That Girl is Mine - Part Two

That Girl is Mine Part Two PART TWO of THREE Avery I asked Dylan to be normal so we could work out how we really feel I didn t expect him to be this normal I didn t expect him to go back to the way he was when we first moved in

  • Title: That Girl is Mine - Part Two
  • Author: Eve Cates
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • PART TWO of THREE Avery I asked Dylan to be normal so we could work out how we really feel I didn t expect him to be this normal I didn t expect him to go back to the way he was when we first moved in I didn t expect him to quit coming home for lunch and dinner I didn t expect him to quit spending time with me Where does he go every night anyway I mean, I know he comPART TWO of THREE Avery I asked Dylan to be normal so we could work out how we really feel I didn t expect him to be this normal I didn t expect him to go back to the way he was when we first moved in I didn t expect him to quit coming home for lunch and dinner I didn t expect him to quit spending time with me Where does he go every night anyway I mean, I know he comes home, because I see him in the morning before work But things are strained Maybe I shouldn t have asked him to stay Maybe it would have been better if we spent time apart instead of this this avoidance that s going on I miss what we had I miss our friendship, and most of all, I miss him Dylan No matter how this ends, I feel as though we re all going to lose There is no way to make this end well There s no way to come out on top There is no way to come out of this and feel good I will either lose my oldest friend, or I will lose the only girl I ve ever felt something for Or maybe I ll lose both

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    1 thought on “That Girl is Mine - Part Two”

    1. Again I'm thinking of Kiera, Denny and Rockstar Kellan, but in this book there names are Avery, Josh and Tattoo artist Dylan. There are some similarities that are just too much for me to not continuously compare to Thoughtless but again I enjoyed reading it. unfortunately whilst reading it my head just kept going back and forth from both books.Now saying that it ended and I was pissed because I REALLY wanted to find out what the hell was going to happen, what she would tell Josh and how her and [...]

    2. Dammit!!! Why do authors ruin a perfectly good story by making the characters completely selfish ass hats.Misleading BlurbThe blurb for Part Two is EXTREMELY MISLEADING!!! The blurb reads like they are avoiding each other and trying to platonically figure out their feelings. Nope, this is a full-on physical and emotional cheating book. Avery developing feelings for Dylan, her boyfriend Josh's best friend, is understandable. Being in love with two men and being confused is understandable. Readers [...]

    3. This picked up where part one left off and my goodness, it's only getting better! Avery and Dylan have crossed that line and even though they both know it's wrong, neither one of them want to go back. Dylan has tried to fight what he was feeling for Avery but damn it, his heart had other plans and none of them included him walking away from Avery. Avery, on the other hand, is torn because she isn't supposed to feel anything for Dylan but thankfulness for allowing her and Josh, her boyfriend, to [...]

    4. Sorry, Avery's character is not convincing. At this point I'm in it for the conclusion, however lack luster.You know what would be greatif the three of them stayed together and continued the love festat might be my ending. Lol.

    5. Holy molyI'm not big into the whole cheating but I'm also not one to discriminate. This book is written well that it has you questioningn this could happen to anyone. Its clearly a human mistake. We are emotional beings wanting to be loved. I can't believe I feel for herbut I do. Okay so this book picks up really quickright from part 1. This book is about Avery and Dylan's (her boyfriend best friend) relationship. Now I'm off to part 3! Xoxo

    6. My one and only complaint with this book and the last one, is they were to damn short. Why oh why must authors taunts it's readers with short books and there be like 3-5 books in a series with the Same stories, same characters, with the same damn problems? I mean Eve Cates or her stupid publishing company could have made all 3 parts into one damn book! If you haven't guess by now that really pisses me off to no limit. Ughhhhhhhhhh!Okay woo-saw Okay I'm back, anyway this was a really good read an [...]

    7. 3 Cranky Stars!That Girl is Mine, Part Two, continues on directly from Part One.Avery is confused and feeling guilty about the kiss she shared with Dylan. She knows she has undeniable feelings for Dylan, yet she is still very much in love with Josh. Things between Josh and Avery cool down while everything with Dylan becomes an addiction. They don't want to hurt Josh but at this point it is inevitable. After a trip home to New York to visit her mom she finally makes a decision only to be stuck in [...]

    8. Wow what a cliffy!! I'm usually not a huge fan of love triangles. I don't stay away from them, however I definitely don't jump to the chance to read them. This one is addicting!! It reads so smoothly and as I've said before even with being on the shorter side the character development is there. So much that you feel badly for Avery at least I do. I don't envy her situation. On one hand she has her boyfriend of several years, Josh, who is always busy working his internship. I think he does love h [...]

    9. So I almost gave up on this serial at the beginning of this one because it was just too similar to another series but I felt like I needed to continue and glad that I did this section was all about the choice, the decision of the heart and the ultimate universal heart break.

    10. That Girl is Mine Part 2 Eva CatsAvery and Dylan discovered that they have feelings for each other it was more than a kiss, but Avery still loves Josh. He was everything to her. She cant decide what to do. Should she leave Josh and everything she knows and loves to try the bad boy? Or should she just forget the growing attraction that she has with Dylan and stay with Josh?She decides that she needs to stay away from Dylan, she tells him he needs to leave for a while she wants to know what her he [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book The characters were strong the plot concise and the writing was very good. Keep in mind this is a three-part book, each one except the last being a cliffhanger. I didn't mind the cliffhanger thing (I usually try to stay away from them), since all three were on Kindle Unlimited. Just so you know this is a review for the entire three book seriesThis is your typical love triangle story. Avery and Josh move in with Josh's' old friend, Dylan. They are new to California and [...]

