Hidden Gates

Hidden Gates P J Stone was taught to put duty before her heart But everything changes with a kiss As a Seer P J is expected to choose a suitable mate to continue the bloodline Wanting someone considered off limit

  • Title: Hidden Gates
  • Author: D.T. Dyllin
  • ISBN: 9781941126493
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • P.J Stone was taught to put duty before her heart But everything changes with a kiss As a Seer, P.J is expected to choose a suitable mate to continue the bloodline Wanting someone considered off limits jeopardizes her future, forcing her to question everything she believes in As if navigating her love life isn t complicated enough, P.J receives a vision of a threat tP.J Stone was taught to put duty before her heart But everything changes with a kiss As a Seer, P.J is expected to choose a suitable mate to continue the bloodline Wanting someone considered off limits jeopardizes her future, forcing her to question everything she believes in As if navigating her love life isn t complicated enough, P.J receives a vision of a threat to her world that only she can perceive But no one wants to believe a fledgling Seer s warning With nowhere else to turn, can P.J trust a stranger with her life, her world, and maybe even her heart

    Hidden Gates The P.J Stone Gates Trilogy by D.T Dyllin Feb , Hidden Gates is a wonderful start into a new series, the P.J Stone Gates Trilogy In this new world, Gates to other dimension have to be guarded by humans who are gifted with special talents to help them with their task. Hidden Gates KunkelWorks HAWAII Fast Delivery Gates Home Shipping Returns Contact Us Sitemap Info KunkelWorks Makaweli Street Honolulu, HI Call us at Subscribe to our newsletter Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales Make a Hidden Gate Steps with Pictures Eight Gates Narutopedia FANDOM powered by Wikia The Eight Gates are eight specific tenketsu on a person s Chakra Pathway System which limit the overall flow of chakra within a person s body The basis for the idea of the chakra gates comes from the body s limits on the functions within it This makes the body much weaker, but NRPG Beyond How to unlock the Hidden Gates YouTube Apr , HOW TO UNLOCK THE INNER GATES Roblox Naruto RPG BEYOND NRPG Episode Duration owTreyalP Dragon Ball Z, Anime, and More , views W Hidden Gates Dr, Baton Rouge, LA Zillow The property W Hidden Gates Dr, Baton Rouge, LA is currently not for sale View details, sales history and Zestimate data for this property on Zillow. Hidden Gates eBook, WorldCat Get this from a library Hidden Gates D T Dyllin The first volume of the P.J Stone Gates trilogy, this paranormal story follows the eponymous P.J Stone, a Seer who has never seen that anything is less than fun Not known for her patience, matters Hidden Gates Ave, Baton Rouge, LA Bed, This Multi Family Home is located at Hidden Gates Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA Hidden Gates Ave is in the O Neal neighborhood in Baton Rouge, LA and in ZIP Code . MW Chapter The Eight Inner Hidden Gates WuxiaWorld After Tempering Marrow was the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, and above the Eight Inner Hidden Gates was the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace Once the Realm of the Gods body transformation system was cultivated to the extreme limit, one could reverse the universe and split apart creation. Hidden Gate YouTube Au

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    1. One of the benefits and downfalls of rereading a series is knowing how it ends and this wasn't something I took into consideration when I started reading this series. Once again I fell into this story with ease, but all to quickly we reach that point in the book where PJ realises her feelings for Bryn are more than platonic friends and it was at this point that I lost control of my emotions and I broke down. I was swept up in the here and now but there was that part of my heart that knew what wa [...]

    2. If you've read my review for Enemy Through The Gates you will notice that this one is about the same. That would be because this is newly polished publish version of Enemy Through the Gates. Not a whole lot was changed but there were some edits to it that made the story flow smoother than the original. Let me just start out by saying that when going into this book, I thought it was a YA book. I read the synopsis about an 18yr old girl looking for the perfect boyfriend and then finding out that s [...]

    3. Full Review ◎ Website ◎ TwitterI really don't know how I felt about this book; I had a cacophony of emotions during my read of it and can't seem to place it with a rating (right now).What I liked about the book was obviously, the cover. You can tell it has to do with dragons just by looking at it and I love dragons. I also loved the whole concept of Seers, Gatekeepers, and Seekers; there was a really well done uniqueness to the story itself. The plot itself was greatly done, the writing well [...]

    4. ***This is a beta read and won't be available until 2013***WOW!!! Just wow! I am at a loss for words. I really, truly think the author needs to leave this book as is. Stupid me initially thought it was a YA and I kept thinking "there's no fuckin way." I then realized it was New Adult and I was in love. I absolutely love the book. The characters were great and grew with the story. After reading a bit I kept thinking "Why is P.J. such a lip slut?" and "Does this girl have a golden vagina with all [...]

