Drive You Wild

Drive You Wild It s game on for love in the third novel of USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Bernard s sexy baseball themed series Kilby Catfish left fielder Trevor Stark is a ballpark legend With his good look

  • Title: Drive You Wild
  • Author: Jennifer Bernard
  • ISBN: 9780062372215
  • Page: 228
  • Format: ebook
  • It s game on for love in the third novel of USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Bernard s sexy, baseball themed series.Kilby Catfish left fielder Trevor Stark is a ballpark legend With his good looks, hitting records, and played for the fans arrogance, Trevor makes women lose their minds and men lose their cool But every time the major league team comes calling, TrevorIt s game on for love in the third novel of USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Bernard s sexy, baseball themed series.Kilby Catfish left fielder Trevor Stark is a ballpark legend With his good looks, hitting records, and played for the fans arrogance, Trevor makes women lose their minds and men lose their cool But every time the major league team comes calling, Trevor purposely keeps himself in the tiny Texas town Why is heart tuggingly top secret Until the team owner s daughter comes to Kilby trying everything up her sexy sleeve to make Trevor talk.Divorced and disillusioned at twenty four, Paige Mattingly Austin Taylor is suddenly starting fresh as an intern at Catfish Stadium She should want nothing to do with the sinfully hot ballplayer her dad warned her to stay away from But when she discovers what Trevor is hiding from everyone, she realizes there s much to him than his face and multi million dollar arm There s a heart she seriously hopes to win.

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    1. Ok so I understood why Trevor was the way he was. He needed to stay in the minor league cos else baddies would find him, and kill him. So he gets into trouble, but he loves baseball. Poor man, he just wants to play.Also baseball is one boring sportjust saying ;) I am so not familiar with it.Anyway, Abby comes back home after her husband cheated on her. He was an idiot. She starts working for her dad, and meets bad boy Trevor.But he is bad news.And she did just get a divorce from her idiot husban [...]

    2. 3.5 starsDrive You Wild was an enjoyable read.The storyline was well written, it had the perfect amount of romance, drama and held my interest until the end.Trevor and Paige were great characters, they were good together and deserved their HEA.Overall a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, I highly recommend this book.*Purchase Link* ~ amazon/Drive-You-Wild*I received an advance copy in exchange for my honest thoughts*

    3. Another book that filled my wanting to read sports romances. And this one was amazing! Not just cause it was baseball, which is my fav sport, but the story was fantastic. Trevor Stark is an outstanding baseball player who keeps stalling his own career. He does this because he doesn't want his past to catch up with him. Then he meets Paige Taylor and he realizes he doesn't want to live hiding anymore. There were lots of twists and turns in here and I loved it! I'll gladly read more by this author [...]

    4. In the universe of contemporary sports-based romance novels (of which I've read a surprising number very recently - long story), I've found that there is a continuum of wacky. In this continuum, on one end we have books which take a pretty serious view of sports, and on the other end, the sports universe is a setting for a bunch of (usually) funny but really unrealistic stuff that happens to our characters who have some remote connection to sports. I wish I knew how to make a graph or something, [...]

    5. Another winner by Jennifer. As a huge baseball fan I got caught up in the excitement in this book. It was a good story with solid characters. Trevor gives off the bad boy vibe where is doesn't care about anything or anyone, but in reality there is more to him than meets the eye. Paige is coming back home after her life has imploded. She never counted on someone like Trevor entering her life. Paige brings out another side to Trevor and makes him crave what he can't have. There is even a suspense [...]

    6. Kitty & Slick's reviews posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsKitty's 5 star reviewThey say there is no crying in baseball. Well, Jennifer Bernard threw that myth right out of the ballpark. Not only did I cry, but I balled like a baby. Trevor Stark and Paige Taylor tore me apart and then put me back together again, piece by piece.I was blown away with Trevor’s story. The big, bad ice man is actually a truly romantic, extremely sexy man with a heart that is really made of love. As his past [...]

    7. I really loved this book because even tho baseball itself can never really hold my attention, this story did :) even with the very detailed way Jennifer Bernard presented the game itself to us, I was still held captive to every word. Because the story was good. The romance was good. The love story unfolded well with little angst but yet lots of drama lol I mean who doesn't come with a little drama these days ok maybe Trevor had a lot of drama, but it enhanced the story and their journey. He gre [...]

    8. I love Jennifer Bernard's books and I enjoyed reading this book, I can't wait for the 4th book in these series

    9. This story had an exciting beginning, ending and a couple spots in between but most of the romance was ruminating about why they couldn't be together yet they were wildly attracted to each other. And a lasting relationship a month after a divorce isn't realistic. Recently divorced Paige rescues baseball player Trevor when someone is shooting a BB gun at him.