    12. When I read Part 1 of this story, I didn't really know how Eve Cates was going to write part 2. The story took me through the emotions of Avery and Dylan's thoughts. The story was put together in such a way that you don't think it is wrong as to what Avery and Dylan think of each other. I was completely enthralled in the story. Avery is given a trip back to New York to visit her mom. While she is there she tries to sort out her emotions between each man that she loves. One of my favorite quotes [...]

    13. 4.5 starsI can not wait to see how Eve ends this one. I love a good love triangle! Who will she choose? Will the "music" win out? Is it possible to fully love two men at the same time?Here we get more of the story of Josh, Avery, and Dylan. Things are getting pretty steamy. I will not say much as I do not want to give it away. I kind of hate Avery but only because I would kill to be her. Two hot men. One pre-med hottie and one tattooed bad boy that has never been tamed. Which would you choose?

    14. I was given a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.Wow this story is getting better. Poor Avery has some tough descions to make concerning her realtionships with Josh and Dylan. Yes there is something going on in this book I usually cant stomach but in all honesty you cant but help feel bad for Avery and I know she needs to make her descion but to her its hard. Does she give up her comfortable life with Josh or throw caution to the wind and be with Dylan? Hopefully in the third bo [...]

    15. I enjoyed reading the whole series even as bitter sweet as it was. Cheating has always been a sore spot for me so it was kind of impressive that Eve Cates could write a book series set around two people conducting an affair and still get me to feel for the characters. And I did. I felt for all 3 of the main characters. Ultimately, it ended perfectly in book three. I couldn't think of a better way to end the story. This wasn't really a three book series though. It was more like 3 volume of one bo [...]

    16. Uh push, pull, confusion, conflict, and lots of emotions. Holy roller coaster and holy confusion on Avery's part. While you know Dylan is sooo wrong you almost have to feel for him at this point. He knows what he wants and he knows what he is risking it and he just doesn't care. Josh is just living his dream, working away, thinking he has the perfect girl at home waiting for him. Totally oblivious to the tension going on at homeor is he? Can't wait to see what happens!

    17. Generally reading about a love triangle isn't my cup of tea, but this has me so intrigued I keep on reading. I love getting both Dylan and Avery's POV's. Avery is conflicted in she doesn't know what to do. She has fallen for two guys and can't choose. Well a time comes when it will all catch up with a person. I have got to know how this will end for these three people. Who will Avery choose in the end. Part 3 isn't gonna be here soon enough. I can't wait to see how this will end.

    18. I need moreHoly hell Eve knows how to leave you hanging. Will Rusty pick Dylan or will she pick Josh. How can she love two men at the same time? These are questions she wants answered as well as us readers. Dylan is a take charge bad boy charter he takes what he needs and Rusty is what he needs. Josh is loving sweet, caring guy who believes Rusty is the one. I'm so ready for the rest, I must know what happens.

    19. Started on book one this morning and I have already read 2/3 in the series. Is it wrong for me to say 'YES!' when Dylan and Avery finally admitted their feelings for each other? Hope not as sometimes as much as you feel for the other (namely Josh), you can't help but understand where they (Avery and Dylan) are coming from. Didn't like the fact though that Avery is still bed hopping. Can't wait to see how it unfolds now that Josh knows their secret.

    20. follows on from book 1 only this time things happen, and there is a lot of confusion, Averys feeling guilty about the kiss with Dylan. She knows she has strong feelings for Dylan, yet she feels devoted and in love with Josh. cant wait for the next and final part (still very much like S C stephens book) thoughtless series.

    21. This is part two in That Girl is Mine books. Avery and Dylan both feel immense amounts of guilt. Both Avery and Dylan love Josh and hate what they have done. They feel such a pull and attraction for each other and they don't know what to do. Avery is trying to figure things out and Dylan is doing the same. Worth reading.

    22. 5 Stars.Still loving it!Yes, this is quick and I enjoyed it very much. OK, also gonna admit that I did have one man in particular that I was being pulled towards. BOTH guys, I loved and it is crazy that I was "attracted" to one in particular though:)Great mini series

    23. LOVE THIS SERIES! Love the cliffy and so glad that the next book is available! Again, this series totally reminds me of the mini version of one of my favorite series Thoughtless. Avery could definitely be Keira. Dylan is not a Kellan!

    24. I really enjoyed part 2 of That Girl Is Mine. The only negative I have, is that it stopped and I have to wait for part 3. I am really loving this story line and the characters. The conflict of emotions is so realistic. Very well written and well worth reading. Hurry on part 3.

    25. Another fabulous look at avery josh & dylan. Avery is lost in turmoil. She realises she has a decision to make but refuses to admit aloud what her heart feels. That ending omg. Diving straight in to book three see you on the flip side xx

    26. Oh boy. What is a girl to do? Looks like she's about to blow up her whole world. Hope it's worth it. Now on to Part 3!

    27. Still enjoying the story but I'm starting to get irritated with Avery for not making a choice and of course the grammatical errors and mistakes are still plentiful!!

    28. I love them bothI don't know I love them both. They both have a heart of gold. I wouldn't be able to pick. I would have been crying my eyes out.

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