London's Glory

London s Glory In every detective s life there are cases that can t be discussed and throughout the Bryant May novels there have been mentions of some of these such as the Deptford Demon or the Little Italy Whelk S

  • Title: London's Glory
  • Author: Christopher Fowler
  • ISBN: 9781473526211
  • Page: 425
  • Format: ebook
  • In every detective s life there are cases that can t be discussed, and throughout the Bryant May novels there have been mentions of some of these such as the Deptford Demon or the Little Italy Whelk Smuggling Scandal.Now Arthur Bryant has decided to open the files on eleven of these previously unseen investigations that required the collective genius and unique modusIn every detective s life there are cases that can t be discussed, and throughout the Bryant May novels there have been mentions of some of these such as the Deptford Demon or the Little Italy Whelk Smuggling Scandal.Now Arthur Bryant has decided to open the files on eleven of these previously unseen investigations that required the collective genius and unique modus operandi of Arthur Bryant and John May and the Peculiar Crimes Unit investigations that range from different times London during the Great Smog and a variety of places a circus freak show, on board a London Tour Bus and even a yacht off the coast of Turkey.And in addition to these eleven classic cases, readers are also given a privileged look inside the Peculiar Crimes Unit literally, with a cut away drawing of their offices , a guide to the characters of the Peculiar Crimes Unit, and access to the contents of Arthur Bryant s highly individual library.

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    1 thought on “London's Glory”

    1. A book of short cases featuring my favorite pair of unorthodox detectives and their Peculiar crime unit. As shorts one doesn't get the full flavor of their personalities and peccadilloes, but for long time fans like myself, this was a treat. What made this an even better read was the author's comments before each story on how and why the story came into being, as well as his introduction where he mentions so many mystery writers he admires and those he don't. Also he explains what mysteries are [...]

    2. Ever since I lived just outside London and spent nearly 2 years exploring and adventuring with friends far and wide across the city I have always had a love for stories based across the city. The works of Christopher Fowler for me cover such a huge spectrum of work - from horror to fantasy and even auto-biography. He has such a way with words involving such images powerful and vivid and yet does not have to stoop to cheap tricks and long words.Now couple these two together and you have the world [...]

    3. I had only read a short Bryant & May story before I read this collection and one of the reasons I wanted to read this collection was because I thought this would give me some insight into the life and work of Bryant and May if I in the future read any of the books. Which I probably will. This collection consists of eleven previously unseen investigations and it is everything from murder in a locked room, a suspicious case of poisoning on a boat and a killer on a Tourist bus in London. Some c [...]

    4. Well, that was an interesting review copy. And by interesting I mean that I wish I wouldn't have to go to work and instead read the first 11 books in the Bryant & May series before breakfast. If you're a fan, you'll love this. If you're not, then you will be - it's as simple as that.

    5. First Sentence from “About the Book”: ‘Do you remember that corpse we found in the snow with nobody else’s footprints around it?’ asked Arthur Bryant.Eleven delightful stories from the case files of London’s Peculiar Crimes Unit have been gathered together into an absolutely delightful, intriguing collection of clever mysteries.This is one time when the introduction is as interesting as are the stories. Fowler writes about the history of crime novels, as well as the differences betwe [...]

    6. What a fun read! I've had my eye on this particular series for awhile, but never got around to actually take a look.Arthur Bryant and John May are London's most well-known detectives. The author has put together 10 mystery short stories for our reading enjoyment.While the stories were good, the best part, to me, was the author's ramblings before, between, and after the stories. It's really insightful as he shares where his ideas came from. I particularly like the characters. These are not the yo [...]

    7. It’s odd being so familiar with characters and styled when confronted with something which is considerably different.It’s not a fault, but the structure of these short stories is understandably different to the full novels, it has to be that way in order to deliver a tale in fewer words.But, I don’t like fewer words, not with Bryant & May. I like lots of words, lots of background, lots of wild-goose-chases, lots of ‘madness’. I like the flow of the full novels, the support from all [...]

