Kevin Keller: Welcome to Riverdale

Kevin Keller Welcome to Riverdale Kevin Keller is sure making a splash at Riverdale High Recently elected class president Kevin has gone from new kid in town to one of the most well known and popular students in school Struggling to

  • Title: Kevin Keller: Welcome to Riverdale
  • Author: Dan Parent
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kevin Keller is sure making a splash at Riverdale High Recently elected class president, Kevin has gone from new kid in town to one of the most well known and popular students in school Struggling to stay on top of his new duties while trying to find time for a social life, Kevin is subject to all the pratfalls and mayhem that have been a staple of high school life in RiKevin Keller is sure making a splash at Riverdale High Recently elected class president, Kevin has gone from new kid in town to one of the most well known and popular students in school Struggling to stay on top of his new duties while trying to find time for a social life, Kevin is subject to all the pratfalls and mayhem that have been a staple of high school life in Riverdale for decades From his first date to his first prom to his first summer job, it s a year of new beginnings for Kevin In typical Archie fashion, though, nothing goes off without a hitch particularly when he decides to ask his romantically challenged friends Archie, Betty, Veronica, Reggie and Jughead for advice He even has to face the force of nature that is Cheryl Blossom, who can test the mettle of the toughest teens But if anyone can make it through the chaos of high school unscathed, it s Kevin Keller The most popular addition to the Riverdale crowd in years, Kevin Keller is Archie s first gay character Fan favorite writer artist Dan Parent Betty and Veronica Storybook helms this heartfelt and humorous collection of the first four issues of the ongoing Kevin Keller comic book series Kevin s past appearances in Veronica and the Kevin Keller miniseries appear in the previously released Kevin Keller hardcover book From the Trade Paperback edition.

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      317 Dan Parent
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    1. I finally met Kevin Keller, and I like him. As much as any resident of Riverdale USA can be, Kevin is a pretty realistic teenager - he's got a family who loves him, but who he doesn't always get along with, friends who respect him, even when they're being snarky or gossipy, and a diversity of interests, from surfing to eating to shopping to acting to sci-fi to boys.Kevin's gay, and while that facet of his personality does manage to find its way into every storyline - this is still Archie's world [...]

    2. The collection of four Kevin Keller comic books titled KEVIN KELLER: WELCOME TO RIVERDALE marks my second venture not only into Kevin's character but also into the ARCHIE comics universe in general, my first being Paul Kupperberg's novel titled KEVIN. Kupperberg's novel intrigued me, as I really liked Kevin's character and wanted to learn more about him; this collection gave me that chance, and I now appreciate Kevin's character on an even deeper level. The collection of comic books does a reall [...]

    3. I wasn't sure what to expect with the Kevin Keller storylines in the Archie universe, but they are exactly what I would hope for in terms of gay representation in Archie. I used to read Archie religiously, so I know this fits right in. I was pleasantly surprised--I had thought it would be after-school special type of stuff, a gay character wedged into the story where every scene he's in is a lesson for presumably straight readers. I couldn't have been more wrong! The stories show him being a dis [...]

    4. Kevin Keller is such an endearing character, I love him so much. I went into this knowing absolutely nothing about the rest of the Riverdale comics, but in the end I didn't need it. The introduction by the author and the introductionary comic at the beginning was enough to understand who all the characters were. I really enjoyed reading these comics about Kevin, who is always positive and has his struggles as the only out gay teen in high school. I feel like every arc they gave him was handled w [...]

    5. What's with non-straight characters from the Archie universe and their obsession with food?To be honest, I decided to read this because I'm reading a couple of books with queer characters that could be used in an ESL classroom. I read Jughead's volume so I had to read Kevin's too. To be honest, this was highly stereotypical. I don't think it could be deemed as problematic because the portrayal is not actually negative, but I feel like the situations and his personality are based primarily on ste [...]

    6. I admit Riverdale sparked my curiosity regarding the current state of Archie comics. This more recent addition is still amazing wholesome and retro, but a surprising improvement on the heteronormative town I remember from years ago.

    7. Kevin is the best! This collection gave much insight into his back story and has left me wanting more Kevin please!

    8. I picked this up from the library hoping to delve into the world of Archie and Riverdale. While it was a nice, quick read, it made me realize how much I've grown up since when I originally read Archie as a child. Very cheesy!I am glad to see, however, that the world of Archie of my childhood has been able to evolve to introducing a gay character into the world.3/5 stars!

    9. This is banned in Singapore as it features a homosexual boy. I started knowing about Kevin from an issue in "Archie's married life" and he really stood out as one of the more eccentric guys in the series who's brave enough to get out of the closet and be proud of who he is and I admire him greatly and he impacted my life greatly, even though he is just a fictional character.

    10. I kind of loved this. Kevin has some love interest in this set. He's going on his first date and getting tips from Archie and friends. Kevin had bad luck on dates and is generally just kind of awkward as it is when it comes to dating. It was nice to see since he does come across at just kind of good at everything kind of character at times.At one point he gets a secret admirer and I was rooting for it so hard. Hoping all the best things. Definitely want this to be followed up on in future issues [...]

