Sanctuary A new world arises from the ashes of the oldbut the fight for survival has only begun In the Day of the Nomad oceans flooded the continents the earth split open and poured darkness into the skies A

  • Title: Sanctuary
  • Author: Matthew Mather
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A new world arises from the ashes of the oldbut the fight for survival has only begun.In the Day of the Nomad, oceans flooded the continents, the earth split open and poured darkness into the skies A mass extinction event as the Earth hadn t witnessed in than two hundred and fifty million years, the planet flung into a radical new orbit around the Sun.Jessica RollA new world arises from the ashes of the oldbut the fight for survival has only begun.In the Day of the Nomad, oceans flooded the continents, the earth split open and poured darkness into the skies A mass extinction event as the Earth hadn t witnessed in than two hundred and fifty million years, the planet flung into a radical new orbit around the Sun.Jessica Rollins survived, hidden away in a mountaintop in Italy, and has made radio contact with other survivor groups scattered around the wrecked globe but the destruction is only just beginning The key to humanity s survival may lie in a backpack she recovered from her father, in the data he collected than thirty years before as Harvard s preeminent astrophysicist Information he died trying to protect.His final words to her circle around and around in her headrvive, no matter what But at what cost And what is Sanctuary

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    1 thought on “Sanctuary”

    1. Second 'Nomad' novel, after Nomad's messing up the solar system. Now even more stereotypically cartoon-like, the protagonist gets herself into the absurdest situations, dies and resurrects in the most incredible way, and all the good ones manage to survive and the bad guys finally face their inevitable justice = death. What a stereotype-packed thing! Mather hasn't won many points on this one I simply read it because I wanted to know where he takes it. If there's a third one, I'll happily give it [...]

    2. So THAT'S where Roger went!It's a good book, written by a good writer but I lost all belief in the plot. The world survives a DOUBLE black hole drive-by but the pockets of humans left here and there STILL manage to keep current wars going?! And all within a month of the almost total destruction of the planet and its population?! Nope. Not doable! Not believable.! In fact, book two was a waste of time. Unreald not in a good way. But three stars for some good effort. The author should have spent l [...]

    3. Good follow upI enjoyed this and it was action packed. My only complaint is with series in general. Everything now days are books setting you up for the next. There is a lot of detail that could have been omitted to advance the story a little further than where it ended. I can see several new story lines and where they will go. I'm in it for the long haul but I get frustrated trying to keep track of all the series I'm engaged in. A good read but a blip on the overall saga. I would recommend but [...]

    4. This novel starts a few days after Nomad left off. The action is non stop, twists just keep coming. Not only is our group struggling to survive the elements that were unleashed by the catastrophe but they are trying to avoid getting captured and or killed. Jess is developing further as a character, and I find that I like her more and more. This book is fast paced and engrossing. You can't help but fall into the story. If you enjoy end of the world stories I suggest you pick up Nomad and finish i [...]

    5. I really wanted to like Sanctuary, but it just didn't continue what made Nomad great in my opinion. Missing was the unique approach to an end of the world scenario that is actually plausible and new. An astronomical phenomenon we can't see? I can buy that, there's so much we don't know. The big let down: Sanctuary just feels too much like Mather's Cyberstorm and other popular action/thriller dystopia fiction, lacking any unique qualities. And gone was much of the sci-fi that made Nomad great. Th [...]

    6. Was really excited for the second book because I liked the first one so much, but this was very disappointing. Too many plotlines that didn't make sense. Don't think it's possible after extinction level event that people would be having the same feuds. Plus, this book is just a post apocalytic, survivalist story with little to no science. Author could have just written one book with epilogue of what happens after nomad.

    7. Good, But Not BetterNomad rips the solar system apart, the dual black holes altering orbits and ejecting Mercury and Venus clean out of the system while Earth manages to stay with the sun as Nomad drags it in its wake while remaining tenuously in the Goldilocks zone.Jessica and her surviving "crew" started out with a plan: Head south to warmer climes and hand off the data collected by her now-late father so that a glimpse of what's in store for the sundered planet can be seen and plans for conti [...]

    8. This was a quick enjoyable read with a fun adventure. It wasn't exceptional or fantastic, it didn't break any new ground really, but it was well-written enough (few typos) and exciting enough to give a good bit of entertainment and keep me reading the story to see what will happen next (which includes the sequels to follow). It's true, as many have said, that the main character's resilience and ability to defy death is a bit too unbelievable. Nonetheless, she clearly struggles with all the damag [...]