    8. I really enjoyed these eleven short stories, mostly set in London, of course, about the two detectives at the Peculiar Crimes Unit at different points in their career. However, I gave the book a four-star rating because the stories necessarily lack the complexity of the Bryant and May novels. There's one story exclusively from Janice Longbright's viewpoint, true, but there's a paucity of the other characters in the PCU, not to mention Bryant's crew of eccentric informers and experts. More signif [...]

    9. Read the Review HereThe Bryant and May series has turned into one of the most reliable crime reads for me and I’ll always check out a new release whenever I can so it was great to see that Fowler had put out an anthology containing several short stories, with the number count coming to eleven in total.Serving as a great introduction to the characters for readers who can find the backlog of books a bit daunting to catch up on London’s Glory is an effective read that showcases why these charac [...]

    10. I will own up straight away, short stories sometimes fail miserably for me. The problem I have is that you can have two good stories out of a book of twenty. A lot of wasted reading time that you can't get back, thankfully those charming figureheads of the Peculiar Crimes Unit, Detectives Bryant and May manage to fill an entire book with enjoyable stories.I only read my first Bryant and May book this year but I fell very quickly for these two gents, their unique approach to policing is well.uniq [...]

    11. A collection of short stories featuring the quirky pair of detectives, Bryant and May. This book contains 2 stories previously issued as ebooks - Bryant & May and the Secret Santa, and B & May's Mystery Tour.The others are (all Bryant and May ) in the Field, on the Beat, in the Soup, and the Nameless Woman, and the Seven Points, on the Cards, Ahoy!, and the Blind Spot, and the Bells of Westminster.Some are deliberate attempts to use or are homages to classic concepts from the golden age [...]

    12. Review: LONDON'S GLORY by Christopher FowlerThe dapper duo of London's Peculiar Crimes Unit, the personable May and the irascible Bryant, appear in a collection of stories published together for the first time. Appealing both to readers who focus on character and to readers who enjoy the spooky aspects, LONDON'S GLORY presents a good cross-section of the investigations of the Peculiar Crimes Unit, and a fine introduction to the series.

    13. Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC of this book.Let me state for the record that this is my first meeting with Mr. Bryant and Mr. May. However, it will not be the last. Also for the record, the case of the nameless woman could be the best short story I’ve ever read.“London’s Glory” isn’t just a primer on this particular partnership. It is also a dissection of the mystery genre as a whole. It’s everything a short story collection should be - quickly paced, action-driven, and a relaxing re [...]

    14. I really enjoy Bryant and May. I really enjoy Fowler's writing. It's such a shame that the author finds it necessary to run his mouth as obnoxiously as he does on his blog. But it's his blog, so he can say whatever he wants, and I can stop reading it whenever I want. Which was when his "those Americans have trouble brushing their teeth because they might have to put down their guns" attitude got up my nose. Oh! Speaking of which: "In Britain, we have ‘equality of arms,’ which allows the same [...]

    15. Like many people, I often find short stories unsatisfying because a great deal of detail is omitted or there just isn't enough to it. Christopher Fowler, however, has carefully honed the stories to fit the form (somewhat like writing classical sonnets) so that there is enough detail to enjoy and enough plot or twist to satisfy the reader. I think I liked "On the Cards" best for the twist that happened all through it. It must have been interesting as a "choose your own" mystery.Hard to talk about [...]

    16. This book made me wish that there was a Peculiar Crimes Unit!The members of the unit and the civilians who help are a diverse bunch.The stories are wonderful!I especially like "The Secret Santa" and "Ahoy!".All the stories have atmosphere and great characters!I look forward to reading more from these "bright sparks"!I was given a digital copy of this book by the publisher via Netgalley in return for an honest unbiased review.

    17. A great collection of short stories about the detectives Bryant & May, the subject of Christopher Fowler's wonderful series of books featuring the work of London's Peculiar Crimes Unit. These short stories are a great place for newcomers to the Bryant & May series to begin, especially as it includes brief biographies of all the staff of Britain's strangest police squad.

