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  • Title: Miist
  • Author: Kamilla Reid
  • ISBN: 9780986674150
  • Page: 486
  • Format: ebook
  • This book is no longer available

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      486 Kamilla Reid
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    1 thought on “Miist”

    1. ****4.5 Bone Grit Stars****I absolutely LOVE this series!! The characters are so much fun and I can't wait to see if this does go to the big screen! I will definitely go see it!

    2. It's hard to know where to start except to say: This is a self-published book, and it shows. It seemed to start off strong, but looking back after reaching the end, the elements that would end up turning this into a 2-star read were there from the beginning. There are a lot of problems here, most of which (if not all) could be solved by an editor. It needs a red pen, and it needs the incorporation of some best practices. Ultimately, it reads like an early manuscript rather than a finished novel. [...]

    3. This was a good start to a series. It has some great world building to set up the rest of the series. Some of the minor characters and moments were my favorite. Some things that made it get 3 stars instead of four 1) at times new characters were introduced abruptly 2) Root is amazing, she really is, but at times she didn't feel like the same character that you fell in love with. This book has a surprising first line that hooks you more than it should, some great characters, and is fast paced. I [...]

    4. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. This was an awesome fantasy book. It was filled with suspense.

    5. Kamilla does a wonderful job creating a world of her own. The story and characters are completely captivating and drag readers into the journey with them. You empathize with Root as she struggles with wanting to know who her family is. The descriptions are impeccable, she creates settings and characters that we can visualize. Pacing is perfect for the story, it just flows like magic. Never once does the book seem boring or like it is taking too long. Very enjoyable read. Reading this book as an [...]

    6. A wonderfully creative world I volunteered to review an ARC of this book.The good: The world of this book is wonderfully creative. It has history and a complex magic system and I genuinely want to read more.The less good: the names in this book are whimsical and remind me of steampunk novels where everything is tweet. But this book isn't twee and it makes everything feel out of place. It's harder to take people seriously with ridiculous names and it gets confusing with so many capitalized terms. [...]

    7. Lots of potential. It needs a good editor. Too many cutesy names, almost all male characters, scarcely any descriptions of physical traits, not enough information about aspects of how this world works or what things are.Character development needs to be sustained. There are so many characters! Action seems to take over the storyline.Some great visuals, but the language use made me stop and have to reread often as it felt clunky or trying to hard to be clever.And don’t tell me, show me.Some gre [...]

    8. Very important to note: 1: I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. 2: I am super stingy with my stars. Mist has a fast moving plot that keeps you on the hook and characters to care for. Root, the female lead is the best friend everyone needs; she is smart, funny, kind, loyal, and brave. Would love to have had more background and help to understand the ways of this amazing world. Reid’s level of imagination rivals JK Rowling. Every chapter was a new discovery in this magical [...]

    9. Dark yet lightThis is a magical story that is well written but has some flaws. Root is a tough as nails heroine who has to deal with a lot of crap. Plots, intrigue, and backstabbing seem to abound in this book. There are some plot jumps and areas that are confusing but all in all great writing.I should note that this is darker than you would expect and at some points almost depressing. But there are moments of light that help to balance it out.

    10. Miist is designed for a slightly younger audience, as its protagonist Root is only 11 or 12, but it is great for readers of any age. The characters are so intriguing and we felt strongly about them immediately. If we could have reached through the pages and strangled a few of them, especially The Guardian and Root's "foster mothers", we would have. But her friends, old and new, are amazing. Read our full review at wp/p5s62b-Yu

    11. I enjoyed this story and the colorful characters, especially main character "Root." The world she lives in is interesting, but I frequently found myself a bit bewildered by some of the terms used, and would have liked a bit more background on how this world came to be. Even a glossary of terms at the end would have been useful.Though it makes sense, I didn't really care for the ending, so I haven't really decided whether I wish to continue reading this series. Interesting story, though!

    12. Miist is the first in series and I think the Author did a good job at laying down the groundwork for the series. This is a fast paced, dark magical ride with indepth and likeable characters, especially Root. I enjoyed the trip into this magical work the Author created and am looking forward to more in this series and from this Author.

    13. Could have been greatIt could've been great but then it just failed to get there, and failed miserably at the end. Too many jumps in the story and logic. Too many impossible odds and mean people. It just came across depressing and irritating and not realistic.

    14. Great characters and a plot that keeps you turning the pages, even when you should be working! Can’t wait to read the next one!

    15. I like the flow and the writing of the book. It keep me interested throughout the book. the ending was a twist but I will be reading the second book in the series because I enjoyed this book.

    16. To start, I must admit that I am a huge fantasy fan; a reader of everything from ‘Harry Potter’, to ‘Game of Thrones’, to moral fantasies such as ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’. When I received the opportunity to read Kamilla Reid’s ‘Miist (The Bone Grit Historeum) Book 1’ as an advanced reader, I was over the moon. Initially, I was enthralled by the description. Mystery, thrills, and humor. These are three elements that when combined properly, can come together to create the per [...]

    17. Once upon a time Bone Grits were considered honorable and valuable Finders of the Lost in Lanlynne. It took one notorious Bone Grit’s impudent act, however, for the entire population’s reputation to be tarnished forever more. Miist is a magical and thrilling tale about one Bone Grit girl’s—Root is her name—struggle and journey in particular. Her struggle to Find to survive. Her journey after being Called by the Marrow Bind. Her discovery of her strength and talents to do good in the wo [...]