    10. Drive You Wild is Jennifer Bernard’s third story in her Love Between the Bases series, featuring the Kilby Catfish, a minor league farm team for the San Diego Friars. Trevor is their star hitter, but has a reputation as a wild child – enough to keep him out of the majors. Little do his bosses know that it’s deliberate. He’s got some past secrets that he doesn’t want getting out and likes keeping his national exposure to a minimum. Paige is the daughter of the team’s owner Crush. She [...]

    11. There a few things that I love about this series from Bernard but the one that sticks out most that this book isn't about a mlb team but a minor league team which makes it unique. If you read the previous books you met Trevor and know that he can be a real cocky sob, but after reading his complete story I totally fell in love with him. He's talented, smart and definitely swoon worthy. But he always shows a caring and loving side to not only his sister and Paige but to his teammates.I liked Paige [...]

    12. Just this year I have been exposed to the awesomeness known as Jennifer Bernard. I was first exposed to her when she did a collaboration with Erin Nicholas (One of my FAVORITE authors EVA!) in Getting Wound Up. That book was all sorts of awesome and was introduced to the characters from her Love Between the Bases world. I was so intrigued by Trevor that I was chomping at the bit to review this book. Boy was I not disappointed!Trevor is closed off because of things in his past, so he comes off th [...]

    13. I’m so disappointed to have to rate this book with 3 stars because I absolutely love Jennifer Bernard’s books.Write this review is so sad because I was so waiting for more when I started this book. I’ve been waiting to read Trevor’s story from the first book when he got into the Catfish and was Caleb Hart’s enemy #1. His careless attitude were clear a mask of something so much big and when I read the preview about Trevor and Paige romance, I wanted to know how they’d get together rig [...]

    14. Yay! A wonderful book by a great author! First exposed to the Love Between the Bases series by a collaboration with Erin Nicholas, I was really excited when I found out Trevor was going to get his own book. Drive You Wild by Jennifer Bernard had it all. Brooding baseball player, sassy heroine who happens to be the team owner's daughter, a little intrigue, and a LOT of hotness! An all around good read!ARC provided by Edelweiss.

    15. I am so hooked on this series! who doesn't love a good book especially when a bad boy is involved! Trevor Stark is just a big ole nice guy hiding inside this big delicious mystery man. There couldn't have been a better person to pair him up with than Paige. I'd you are looking for a good series, I suggest picking up Jennifer's Love between bases series, you won't be disappointed

    16. Being picked to play for a major league team is a dream come true for any baseball player. However, Trevor Srark is happy playing for the Kilby Catfish and does everything he possibly can to ruin his chances of being called up. When the team owner's daughter rescues him from a hairy situation, Trevor knows he's going to have to do everything in his power to distract her, otherwise she could be the one person to get him to talk about his past; a past he'd doesn't want anyone to learn the truth ab [...]

    17. I was given this book for an honest review4 starBB gun!!! What a way to start a book and it was so much fun to read that beginning chapter. Baseball, America's past time and why not include it in reading time. What a great summer read. It had everything, sports, love, drama, and of course a hea. So why miss out? The characters are likable, you love getting to know each of them. The main characters, well you pull for them. They have been through a lot and finding each other is pretty cool. How th [...]

    18. As with any book by Jennifer Bernard, you find yourself sucked right into the story, swept along for the ride and jumping for joy at the HEA that these characters find at the end of the story. This is the third book in the Love Between the Bases series, I have to tell you, that does not matter. If you have not read the other books in the series, the read will never be lost, because that book stands alone. This is the story of Trevor and Paige.Trevor Stark is the Kilby Catfish left-fielder, minor [...]

    19. It’s game on for love in the third novel of USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Bernard’s sexy, baseball-themed series.Kilby Catfish left-fielder Trevor Stark is a ballpark legend. With his good looks, hitting records, and played-for-the-fans arrogance, Trevor makes women lose their minds and men lose their cool. But every time the major league team comes calling, Trevor purposely keeps himself in the tiny Texas town. Why is heart-tuggingly top secret. Until the team owner’s daughter com [...]

    20. Posted on What I'm ReadingFinished Drive You Wild by Jennifer Bernard. If you have been following the series you would know remember Trever Stark, as being an ass. He's not the friendliest guy, but the ladies love him. However, there is a good reason why he's the ice man, and they actually don't stem from baseball even though he's keeps a cool head on the game. Yes, our good boy Trevor has secret past that he would like to keep out of the spotlight, and it explains a lot about his antics. Of cou [...]

