Malbed Mews

Malbed Mews A brand new block of flats in the centre of the city a luxury residence or so the new inhabitants think But these flats have a secret and they are not so new after all just refurbished and modernis

  • Title: Malbed Mews
  • Author: May J. Panayi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A brand new block of flats in the centre of the city, a luxury residence, or so the new inhabitants think But these flats have a secret and they are not so new after all, just refurbished and modernised What were they before A dark past hides in the brickwork, waiting to be discovered It seems that perhaps all the previous residents have not yet left the premises SomeA brand new block of flats in the centre of the city, a luxury residence, or so the new inhabitants think But these flats have a secret and they are not so new after all, just refurbished and modernised What were they before A dark past hides in the brickwork, waiting to be discovered It seems that perhaps all the previous residents have not yet left the premises Something else lives there too Something much darker, awoken by a storm The pioneer first residents, are in for the rides of their lives, or deaths Dare you enter the darkness within

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    1 thought on “Malbed Mews”

    1. I read a wide variety of genres but haven't read any horror for a long time and when I stumbled across this author living in the same town as me, I thought I would give this book a read. Well, what a great decision! A really creepy story about an apartment block, which has an evil history and has been refurbished as apartments. We meet the early new residents and also a long term resident of the basement, which you definitely don't want to encounter on a dark night.The early pages quickly remind [...]

    2. Malbed Mews is a lovely, carefully balanced tale of horror and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this clever story about a haunted apartment block with its fair share of secrets. . It opens straight into the action and them diverts somewhat but the key to this book is how beautifully paced it is. The balance in a hoor book is vitally important. Here we have an author who has built and built at just the right pace showing us just enough at every stage without spoiling the ending by giving away [...]

    3. This is a book that will grab you and not let you go. The characters in this book are so well developed that they seeped into my dreams. Malbed Mews by May J. Panayi is a horror book the holds its own against the bestsellers in horror genre.Malbed Mews is about a renovated apartment building that is possessed by its previous occupants. The new residents are barely settled in when the horror begins. Each new resident’s fears and insecurities are manipulated by the evil history and lost souls of [...]

    4. I read a lot of ghost, horror and spooky themed books. This book also had the elements of a psychological thriller. I love being scared and this book did not disappoint. The characters were well developed and could have easily been me, making me feel closer to the horror of the building. Each character had their own specific horror and it felt both believable and terrifying. The book contained adult themes which were well written and kept me on the edge of my seat, biting my nails. The pace was [...]

    5. The writing is superb, and the author takes you through this tale, building up a level of suspense in a creative and clever way that brings the story together through different threads and stories. I truly enjoyed this and would actually love to see it developed into a movie although in saying that I would worry that much of the essence of this fantastic read would get lost in translation.It is not just a horror story, its a thriller and an incredibly well written fiction. Highly recommend!

    6. I'll admit, I wasn't sure what I was expecting when I dove into this book. What I got was a cleverly woven psychological horror thriller.Malbed Mews had me on the edge of my seat, cautiously cheering Guy, the writer, on, as he pieced the sinister history of his new home, together.Frightening scenes, gore, mystery, well developed characters, and much more.

    7. A modern horror story set around a new development of flats, but the renovated building has a dark history and something inhuman still lurks beneath.Each of the new residents of the flats is well drawn and we are able to see something of their everyday lives, then observe as those lives begin to slide into madness and death as the evil that lies beneath exerts its psychic force, feasting both psychically and literally upon the victims.There are interesting parallels between the people who lived [...]

    8. I would start by saying Malbed Mews is without a doubt one of the very best novels (of any sort) that I have read. Horror is certainly not my preferred genre and yet this wonderful book dragged me in and kept me totally captivated from the first page to the last. I was actually disappointed when this book ended because I had become so involved with the characters, action and events surrounding Malbed Mews. The basic plot is I'm sure one that has been covered before, but Panayi has brought her ow [...]

    9. This is a great little horror story about people living in a former insane hospital, now converted to flats. And we can't forget about a long-term resident living in the basement (where else?). The first person to move in discovers a box of folders containing the case history of the insane who resided there. As the story progress, the similarities between the new and old residents emerge. With each successive section of the story, the author turns up the "heat" to the creepiness and horror that [...]

    10. This is a tense horror with occult and supernatural elements as well as ghosts. It is very fast moving and grips throughout. It is pretty graphic when it comes to the action scenes, so hold on to your hats. As it says on the cover; Dare you enter the darkness within? A brand new block of flats in the centre of the city, a luxury residence, or so the new inhabitants think. But these flats have a secret and they are not so new after all, just refurbished and modernised. What were they before? A da [...]

    11. I enjoy a good thriller, especially one with ghosts and horror. This was outstanding and had me totally gripped from the prologue. Something lurks in Malbed Mews, a newly converted block of flats. First resident, Guy, finds out what the place was originally and there is an eyebrow raiser that adds layers of spook to this captivating story. I liked learning the history behind each resident and seeing how they were before the evil wraps around them. They were all well developed, if very divergent [...]

