Cracked After her stormy marriage ends Danny Cleary jumps down the rabbit hole into a world of crack cocaine delivered to her door by a polite but slightly deranged dealer But when Danny s twin sister Ginger

  • Title: Cracked
  • Author: Barbra Leslie
  • ISBN: 9781783296989
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
  • After her stormy marriage ends, Danny Cleary jumps down the rabbit hole into a world of crack cocaine delivered to her door by a polite but slightly deranged dealer But when Danny s twin sister Ginger is murdered, Danny and her rock musician brother fly to California to find their nephews and the people who killed their sister Fighting her addiction, nosy cops and crAfter her stormy marriage ends, Danny Cleary jumps down the rabbit hole into a world of crack cocaine delivered to her door by a polite but slightly deranged dealer But when Danny s twin sister Ginger is murdered, Danny and her rock musician brother fly to California to find their nephews and the people who killed their sister Fighting her addiction, nosy cops and crazy drug dealers, she kicks ass and takes names, embracing her inner vigilante in a quest to avenge her sister and save her family Cracked is a darkly comic roller coaster ride to redemption as Danny struggles with bad guys and her own demons to find out who killed her twin.

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    1 thought on “Cracked”

    1. DANNY CLEARY is an unapologetic mess. After her marriage ended, she flitted from alcohol abuse to the oblivion that only drugs can provide. She has no intention of getting clean. Not even when she got a phone call informing her that her twin sister, Ginger was found dead in a seedy motel. Far from the rich neighborhood where she and her perfect family lived.Armed with the determination to find her killers, Danny, and her brother set out to exact revenge to those responsible. In California, they' [...]

    2. Fast paced and brutal. It never lets up, it never gets boring, the writing is really good. I was taken with it from the first page.Danny Cleary is a crack addict and hasn't talked to her twin sister recently. Then Danny gets a call that her twin sister has died, and not just died but was murdered in a low rent motel in a seedy neighborhood. Danny vows vengeance and she goes all out. It is never obvious who the bad guys are until they do bad, so that keeps the suspense up. The plot is very clear [...]

    3. I have been extremely fortunate to read an advance copy of this amazing new crime thriller from Barbra Leslie. Danny Cleary is a truly awesome creation, and one I hope we are going to see a great deal more of. I love noir and my detectives hard boiled; I broke my teeth on Hammett and Chandler. Long have I regretted their passing and wished that we could have just one more story from either - albeit with some strong female leads. Barbra Leslie and her Danny Cleary have fulfilled that dream - in s [...]

    4. Danny Cleary is an endearing character despite her addiction to crack cocaine. She is a smart-mouthed, wise-cracking heroine who will go to great lengths to find her twin's killer. I read this book in a couple of days - just couldn't put it down.

    5. I won this book as part of a Giveaway and I'm so happy I did. So since it was free, here's my (short) review:It's really hard to write a proper review of this book without including spoilers, which I don't want to do because no one should ruin the amazing plot twists in this book! Danny being a addict (drug of choice: crack) added an interesting element to the story, and her mysterious ex-husband did as well (we don't find out his back story until later in the book, the author leaves you hangin [...]

    6. I totally enjoyed reading this captivating and exciting novel. Unexpected storyline. Strong characters. The beginning of the story didn't make me excited, but then it turned out to be one of the best novels I have read this year. Recommened this novel to my friends. I received a free copy of this book from the First Reads program.

    7. loved the book kept me guessing to the enddanny is a crack addict and she gets an eye opener when her twin sister ginger is murdered than she finds out gingers husband is charged with the murder than her sisters twin boys get kidnapped.danny must pull herself together and find the person or persons responsible for her sisters murder

    8. Barbra Leslie is likened to Janet Evanovich, an author whose books I enjoy very much. Cracked is the first of a new series of books that feature an extremely flawed heroine, Danny. Danny had a fantastic life until her marriage fell apart and she went from being somebody who was a fitness fanatic to somebody who was addicted to crack. When she gets a telephone call that her twin sister is found dead in a seedy hotel she is desperate to find out why whilst maintaining her habit.Danny is fully awar [...]

