We Believe You: Survivors of Campus Sexual Assault Speak Out

We Believe You Survivors of Campus Sexual Assault Speak Out From young activists at the forefront of the movement to end sexual assault on college campuses a collection of survivor stories that will connect with students and inform and inspire us allAcross th

  • Title: We Believe You: Survivors of Campus Sexual Assault Speak Out
  • Author: Annie E. Clark Andrea L. Pino
  • ISBN: 9781627795333
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • From young activists at the forefront of the movement to end sexual assault on college campuses, a collection of survivor stories that will connect with students and inform and inspire us allAcross the U.S student activists are exposing a pervasive cover up of sexual violence on college campuses Every day survivors come forward But other survivors choose not to WeFrom young activists at the forefront of the movement to end sexual assault on college campuses, a collection of survivor stories that will connect with students and inform and inspire us allAcross the U.S student activists are exposing a pervasive cover up of sexual violence on college campuses Every day survivors come forward But other survivors choose not to We Believe You elevates the stories the headlines about this issue have been missing than 30 experiences of trauma, healing and everyday activism, representing a diversity of races, economic and family backgrounds, gender identities, immigration statuses, interests, capacities and loves.More than 1 in 5 women and 5 percent of men are sexually assaulted at college, a shocking status quo that might have stayed largely hidden and unaddressed but for the two authors of We Believe You In 2013, Annie E Clark and Andrea L Pino, then 23 and 20, building on the work of earlier activists, outed themselves as assault survivors and filed a federal complaint against the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill for mishandling such crimes within a month, the U.S government began to investigate UNC Within a year, dozens of colleges were under federal investigation.But Clark and Pino rightly see themselves as two among many Students from every kind of college and university large and small, public and private, highly selective and less so are sounding alarms and staking claims to justice by filing complaints, by pressing charges, and by simply living beyond the effects of assault and the betrayals of their schools A sampling of their voices speak out in this book.

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      243 Annie E. Clark Andrea L. Pino
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    1. I am in no way expert when comes to American rape culture that happens in campus areas, and We Believe You: Survivors of Campus Sexual Assault Speak Out is my first real touch with it. I have come across heated discussion of it, I have come across the supporting as well as questioning pieces out of it, but it has not been in my priority list when comes to overall variety of sex crimes even though I own couple of books written out of the subject; The Hunting Ground, which has also been released i [...]

    2. For a while now I've been yelling about the documentary, The Hunting Ground, which I watched recently. Some people are probably sick of hearing me talk about it, but I can't get over how important that documentary is, and should be seen by everyone, especially those who deny that rapes and sexual assaults occur on American college and university campuses ridiculously frequently. "Not on my campus." Yeah, think again. Your campus may not be sharing the exact number of complaints as many of them a [...]

    3. Wow. This book needs to be read by everyone. I knew that rape happened on campuses, especially with the whole Brock Turner thing going on. And I knew it probably happened all the time, but I honestly thought it was dealt with in the way that rape is dealt with NOT on campus. But apparently it's NOT. Campuses do not like having to deal with it, and usually find ways to make the victim at fault. The majority of the time, the person assaulted has to see their assaulter on campus all the way through [...]

    4. It is terrifying and sickening how many sexual assaults are being hidden by post secondary institutions. They are not only misreporting sexual assault stats, but they are discouraging women to not pursue justice AND treating them like offenders and essentially assaulting them again. While I was attending an university I felt safe and made it through my education without any incidents. Yay me. The only thing that separates me from those who were assaulted is just luck. There is nothing they did t [...]

    5. This wasn't a book I read in one night, I guess I could've but just took in a few pages at a time! This is powerful, sad and what can happen in one night will affect people for a lifetime! I want this book for my office! I want to hand out this book to victims of sexual assault. Shameful we have to read these stories!

    6. "We Believe You" chronicles the experiences of 36 victims of sexual assault on and around college campuses. The book is structured so that you learn about the student (both male and female) before and after the assault. It also includes a list of college campuses where sexual violence has been reported--it is important to note, however, that many colleges and universities are not on the list even though there are alleged cases. It's the kind of book that should be in high school libraries and cl [...]

    7. "As a program developer, activist, author, professor, and nonprofit President, I've been educating college students about sexual violence since 1993. I've read legions of books on the topic. None is able to match the depth of so many life narratives in such a gripping way as We Believe You. At first, I was struck by the high quality of the writing. Soon after, I was captured by the deeply authentic way each of the life experiences was described by so many who experienced rape on a college campus [...]

    8. Although shocking and often hard to read, the book is incredibly eye opening to the affects of sexual assault on survivors and is a must read for all to combat the stigma behind being a rape survivor and to prevent future attacks from taking place. The book encourages activism and empowers many to do something about the issue as it's important that we all take some time to educate ourselves on sexual assault. #internationalwomensday

    9. This book made me physically sick, which is not to say that the book wasn't good. The book was amazing, if such a word could be applied to something with such tragic and awful content. I had to close the book for a moment after reading about one survivor who was gang raped. I am one of the lucky women who has never been sexually assaulted or raped, although I do know survivors. I can't imagine the recovery process for something like this and the PTSD experienced by survivors. I was so happy when [...]

    10. A sobering, difficult, but important read. I read this book as part of a book club with friends of friends on Twitter (at the choice of a book club member who learned of it through an Instagram post by Brie Larson). It was a timely choice for this book club, what with the ongoing relevancy of issues relating to sexual violence on college campuses and the pervasive rape culture of our society—recent headlines drawing attention to the leniency of Brock Turner's sentencing & white male privil [...]

