Extraordinary X-Men, Volume 1: X-Haven

Extraordinary X Men Volume X Haven The fate of mutantkind is decided here Staring down the threat of extinction once veteran X Man Storm pulls together the team she ll need to ensure her race s survival Together these Extraordinary

  • Title: Extraordinary X-Men, Volume 1: X-Haven
  • Author: Jeff Lemire Humberto Ramos Victor Olazaba Edgar Delgado
  • ISBN: 9780785199342
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback
  • The fate of mutantkind is decided here Staring down the threat of extinction once , veteran X Man Storm pulls together the team she ll need to ensure her race s survival Together, these Extraordinary X Men will struggle with the familiar burden of being hated and feared, while facing threats the likes of which they ve never seen Here s hoping they survive the experiThe fate of mutantkind is decided here Staring down the threat of extinction once , veteran X Man Storm pulls together the team she ll need to ensure her race s survival Together, these Extraordinary X Men will struggle with the familiar burden of being hated and feared, while facing threats the likes of which they ve never seen Here s hoping they survive the experience Collecting Extraordinary X Men 1 5

    • [PDF] ê Unlimited Ì Extraordinary X-Men, Volume 1: X-Haven : by Jeff Lemire Humberto Ramos Victor Olazaba Edgar Delgado ñ
      175 Jeff Lemire Humberto Ramos Victor Olazaba Edgar Delgado
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    1 thought on “Extraordinary X-Men, Volume 1: X-Haven”

    1. As noted in my, shall we say, not-so-polite review of the festering mess that was Secret Wars, there’s a chance that my recent issues (pun intended) with comics have as much to do with my nigh-upon-three-decades of longevity as a comic reader as they do with my objection to editorial-driven storytelling and the endless cycle of major events that both diminish the fun and anticipation of each subsequent event and derail momentum just as books and creators start to get into a groove. After readi [...]

    2. What a complete and utter shitshow! X-Men hasn’t been good for a while but Jeff Lemire and Humberto Ramos’ Extraordinary X-Men is the lowest it’s been in some time. (Deep breath)So the Terrigen Mist is still floating around the world despite it being three years since the Terrigen bomb went off. Three fucking years! Isn’t this a gas - why hasn’t it dissipated already?! The Mist turns those with dormant Inhuman genes into Nuhumans with the new added bullshit detail that it’s now steri [...]

    3. This was painful to read and not just because of the overly cartoonish, ugly artwork. It's like somebody asked the twenty-year-old me what I wouldn't want the X-Men to be in twenty years and made a book out of it.Old man Logan perving over teenage Jean Grey is fucking twisted, too. Urgh

    4. I'm not terribly thrilled with the position Marvel's mutants are in now. I guess somebody decided that life was just too damn easy for them before Secret Wars, so they've rolled back to the most dire possible position for the X-Men. Have you missed the Legacy Virus? Good news! There's now the M-Pox, apparently caused when mutants are exposed to Terrigen mists which are, after all, basically everywhere. Feeling like mutants weren't nearly hated and feared enough before? Lucky you! We're now back [...]

    5. The fate of mutantkind is once again in peril. The release of the terrigen cloud when Attilan fell has had unexpected consequences on mutants. The terrigen makes mutants sick with a disease called M-Pox. Storm has relocated the Jean Grey in order to protect as many mutants as possible from the cloud and the disease.As always the X-Men can't simply hide themselves when something sinister is afoot.I have to say my immediate thought when I heard the storyline for X-Haven was Marvel Studios was flex [...]

    6. The gang is back together and Lemire is at the helm. I'm a long time X fan and a pretty big Lemire fan so this book should be like the best goddamn ice cream Sunday a guy like me could have!It's not, though. The ice cream is kind of melted, and the sprinkles are stale and mushy.This first arc is pretty much dedicated to getting the team set up. Other than that, the storyline is pretty 'mutant generic'. The world hates and distrusts Mutants, the X-Men are hiding out and finally decide that they h [...]

