That Girl is Mine - Part Three

That Girl is Mine Part Three Part THREE of THREEAveryWhat s going on with Dylan and me What s going on Oh god Does Josh know What have we done What have I done And where is Dylan I don t know what to doI need himDylanShe s better

  • Title: That Girl is Mine - Part Three
  • Author: Eve Cates
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  • Page: 167
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  • Part THREE of THREEAveryWhat s going on with Dylan and me What s going on Oh god Does Josh know What have we done What have I done And where is Dylan I don t know what to doI need himDylanShe s better off with Josh It s something I tell myself at least a hundred times every day to keep from going after her She was never mine She was always his Josh has soPart THREE of THREEAveryWhat s going on with Dylan and me What s going on Oh god Does Josh know What have we done What have I done And where is Dylan I don t know what to doI need himDylanShe s better off with Josh It s something I tell myself at least a hundred times every day to keep from going after her She was never mine She was always his Josh has so much to offer her than I do He s a doctor and I m just a tattoo artist She s better off with Josh I just wish I didn t have a giant hole in my chest where my heart used to be I need her, I still need her

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    1. 4 Cranky StarsBook three definitely pulled them all together. My only issue is that all three books would have been better if made into one book.Avery and Dylan have a secret one that will destroy Josh and possibly themselves in the process. What do you do when you find you fall in love with your best friends girl? What happens when you find out that she loves you too?This series is a roller-coaster ride. The characters are well written and the storyline is good. Eve Cates has a talent for takin [...]

    2. This was the last part of the That Girl is Mine series, and I could not wait because I needed to know what Avery decided to do. Like I've mentioned before, I don't care for books where there is cheating but this book helped me to see that sometimes the person we are with might not be the one we are meant to be with. We get to hear more from Josh in this installment, and my heart went out to him because the one person he trusted his girl with was the one that betrayed him. We also get to see more [...]

    3. This 3 part series was really good. I can say author Eve Cates, pull off giving us a fantastic story that really didn't involve any real suspenseful action. I mean don't get me wrong there was some very intense moments but there wasn't a over the top, edge of your seat, nail biting suspense. However that was a big miss on the author's part because she failed to let her readers know how Josh, figures out about he's best friend and girlfriend elicit behavior. I also would have love to see if Dylan [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this series! I'm not a huge fan of serialsey are so short which always has me wanting more and then the waiting for the next one to release. So for that reason, I wish this was one huge book! I loved the writing so much and everything flowed so beautifully with the story. I did feel like all three MC's were more on the wishy washy side in this installment, but it didn't take away from my enjoyment of the book. I'm a Dylan fan and I did feel bad for Josh, but I think everything t [...]

    5. I really didn't get into this series until the last of the 2nd book. I liked it and wouldn't turn anyone away from it. It was the subject matter that had me irked and I felt for Josh. He seemed like a great guy. The ending was all wrapped up and I was happy with how things ended for everyone. But it was still pretty shitty Avery and Dylan.

    6. Perfect ending! The conclusion brought not only love but closure and understanding that you can't let someone else dictate your future and that sometime who you think, want and should be with aren't always the same thing and that you have to love yourself before you find the music that completes your dance

    7. That Girl is Mine Part 3Dylan didn't take the news that Josh and Avery are moving out well he left. After that Josh confronted Avery and she admitted to everything. Josh forgave her and begged her to stay he took all the responsibility in her cheating on him because he was working to much. He wanted a new start so he got them an apartment close to the hospital and the school that Avery was going to attend in the fall.Josh is more attentive he shows Avery how much he loves her. He tries to talk t [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book The characters were strong the plot concise and the writing was very good. Keep in mind this is a three-part book, each one except the last being a cliffhanger. I didn't mind the cliffhanger thing (I usually try to stay away from them), since all three were on Kindle Unlimited. Just so you know this is a review for the entire three book seriesThis is your typical love triangle story. Avery and Josh move in with Josh's' old friend, Dylan. They are new to California and [...]

    9. A fabulous ending to a awesome series. I jumped straight from book two in to book three. I love avery, josh & dylans series. It's defiantly a quick uplifting tale you can read over and over again. Avery and Dylan fit so perfectly together. The beautiful dancer perusing her career and the tatted bad boy turned lover. Will their past ever truly forgive??Beautifully fitting ending. I gave four stars for this book because I just thought it was lacking something. I can't place what but it was mis [...]

    10. I loved this series. I really liked Avery. And Dylan, well you can't help but love him. This story is very well written and in the dual POV. Its easy to get the feel for what each character is going through. I wouldn't have guessed I would have liked a story revolving around cheating. The way this story is written though, there is just something about it. There is never a guarantee in love, It can be the most beautiful thing or it can be a big mess. Avery gets both sides there. She makes a huge [...]