    11. Everything that was missing from Missoula, which I read earlier this year. Focuses on differences in LGTBQ and POC, especially black women, survivors, and how society shames their rapes in different and often worse ways than those of white survivors. While Missoula was a good book and I do recommend it, Missoula focused on the privileges athletes are afforded on college campuses. We Believe You does include narratives along the same lines, but the stories are varied, similar and different, showi [...]

    12. What an important book! Made by strong woman who survived such horrible acts. So sad that movies, books, and activists are what get people to "wake up" to the reality of what's really going out there.

    13. I will not say much, because I am left without words. 1 in 4 women, 60% of black women before the age of 18, 4 in 10 gay men, 64% of transgenders, and Native or Indigineous women 3.5 times higher than all other races. These are the numbers correlated with sexual assault and rape. With those statistics, this should be required reading. You, yes you, know someone who has been traumatized by sexual assault. Who is facing this trauma each and every day. This book is made up of survivors stories. The [...]

    14. "As we've said throughout this book, and as our fellow survivors have reiterated, the most important thing is to Believe Survivors. Believing survivors is a type of radical everyday activism, since we live in a society that suggests that you do completely the opposite."Thank you Andrea Pino and Annie Clark for sharing your stories and the stories of the survivors featured in this book. To Andrea, Annie, and each and every one of the survivors in this book (or anywhere for that matter), I believe [...]

    15. I've read a lot of books about rape - the psychology of perpetrators, rape culture in society, as well as survivor-centric healing from trauma books. However, this book helped me heal quite a bit. While my own story is very unique, I still found ways I could relate to the stories of the survivors told in this book. I appreciated the words of truth and the ways they regained their sense of power and found peace and healing. It's a very authentic book and less academic than ones I've read before - [...]

    16. A guy that I knew from college had made a Facebook post about this book saying something along the lines of it was a very good book to read but it was hard to get through because of the subject matter. I figured I would read the book and I agree. It's a hard book to get though but it something that I would suggest for people to read. I know numerous people who were sexually assaulted in college and were disappointed with how the school handled the situation. This book definitely is a good book t [...]

    17. Amazing, validating, empowering, and important book. The authors took care to include a diverse range of voices so that everyone possible could be included in this collection. I read the second half with a highlighter, and will probably go re-read the first half with a highlighter as well.

    18. Heartbreaking, powerful, and rage-inducing. I found the structure confusing at times, but I understand the authors' intent.

    19. It is very difficult to give this book a rating. The writing isn't great and some of it comes off as cheesy - however, I think it's immensely important, beautiful, and frankly vital to our culture. I think everyone should read this book.

    20. This book made me sad, it made me uncomfortable, and, most of all, this book made me really, really angry. First off, I have to say TRIGGER WARNING! If you have been sexually assaulted in the past or you are someone that is really sensitive, then I must warn you, if you decide to read this book, some of these stories are graphic. Some survivors, when writing their stories, will say "he/she raped me" and will go into further detail from there. Others, however, describe their attacks in precise de [...]

    21. Read this review and more at The Bohemian Housewife BlogSometimes you read a book that really wrecks your heart; this book was one of those. This review was very difficult to write. The book was full of strength and struggles - at times it was too real for me and I could only take the book in small doses. I pushed through because it's something that needs to be made aware. Our Colleges aren't safe, and to believe that they are is asinine. I just didn't realize how bad it wasd the extent some col [...]

    22. This book is not for the faint-hearted. It is intense and emotional. If you have a teenage daughter, 15 or older, she needs to read this. Your husband and sons need to read it, too. It is a collection of survivors' stories; survivors of sexual assault. Not all of the assaults took place on a college campus, but the majority do. The women AND men who share their stories do so in stages. First you read a collection of what their hopes and dreams were BEFORE the assault. Not all of the assaults are [...]

    23. In my opinion, as a book, We Believe You suffers from some spotty writing and editing. A second edition will surely be stronger. But as a message, it's valuable and important. At University, too many people are being sexually assaulted, and for reasons of business and reputation, too many Universities are slow to act or quick to cover it all up. Even if you know and understand that sexual assault ruins lives and happens all too frequently, the narratives in this book bring across the violence, t [...]

    24. Reading or listening to this book on CD will break your heart. Each story relates each victim's assault and each story is unique, their attempts at justice and how they are surviving after the crime. It centers on sexual assault on universities and I learned a great deal about how rapes are reported and how administrations fail or support the victims. The authors offer many insights on activism and how rape victims can get help. A must read for high school students before they start college.

    25. This book closely follows many of the victims from the movie, The Hunting Ground, a documentary on college campus sexual abuse and the epidemic proportions it has reached here in the United States. It gives detailed and heart wrenching stories of abuse and through the struggles of the victims to not just seek justice, but protection for themselves, our system is profoundly broken and failing them. It has a hard book to read, but knowing so many who have been impacted by sexual abuse on a persona [...]

    26. I was sent this book, but that doesn't change my thoughts on it. A book of different stories from all different people, but all so intimate and familiar with each other. Every story in this book is touching and I want to add that it is a trigger warning. If you have been in a satiation of sexual assault of any kind this might make you uncomfortable. This book made me upset at certain times, it also made me disgusted at parts; not disgusted with the speaker of the individual story but disgusted w [...]

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