    9. I care about these people! I heard somewhere that for a movie to be good, it has to make you care about the characters. I think he same thing is true about a good novel. This series is an interesting and timely SF novel about survival after an apocalyptic cosmic event. With the recent discovery of "gravity waves", Mather's timing of the publication of these books is almost frightening. There's enough hard science here to make the plot quite believable, and more than enough thoughtful character d [...]

    10. Sanctuary is the continuing story of survivors after a catastrophic Astronomical event. I expected the main character, Jessica, and her companions Giovanni and young Hector to succumb to the elements and the evil forces hunting them many times but they always manage to survive. The story is convoluted, filled with twists that I didn't know were coming, and in places reveals human nature at its worst. Thankfully it isn't as much a love story as it is a story of determination to overcome both natu [...]

    11. Continuing from Book #1 of the series that was good, implausibility mounts in this book. The surviving party meanders through ice and snow in Italy trying to reach a frozen Mediterranean coast to get a ship to North Africa Anyone would know that any ship except an icebreaker would be operating and what would an icebreaker be doing when the Nomad - a double black star - swept all the sonar planets out of normal orbits. But this is science fiction, nut it is still populated by character who are hu [...]

    12. Sanctuary was a super fast paced book. Matthew Mather is proving to be super comfortable & capable at genre. For me this book had some challenges I wasn't a great fan of -- this kind of cliffhanger ending and the unnecessary political subterfuge -- spare me. I will say in the past, most of Mather's female characters are dismissible but in this series the females are tough as nails, kick butt broads. Yeah!

    13. Amazing writing!I have once again been entranced in Matthew Mather writing. Sanctuary begins a week after Nomad devastated the Earth. Jess, Giovanni, Hector, Leone, Raffa, and Lucca head south hoping for warmer weather and a place she can decode her dad's research. All they find is traitors, trouble, and freezing temperatures. I loved this book and I can't wait to start reading the next book in the series.

    14. Plenty of action, yes, but the entire story made irritatingly little sense. There is no reason at all for anyone to be chasing Jess, period. Her father's data could be of absolutely no use at this point; what is already in motion certainly can't be stopped. Oops. Just destroyed The Plot.In addition, what the hell is the story with Masarra? How does any part of this plot make sense?

    15. Enjoyed it. I saw some low ratings for this. I thought it was an excellent premise and a surprising end. I'm not sure what the review from Iris meant by good guys live and bad guys don't. Take longer than four hours to read the book and you might appreciate the characters more and an ending that was not exactly Disney-esque.

    16. Interesting plotI liked this story and found it hard to put down. But the narration was occasionally confusing. And I was slightly bothered by missing words and what seemed like poor editing. Some of these might have been due to British English clashing with my American English, but some were just mistakes.

    17. OK, if you like apocalypse stories This was the second book in the Nomad series. I'm not sure I'll continue reading the rest. I just don't like stories about the end of civilization and all the destruction and death inherent in that genre. Otherwise, it's not a badly written book. Just not my thing

    18. Another ripping taleLess focused on the astrophysics and more of what feels like set up for the next novel. Some interesting character developments came to light and plenty of action to go around. Diving into book three to see where we go from here.

    19. SurprisesThere are a few surprises in this book and some things that seem a little expected. I got a little bored in the middle but still a good, quick read. Looking forward to the next book!

    20. Fantastic storytelling!The storytelling is great. It is full of wonderful details. It does seem to move a little slow in some spots but picks up quickly. The intricacy of weaving all the different characters and subplots is fabulous. How does one do that?!

    21. A good 'read-in-a-day' kind of book. I liked the story, but it been awhile since I'd read the first book in the series, so it took some time to remember the characters. I am interested in discovering the technologies and philosophies of the Sanctuary in the next books.

    22. What can I say! I finished this in a couple days. The twists, the turns, Jess is an amazing lead and the supporting characters really make this a wild ride not to mention the near extinction of Earth as we know it!

    23. As heart pounding as the first!After the unthinkable decimates the planet, the fight for survival becomes even more intense. Much too credible for comfort. Amazing series!

    24. Worth the readFast paced, quick read. Looking forward to the continuation of the series. Very glad to read something in this genre with a female lead.

    25. Great readThis is filled with tons of action, it keeps you hooked to the last page. This is a good realistic version of doomsday fiction.

    26. Nice setting, bad writing in general. But if you're 2 books in you might as well get done with it all, am I right?

    27. Pretty far out plot but very good and interesting writing. The protagonists and antagonists seem indestructible.

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