instant. I feared that to do so, to ingest all of these potent magics at once, would give me a terribly heartsick sort of heartburn and yet leave me with the very worst sort of emptiness, knowing there is no more to be had. I drew it out for as long as I could stand.

    17. Vatomsky manages in these poems to run the gamut from casual everyday speech, to folklore, recipes, and incantations without sacrificing the overall cohesiveness of the collection. A very impressive feat indeed.

    18. I've been carrying this magical little book around in my bag for weeks and dipping into it here and there. Love all the dark poetic recipes and histories and myths in here.

    19. I loved this. I dogeared a whole bunch of pages, and likely something from here will turn up in a class I teach.

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