    21. "Just his luck, to share the hottest kiss of his life with a woman he couldn't go near."Just when I thought those Kilby Catfish couldn't get any hotterenter Trevor Stark!!!I knew he would have a great story to tell, and boy, does he ever!! Trevor has a past he wishes he could forget, but that's not possible. And when that certain past tries to come into his present, he needs no distractions-no one else to protect. Too bad Paige Taylor didn't get that memo. Because she's about to change Trevor's [...]

    22. The mysterious Trevor Stark steps up to the plate in Jennifer Bernard’s 3rd book in her Love Between the Bases series, and Ms. Bernard hits a grand slam with this fantastic read about a very talented minor league ball player and the team owner’s daughter!Paige Mattingly Austin Taylor (was) Notswego is the eldest daughter of Kilby Catfish owner Crush Taylor. Her kind, nurturing nature led her into marriage and a life in Italy with her self-centered basketballer husband. Now divorced, she head [...]

    23. **Received an ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.**"Drive You Wild" is written by Jennifer Bernard, and it is the 3rd book in her Love Between the Bases series. It can be read as a stand-alone book. It features Trevor Stark and Paige Mattingly Austin Taylor.Paige comes to Trevor's rescue the first time they meet. Who is trying to shoot Trevor? He's a popular minor league player, who has a wealth of talent and the good looks. But every time he gets called up for the major league [...]

    24. Trevor Stark is a baseball superstar for the Kilby Catfish, a very big fish in a small pond. He could have made it to the majors several times, but he always seems bent on sabotaging every chance he gets to make it to San Diego. It’s what he needs to do to protect his younger sister Nina, even though baseball is his life, he will do anything to protect Nina. However, when the owner’s daughter, Paige Tyler, comes home and interns for the team, Trevor’s precious anonymity is threatened, as i [...]

    25. 4.5 Stars! DRIVE YOU WILD by Jennifer Bernard is another great addition to the sexy and fun Love Between The Bases series. Set in the world of minor league baseball, this story really packs an emotional punch as well as tugs at the heart-strings. In the previous books, Trevor was kind of an arrogant jerk, but there is a method to his madness. One of the best players on Kilby Catfish team, he always sabotages himself when the major league he has signed with has their eyes on him and are ready to [...]

    26. DRIVE YOU WILD by Jennifer Bernard will do just that drive you wild. This is book three in Jennifer Bernard's Love Between the Bases series and I hope not the final book! This is Trevor Stark and Paige's story. Fans of the series already knew there was more to Trevor than we'd seen and now we finally get to learn it all. I loved seeing more of Trevor's past and learning what makes him tick. Watching him go through finding Paige and all that follows was fun and page turning! I couldn't wait to se [...]

    27. Drive You Wild, by Jennifer Bernard, is the third book in her Love Between the Bases series and Ms. Bernard hits this story out of the park. The hero is Trevor Stark, the phenom hitter for the Kilby Catfish, a triple A baseball team in Kilby, Texas. The heroine is Paige Mattingly Austin Taylor, the daughter of team owner Crush Taylor.Paige returns to Kilby after her divorce from a basketball player. She is at lost ends and does not know what to do. Crush decides that Paige will learn about the o [...]

    28. Another high octane adventure featuring the AAA minor league Kilby Catfish baseball team and starring sexy, bad-boy slugger extraordinaire, Trevor Stark. Trevor schools his features in the batters box when he's staring down a pitcher with eyes that are menacing and as cold as ice. He's intimidating, selfish and arrogant on the field, but off the field he's a screw up, a fighter and a notorious ladies man, which is why he'll never get called up to the Major Leagues. And ironically, he's exactly w [...]

    29. Trevor walked out of the baseball stadium and into the line of fire of a gruff, crazed man with a BB gun threatening to kill him for "messing with his girl". What girl? Who knows since there had been so many. A white SUV whizzed by, driven by a beautiful, young woman, rushing to his rescue. "Get in!" She yelled and Trevor was whisked off to safety! The young woman was Paige, daughter of Crush Taylor, the Catfish professional baseball team owner. This first encounter was the beginning of a hot, s [...]

    30. Book 3 of Jennifer Bernard’s Love Between the Bases series is out and it’s a grand slam. Set in the fictional town of Kilby, Texas and starring the ne’er do well Kilby Catfish, it also introduces us to the romance of Paige and bad boy Trevor. After setting records with his play on the field and his playing of the field, Trevor should be headed to the major leagues but something always gets in the way. When he falls for the Catfish owner’s daughter, Trevor has a reason to stay in Kilby. B [...]

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