    5. Check out the blog tour, at my post I have an excerpt with my review.Click the banner to go to that post.Hidden Gates Review**This is Not a Ya book, more like New Adult, or Adult, has many sex scenes in it.**I really enjoyed this story a lot. I liked the world the author created, even if a bit scary at times, lol. No spoilers in this just so you know. I felt pretty dumb thinking this was a YA, It did start with them in the hall in high school, and usually books with HS kids are YA. But was I in [...]

    6. 1.5 I was disappointed with this one. The blurb sounded really interesting, but nothing came together for me. The romance felt contrived, character developement was almost nonexistent, the writing didn't do much for me, and the concept/world building was flimsy. For the first 20 pages, things were looking good. After that, it all goes down hill. I was annoyed by the fact that establishing the romance took precedence over world building. Yes, we're given a few random tidits about Guardians, Seers [...]

    7. P.J. is a girl straddling two realities. The first being that of an eighteen year old high school senior, complete with crushes, parties, and pecking orders. The secondWell, that's just a little more complicated.In her second reality, P.J. is a "seer". Able to see portals that lead to and from Earth from other dimensions, P.J. is part of an elite group of people charged to keep the planet safe from all manner of invasion.Because said is passed through females within the "seer" line and those lin [...]

    8. This book will be on my DNF list. I tried. Really tried to get over it but I can't. It really annoyed me on how the story develops. Love story sucks. As of 45%, it's really pure love story. And the main problem is mentioned but they didn't really do anything yet. I hate how the girl is attracted to every guys that says they like him beyond everytghing else. And both guys claiming they are suited for her. Uh, hello? Bryn just got out of the picture, the first guy who she slept with, she love him [...]

    9. I just have to say it again. This cover is beyond awesome. Seriously.Now, the book. Well, it's awesome too. It really really is. I loved everything about it. The story, the characters, It's original and fun and exciting and romantic and so much more. I suggest you read it as soon as you can because it absolutely belongs to my best-books-ever list. I love love LOVE it. Can't say it enough. I can't wait for the second book in this series! Thank you D.T. for giving me an ARC copy of this brilliant [...]

    10. I received this for free through NetGalleyThanks so much for letting me review this - going to be picking up the next book stat!The cover is fantastic! Loved the premise of this book and I was happy to find it really engaging and easy to read. The way the exploration of the relationship between P.J. and Bryn was weaved with the paranormal world was flawless and nothing felt misplaced. Big thumbs up for the world building - very descriptive and everyone's role was easy to follow. A great lead in [...]

    11. I am sad to say that I had to DNF HIDDEN GATES approximately 44% in. The teenage/relationship drama was just a bit much for me. That would be ok if this was strictly a YA novel, but there is sex in the book, and not just Oh I had sex yesterday, the sex is described. Then a chapter later, she is so in love, but kissing another boy and so hot for him, and dying because her love isn't there, then kissing another boy. You get the gist.

    12. No he podido acabar este libro. Parece una telenovela de sobremesa xD. Una cosa es un trio pero un cuarteto?!!! Lo siento pero no. El argumento parecía interesante pero se ha ido al garete con todos los supuestos pretendientes. No puedes declarar amor eterno a tu chico y luego ir morreandote con el primer tío que dice que eres suya argggg!!!!

    13. I copy edited this book and will be doing the other books in this series and do not feel it's appropriate for me to review it. I am putting my review in my private comments for myself only.

    14. Originally posted to A Bookworm's Confessions I don't like giving 1 star but the more I write this review, the more I don't like this book. This is not a YA book like I thought it would be when I read the summary but a NA. The New Adult genre is a difficult one. You have a character that's between a teenager and an adult and the author has to find the right balance. I don't believe that balance was found in this book. I had a hard time not rolling my eyes while reading this.Forbidden love? Check [...]

    15. I absolutely love it when I come across books with a brand new take on fantasy. When an author can take your mind into a whole new level of imagination, well they get my thumbs up! What author D.T. Dyllin has done here for you is opened up the world of fairy tales that you grew up with and added a sprinkle of extra magic to keep you turning the pages. She sneaks in characters and before you know it, you're in a circle of a whole new batch of friends. She drags your eyes across the pages hoping a [...]

    16. I read this as a beta reader and I absolutely loved it! It was such a fresh take on a paranormal fantasy for New Adults that it was like opening a Christmas present and with every corner of the wrapper that I "tore off" and got a peak at the gift inside, I got even more exited. The characters are loveable and genuine. Dyllin does an amazing job of developing realistic characters who you love to root for. The male protag, Bryn, is to die for and our female MC, P.J is spunky, heartfelt and fun. Dy [...]

