A Cold Day In Hell

A Cold Day In Hell Paranormal humor that can sit on the same shelf with Christopher Moore s best madcap lunacy Steve and Orson are back in this cracked sequel to Hell s Super book two in the new satire and humor series

  • Title: A Cold Day In Hell
  • Author: Mark Cain
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  • Page: 459
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Paranormal humor that can sit on the same shelf with Christopher Moore s best madcap lunacy Steve and Orson are back in this cracked sequel to Hell s Super, book two in the new satire and humor series, Circles In Hell This time, the guys must fix Hell s heating and air conditioning HVAC system, which has failed Hell is getting progressively colder, and things are Paranormal humor that can sit on the same shelf with Christopher Moore s best madcap lunacy Steve and Orson are back in this cracked sequel to Hell s Super, book two in the new satire and humor series, Circles In Hell This time, the guys must fix Hell s heating and air conditioning HVAC system, which has failed Hell is getting progressively colder, and things are a lot serious than devils and demons needing to put on some sweaters If you ve ever used the expression, It will be a cold day in Hell before then you know that there are metaphysical ramifications involved The HVAC system must be fixed before all Hell freezes over, which is an even worse state than just a bit of frigid weather Still, anything can happen on A Cold Day In Hell even a paranormal comedy romance that becomes a whacky love triangle A Cold Day In Hell Is the second volume in the new fantasy comedy series, Circles in Hell It has been compared to other works of paranormal humor and Hell fiction including The Screwtape Letters and Good Omens and to the writings of Tom Holt, Christopher Moore and Douglas Adams _______________________________________________ Comedy Fiction Book Categories Satire and Humor Fantasy Comedy Hell Fiction Devils and Demons Paranormal Humor Paranormal Comedy Romance

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    1. I don't know why but I love books of this genre. There is something about the humorous imaginings of Heaven and Hell that I find great. This book is a light, funny, sarcastic look at hell. Steve Minion is Hell's Super(intendent) why? Because he's terrible at it. See in this Hell your punishment is to be tortured. Hate Filing you'll be a civil servant in Hell. Like telling people what to do? You'll be a subservient who can't do anything without permission and instruction.In this book Hell is free [...]

    2. Want to take a romp through Hell as Satan's handyman? This series of books are hilarious and fun. The way the writer weaves in characters from history and shows us their 'punishments' is delicious.enjoy.

    3. What a delight!!!Cain has done it again with this one! Funny. Clever. Witty. It is laugh out loud good reading! Absolutely entertaining!!! So happy to have stumbled upon such a great and different read! Now i am anxiously awaiting #3 in this series!!!

    4. Steve the Super and Orsen Wells are back with Booh, Beezy and a whole new cast of quirky characters. Last time the guys fixed the elevator serving all levels of hell. This time it's refrigeration because what could be worse than hot? A frozen hell! The ramifications of hell freezing over are endless and that's where Mark Cain takes us through some of those possibilities with wit, adventures and decidedly dark humor. The characterizations are excellent. As with Hell's Super, I like the fact the [...]

    5. After having read the first part of the series, Hell's Super, I went into reading this one with high expectations. I was not let down. Just like the first book, this one is a highly funny, quirky and intelligent read, mocking but never disrespectful. I love the way the author combines all sorts of faith - Christian, Greek, Norse, you name it - for his personal version of an afterlife in hell.In this book now, Steve, hell's man for everything that needs to be fixed, faces the challenges of not on [...]

    6. This is "a hell of a lot of fun." Pun intended, obviously. Cain has upped the ante with this sequel, Minion and Orson provide plenty of laughs, all while saving earth, hell and heaven from the repercussions of hell freezing over.The quality of the mystery has improved significantly, and the jokes are just as delightfully predictable. Things are complicated with Florence, though they seem to be improving. We'll see where it goes.There is quite a bit of language, and some sexual innuendo.Michael G [...]

    7. The comedy continues with just as many bad jokes as were in the first book. The 'bad guy' wasn't as obvious in this one. The narration was excellent and the pace was steady. I look forward to the next book."This audio book was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com."

    8. "This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast."A funny re-visit with the maintenance department in "Hell." Loved seeing them trying to repair HVAC system. The narration was well done, had me laughing out loud.

    9. Another Excellent ReadI love science fiction and fantasy. Always have; but stick me on an island and force me to choose, and it's going to be humorous stories exactly like this series that I want with me. Great read. Thank you, Mr. Cain, for the enjoyment you've provided me.

    10. Too funnyLaughed through the whole thing! A great way to pass an afternoon. Does have quite a bit of swearing, but fitting since you know-they're in Hell.

    11. I so enjoyed the first entry in this series that when I saw there were sequels, I snapped them all up. I may have acted prematurely.Steve Minion is back in this offering, along with assistant Orson Welles, BOOH, Beezy and others. The premise is clever: Hell is getting colder and great metaphysical ramifications threaten its very existence (think of what would happen if all those "it'll be a cold day in Hell before I" suddenly came true). Steve must solve the mystery of where the heat is going. T [...]

