Healing Montana Sky

Healing Montana Sky After a grizzly bear kills Antonia Valleau s trapper husband she packs her few worldly possessions leaves her home in the mountains of Montana and treks to nearby Sweetwater Springs seeking work t

  • Title: Healing Montana Sky
  • Author: Debra Holland
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After a grizzly bear kills Antonia Valleau s trapper husband, she packs her few worldly possessions, leaves her home in the mountains of Montana, and treks to nearby Sweetwater Springs, seeking work to provide for her two young sons.Reeling from the loss of his wife during childbirth, Erik Muth must find a nursing mother for his newborn daughter to survive For their childAfter a grizzly bear kills Antonia Valleau s trapper husband, she packs her few worldly possessions, leaves her home in the mountains of Montana, and treks to nearby Sweetwater Springs, seeking work to provide for her two young sons.Reeling from the loss of his wife during childbirth, Erik Muth must find a nursing mother for his newborn daughter to survive For their children s sake, Erik and Antonia wed, starting a new life together on his farm on the prairie But it s no easy union Antonia misunderstands Erik s quiet personality He finds her independence disconcerting Both hide secrets that challenge their growing intimacy.When Indians steal livestock from farms around Sweetwater Springs to feed their starving tribe, the outraged townsfolk demand retaliation Erik and Antonia must work together to prevent a massacre Will a marriage forged in loss blossom into love

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      336 Debra Holland
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    1 thought on “Healing Montana Sky”

    1. Loved this one so much! I bought the next one in the series immediately after finishing, and I'll probably go back and read *listen* to the previous books, too.Natalie Ross was amazing as the narrator, as usual.

    2. **4 Healing Stars**Ms Holland did a wonderful job of creating an emotional read dealing with loss, heartbreak and learning to love again.The characters in this story really touch you and after you close this book, you will come away with a light heart and a smile on your face.This was definitely an awesome premise for a book but I did have a bit of a problem with all of the references to sorrow and death. After awhile, I found myself rolling my eyes and then just ended up shaking my head.All in [...]

    3. This tale of resilience over heartbreak grabbed my attention from the first and did not let go. The opening scene with Antonia burying her dead husband all on her own, sets the mood for this wonderful book.When Antonia Valleau leaves behind her mountain cabin with her two sons in search of a new a new beginning after the terrible loss of her beloved husband in a hunting accident, she valiantly journeys to the town of Sweetwater Springs to find work to help sustain herself and her infant and youn [...]

    4. This story starts with an “edge of your seat”, “what’s going to happen next”. I absolutely couldn’t put this book down.It starts with Antonia having to physically bury her husband who has been killed by a bear. She has a baby she is still nursing as well as a six year old. You can feel this woman’s pain at having to say goodbye to the man she loves and still be strong for her children. She is out on the prairie all alone not knowing what she is going to do. She finally decides to g [...]

    5. An emotionally complex and satisfying romamceI took my time reading Antonia and Erik's story. Their journey through grief felt real that I kept wondering how is Debra going to pull this off? But she delivered a poignant love story and as always, I'm a little hesitant to leave Sweetwater Springs when I finish a Montana Sky romance.

    6. A Well-Written, Emotionally Intense Historical Western Romance! She stopped before the shelf of books and took one down. She'd never held a book before and reverently turned the pages, looking at the incomprehensible print and wishing she could understand the meaning of the words. Henri drifted close to peer over her arm. "What's that?" "A book. There be stories in here."HEALING MONTANA SKY by Debra Holland is a realistic, emotionally intense installment in her Montana Sky series. It's always a [...]

    7. Find this and other reviews at: flashlightcommentary.I'll be the first to admit Debra Holland's Healing Montana Sky isn't my usual fare. Light fiction is well and good, but I personally find it difficult to sink my teeth into. Make of that what you will and take my comments however you see fit.As far as leading ladies go, Antonia Valleau had a lot going for her. She's a little rough around the edges, but I thought her position and perspective intriguing. Unfortunately, the character's dialogue d [...]

    8. This was the first book by Debra Holland that I've read. Sexual tension was executed with a light touch, but I found the emotional and physical shifts and growth between the characters to be very realistic. Kudos to Ms. Holland for writing a delightful book.

    9. SLOOOWA little dull. A lot slow. Antonia was a 10. Erik more of a 5. Nothing really wrong with him except he was a pompous jerk. She can and does all types of growing. He can and does get mad at her for hiding the fact that she can't read. An embarrassment for her. He actually tells her he's been nice enough to overlook her poor grammar. But he's going to be magnanimous and teach her to read over the winter. Fortunately she is a quick study a picks it up quickly. Not surprising considering she a [...]

    10. By far, the best one yet!!! This book focused on two families at first. Antonia losing her husband and leaving her with 2 children and Erik's wife dying during childbirth. leave him with a new baby to feed. so the two families are joined and they make the best of this situation. Very heartwarming. the feeling they eventually developed. I loved this book. people were put in dire situations, not knowing exactly how things would turn out. I love Antonia and I'm glad both her and Eric were blessed w [...]

    11. Such a Great StoiryThis story continues the Montana Sky series. A character briefly mentioned in a previous book loses his wife in childbirth. A new character lost her husband. They are thrown into a marriage of convenience. This is a well constructed story with interesting details about farming in the late 1800s. The author also continues to weave many insightful thoughts into the story as well as creating another completely original storyline for the characters.