    7. So repetitive of the last ten years: mutants on the brink of destruction! Headquarters relocated to former villain base! Attack on the school! Dead character(s) back to life as living weapons! Cerebra in sentient form! Bare midriffs/ tube tops for the women! What everyone since Grant Morrison has gotten wrong is the wallowing in derivative ideas. And maybe giving the audience something "familiar" works on a sales level, but I'd like to see something new. And by "new," I don't mean Inhumans. Zzzz [...]

    8. I always thought Ramos on Spidey Cool. Ramos on X-Men? Nope. I had low expectations but it won me over. Ramos did good. Storm finally does something new with her powers!

    9. Not bad. More of an "establishing" volume: Previously, Cyclops did something very bad, basically putting mutants back to the top of everyone's hate list. Storm is setting up a new team, trying to keep the dream alive. This volume also brings back "classic" Mr. Sinister, not that odd guy that Gillen wrote.It has that familiar feel of the Claremont era where everyone hates them, there's the familial joking and camaraderie. There's also the gratuitous fight scene, resulting from one of the worst de [...]

    10. A rushed reboot playing back on the same general things X-Men has used for years. With that said, I still enjoyed it. I hope they take it in a new direction from here. As for this collection, I loved the artwork. It's beautiful. Not the strongest start, but I'm still going to read it. Spoiler thoughts down below. (view spoiler)[ I didn't really see the point of adding the mutant/inhuman Cyclops thing in here. It didn't add anything to the story other than shock value. And then they just left it [...]

    11. 2,5*All's in the rating. Neither really good nor particularly bad.Mutants are once again on the verge of extinction because of a virus, apparently originating in the terrigen mists. Everybody hates them, they'll have to fight to survive and impose their humanitarian views.Storm leads a composite band of X-Men (adult Bobby, young Jean, Illyana, Piotr, Kurt, Forge and old man Logan) and tries to make former Xavier's school a haven for mutants refugees. Its current location is at the same time orig [...]

    12. This was a big old meh bowl. So after the events of Secret Wars the X-Men are back together. Well kind of, least Storm is trying to pull them together. He goes to Jean who's in school and is like "We need you girl!" and got Old Man Logan who they need his help too. So then together they must band together and fight back against bad guys!What I liked: Jean and Logan together is nice. I enjoy their chemistry and it's the highlight of this. Especially seeing Old Man Logan's regret. Also, Iceman got [...]

    13. much better than i was expecting. Lemire manages to tie together a lot of storylines mixed with some good action, it was a solid book. X-haven is now run by Storm because she is protecting the mutants from the terrigen mist and X-pox. Magik is off looking for the last of the mutants but gets caught by Mr Sinister and his Marauders. Old Man Logan continues in this issue as well and I thought it was nicely done. Logan is hesitant to help the x-men, rightfully after Mysterio duped him into killing [...]

    14. The first time I have liked in Colossus in maybe forever. See also Storm, though her Xavier "To me, My X-Men" war-cry is already getting old. Great stuff with Pete, Ilyana, and Kurt. Old Man Logan continues to rock, and his relationship with Teen!Jean is a fun new twist on their history. This one is so far my favorite of the three current X-Team books. I was never crazy about Ramos's art on Spidey, where it arguably makes more sense. But I think it's terrific here.

    15. Okay, so I really liked this book, but in this case liking is not recommending. There's a general stigma around X-Men that hiring Brian Michael Bendis to revamp the line several years ago (which didn't even turn out so great) was the last time Marvel made an kind of honest effort to make the X-titles good. This is possibly true. The funny thing is that, all things considered, Extraordinary writer Jeff Lemire would never be considered a chump. Do you know how many times someone recommends Essex C [...]

    16. Esta nueva serie surge tras la muerte de Cyclops y se enfoca en la conformación de un nuevo grupo liderado por Tormenta, que nunca me ha parecido una buena líder de los X-Men. Ella va reuniendo el equipo conformado por Iceman, el Viejo Logan, Jean Grey, Magic y su hermano Coloso.Rescatando mutantes Magik encuentra a Sapna, una india al parecer con poderes oscuros. Ahora todos viven en X-Haven una ciudad creada en el mismo Limbo por Magik para resguardar a los mutantes de las nieblas terrígena [...]

