The Drowning Lesson

The Drowning Lesson Emma and Adam are doctors at the top of their fields and so when they are offered the chance to take their three children to Africa for a year for a research placement it seems like the opportunity of

  • Title: The Drowning Lesson
  • Author: Jane Shemilt
  • ISBN: 9781405915311
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • Emma and Adam are doctors at the top of their fields and so when they are offered the chance to take their three children to Africa for a year for a research placement it seems like the opportunity of a lifetime It s going to be an experience they ll never forget.But for all the wrong reasons When Emma arrives home one night to the sickening sight of an empty cot, theirEmma and Adam are doctors at the top of their fields and so when they are offered the chance to take their three children to Africa for a year for a research placement it seems like the opportunity of a lifetime It s going to be an experience they ll never forget.But for all the wrong reasons When Emma arrives home one night to the sickening sight of an empty cot, their family s dream adventure turns into their worst nightmare.Thousands of miles from home and from anyone who can help, they must discover the truth Is this a random abduction, a tragic accident or something far sinister

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    1. This year has seen a number of thrillers dealing with child abduction and murder, which have ranged from the good to the brilliant (“Little Black Lies,” “First One Missing”). I did not read the debut by this author, so cannot comment on other readers concerns that this is too like the first book, but I found that it had both positive and negative parts.Adam and Emma are both highly successful doctors and live in London with their daughters Alice and Zoe. When Adam has the offer of a rese [...]

    2. For anyone who follows my reviews, you may remember in one of my previous ones that I said thriller/crime novels had returned to intrigue and creativity as there forte. While this book does not make me feel like that quote was just a beautiful dream, it does somewhat dampen my enthusiasm.The stories goes of a typical modern family called the Jordan's. Emma and Adam are both medical professional's who have two young daughters. Emma is very competitive and tries her best to better her husband at e [...]

    3. 3.5 starsAn intriguing thriller that seemed a bit rushed at the end.In the novel, Shemilt uses flashbacks to great effect, moving between the present, with its dramatic unfolding of the disappearance of baby Sam, and the past, the long term build up to this event. Her writing is assured, it flows so well that you barely notice it until some bit of description catches your imagination. Botswana was a good choice for the setting and provided a bewitching foundation for the plot. Shemilt brought th [...]

    4. This book is basically the author's first book Daughter, rewritten. In Daughter, a child disappears, we have an obnoxious, manipulative, bitter, jealous, self-obsessed, selfish, shallow mother and in The Drowning Lesson we have exactly the same. The mother is so dreadful it was hard to feel any empathy with her and her plight. The husband comes across as inconsequential and indifferent. Both parents are doctors, Emma is a consultant obstetrician and her husband Adam and oncologist. They journey [...]

    5. A chilling read about a family from the UK who move to Botswana when one of the parents accepts the offer of a research opportunity, but subsequently one of their children goes missing and suspicion falls on the parents and all surrounding them. The detrimental effect on the family as a whole as well as individuals chronicles the hellish nightmare they all endure, but will the whereabouts of missing baby Sam ever be uncovered? The second chilling novel from Jane Shemilt that I have read and alth [...]

    6. Having loved reading Daughter by Jane Shemilt earlier this year I was excited to read another thrilling read by this author so as soon as The Drowning Lesson arrived through the door I started it straight away. Emma and husband Adam are both in the medical profession and when Adam gets an opportunity to go to Botswana on a research post for a year but Emma is reluctant to uproot their family for a year and the competitive side in her wants to push her work and research and the thoughts of a year [...]

    7. As a rule of thumb, once I've read a book by an author and felt underwhelmed by it, I won't rush to pick up her next novel. However, a relative recommended this book so I put my hesitations to the side and decided to forget how I felt about the authors debut. I really should have trusted my instincts. Emma and Adam are both successful doctors, he as an oncologist and she as an obstetrician. When Emma falls unexpectedly pregnant with their son Sam, she struggles to bond upon his birth. Meanwhile, [...]

    8. Emma describes her relationship with Adam as being 'evenly weighted with work and success'. They're competitors she explains. Both high-achievers and she feels she's lagging behind as a result of taking time off to have their two daughters.When Adam initially raises the idea of going to Botswana Emma refuses worried about the impact it’ll have on her career, but she she unexpectedly finds herself pregnant, taking a year of absence makes sense.This book was a bit of a sleeper. It felt a bit slo [...]

    9. Loved this book. Beautifully written. I could not warm to Emma, which, I suppose was the author's intention.

    10. Emma Jordan and husband Adam are both high achievers in their chosen medical professions - she is gynaecology, he in oncology. Adam has the opportunity to go to Botswana to undertake further research and Emma is extremely resentful, so much so she contrives to become pregnant with their third child, thinking this will prevent Adam's departure. The fact that Emma has put her career before her other two children is neither here nor there – she doesn't want to go to Botswana for various reasons, [...]

    11. Having read Jane Shemilts emotional debut Daughter last year and found it to be a well written and dramatic page turner, I was very excited to read her follow up novel which is always a more difficult book to write!This book follows Adam and Emma who are very hard-working and high achieving in their chosen fields of work. Their jobs come first and although they adore their daughters Alice and Zoe, days go by when Emma feels she hasn't spent the time or given them the love and attention she would [...]