    12. The details this story contains satisfied an important element of the real lifestyle of our forefathers. it is what I find most intriguing about the settlers .Loved the background this storyline is built on, the everyday lifestyle of the entire family. I could emphasize with her, and applause her strength of character. She is the strong female in a world where weakness is expected and better understood by many.

    13. InsightfulWhen you read a story that not only delivers what you expect from that particular genre but gives you something extra special that's a good book. The insights this storyteller gives into these characters and to the time period makes this a very satisfying romance to read, well done!

    14. years A good frontier story. July2017DRH. Really enjoyed the 1900's frontier tale. The two main characters Eric Muth and Antonia. We're exceptional _ they were rounded out. Since I served 3.5. years. In early 1970's. Of course the author ignored the tough minus10dkegrkees weather. Truly DRH

    15. Great bookSimple and wonderful love story. Hard ships of western life and what they had to go through. I am ready to start the next book.

    16. My MusingsThis is a sweet western romance with engaging characters and a great plot. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will read more books by this author.Happy ☺reading 📚!

    17. I deeply enjoyed the content, characterization, and arcs of the individual characters. I found the relationships between the characters compelling and the approach to grief refreshingly honest. So many reviews talk about the high points of this book, and I enjoyed those aspects, but I didn't give the book a higher rating because of the inherent racism against Native Americans. I am not Native American and so am limited in how well I can speak about what I saw in the book, but I will do my best t [...]

    18. Excellent!Absolutely riveting story. You don't want to put it down. Keeps you hanging on waiting for the next part. Holland has done an excellent job with this one.

    19. I usually listen to Ms. Holland's books on audio I do not think I have read any by her books. I really enjoyed reading this as with her audios she pulls you in and takes you to another place in time in the past where she holds your interest and entertains you like few authors can. This is a real heart breaker two people losing the people they love who is their world have to come together to make a new family to safe the family they have. This is a very touching read of time gone by where things [...]

    20. Healing Montana Sky by Debra HollandLife can be harsh. More so in the late 1800’s than it is now. This story starts with the death of two different spouses. I was crying in sympathy and heartbreak before page 30. That's the depth of this author's writing. True empathy and compassion.Under dire circumstances and need, and having only just met, Antonia and Erik wed to create a makeshift family with children Henri, Jacques, and Camilla. They begin dealing with their grief and eventual healing by [...]

    21. This is the heart-wrenching story of two families from totally different backgrounds and social standings thrown into desperate circumstances by the death of their spouses and how through perseverance, patience, and love those families will form a new family unit made of love from forces beyond their control. Emotions roll through this book from beginning to end. I felt sorrow, amazement at the resilience of the human spirit, and admiration. Ms. Holland’s talent as an author shines through. I [...]

    22. There's a trend in historical fiction to make books "realistic" in a way that only comes out depressing and extremely sad. I'm well aware that life is harsh, and was more so for those living in earlier times, but one of the reasons I read books is to be reminded that life is also good. Debra Holland has written a book that deals with two people going through very tough situations, yet she has managed to maintain a sense of the goodness of life. Years ago in school I was taught that there are no [...]

    23. I was so excited to return to Sweetwater Springs because the Montana Sky series is filled with such endearing characters that it feels like visiting friends from another time. I was anxious to see what trouble the Widow Murphy and the Cobbs’ would heap on our couple and I wasn’t disappointed. They really outdid themselves. Fortunately the other residents of Sweetwater Springs do their best to counteract the misery spread by these three. The way that John and Pamela Carter stood up for Antoni [...]

    24. Debra Holland writes with such emotional intensity and yet realistic clarity. At the same time you feel as if you have stepped back in time to join her characters. Healing Montana Sky showcases her exceptional ability to do this. Antonia and Erik’s story is a realistic take on why someone would marry for convenience. It is not a contrived need to find a mate for monetary enrichment like so many stories that I have seen, but one that I can see really happening. I loved this story and there real [...]

    25. Healing Montana Sky by Debra Holland is a refreshing tale of love, courage, and the strength it take to overcome horrendous adversity. Antonia Valleau has never had an easy life. She grew up with her father in a fort until she was 15, and then she married trapper Jean-Claude Valleau and together they created a life for themselves on the frontier of Montana with their two sons. In a quick moment everything Antonia has known is gone when her beloved Jean-Claude is killed by a bear, and she must fi [...]

    26. 4 StarsA beautiful story. Erik and Antonia's spouses both pass and they are both left with children to raise. Poor Erik's wife dies in child birth and leaves him with a daughter. Antonia has a baby son Jaques (who is such a sweetie) and and another son Henri to raise. Through certain circumstances they end up married.I love stories like this. I'd never read a book by this author and at first I didn't realize that this book was apart of a series but I was able to read this without any problems. T [...]

    27. I won this book from a GiveawayThis book was decent. But incredibly sad!It really made me think about how lucky I am to live in America in the 2000's. Where if my husband dies, (obviously not by a bear, while hunting for food. Though, Black Friday shopping may be the most similar thing) I can go out and get a job and be fine. But I felt sympathy for this woman and her children. Not so much for Erik, however. But, I have mourned the loss of family, as well, and was drawn to her burying her husba [...]

    28. 4 solid stars!This isn't my usual type of book for me, but it was exactly what I needed to forget the disappointing reads I had finished earlier. It's the story of Antonia and Erik and how the two of them cope with their grief of losing their loved ones. Due to unusual circumstances, the two of them get married. With a shaky start, they slowly heal and get to know each other, leaning on each other for the sake of their children. I loved that this wasn't an insta-lurve thing (because that would h [...]

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