Cricket Song

Cricket Song A poignant and beautiful bedtime book Cricket Song connects two children on different continents through the evocation of sound and smell Readers will love identifying various creatures portrayed in

  • Title: Cricket Song
  • Author: Anne Hunter
  • ISBN: 9780544582590
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A poignant and beautiful bedtime book, Cricket Song connects two children on different continents through the evocation of sound and smell Readers will love identifying various creatures portrayed in the book and watching what they are doing as the two children begin to fall to sleep in their beds on seemingly opposite sides of the world While differences between cultureA poignant and beautiful bedtime book, Cricket Song connects two children on different continents through the evocation of sound and smell Readers will love identifying various creatures portrayed in the book and watching what they are doing as the two children begin to fall to sleep in their beds on seemingly opposite sides of the world While differences between cultures may be obvious, ultimately, this lovely story of sleep is a tale about interconnection.

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    1. I enjoyed the book even more when I paid closer attention to the two stories being illustrated. Lots going on, but it never feels too busy or chaotic - it definitely maintains a very soothing tone throughout.

    2. This year our library is sending out the nominations for the Mock Caldecott Awards in quarters--so I don't have to review them all at the end of the year!! Today I reviewed my first one. This is an absolutely lovely bedtime book. The drawings are pen and ink, done by the author. I thought the illustrations were beautiful but what really grabbed me was the banner picture spanning every set of pages that showed the progression through the story. In other words--a child hears the crickets as he fal [...]

    3. A lovely soothing story of the approaching dusk and evening. I was enthralled with the 2 stories going on at once, but didn't realize the setting is supposed to represent 2 different continents, I thought it was just a wide bay.Upon reading the description in about the book, I then took a second look at the illustrations. Based upon that it would probably be a better book to look at with an older group - differences and similarities seen.

    4. I love this book so much! The story is gentle and sleepy-making, and the pictures offer lots of opportunity for discussion, especially with the bottom bar showing the progress of the sun from one continent to another. I particularly love it because the setting is so similar to where we live now.

    5. I just spent a couple of days in the country with some friends. The sounds and sights were amazing. I really enjoyed this book.

    6. This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Visit us for new picture books reviews daily!Hello, friends! Today, we read Cricket Song by Anne Hunter, a bedtime book about the magic hour of dusk, and how it can connect the lives of two children with an ocean between them.As the sun sets, Cricket Song describes the unique sights and sounds of dusk settling in: the call of a “poor will” bird, the rustle of a fox hunting in the grass, and of course, the song of crickets floating on [...]

    7. Once a sound is attached to a sensory perception it stays there for decades. At an early age we were taught to count the number of cricket chirps in fourteen seconds and then add forty to that number to determine the current temperature. Many a night we rested in bed listening and tallying as we fell asleep. The sound of crickets in summer still means all is right in the world; signaling peace and sweet dreams. Depending on the time of day the cricket chorus may be joined with birds calling out [...]

    8. Lovely illustrations and a soft, calming story line render this a very creative book to read to a child a bedtime. Recently published, I found this on the library shelves prominently displayed. Creatively bringing together two children on different continents with the sounds of the night gently lulling them to sleep.As the young boy goes to bed and closes his eyes, the night breezes bring the sounds of crickets, which then bring the haunting bellow of the frogs in the stream of the woods. As the [...]

    9. The reason I chose this book is because it has been mentioned in the running for the Caldecott this year. The illustrations are stunning. The colors are so pretty and blend wonderfully together. Each double paeg spread could be a standalone piece of artwork. However, each page has an illustrated panel at the bottom which I do not feel is necessary or ties in with the story as much as the words and pictures above. A Caldecott Award winner I just read, The Funny Little Woman, has 2 opposing pieces [...]

    10. As the sun sets on one coast, the reader travels with sounds and breezes over the ocean to another child sleeping on the other coast. A panel of illustrations along the bottom of the pages shows the overall perspective, while the large pictures show close ups -- beginning with cricket-song and frog sounds, the the soft footfalls of the fox, who is sniffing for scents of rabbit, who is curled up safe in a burrow listening to the hoots of an owl, watching over a bay. There otters play, with sounds [...]

    11. The colors immerse the viewer in the natural world, while the gently sloping curves of everything from hills to curtains to blades of grass to waves and water movement sighs of comfort and connection to the people, places, and animals around you. Perfect for a bedtime story.One minor quibble - the last pages show a child on the coast near a volcano sleeping with the moon bright in the sky, but the lower bar shows the sky still quite light even though it's obviously dusk. Based on the size of the [...]

