Minn of the Mississippi

Minn of the Mississippi The history of the Mississippi River Valley is told in text and pictures through the adventures of Minn a snapping turtle as she travels downstream

  • Title: Minn of the Mississippi
  • Author: Holling Clancy Holling
  • ISBN: 1439519382
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Library Binding
  • The history of the Mississippi River Valley is told in text and pictures through the adventures of Minn, a snapping turtle, as she travels downstream.

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    1 thought on “Minn of the Mississippi”

    1. This is the book I most look forward to reading with my future children. It’s about a turtle’s journey down the Mississippi from its’ start in Minnesota and all the way down to the Gulf. The art in this book is also gorgeous. Even if you never have children, never want children, hate children, I don’t care. You need to read this book.

    2. 08/09: Actually, I skimmed this one. I wanted to love this. We adored "Paddle-To-The-Sea." But, there was just so much information (great information, granted) that it was hard to follow Minn's story. I'd love to read Minn's story and then slowly study the additional geographical and historical information. Mais, but I did like that she ended up in a lovely Louisiana swamp. THAT is a happy ending. ;-)

    3. I brought a copy via Ebay from the Holderness Library in Holderness NH printed in 1951 I know this is a "childrens" book, but not only did I learne to love read from this book, but also developed a love for reptiles from this book including a love for snapping turtles both on and off the New Orleans dinning table where its served.The pictures and etchings and maps are amazing and its suprisingly deep for a "childrens" book about the adventures of a one leg snapping turtle (Minn) escaping to the [...]

    4. New writers are given basic advice to “write what you know.” This was key to Holling Clancy Holling’s career as a writer, illustrator and naturalist. He was first an inquisitive child growing up in rural Michigan and, second, one who learned skills at the hands of his family, relatives, co-workers and Native-American friends. The insights we gain by reading Minn of the Mississippi, Paddle-to-the-Sea and Seabird could only have come from a person who had hands-on knowledge of his environmen [...]

    5. We tried to read this book together, but as with Paddle-to-the-Sea, we just didn't get very far. It's too wordy and the reader really needs time to examine all of the magnificent illustrations and annotations along the way to truly appreciate the tale. We adopted a common snapping turtle late last summer and she was a fun pet, at least until she grew to be a bit scary to handle. We brought her to a local nature center and they were glad to have another (relatively) calm snapper that they could b [...]

    6. I'm not sure why, but this childhood favorite of mine just popped into my head today. My librarian mother first read this book to me, and I reread it many times, along with Paddle to the Sea, another great children's book by Holling C. Holling.Somehow Minn of the Mississippi had managed to slip into a memory hole, despite it being one of my all-time favorites as a child. The Mississippi has always fascinated me, as have snapping turtles, and this book must be a big part of the reason why. It tel [...]

    7. I cannot praise Holling Clancy Holling enough. As the lone first-grader in a one-room country schoolhouse, (the last generation to attend there) I discovered this enormous, lavish picture-and-text book in the two shelves that were our library, and hurried daily to finish my lessons so I could sit in that alcove with that huge miraculous book on my knees, poring over it in absolute wonder. "Minn" was truly a multi-media experience before the term came into being; each chapter opening with a spect [...]

    8. The first book that I remember reading was "Pagoo" by Holling Clancy Holling. It was a story about a Hermit Crab. I absolutely loved it. I never saw anything else by Holling when I was growing up and only found out he'd written other stuff as an adult. On a whim, I ordered Minn of the Mississippi because it seemed along the same lines as Pagoo, although this is the story of a snapping turtle. Minn is born at one end of the Mississippi, and through a series of adventures ends up at the other end. [...]

    9. This loveable little book is vividly-written and filled with beautiful illustrations; it's a truly nostalgic adventure and Minn is a wonderful main character to follow along with, especially for younger readers (though adults can certainly still enjoy it, too!) :)

    10. Holling has a way of writing stories that stay with you for years. I wish I knew where my copy of this went!

    11. An extraordinary look of a special snapping turtle, Minn's, journey down river of the mighty Mississippi. Besides her journey, your learn about the history of this mighty river. Chock full of so much information through text and illustration, you will be enamored with what you see and read. This book will spark your intrigue to learn more. Written and illustrated by Holling C. Holling. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.#mustread #biology #MississippiRiver #NF #PB #snappingturtle

    12. This was used as our geography read-aloud, but we should have used the maps from the blog "Little Schoolhouse in the Suburbs" more diligently. Link: littleschoolhouseinthesuburbs. My 8-year-old and I feel "meh" about Minn, but maybe we didn't give it the effort it requires. It just didn't capture either of us. I might try it again with another student.

    13. I liked the picture's. But what i didn't like about the book was at the begging i really thought it was really boring.