    18. Good collection of amusing stories, featuring Bryant and May of the Peculiar Crimes Unit of the London PD.

    19. A woman walks into a police office and announces that she is going to kill a man in a week. When he's dead a week later they have no proof, but know that she killed him somehow. An officer helping with security for a visiting dignitary's wife accidentally tackles one of the undercover security men. A woman is found dead in a snow covered park with her throat cut and no footprints anywhere near the body. These are the sort of cases that the Peculiar Crimes Unit is called in. Not quite an X-Files [...]

    20. This collection of short stories and additional information provided by Christopher Fowler will be a great reading experience for fans of the Bryant & May series as well as someone just becoming acquainted with these quirky characters. There are eleven stories here and I had only read one of them previously as a stand-alone e-short story. The assortment is varied with some taking Arthur Bryant and John May far back into the past and one story being told from the viewpoint of the Peculiar Cri [...]

    21. I'm rather a latecomer to the world of Arthur Bryant & John May. So, to have a compendium of short stories in one volume and for that volume to have a perfect introduction, including an illustrated guide to the Old Peculiar Unit and a fascinating dramatis personae, is a really good way to begin reading this very popular crime series. There are eleven short stories to enjoy, all are roughly twenty or so pages long, some a little shorter, but always complete in themselves. And, as always, the [...]

    22. 4.5 stars - I'm not a short story fan in general, but I'm a huge fan of Fowler's hilarious, fun, touching, charming, witty Bryant and May series; also a GR friend and fellow PCU fan recommended this book highly (thanks Judy), so I snapped it up when it was available at my library.I wouldn't have thought Bryant and May's quirky, funny and sometimes surreal cases would have leant themselves to this format, but it was wonderful! I forget that I sometimes get frustrated in the middle of Fowler's ful [...]

    23. After a dozen novels, the Peculiar Crimes Unit get a short story collection, and it's a delight. There's no room here for another bloody plot about the Unit getting shut down, and the unsubtlety of the politics* doesn't grate half so much when the doses are smaller. Instead, we get what always makes the books so special; the old, odd couple investigating baffling mysteries, and between their countervailing and flawed personalities, generally ending up in the right place. A couple of the stories [...]

    24. 'Do you remember that corpse we found in the snow with nobody else's footprints around it? And the department Santa Claus whose gift caused a death? I thought I'd write up some of our more curious cases.'This was a fun read! I enjoy Mr Fowler's tongue-in-cheek sense of humour: 'On your left! No, your other left.'; and 'Everything comes with a warning about containing nuts these days. Except the general population.'This is a collection of short stories which starts with an outline of why this boo [...]

    25. I liked this collection of mystery short stories. The stories moved quickly, made me think and had some humor. Quite enjoyable!My thanks to Random House - Alibi, via Netgalley, for allowing me to read this in exchange for an unbiased review.

    26. A series of Bryant and May short stories. Very entertaining and fun. I also really liked Mr. Fowler's comments re. writing mysteries and writing in general.

    27. Best book I've read this year. I like the Bryant & May novels but I think the characters work even better in short stories. Arthur's smug tight-lippedness when he knows something you don't can drag on a bit in a 400-page novel but a short story gives just enough space to illustrate his thrawn nature before the restricted page count forces the big reveal. Perfect.My personal favourites are 'Bryant & May in the Field'- an outdoor locked-room puzzle - and 'Bryant & May Ahoy!' - a Christ [...]

    28. I'm so obsessed with this series and I think this short story collection is a perfect treat for the devoted fan. I just read the 13 installment and was wondering about Fowler's process and inspiration and then I read this one where he gives a wonderful introduction that answered a lot of my questions! The stories themselves were wonderful (and I usually can't do short story collections) but I loved his breakdown in the back of each of the novels and his inspiration, as well as the list of books [...]

    29. These lost cases are newfound treasure for this readerIt was my lucky day when I discovered this treasure chest of precious gems. I had no idea of the existence of Bryant & May stories.Reading "London's Glory" was a pleasure sure to be repeated in the future. The stories are about peculiar crimes, and the investigations and solutions are fittingly unorthodox. Consider a woman lying in pristine snow with her throat slashed but no footprints in the area around her. Or the clever "locked room" [...]

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