    12. I have read a couple of books by this author, but Malbed Mews is my favourite. I borrowed it on KU and glad I did.The characters are well drawn, flawed which makes them believable. As the characters come and go and face horrors the narrative pushes Malbed move forwards.A well rounded plot of horror in renovated flats comes to life when we find the history behind the building. The descriptive narrative of the horror scenes makes this book stand out.I think May Panayi has done a great job here and [...]

    13. What if Hammer Horror made a disaster movie? If instead of a towering inferno, or a disaster struck plane, a strong ensemble cast of varied and memorable characters were caught in a supernatural threat?This is the answer. A strong character lead drama against the backdrop of a hauntingly scary threat,where the true monster's lurk within our own homes and circles of friends.Unique, scary, blistering well written, and most importantlyFun. good scary fun.

    14. Wow, what a great thriller! Chilling, haunting and impossible to put down! “Malbed Mews” tells a story of several residents of the newly renovated apartment building complex; only, one of them, Guy - a writer with an inquisitive mind of a novelist - soon discovers that the building has quite a sinister history as it had been used as a mental asylum a long time ago. Apparently, the evil that used to inhabit the walls of Malbed Mews didn’t disappear, but on the contrary, awakened with the ap [...]

    15. Nightmare neighboursThis is a story grounded in haunting horror and the occult but it is also a good thriller. The haunted house is a newly renovated block of apartments that had as you might expect, a curious past as an asylum for mentally ill. The new tenants begin to succumb to the evil that resides in the building and, interestingly, this becomes manifest through the personal fears and concerns of each tenant. The characters are well drawn and the only downside is there are a lot of characte [...]

    16. A haunting thriller. From the first pages – the author’s dreams. Just a promo to what is about to happen.At first we got to meet the characters with their stories. And then it starts…the hint is given at the beginning – this used to once be an asylum. Will you buy an apartment in such a building?Each one of the characters has some dreams, hallucinations, or some other craziness, that is effected by the evil in the building. And as time goes by things become worse and worse. This is a tru [...]

    17. I thought I had this figured out a few times, but was pleasantly surprised to realize I hadn’t a clue. Horror is one of my favorite genres to read and I was instantly drawn into the creepy ambiance of this story. I loved the haunted house vibe, that morphed into something darker as the story unfolded.Getting to know the tenants and drawing conclusions about why there were there and their part in ensuing horrors was very cool. In addition to a lovely atmosphere this story also has some pretty g [...]

    18. This is a modern horror story. The setting takes place in England where an old hospital has been renovated into an apartment building, which is very unique in its own way. It possesses the lost souls of the previous tenants. It slowly becomes obvious that evil has lurked here for quite sometime forcing it's influence . Every new tenant will be affected in a different way as the tension and horror unfolds. Behind each door they are fighting with their own demons.The author does a suburb job tying [...]

    19. This book is not your usual ghost story, it has a psychological twist to it that'll keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next. The author sets the story in a tenement building with most of the ghostly happenings taking place during the everyday living of the characters, which adds a hint of reality to the story, e.g. laundry day, a moment in the gym, etc. A spooky read that’ll have you searching every nook and cranny in your home for what's living beneath the surface. If you lik [...]

    20. Malbed MewsA good mesh of character, although a lot to follow. I found some parts extremely predictable (which doesn't mean it wasn't fun to read) and other parts nicely, creepily surprising. Malbed Mews is a well written tale of horror, creepiness and a dash of humor.

    21. Malbed Mews -- an architectural triumph where modern flats have been integrated into the features of Victorian building. But old and new are melded together in more ways than one. The building appears to have a life of its own -- or maybe that should be a soul. Guy, a writer, is one of the first new residents and his natural curiousity makes him a terrific lead character. Guys makes discoveries that drive the narrative. At first these discoveries are intriguing; then disquieting, then downright [...]

    22. Melbed Mews is about the conversion of an old, long closed hospital into a complex of modern apartments, but the building is already inhibited. As residents move into the Mews, they are each affected in a different way. The characters are well developed, some I loved, others not so much but the blending of the characters and their individual stories made for a rich and chilling tale. As others have said, there are quite a few characters to keep track of, and this was one of the things I loved ab [...]

    23. NOT MY USUAL KIND OF BOOKThis was quite a fun read and I particularly liked the way the past ran parallel with the present, although a flashback to the original characters would have added to the story. The mansion inhabitants were not as realistic they could have been and it took a while to get into the story as we were introduced to so many early on in the book. I gave up trying to track each one individually and went with the flow. It was an easy to read book and the only thing I did not like [...]

    24. DisappointingI'mt a good reviewer, it took me a few weeks tonish the short book, it just didn't hold my interest. I felt as if so much time was spent on the characters, that the story line was an afterthought.

    25. A well-presented story for lovers of ghouls, gore, and ghosties, but not one for the faint-hearted. ***

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