    17. Went into this book with fairly low expectations. Not sure why exactly. Haven't favored the author, Lemire so perhaps that's it. My expectations were shattered. This is a good-looking fun X-Men title, with a fresh big concept, a lot of excitement and one of the best teams in many years: Marvel Girl, Old Man Logan, Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus, Magik and Iceman. (Just need Cyclops and Banshee to rival that greatest team of yore.) This collection is mostly about getting the team put together and [...]

    18. The X-Men at this point remind me of the closing seconds of a Candy Crush level - desperate random reshuffles of the same pieces with the clock running visibly down, hoping to luck on to a winning formation. A post Secret Wars time jump allows for yet another status quo reset, this time back to roughly the point we were at a decade ago, with mutants sterilised, dying off, hated and feared, and so on. The Inhumans are at the bottom of it - lampshading the general fan sense (whether true or false) [...]

    19. I only gave it the 4th star based on the final chapter, it looked like it was going in a very stupid direction but turned out it was just messing with the reader.Mutants have always represented some minority and in this there's some comparison of mutants with refugees, nice that they're keeping up with the times.Some of the art is a little iffy for me, not a fan of Storm's low hanging trousers. I don't mind her showing some flesh but she doesn't visually project the kind of gravitas and power th [...]

    20. Alright, so people complain about Lemire's Marvel work. I can see why- because of this book. This is just lack luster. I am not going to fault Lemire. I really don't think it is his fault. Marvel has gone out of their way to shatter the appeal of the X-men books, while trying to build up a set of Inhuman titles. I think at this point, they are trying to return the X-men to their former glory, but this book is the absolute nadir for the "Inhumans should be cooler than x-men" books. It is a shame. [...]

    21. I heard that Marvel basically wants to kill the X-Men off and replace them with the Inhumans or somehow combining them and based on this volume I can totally belief that.This was just totally stupid, and screams of being forced. And trust me, that was obvious just from the first few pages. You see, I am pretty sure that Illyana could have teleported that family out of there quicker and so would not get shot and not killed a bunch of people. Because if mutants are feared once again so much, her a [...]

    22. OK, but slight: this is an effective restart. Still, Ramos' art is always a bit too youthful and exuberant for this ol' fart. Lemire does OK scripting, but I see no great joy, here, yet. Young Jean Grey gets the most effective reintroduction, and a little mild heartbreak, too.Great color art by Edgar Delgado, very bright palate.Mildly recommended.

    23. This title seems much more successful than All-New X-Men. Where ANXM feels largely like a continuation (and thus has to be compared to the Bendis run), Lemire's EXM is much more its own thing, not quite the UXM which came before.And, it's pretty good. This is largely a getting-the-band-back-together plot (much like the start of the new ANXM was). Apparently the mysterious Scott event really scattered everyone. It's interesting to see a lot of reluctant X-Men return to the fold. And, I like the g [...]

    24. Even with the great writing and artwork I do believe the House of Ideas have run out of ideas OR really being petty with the drama with FOX because of the movie rights. Since the reboots of the X-Men movies, Marvel been making X-Men stories that involved with time displaced characters or bringing back the dead and bringing them front and center (Magik/Nightcrawler). Also the silly rule of "Don't create new characters" because it will automatically be owned by FOX to be used in their movies, so M [...]

    25. I don't want to waste too much energy thinking about this one. This was bad. Lemire's dialogue comes off as strained and inauthentic. Half the book is dedicated to assembling the team featured on the cover of issue one, and is a total waste of time. The thing with Logan and Jean is weird for all the worst reasons. Forge is a totally different character than when I saw him last, and what's with Nightcrawler? That's weirdly just not addressed from what I can tell, and didn't he sort of lose his fa [...]

    26. Compelling start to the series. I especially like the past-Jean/future-Logan combo. Yeah, it's the Kitty/Wolverine dynamic, but with a new twist. Everybody-hates-mutants is getting kinda old, but there are some promising potential character directions.

    27. I haven't read X-Men in several years, but I gave this a try because of Jeff Lemire. Sigh's the same old X-Men tropefeared and hated by a world blah blah blah. Thank goodness for X-Men movies, which are currently far more interesting than any of the half-dozen X-titles.

    28. 3.5 for me. Solid creation of the new foundation of the X-menwhich apparently have smaller roles now!

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