    9. The first third of this novel was absolutely terrific. Ultra-high intensity, a different plot twist at the end of every chapter, almost like one of those adventure novels serialized in early 20th century magazines. And the protagonist was very well drawn. Rich girl turned crackhead, intellectual enough to be reflecting upon it. The love and ties to her family were believable.But, alas, this pace was unsustainable. After a while, it turned a bit more predictable. And it wasn't an idea book--it di [...]

    10. This one is not my normal kind of read, but oh my what a great read. A little dark, almost a Canadian version of Salander without the gritty violence. There is some blood spilled, drugs are consumed, a couple of dead bodies for good measure but what a ride! Looking forward to the next one in the trilogy. Danny is a woman with a mission and doesn't let anyone mess with her family and get away with it. She doesn't let a little thing like the law get in her way. Now if only she can stay clean.

    11. So, because of standards, I must first say that I received this book through a giveaway.And even though this isn't my usual style of book, I loved it. I couldn't put it down. It was exciting and modern and fresh. Now, I am pretty sure that Leslie has never met a crack addict in her life, but still, I was able to suspend disbelief and get caught up in this fast moving mystery. I will be checking out the sequel for sure!

    12. I haven't read a crime story for ages and this was brilliant fun.Danny, the protagonist, is smart-mouthed and sassy, but also a total mess. Making her a crack addict was a genius idea as it added extra layers of complexity to the characters and the story.This is a fast-paced, enjoyable read, with twists and turns galore. Looking forward to the next installment already!

    13. Wow I was on the edge of my seat this entire book, very captivating read and would really love to see this turned into a film! Also an interesting perspective into the illusive world of drugs and their hold on those that become addicted.

    14. I received the book for free through Giveaways. Was quite a page turner. Very fast moving and even though I kept thinking that Danny needed to get clean, she handled thing pretty well anyway. Looking forward to reading the second book in this series.

    15. I read this book in a day, just could not put it down. I thank for this giveaway. It is hard to imagine a drug addicted tear away to care about others, but Danny will prove you wrong. I loved the hard boiled approach taken to find her sister's killer.

    16. Not exactly Shakespeare, but if you want a quick action packed read with an interesting crack addicted first person narrator, this is the book for you.

    17. Interesting book with rather messed up characters. Story progressed well and the main character Danny is a hot mess who is strong and I look forward to reading more books with her as the lead.

    18. The once successful and out-going Danny Cleary, is now a recluse who is quite happy to spend the day with a crack pipe and her best friend Gene. Danny's life seemed to crumble away after she left her husband several years ago and using crack helped hide the fear, pain and regret. One day Danny is informed that her twin sister has been murdered and she can hide no longer, thrust back into her old world to find who did it and kill them herself. Joined by her younger brother Darren, they must find [...]

    19. Leslie keeps the twists and turns and minor reveals coming, quick and often enough to keep the reader off-balance and wondering what the heck the truth actually was. Danny’s crack addiction plays a major role in the story, as she struggles to stay sober enough to find her twin’s killer, though at one point and surprisingly, giving in to her addiction actually ends up helping her out.Full review on my blog: literarytreats.wordpress/

    20. This book should have been better than it was, but the writing seem to constantly wander. Parts were slow, and many of these slow parts could easily have been edited out. The story also became a little to far fetched, like the TV show The Following. The organization of bad guys in this story were too perfect, organized, and unbelievable.

    21. AddictiveGreat Cast with a great twistemotionally intense. roller coaster ride.Can't wait to start #2, Rehab Run.Not to mention that the Author is my New Found Cousin. Great Job Barbra

    22. This is a screwed up book. It's not bad for people into it but it definitely was not for me. Will pass it along to someone else who might enjoy it more.

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