    12. Firstly I’d like to thank the publisher for sending me this book to read and share my honest thoughts. I have to admit, after reading the blurb I was concerned that the subject of the storyline would make it too difficult for me to read. On the other hand I was also intrigued: Why and how was Sam taken? Where were his parents at the time? Would there be a happy ending?Before I even started reading my mind was conjuring up images of children from real newspaper stories, not all of which ended w [...]

    13. 2.5 starsAdam and Emma are a very competitive couple. Both doctors, they always seek to outdo one another. So when Adam gets a research job in Botswana, Emma is a bit put out. Adam would be carrying out ground-breaking research while she looks after their children.Once out there however, Botswana is like a dream. Exactly what their family needs. Until their only son, Sam disappears from their house at four months old. No one knows what happened. All the leads have run dry. What happened to Sam a [...]

    14. This is Jane Shemilt's second novel following her debut The Daughter. I felt the Drowning Lesson was more believable then The Daughter, However i have only awarded this book 3 stars because I felt no empathy with Emma.This book is about Doctors Emma and Adam Jordan and their 2 daughters Alice and Zoe. Emma is a consultant obstetrician and Adam is a oncologist. Emma and Adam love their daughters, however they are busy and do not have time to spend with the girls. When Adam is given the chance to [...]

    15. Emma and Adam Jordan are both successful doctors, trying to combine busy careers with a family. When Adam is offered a research post in Botswana for a year, Emma is not so keen on putting her own career on hold to join him. However she eventually agrees to go and to take their two children and new baby for the adventure of a lifetime – little knowing it would turn into a nightmare.There have been many thrillers this year on the subject of child abduction and being totally honest, this one is n [...]

    16. Emma and Adam are highly successful doctors, living a hectic life, with their two daughters in London. Emma is also extremely competitive and sometimes even her family get it the way of her professional competitiveness. She resents the fact that Adam has had a relatively easier time with his career given that he hasn't been distracted by childbirth and everything else that comes with it.Adam gets an opportunity to travel to Botswana on a research opportunity and feels that this might be a good t [...]

    17. I enjoyed this new chilling read from Jane Shemilt about a family from the UK who move to Botswana for a research project when one of their children goes missing. I didn’t really like Emma, (the mother) much in the beginning so I was feeling a tad detached to start with, but after a while I really wanted to know what happened to their son. One problem I had with the book – the prologue was ok, which was the first couple of pages from when Sam went missing. Then we went back a year to get to [...]

    18. Ho apprezzato molto questo libro. Davvero ben strutturato, mai banale. Uno spezzone di vita quotidiana e familiare di una coppia di medici. Molto interessante il rapporto con le figlie e le problematiche affrontate tipiche di una normalissima copia di genitori.Di particolare interesse anche la 'guerra lavorativa' coniugale e 'l'arrivismo'.Unica pecca il finale, nel senso che è un finale piacevole ma poco probabile nella realtà. Il tipico finale che tutte le famiglie che vivono una storia simil [...]

    19. I had high hopes for this book but it wasn't what I really expected. There were no real moments of thrilling suspense, it was not a great page turner.That said, it was a decent enough read. Beautifully descriptive, although I felt very little for the characters. I still don't understand why the title! I was lucky to win this book in a giveaway.

    20. This dragged on and on. It wasn't a psychological thriller, it wasn't gripping, in fact it wasn't much of anything. The ending was rushed too. Daughter is a hard act to follow, but this is way off the mark.

    21. 3.5 stars.An easy read. Not a gripping page turner, felt there was something lacking with the story, rushed ending.

    22. The Drowning Lesson was stuffed into my hands by a friend during our visit to our local library. I had no idea why then and I still have no idea why now.It really confused me in the beginning with the switching back-and-forth between time in London and in Botswana. It took me a while to realize that time switching was what was happening. This story structure also served to take away the mystery of earlier twists in the story: Emma's pregnancy and her ultimate decision to accompany Adam to Botswa [...]

    23. 3.5 stars - A family on a year's working holiday in Botswana head home with one member missing. I enjoyed reading this book but it loses 1.5 stars due to editing issues, an odd side plot about the mother's upbringing and a fairly unbelievable ending

    24. Adam and Emma Jordan, two busy London doctors, are married but fiercely competitive in their fields. When Adam is offered an opportunity to fork for a year in Botswana in AIDS research, Emma has other plans.

    25. I love a book with a mystery I can't figure out! Another unexpected ending. Can't wait to read another of this author's books.

    26. This book kept me hooked right till the end. The sort of book you can't put down. Really enjoyed it and hope to read more from this author. Would recommend, an easy read and very thought provoking.

    27. Enjoyable with just the right amount of suspense. I'll be writing a full review on my blog shelllouise

    28. nientedipersonaletervista.oSulla scia di Una famiglia quasi perfetta eccoci qua con il secondo thriller dell'autrice Jane Shemilt. Anche questa volta siamo alle prese con una famiglia fatta da medici in carriera, dove la sfida a primeggiare la fa da padrona. Emma Jordan vuole essere prima in tutto, a discapito del matrimonio e delle figlie. La carriera è più importante di qualunque altra cosa. Così quando Adam viene selezionato come ricercatore per un progetto in Africa, Emma fa di tutto per [...]

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