    11. I loved the third book of "That girl is mine"!!! The story was written and explained very well. Sometimes in our lives, mother nature steps in and makes us see that we are going down the wrong path, even if we love that person. Eve Cates wrapped up everything nicely and each had their happy ever after. Dylan is absolutely an awesome guy in this book. No punches about him. I love how he made sure that Avery's dreams came true in every since of the matters of her life. I would love to see their re [...]

    12. Totally loved part 3. Although I would have liked the book to never end, it made the book completely satisfying with the ending as it was.The characters are fantastic. The story line is written perfectly. I would recommend That Girl Is Mine to anyone and everyone. Love the writing style. Love how easy it was to connect with the characters from the start. Love how in depth the feelings were written with the turmoil of the situation. It felt like I was amongst the pages, living the feelings of the [...]

    13. I enjoyed reading the whole series even as bitter sweet as it was. Cheating has always been a sore spot for me so it was kind of impressive that Eve Cates could write a book series set around two people conducting an affair and still get me to feel for the characters. And I did. I felt for all 3 of the main characters. Ultimately, it ended perfectly in book three. I couldn't think of a better way to end the story. This wasn't really a three book series though. It was more like 3 volume of one bo [...]

    14. Eve Cates left us on the edge of our seats the last part. We picked right back up amid the drama. What a great ending to this story. More drama, confusion, feelings, and torture throughout this ending. While this is the ultimate best friends sacrifice it sill made me really sad that Dylan just threw away Josh's friendship for a girl .I get it was the attraction and it happens all the time, but it still made me sad for them. Either way great ending to an emotional roller coaster that was That Gir [...]

    15. What can endingOmg what a perfect ending. Dylan and Avery try to fight their feelings, but when Josh starts to question them, truths will be told and hearts will be broken. Dylan doesn't feel his good enough for Avery and that staying away is the best for Avery, while Avery feels that Dylan is not choosing her by staying away she decides to make it work with Josh, but how long can she keep her true feelings hidden and just how long can Dylan stay away. I absolutely loved this whole series. Defin [...]

    16. This serial could have been made into one book as the books in the series are very short but a plus to it is that it doesn't feel stretched. Just the story that continues. Was mad at Josh for all that he said to Dylan after confronting him about his feelings for Avery but I guess I understand where he is coming from. Avery drove me bunkers her not being able to make up her mind at first. Dylan is sweet and I'm glad he got his girl in the end. A beautiful easy read and I definitely recommend.

    17. True love or comfortableJosh was nice but not very observant. He was overly focused on his goals. He cared about Avery more as a possession than a person. As for Dylan he was not really a bad boy so much as had bad habits with women. Dylan saw Averys soul. I rooted for Dylan as he took care of Avery and got to know her for who she was. Did not want it to end . It was very emotional and heartfelt ding.

    18. Yes, most parts are like in the book Thoughtless (series) but Dylan still has bits and pieces of uniqueness that stands out. I just wished that the 3rd book was longer and an Epilogue of more than just 3 months. A year or two could have been better to get a glimpse of what happened after all that drama. A wedding or children, perhaps. Just saying Still, its a good book.

    19. Wtf like it's over in a blink of an eye. I was finished this within an hour. This final part of the book is rushed it flits from one situation to another with out any depth. I don't do spoilers so I won't post any, but I feel as if it's a huge let down from the first 2 books that were fab. Had more time and depth been added this would have been a fantastic 3 book part story.

    20. 5 Great Conclusion StarsLoved this very quick fast-paced read!!!!! Out of my norm BUT loved it nonethelessHope to maybe get a "future" book on those 2:) Would have loved an extended Epilogue though, for me it would have been a truly "perfect" ending!!!!!!!

    21. Loved this book.I could not read fast enough. This story was so emotional. I felt so sad for Avery and my heart broke for Dylan and Josh. They were both so in love with her. I read this series non stop. I could not put it down.

    22. It wasn't exactly Thoughtless, no one ended in the hospital.but still that's the only book I thought about. Now saying that, who ever hasn't read Thoughtless series I think would love this book. And could read it without comparing the two books.

    23. Soooo good!!Wow! What a great ending. I don't want to say too much because I don't want to give away any spoilers because the book is that good! But if you haven't been reading this series, you should!

    24. Great end part3Great end to a messed up story. This is part 3 of Avery and Dylan's story. This is a difficult story. But when the heart wants has no mercy. I really felt bad for the other person. But this story was lovely in a messed up sort of way,

    25. I was given a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.Wow this book really wrapped everything up nice and neatly and I'm so glad all three characters got their HEA.

    26. All's well that ends well! I wish there was a book four that held the details of their happily ever after though.

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