Jameson Hotel

Jameson Hotel MARK JAMESON is an arrogant prick with a big dick who loves to fuck Tall blond muscular and oh so cocky A former porn star he now owns a luxury hotel in South Lake Tahoe His life revolves around

  • Title: Jameson Hotel
  • Author: Aven Jayce
  • ISBN: 9780990498551
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • MARK JAMESON is an arrogant prick with a big dick who loves to fuck Tall, blond, muscular, and oh, so cocky A former porn star, he now owns a luxury hotel in South Lake Tahoe His life revolves around money, getting laid, and protecting the people he holds most dear He thinks of himself as a vigilante and truly believes it s a good deed to kill any bastard who harms womMARK JAMESON is an arrogant prick with a big dick who loves to fuck Tall, blond, muscular, and oh, so cocky A former porn star, he now owns a luxury hotel in South Lake Tahoe His life revolves around money, getting laid, and protecting the people he holds most dear He thinks of himself as a vigilante and truly believes it s a good deed to kill any bastard who harms women or torments his family.I m not a serial killer I m a vigilante who rids the world of scum Don t fuck with the people I love.JULIA BARRINGER is a young, fierce, foul mouthed blonde who works the front desk at Mark s hotel He knew the moment she walked into his office that he d have her in his bed before anyone else in the hotel laid a finger on her But he never would ve imagined a woman could have so much control over his personal life, his dick, and ultimately his heart Look at her sweet modelesque body, those big tits, and the way she wraps her lips around my giant oh, freakin A, this woman s perfect.But what if she finds out about the porn, the drugs, and all the bodies at the bottom of the lake Will she run Or does Julia have secrets of her own Jameson Hotel is intended for mature audiences due to explicit sex, strong language, abusive situations, and murder Some readers may find it offensive or disturbing It also contains a touch of humor This series is a spin off of NOVA, but can be read as a standalone.

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    1. Welcome to my hotel ~ Mark Jameson a sexy, cocky dark twisted man.Jameson Hotel ~ The Dark Suite series is an amazing dark twisted read, loved Mark, Juila and reading about Cove, Sophia and the terrible twins.Mark Jameson is haunted by his past and his need to be loved by his father but against all his demons he finds his soul mate in more ways than one ~ Julia. Julia starts off almost shy, quiet,sweet and innocent. However, Julia's love and passion for Mark soon develops unfolding a much darker [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this series Loved Julie and Mark dark themes in some places loved the Banter and how Julie was Marks match such a good story Loved Cove and Sophia and the boys The boys cracked me up such a great read if you loved The NOVA Trilogy you are going to love this one Hope we might get some more would be great

    3. EDITED AFTER CONVERSATION WITH AUTHOROriginally I wrote, "I'm sorry, I feel like I'm missing something," and apparently that something was the humor tag. Going back and looking at this through different eyes, I have a totally different opinion.I wouldn't call it dark, though it has dark elements for sure, and the eroticism that it does have is heavy on the humor.The author had a good premise to start with--a tortured soul abused by his father, he still hears him in his head and kills to protect [...]

    4. 4.5 Deliciously Dark Stars!I probably need to get my head checked but I truly enjoyed these books. Told entirely from Mark Jameson's POV, it was very entertaining with dark humor and dirty thoughts. He is definitely a anti-hero but I absolutely loved him. Although this is told from his perspective I felt that the author did a great job with Julia, his love interest. She was also an awesome character and I really liked her. I haven't read the previous series that are ultimately linked by characte [...]

    5. Definitely at the top of the list of my favorite reads this year! I was sucked in from page one. This is the first time reading Aven's work, and I am dying to read more. You name it, she covered it. Snarky, sarcastic humor, kinky sex, truly dark situations, awesome characters, witty banter, murder, drugs what more could you ask for?! Absofreakinlutely loved it!

    6. Yet again another amazingly dark read from the awesome Aven Jayce !!Loved catching up with Mark Jameson and finding out a bit more about him, the twists were amazing !!Without giving too much away i'll say this " In the Jameson Hotel not everything is as it seems" ! Brilliant and i really do hope we get to check in again x

    7. Another great seriesI thought this series was just as addictive as NOVA. It was addictive, thrilling, and suspenseful. I would love to see the relationship with Mark and Jules progress. It was also great to read about Sophie and Cove and their two twin boys. I definitely suggest this if you have read NOVA.

    8. **** Hands Down One Of My Favorite Dark Series ****Aven Jayce has done it again with her twisted mind!!!We met Mark Jameson in the NOVA Series. If you have not read it please do!!! Even though this series can be read by itself, it's better to start from the beginning. Over the last two weeks I have been reading Nova, and then Jameson Hotel. This crew is something else, get ready to ride on the crazy Effie train. Your mind will be blown by these series.Mark Jameson is Paul son, and was used and a [...]

    9. another awesome read great writerI am not a spoiler, but poor little guy is all I am sayingory could of went so much further yet

    10. Every so often you discover an author that has the ability to invade your mind, get under your skin and keep you turning the pages in awe of what has been written. In some cases even turning the pages back and rereading in sheer disbelief that what just unfolded before my eyes had actually happened. This author for me is Aven Jayce. The Nova series is one of my all time favourites and The Jameson Hotel series is now joining it. It's not essential but I would recommend reading Nova first, if only [...]