    14. Minn of the Mississippi, was my absolute favorite book when I was a kid. I remember my mom reading this book to me when I was not more than 4. And since Holling Clancy Holling published Minn of the Mississippi in 1951; the year before I was born; it was still a new issue book. Oh, I dearly remember pouring over the book; delving into the meticulous illustrations and nature notes; during multiple check-outs from the local library. I memorized the images that line the sideboards of this beautifull [...]

    15. RL 4.8Lexile: 785Fountas & Pinnell: RThis Newbery Honor book presents the Mississippi River through the life of a turtle, Minn. The author combines information on the path of the Mississippi through the country and the life of turtles into an information filled story. Her introduction tells of the research and the concepts that she uses to tell this story. Characters come and go as Minn travels from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico.Classroom Use:Informational Text: Information is presented in [...]

    16. I need to comment first on the author's name, obviously. Doesn't get much cooler than Holling C. Holling. That is one bad-ass name. Now the book. I did not expect to like this. Not one bit. I've read other books by Holling (Seabird, for one) and enjoyed the illustrations he adds in the margins but I wasn't particularly looking forward to a story of a turtle's journey down the Mississippi. How interesting could that be? Kept my attention from start to finish. MUCH better than Seabird. "white flak [...]

    17. An old Newbery Honor that deserved its recognition. As a lifetime fan of Paddle-to-the-Sea along with my Minnesota-bred mother who introduced it to me, I was surprised to discover Holling's other books a couple years ago and soon bought them all for her, which of course meant I get to read them too. To tell the truth I was disappointed with Seabird (being about a carved ivory bird and the sometimes unpleasant livelihood of her owners), and somewhat more satisfied with Tree in the Trail (about a [...]

    18. This lyrical, beautiful, evocative book is a real treasure. A story of the life of a snapping turtle from the headwaters of the Mississippi River in Minnesota to its mouth in Louisiana, Minn of the Mississippi holds a wealth of information about the history and ecology of the largest river in North America.Holling's atmospheric watercolors depict not only the factual geography and biology of the river, but also helpful bits of folklore and mapping. I still see a bear balancing on its nose whenev [...]

    19. Read for Spr 2012 Co-op class on the Mississippi River. As with his other books, the b&w line drawings are THE reason to read it. The captions alone are a treasure of interesting tangents. The story is obtuse at times and the dialogue is old-fashioned (and even un-PC at times) but if you put in the effort to understand it, it is an amazing blend of topics that show a real picture of a subject. Updated: Read again for Book Club 5/2014B, age 10, review: I would rate it 3 stars. It was a pretty [...]

    20. Holling's "Minn of the Mississippi" should rank among Beston's "Outermost House," Leopold's "Sand County Almanac," and Douglas' "River of Grass" as among the greatest nature writing. This is not a typical children's story book but a complete history of the Mississippi River. You learn about the geology, hydrology, history, biology, and anthropology of this great river told from the point of view of a 3-legged snapping turtle as it moves down the river from headwaters to gulf. Only some unfortuna [...]

    21. The adventures of a three-legged snapping turtle as she travels from the headwaters to the mouth of the Mississippi River illustrate the life cycle of the turtle and the geography, history, geology, and climate of the Mighty Mississippi. ( Summary)One of my favorite books growing up just a couple miles from the Mississippi River in Illinois. The wonderful paintings, etchings and maps were wonderous for this time period and really brought me into the story. For grades 4 and up.

    22. I love Holling's books. They are really great to read to my kids because the story is fun, but beyond that, we learn SO much from them! The drawings and illustrations are incredible and give so much detail that ads to the story. If you homeschool (as we do), these books are a must-read! If you don't & love historical stories, you should read them to your kids, too!

    23. I love, love, love Pagoo but for some reason Minn just didn't grab me the same way. But it's a Hollings. And a Hollings guarantees gorgeous language and a truck-load of side learning, this time Mississippi geography and history. Well worth the read.

    24. Excellent way to learn about the Mississippi River, where it begins and ends, and lots about turtles. We used this as part of our homeschool curriculum in first grade, though an older student would get a lot from it too.

    25. Holling is a naturalist after my own heart. Not only does he educate you about Snapping Turtles (A Snapper's water-pie for dinner) but you get also get a history lesson. I highly recommend this book for any child that is interested in reptiles and history. Great illustration's by Holling as well.

    26. It is a beautifully written story with lots of history and great information. I just couldn't follow it or get into the storyline. It's about a turtle going down the Mississippi River from St. Paul to Baton Rouge. Yes, I learned some things, but I didn't enjoy it.

    27. My home-schooled niece read this as a fourth grade geography study and I read along. Loved reading about the 25-year journey in the life of a turtle.

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