    11. After reading the first volume, I was looking forward to this as it promised delving into Kevin dating, etc. Needless to say, I felt a bit shortchanged. Look, I know these are Archie comics. But when there is a big fuss made over how Kevin is going to be treated just like any other Archie kid, I expected to, y'know, at least see Kevin on his first date in Riverdale. Instead we get a huge lead up to the date itself, including Kevin being forced to shop for clothes with Veronica, etc and then the [...]

    12. Yay, gay character at Riverdale. Definitely awesome, even if it's a rich white cis dude. That said, who even reads Archie now? It's not contemporary high school kids, so exactly whom is going to even see this character?

    13. Anyone can be boring. Even gay people.I wanted to like this book. I mean, I'm queer myself, and Archie comics Inc. actually were a part of my childhood, as a rabid Sonic the Hedgehog fan. But thiswas soyawn-worthy. I didn't expect high drama, and didn't necessarily want it. I mean, not every book o the queer experience needs to be about distrust and pain and struggle. But this book in general is a snooze. There's no real conflict that you can feel ANYTHING about. The first story is about Kevin K [...]

    14. Granted, I haven't read Archie comics since elementary school, which leads me to the question: what IS the audience for these books? Not high schoolers, surely. Teens know the world isn't all simple and sappy like this. Perhaps there's a comfort-food aspect to this, like a Lifetime Network holiday special. Kevin Keller, I'm glad he's there, in the snowglobe world that is Riverdale. Everyone's happy and smiling no conflict is very serious. If this is a helpful book to someone, fantastic. The seri [...]

    15. I applaud the author for choosing a gay character and presenting it in a setting and relationships in how life should be but it was too peachy (as Keller said) for me. Things are too perfect to the point that they're bland. I know there are "issues" in each chapter but that's part of content. I'm referring to more of reality vs this should-be-this-perfect world. I did not like the script either. I felt that the author thought I was illiterate and made things simple and "spelled out." I know this [...]

    16. Kevin Keller is an all American kid. He is the president of his class, involved in lots of extra curricular and to add to his list of characteristics, he is gay. These are a collection of stories about his life from his first date, to how he deals with harassment. With the regular Archie characters to help him, Kevin sees it all through.I picked this book up on the recommendation of the guys at The Beguiling.I finished it because it was easy to read, and I wanted to see how they handled the whol [...]

    17. It's Archie comics, people. It isn't going to be anything that is remotely edgy or real. Yes, poor Kevin was called Twinkle Toes in a horrific gay bashing event until his military dad gave the errant gay basher a firm talking to, but that is as real as it gets in Riverdale. This comic even gave me a little more than I expected, as Kevin actually sort of dates. By keeping my expectations very low, I thought this was just another fun, colorful, ridiculously stupid Archie comic - nothing more and n [...]

    18. I thought that this book was very interesting because on each page their was a joke or something to keep you from getting bored, so i found that very cool. Graphic novels usually don't contain a lot of detail in the book but in this book there was a lot of detail in it. I would recommend this book to a lot of my classmates because it has a problem,a solution and a bit of action in it and i see that most of my classmates are into different genres,so this book has different genres put into one.

    19. Welcome to Riverdale gave me childhood flashbacks. I used to read new Archie comics with my grandmother. This collection of Kevin comics plays well off the original characters- after all, Veronica and Kevin are BFFs- but it adds important new elements to the classic. Kevin's story focuses on his acceptance by friends and family after coming out, shows their response to bigotry, talks about the typical woes of teen dating, and portrays a loving and healthy family. I have so much love for Archie c [...]

    20. I liked being re-introduced to Riverdale through the lens of a new gay character. I really enjoy seeing how accepting the characters in the comics were of Kevin. Increasingly, I enjoyed how Parent added different scenarios that an average non-straight student would face in high school. From getting through a first date to going to prom, this comic understands. Although this comic shows a happy tone, it is not oblivious to the ignorance gays are treated with.

    21. I really like how they've added Kevin into some of the classic art, like he's been there the whole time--because he should have been.I also like how this work references things that appear to have happened in digests. (Can we just do that at the time? And, if we can, I need to go write for Archie comics, because I have stories to reference, man. (Remember that time Betty went goth. It was EXCELLENT.))

    22. The people at Archie Comics do brilliant work that doesn’t get much appreciation. Kevin’s their breakout gay character, first published in 2010, but now given occasional collections. I’m way outside the target demographic for this book, but I’m glad it exists.Review originally at gcbooks.wordpress/2015/04

    23. This book was introduction to the newly advertised gay character in Riverdale. The stories are fine as was the art and I would think even the most homophobic reader or concerned parent won't find any objectionable material. Both my young daughters really enjoyed the new Archie book at the library and told me they look forward to reading more.

    24. I got bored of this but it wasn't bad, just, not my sort of thing. Typical Archie style comics, except main character is gay.

    25. Cute stories I would have loved especially had I had them in middle school when I was just coming out.

    26. omg the CHEESEhelp me, i don't know how i feel about this comic, it was like being briefly submerged into my life a a ten year old againthe chEESE2.5 stars

    27. I never really read Archie comics much when I was the target demographic, but I had to read this one, just because. Sappy and predictable and typically Archie, but I really enjoyed it.

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