    17. Hidden Gates by D. T. Dyllin is the first in the P. J. Stone Gates Trilogy. Dyllin introduces a world where Seers, Gatekeepers, Guardians and Speakers exist unbeknownst to the “regs,” or regular humans. Seers and Gatekeepers are at the top of the food chain. Their role is to keep the Earth safe from otherworldly dangers. Since Seer children can only be born from two Seers or a Seer and a Guardian, matches between those two factions are required. Our heroine, P. J is a high school senior and [...]

    18. "You'll always be my best friend"“Every time I’m with you, it’s like coming home”Okay, first off, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. It was a little racier than what I am use to but I was hooked from the very beginning. It was very well written and the story captivated me at every turn of the page. From the way it ended, I hope that I am awaiting another book.The story starts out with P.J. Stone and her best friend, Bryn, found out they both have feelings for each other. I love best friends fal [...]

    19. What did I think?Well, I will be honest and say that once I read the blurb I was a bit wary because I am not usually into fantasy/sci-fi books. I'm more of a paranormal romance or YA kinda gal.But from the first chapter to the last, I was intrigued. This book is pretty addicting. Although I was a little confused when the author was explaining things in the beginning, it didn't take me long to catch on. I loved the world that Dyllin creates.Like I said, I'm not much of a fantasy reader but Dyllin [...]

    20. HOLY SEERS!!!!!!! Okay okay I have to say a huge THANK YOU to IMR Blog Tours for allowing me to read and review this ARC and be a part of this tour. I have read a few books with seers in it and I have to say that this one had a little twist in it and I immediately started to devour this book. To say I could not stop reading it is such an understatement but I really couldn't. PJ Stone is a Seer who has no visions. She is frustrated because her gift is not even a gift because she does not see any [...]

    21. First off I just want to say Wowza and the plot thickens! I am not completely sold on Bryn and Pj 's relationship I am silently rooting in Kohls corner to be honest. OK now before I give too much away PJ is a Seeker, Bryn is her best friend and is a guardian, Jenna is her wild best friend whom I grow to love she is a speaker and Kohl well he is a whole lot of man and inside PJs head. This book is amazing. When I first started to read Hidden Gates I wasn't exactly sure where the story was gonna g [...]

    22. I really enjoyed this book in fact it was one of those unexpected reads. I figured it would be good, but I never thought that it would go the way it did, which was quite a pleasant surprise for my mind that's pretty good at predicting what's going to happen.PJ is a young high school senior that struggles with her seemingly non-existent seer abilities, while realizing that she loves someone she can never have. This is only the beginning of her problems as the world around her shifts, her seer abi [...]

    23. I can't finish this book. I was immediately put off by the overwhelmingly, heavy focus on romance. Yes, the summary clearly indicates that romance would be at the forefront of this book, but it was listed as sci-fi and I was hoping the Seer's warning would lead to a bit more thrilling plot line. Part of the reason I had such a problem with the romance was that it was poorly executed and annoying. Forbidden romance with a love triangle - UGH.The world building was poor. I had to reread a few para [...]

    24. I thought this book was a really good beginning to a trilogy. That said I thought the character building was great, the imagery was really detailed, creating a very quick mental ability to believe in everything going on. I found all the cliche pnr/ pr/ young adult books to have clear cut good & bad guys. I found the female lead P.J. an interesting combination for the lead heroine. The males are all interesting & w/o spoiling anything I thought there was a really cool combination of super [...]

    25. Full Review at: What's Beyond Forks?There is so much to this story that I'm afraid of ruining the experience for future readers with too many details. I knew little about Hidden Gates when I started reading it, and it was fun to experience it page by page. Even though it's fictional, there is something that feels unexplanably real about it and I loved that.

    26. To be fair, I helped with editing and its coming out through Dragonfairy in which I have ownership in it.That being said.It rocks! lol!I love it. The book is un-fucking-predictable right up to the end.

    27. Some of the politics made me go "hmm" and there was a lot of things that didn't quite gel with me (I found some of the mythology underdeveloped, while other aspects of it were actually pretty intriguing), but overall I found it quite easy to ready and am curious as to where the story goes.

    28. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Warning: This review will contain some mild spoilers.SummaryHidden Gates is not what you would expect. It has people with gifts, it has aliens and, what’s more, it has dragons. Its writing style is YA, however it is a book which contains so many references and descriptions of sex that it would be better classified as New Adult. It is a book where a global invasion becomes a reality but it also a book where teen romance and a [...]

    29. From readingandwritingurbanfantasy.At A GlanceSuch a great concept buried under a lot of sex. The GoodDespite the odd romantic beginning, I was drawn into this book straight away. The premise was fascinating and the characters were interesting. The whole supernatural people living among us idea was fun. They had their own society within our normal society and the dynamics fascinated me. Then the twists and turns Dyllin implemented at almost every turn were exhilarating. The more I read, the more [...]

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