    12. And the Satire continues! Have you ever used the phrase "it'll be a cold day in hell before -insert never gonna happen thing here-" well guess what, it's a cold day in hell and whatever you used that phrase for is about to happen!Turns out it's a "central heating" problem and hell's super is on the case since well he is the super right? I liked this book a bit more then the first one as it was more focused character wise. The Humor here is on par with the first so if you like slapstick and satir [...]

    13. Love this series so far!It's funny, witty, funny, violent, funny, and sweet! Puts a spin on what you thought you knew about Hell! I start on the next book the second I'm finish reading!

    14. (I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.)I remember back in the day, reading Piers Anthony’s Xanth novels. (Wonder if the reference I made to the Incarnation of Immortality in my review of the first book Hell's Super made my mind trip down memory lane….) I remember being so excited with every new discovery of another book in the series until I reached (oh, probably book 10 or 11). Now, states there are 39 books in that series. And if you are one of those who’s read every [...]

    15. The first book was interesting and left me caring about the characters enough to see what happens to them next.I still think this is a well crafted version of hell which did make me smile on many occasions. Unfortunately, the slow pace from the first book also continues into this book. And as the novelty of Bruce Lee being Satan's assistant or Thomas Edison being the "Big Prick" wears off, we're left with a very thin story that advances the characters very little.Again, the story plays out like [...]

    16. "A Cold Day In Hell" is the second book in the "Circles In Hell" series. Just like the first book, "Hell's Super", it follows the misadventures of Steve, who was drafted to be Hell's Superintendent (because he was totally unqualified and is terrible at fixing things) and his assistant Orsen Welles (yes, THAT one). BOOH (the Bat Out Of Hell) returns also, as does Beelzebub, Satan, and other evil denizens of the place. The dark and sarcastic humor is surprisingly light-hearted (at least to those w [...]

    17. It's getting cold in here, so you better put on clothes!When hell starts to freeze over due to a malfunction in the HVAC system (designed by our lovable devil, Beelzebub (BZ)), Steve Minion and Orson find themselves on yet another major task from Satan. Fresh on the heels from his endeavor with the escalator of hell, the two bring about the well loved group of characters from the original novel, to include brief mentions of Flo, in an attempt to keep hell running smoothly. This sequel was a much [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this book. Though it is the second book in a series, I think it could stand alone if someone is interested in reading the series and starting here. There are times when the author refers to incidents in the previous book, but enough background is given so that you don't feel like you're missing out. That being said, the whole series is really great, so it is definitely worth checking out all books in the series. This book is really funny, and I enjoy the sarcastic wit and satire [...]

    19. Demons in ParkasAnother hit out of the park for Mark Cain featuring Steve Minion, Hell's only superintendent, his assistant Orson Wells, and a cast of famous and not so famous characters. This time Hell's HVAC system is failing and the resulting cold day in Hell has interesting metaphysical and humorous consequences in Hell, Heaven and Earth.Be on the look out for the wonderful Wizard of Oz references and the vast and varied uses for duct tape and WD-40 as well as a public transportation system [...]

    20. 4.5 stars!"It will be a cold day in hell when." This series is so much fun! The dialogue between characters is so witty. I love all the characters that have been introduced in both books so far. They are so interesting, and each one is different enough that you don't confuse any of them. I've listened to the audiobooks of both books, and the narrator is absolutely perfect! I don't think there could be anyone better than him for these books, and I hope he continues with the rest of the series. Th [...]

    21. It will be a cold day in hell "fill in the gap", is the story for our would be heros damned to hell for all of eternity. This time a HVAC system seems to be on the fritz and out boys Steve and Orson are tasked with fixing it. The problem is that good old cold day in hell saying tends to bring metaphysical ramifications that are causing all sorts of problems for our damned heros. Including a new love affair for a certain hero with demon from Lust land.

    22. Maybe its just the stress, but I find Mark Cain entertaining, even if there seems to be a little repetition between his first two books. I love the premise of this one, the idea that hell freezing over could have dire ramifications for all of existence.This is a great escape, just enjoy the trip

    23. FunThe author has an interesting spin on Hell. This book the culprit was not as easy to guess as the first one was. The book is funny, a quick and easy read. The .50 words are a little out of place with the rest of the book's tone but, if Mark Cain wants to show off his vocabulary hey, it is his book.

    24. Back with number 2 in the series. Steve and Orson must fix the heat and air conditioning. This is a series, you must read the first one to really enjoy this one. And to enjoy this one you must completely suspend belief in just about everything you hold dear.

    25. Minion and sidekick Orson (and BOOH, can't forget BOOH) and a new friend are off to solve the mystery of why the HVAC system is on the fritz.If you are a fan of Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams or any of that type humor, then this is a series that you should enjoy.

    26. Great storylineEnjoyed the exposure of many "great people",who really are egomaniacal,but necessary,perhaps it is a part of genuine, couldn't stop reading,looking fwd to next book

    27. Fun bookI really enjoyed the way this book was presented and the authors use of ideas from history. Laughed thru the entire book and have already made plans to read the next.

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