    12. Every now and then, a book comes along with illustrations so beautiful and intriguing that you want to just pore over every bit of them. Cricket Song was like that for me.The book shows a child falling asleep to the song of the cricket, then zooms out of the child's house, across the sea, and (eventually) to another child falling asleep. In addition to the main illustrations, there's a "widescreen format" illustration running along the bottom of each page. I loved finding all the animals and fol [...]

    13. I think the author is trying to show how the cricket's song transcends continents and time of day, but the small picture along the bottom of each page is a little awkward. The proportions are odd, and the sun hangs on the western shore for several pages, then jumps across the ocean in a few pages. The animals mostly recognizable, but often difficult to identify in the bottom frame.The text works better and connects the children of different lands across a variety of animals (almost like a food c [...]

    14. Evening comes and sleep, too, while listening to the 'cricket song' in a house on a bay with frogs who 'dreck' and owls who 'boo' as they watch the night. There is a fox listening for a rabbit plus sea otters and whales in the bay. Words seem soft, and while the double-page spread shows larger specific scenes, the bottom of each page shows the broader scene of the bay. You'll need to look closely to watch for changes.The illustrations are awesome, showing the outside world along with the young c [...]

    15. 9780544582590Popularity/appeal rating: 3Quality rating: 4In a one-sentence nutshell:The larger illustration on the top of the page shows the close-up view of what's going on; the smaller illustration at the bottom shows the big picture. The "big picture" illustration shows that children on both sides of the ocean experience the same things, like the crickets chirping. This would be a good book for introducing ideas of tolerance and acceptance, because it shows that we're not so different - no ma [...]

    16. I've never seen a picture book that does this before! This book appears to be a perfectly normal picture book about the song of crickets drifting on the wind from one child's ears to another, BUT it isn't. Along the bottom of two-page spread is the entire setting of the book moving forward in time with each page turn as the sun sets. I've never seen this done before, and I LOVE IT. Not only does it offer a complete view of the story, but it gives additional details as well. Beautiful illustratio [...]

    17. The turn between the two settings hinges on the whale, and it takes close watching to notice this is what is happening at all. Quiet and charming, the nature settings are fun to look at closely to look for hidden animals and to see how the panorama in the bottom frame changes from spread to spread. I was expecting some kind of narrative to unfold because of these devices, but the text was just a kind of sequential list.

    18. Cricket Song is a lovely bedtime story that shows all the gentle sounds a little child can hear in the night breeze in one country, over the ocean to a little island in the sea where another child listens to the night sounds as well. Soft illustrations by the author show the quiet of the night and a band that runs across the bottom of the page shows both the woods, ocean and the island as the sun sets and the night descends. Perfect for ages 2 - 10.

    19. Audience: preschool / Grade SchoolIllustrations: Large focal illustrations cover the top ¾ of the book, while the bottom length of the boo details the journey from one ocean shore to the other. Plot / Review: We have all listened to the sounds of nature, but how often do we stop to think about how others are listening to the same thing? An interesting spin of the six degrees of separation, this book will have readers closely following where the cricket’s song will take them. Read Aloud: Yes

    20. This book has a unique feel connecting two children in different locations as they go to sleepI love the landscape picture that is added at the bottom of each page. It shows a broad perspective of what is going on from one child's house- across the ocean- to another child's house. It is neat to see what all is going on in each picture fisherman going out to sea, animals moving around etc. Love it!

    21. A quiet bedtime book that begins in the west with the evening breeze and follows it across the ocean to end with the evening breeze in a fishing village in the East. Filled with the sounds, smells or sights of every point along the way. A narrow art panel along the bottom edge of each page chronicles the passage of time and locates the action of the page in the larger journey of the bookthor/illustrator

    22. Beautiful bedtime story about the sounds of the creatures at night and the connectedness of our world. Unique to this story is the double page spread at the bottom of each set of pages that shows the passage of the sun across the sea. Because of the details of the illustrations I would recommend this for a one-on-one or small group readaloud rather than a large storytime.Nice, quiet story with an important message and beautiful illustrations.

    23. What a neat book - while the main narration is going on, there's a strip at the bottom of each page with the page's narration as well as the setting for the entire book, all in miniature. I like that shift of focus from the immediate setting to the overall setting and back again. Love the details! When I was little, I would have read this book over and over.

    24. A soft and quiet bedtime story of the sounds of a summer night that connects two children as they sleep on two different continents. Beautiful watercolor and ink illustrations. I also read this as electronic book, but it only showed one page at a time and you really need the double page spreads to fully appreciate the story. A picture book for ages 4 -7.

    25. I appreciated how this book showed a timeline along the bottom of each page, giving an overview about what was going on throughout the story; as well as how each page then proceeded to tell the story regarding a specific section of the timeline. In addition, the illustrations were lovely and complemented the story line nicely. +Book-List

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