    18. I rarely read anything in the fantasy or teen/young adult genres, so I had no idea what to expect when I began reading Miist. From the beginning, I was drawn to the main character, Root. She is bold and tenacious, yet vulnerable and fiercely loyal. Root operates from a place of instinct and survival (she is after all, a Bone Grit) and trusts no one – except for Fledger, the owner of the bookstore, Copper Quill. As the author constructed Root’s world for me and introduced me to more unexpecte [...]

    19. This book entails mystery, thrills, and humor. It’s the perfect combination for my taste. It’s a fantasy novel that provides a lovely tale of adventure, courage, friendship and forgiveness. It’s main character, Root is a lovable and courageous girl who can find things that are lost or hidden like Luck Teeth or expensive Glimmery or even secrets. This special ability leads her to a fascinating adventure along with her misfit friends. There is never a dull moment as you follow Root’s journ [...]

    20. Kamilla Reid has created a world so detailed, you can’t help but become fully immersed in it as you read. The characters of Miist practically explode off the pages, and I was enrapt from the start. The story surrounds the journey of a young girl named Root who works as a Finder. Straight away, we get an idea of exactly what that job entails. But the life that she knows becomes to unravel rather quickly when she learns some hard truths about her circumstances. I found myself sympathizing with h [...]

    21. Hauntingly beautiful adventureFantasy lovers rejoice, mystery seekers delve in, and book lovers prepare to abandon reality. Set time aside for this book as it will stay on your mind if you are forced to put it down.The first thing that struck me as I began reading this novel is the unique writing style. I’ve never read a book where the words are weaved with such poetic beauty. This poetic quality allows the story to flow easily even though it is complex. I did feel overwhelmed at times with ho [...]

    22. In “Miist”, we are introduced to the fascinating world of Bone Grits. Once, they had a noble trade, and their Finders would scour the villages, and could even find water after many days without rain. However, the Bone Grits eventually fell into dishonour and were persecuted, retreating into the shadows.In this sombre world, we find Root, a young girl that forges ahead with determination, searching for clues about her parents. In her, we find a strong character that pushes the story forward a [...]

    23. I cannot say enough wonderful things about these books! As a teacher of bright, easily bored teens it is difficult to find reading material that has widespread appeal but here is the exception. The books are terrifically inventive, wholly original and beautifully written. Best of all, the boys are loving them too despite the fact that the central character is female, for she is not a romantic figure as so many YA books have trailed. Nowadays it’s rare to find a complex character in the throes [...]

    24. Another little gem of a fantasy novelAnother little gem of a fantasy novel to be found in Miist (The Bone Grit Historeum Book 1) by Kamilla Reid. I had never heard oft eh author before I stumbled onto this little series and I am pleasantly surprised. Wasn't initially aware that it was a young adult fantasy book, and starting reading before I noticed. This didn't really affect things at all, as I read many young adult series books, especially fantasy genre and love them. I won't say that this boo [...]

    25. A Fantasy book where sky is the limit for the author. A poetic language that is captivating. A writing style that is unique in itself. A novel full of emotions, constant paced plot, unique characters, sense of humor with mystical sense are some of the various interesting elements that are skillfully blended by the author.The story revolves around little girl Root, who is a clever and determined Finder and faces many hardships but happily takes them. It is her struggle to find to survive in the w [...]

    26. This is what story telling is all about. I loved the way this story was written; very descriptive and flowed well. I would describe it as a cross between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. The author takes you on an adventure along with our heroine Root as she tries to escape from the clutches of the Guardian of Lanlynne, a powerful man who wants to use her unique skills to Find for him. One of the things that I loved about this fantasy novel is that the characters and world are described with [...]

    27. Two words to describe this book: Absolutely Haunting! “Miist - The Bone Grit Historeum Book 1” is one of those novels you won’t soon forget. What strikes me the most is the imagery. It’s so extraordinarily vivid that I couldn’t help but read it straight through (from start to finish) in one single sitting. The protagonist, Root is also a primary reason why the book is such a page-turner. What a well-developed plot and what unique, well-rounded characters to match! It’s safe to say th [...]

    28. Miist is a lovely tale of adventure, courage, friendship, and forgiveness. The heroine Root is a lovable and courageous girl who can find hidden things. This special ability leads her to a fascinating adventure along with her misfit friends. The tone of the story is very charming and adds beauty to the narration. The book was purchased by my teenage son, but I could not stop myself from reading it and getting amused by the adventure. It could be read by every child over 8 years of age. Its short [...]

    29. I received an advance copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion. I loved Miist! Kamilla created a captivating world with characters you care about. I couldn't put the book down, I had to find out what happened to Root next! YA readers and lovers of fantasy are going to find themselves hooked on Miist! I consider myself very lucky to have been given the chance to read the book before it's available to the public. I have no doubt that on October 3, Miist is going to shoot up 's charts!

    30. This book had me from the first page. The writer was able to make you feel all sorts of emotions for Root. Love, Anger - not towards the character but for the character. I can't wait to read the other books by this author.

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