Survival A Military Stepbrother Romance The only relief I had was that if I was going to die I was going to die in your arms After a hectic month I was at my wit s end and in need of a change of scenery Wit

  • Title: Survival
  • Author: Lauren Landish
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Military Stepbrother Romance The only relief I had was that, if I was going to die, I was going to die in your arms After a hectic month, I was at my wit s end and in need of a change of scenery With his irresistible smile and charm, my Army Ranger Stepbrother, Wes, convinces me to go backwoods camping with him to take my mind off things I don t know why I agreedA Military Stepbrother Romance The only relief I had was that, if I was going to die, I was going to die in your arms After a hectic month, I was at my wit s end and in need of a change of scenery With his irresistible smile and charm, my Army Ranger Stepbrother, Wes, convinces me to go backwoods camping with him to take my mind off things I don t know why I agreed, after all, my idea of roughing it up was a Holiday Inn that only changed the sheets every other day But what was intended to be a getaway to clear my head, turns out to be a series of events that lead Wes and I to learn our true feelings for one another and a fight for our survival This is a standalone full length Romance with a HEA, no cliffhangers

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    1 thought on “Survival”

    1. I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewWhew! Wes and Robin were so hot, I was lucky to survive reading another one of Lauren Landish's steamy forbidden romances. She knows how to bring the heat in the coldest of atmospheres and keep you interested until the end. I could overdose on stepbrother romances and Lauren is now listed among my favorite authors to feed my habit. Robin is a beautiful brainiac that has been attracted to her army ranger stepbrother Wes for years. They have both s [...]

    2. who doesn't love a good military romance?wes and robyn steamed up my pages oh my, what a great book.i voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book

    3. This was definitely engaging; however, I could have ended the book after the rescue. It seemed that the last half of the book was more fluff than substance.

    4. Landish is a very good writer – her books consistently have few errors, good flow and a solid storyline. Wes and Robin already have an established relationship as step-siblings who respect and genuinely like one another, so there doesn’t need to be a drawn-out introduction and build-up to why and how they become a couple. When their relaxing camping trip to the wilderness suddenly turns into a survival situation, Robin finally admits to herself that the love she’s always wanted is smack in [...]

    5. This was a nice feel good read. Just loved the story line of Wes and Robin. A lovely Stepbrother and Stepsister love story.

    6. This is a full length story, not a short length story which is what I am used to reading from Ms. Landish. I really enjoyed this story because, HELLO, it is a stepbrother story. It has such great flow. The story is about 150 pages long. You have the MC of Wes and Robin who has, for years who have flirted back and forth with one another but as right now, nothing seems to come of it. Wes is a former army ranger who has more to his background and Robin who is very a smart woman but has just pretty [...]

    7. Wesley has surprised his Father and step Mum by turning up at their home after his lost recent mission. Shortly after, his step sister Robin arrives too, she has just broke up with her boyfriend, been laid off work and had her car window smashed in with a baseball batp it's been a trying day. Wes decides to invite Robin on his wilderness escape, help her relax after the stress she's just been through. Half way into flying to their destination, they crash land, nearly one hundred kilometers off c [...]

    8. Wes and Robin have flirted with each other and have flirted around their feelings for each other for years. Finally, circumstances which arise during a shared vacation provide the catalyst through which they finally find the courage to act on their hidden feelings. The trick is to see what effect the reemergence into everyday life has on their relationship.As with all of Lauren Landish's work, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The introduction of the full novel length as opposed to her usual short [...]

    9. A great story! Wes and Robin's story is a stepbrother romance where they have secretly been attracted to each other for years. Wes invites Robin to go on a camping trip with him when the plane crashes. They are the only survivors of a small plane crash which encourages Wes and Robin to "cuddle up" and get closer, igniting their romance. As they are fighting through the wilderness their love blossoms. It is a great story that has a happily ever after and leads to an amazing future for the charact [...]

    10. Great ReadThis is my first taste of Lauren's work and I'm hooked. Just enough sexual tension with the right dose of taboo to make it replay in my head. Loved the adventure and stress created by their need to survive coupled with their need for each other. I loved that Robin and Wesley are intellectuals too! They are the total package. It was a nice touch for them to be oblivious to how they loved each other when others saw right through them. A great read and a great HEA. Thanks Lauren Landish! [...]

    11. Just meThe book was good don't get me wrong, it's just something I wasn't into. To me it took forever to get to the end. Even though I read it in just a few hours. That is not what I mean, it felt like it crawled. Just not exciting enough for me.Nothing wrong with the book or story, just my own personal view.

    12. Superheroes Ok I loved the survival part. I thought they were good together. However the extra part about the robotics had nothing to do with the plot. I understand why it was there and thought it was awesome but unnecessary. Overall the characters were funny, compassionate and confident. I thought it was a great story and well told.

    13. I loved this book it was a little slow at first but Wes and Robin have had feelings for some yrs but have been dancing around it and flirting, but a hiking trip he takes Robin on in Canada turns out to be much more than he bargained for when there plane crashes leaving the pilot dead and there stranded in the Canadian mountains what shall they do? Jump each other's bodies of course

    14. Cute, interesting short read. Would I read again? Probably not but I would recommend to anybody that's looking for a story where survival instincts n military training kick in at a time of crisis n the main characters come out the other side w/ a side of romance

    15. A VERY ADDICTING READ.Like m&ms, once you start you can't stop. The characters are all very lovable, and easy to relate to. The storyline, from plane crash to HEA was realistic and easy to get into. Just the right amount of steam.

    16. I fell in love with Wes and Robins story. it progressed over time didn't feel rushed. they're up as best friends not just step siblings. I loved how the book ended with no questions. I can not wait to read more books from this author

    17. I really liked this book. the character development for Robin and Wes was great I love how the story progresses through time and everything doesn't feel rushed. this is lone time I feel completely OK with the end of a book and have no question. can't wait for more from this author

    18. Good story and very different. I'm always glad to see different aspects to these stories and robot and plane crashes are a lot of fun. Robin and Wesley's story was refreshing!! I ❤️ reading Lauren Landish's books. They're so well written and the characters are well developed from beginning to end.

    19. I really enjoyed this story. It brought a little romance, some suspenseful life-or-death moments, a lot of steamy action and some truly magical moments. Imagine a hot military man who is all alpha but has the brain of a nerd, it's truly awesome. Good job, Lauren.

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