    11. I Still Want More of this Motley Crew.Book 1This is DARK read.This isn't a stand alone.We start out with Mark Jameson, the son of Paul, from the Nova Trilogy. (Not necessary to read, but will give you all the back story)Mark is now running a hotel after a few things change in his personal life. Also we get a huge blast from the past, both in good and bad ways. The flashbacks are enough to run a chill down your spine, then again anything revolving Paul would.Then we have Jules, she's Mark's new c [...]

    12. A twist to the Jameson family, the damage run but can't hide comes to mindThe saga of the Jameson's continues. They are a very dysfunctional family indeed. This is the story of Paul's son. He's like his father in so many ways, but mostly from his abusive childhood, rather than his genetics. It was a difficult book to read in parts. The parts with killing and the coupling of killers . I am hooked to see why some of the things happened and would love to read the next book to see how the story deve [...]

    13. Wowwowwow!After reading The Nova trilogy i was pretty excited to get my hands on this 3 parter.This is about Marke son of Paul who we met in the aforementioned trilogy and Julia.Mark is a dark character through and through and Julia appears light and fluffy begin with!!!!I was pulled in within the first few pagesexceptional writingdark subjects,suspense,murder,dirty sex all laced with a sarcastic humour throughout was an irresistable combination.I enjoyed seeing other characters back such as Cov [...]

    14. Absolutely loved these books. Would recommend reading the Nova Trilogy before this series, will understand & appreciate the characters/ story far better. It’s hard not to love Mark despite his dark, crazy side & unorthodox way of thinking, the whole ‘I’m a troll…ldy roll’, seriously disturbing. As with the Nova series I loved how Marks story unfolded, the relationship with his father & how that had seriously messed with his head. Jules was fantastic, so different from the o [...]

    15. Twisted in every level This book is completely twisted, raw, explicit, yet addictive. Let's just say I won't be making my daily jogs so public anymore. I loved that I finally read a book completely from the mind of a male sick as he may be. Looking forward to reading the next series even though I have a feeling I may be reading them backwards again. I don't want to say too much and risk leaking spoilers, so I leave you with this, I'my troll and I will eat you for breakfast.

    16. Fan me down! Mark Jameson is a damn right sexy serial killer, one who I couldn't help but love! His partner in crime is Jules who he employs at the hotel he owns and although I think he intended only as a passing fling, discovers deep emotional feeling for her and is shocked and excited that she is not at least bit frightened or disgusted by the lifestyle he leads. It was also fab to catch up with Cove and Sophia ( Sophia is Mark's sister and story which is told in Nova Trilogy). Aven is a quali [...]

    17. I thoroughly enjoyed this series, just as much as I did the NOVA Trilogy and The Dark Scarlett. I will admit while getting the glimpses of Mark "Marcus Wild" Jameson in the other books I was secretly wishing to know more. Is that scary that I'm falling deeper and deeper in love with these "dark, suspenseful, romantic novels? Maybe but what the hayyou only live once. I cannot wait until parts 4, 5 and 6 are complete.

    18. I'm giving this 5 stars, but, so far, it doesn't compare to NOVA, which was out of this world good. Loved Mark. Hoping the rest of the series will redeem. I knew I should have waited til the series was complete. It could just be that I read it right after NOVA, which I would definitely put in my top 5 ever read, and I've read hundreds, hundreds and hundreds. Could easily be a thousand.

    19. Very Dark, but makes you understand the Jamesons better.I have really enjoyed the Nova series, and the Dark Suite Series really gave me a better insight into Sophia, Paul, and Mark Jameson. I really like how you get to see the relationship between Marc, Cove, and Sophia plus the two twins. It is also a love story, unexpected but interesting as well.

    20. Enjoyable dark read. Mark is one twisted but likeable anti-Hero. I also really liked Jules. For being young she wasn't nearly as immature as Cove and Sophia!Enjoyable read and I am looking forward to reading more in his world when the next books come out.

    21. WhoaTotally didn't see this book coming. Great story. Did absolutely nothing today except read. I could not stop reading. The pain, abuse, torture, hurt Mark, Cove and Sophie endured was mind boggling. Really enjoyed this.

    22. I didn't expect a spin off from Nova, but it was great. Take Nova and twist it up even more. I won't say anything about the story, because I think reading it without pretense is better. Aven narrates with inner dialog so well, I couldn't put the series down.

    23. Great series, Aven has the ability to pull you in and not let you go. Although it is dark and twisted it also includes some humour which enhances the book. Just loved it.

    24. Loved itThis author is one of the best I've ever read. She's creative, witty and one of the best writers. I definitely recommend read all her books

    25. Great series. You have to read Nova and then read this one. Have to say that this author is one of my favorites. I hope she continues with this series. Its twisted and dark.

    26. Amazing!It was kinda funny Mark is crazy hot, couldn't get enough of him. This book is dark sexy definitely recommend it.

    27. Okay. So I found out what was in the box, OMG. What a deep, dark, nasty, hot, weird, book with some fun tossed in. Damn I liked Mark and Jules as a couple. They're so comfortable with each other. And Mark - he's has such a odd and crazy life.Great, Great, Great, read!What's next?

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