Doing No Harm

Doing No Harm After a celebrated career in the war against Napoleon Captain Douglas Bowden moves to a small fishing village to escape military life and put his medical skills to good use Little does he know it s

  • Title: Doing No Harm
  • Author: Carla Kelly
  • ISBN: 9781462117383
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • After a celebrated career in the war against Napoleon, Captain Douglas Bowden moves to a small fishing village to escape military life and put his medical skills to good use Little does he know, it s his heart that needs the most loving care.

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    1 thought on “Doing No Harm”

    1. 1.5 rounded up.This story had quite some potential, unfortunately it never lived up to it.For one thing, things resolved too perfectly, like a line of domino pieces neatly falling over. It was so mechanical and so least resistance, everyone behaved so perfectly and so flawlessly, that it felt like Disney World Scotfairyland.The PTSD, be it of the good old doctor, or the children, was textbook and was resolved textbookstyle. The kids acted like octagenarians, hell, the only 37-years-old doctor ac [...]

    2. 4.5/5.0Beautifully but quietly written. This isn't a book filled with edge of your seat suspense or nail-biting sexual tension. It is merely a sweet, exquisitely told story of a retired Navy Dr. looking for a quiet place to practice but finding a down-on-your-luck Scottish fishing village that needs him more than he needs peace. It is also a warm story of love that grows from friendship and mutual admiration. A story that leaves one happily sighing and delightfully uplifted.

    3. My overwhelming feeling on finishing this was one of emotional exhaustion. This is a difficult book. I don't mean it is complex or particularly challenging from an intellectual point of view; it's simply dealing with bloody difficult issues. I've been here before with CK. There's an awful lot of tragedy hanging over many of her books, but it's usually deftly dealt with, balanced with the romance and a lightness of touch in the story and the language. I think this book, however, goes too far the [...]

    4. 4.5 star At a time when I can barely bring myself to pick up a historical romance because I know exactly what I will get, along comes the wonderful Carla Kelly to remind me why I continue to read this genre. Her stories of very common, yet incredibly decent, characters never fail to restore my faith in both the power of love, and the strength of the human heart. All of the elements of a Kelly treasure are found in this book. A world weary hero, looking to find just a bit of peace. A lovely, stro [...]

    5. I love the way Carla Kelly tells stories with characters that are real and believable. I learned a new aspect of the history of Scotland and the impact on the people who lived there. I couldn't help but feel for Doug and Olive who had their hands full but still did everything they could to serve their community and neighbors, solve problems, and put out fires. One of my favorites by this author!

    6. I enjoyed this sweet novel about two people trying to help a small town in Scotland that started poor and became more poor when Highland refugees were driven there after they were forced to leave their homes during the Highland Clearances. My interest may have been higher than average because some of my own ancestors left Scotland during the Clearances, but overall I think it’s a story most readers will enjoy. The main characters are likeable and slightly quirky. Douglas Bowden is a surgeon re [...]

    7. Carla Kelly is an auto-buy author for me. She reminds me a little bit of a modern day Jane Austen but with a tad more bite; sweet but with a dose of pepper. I am not sure there is even a mediocre book among her backlist much less a poor one. Her latest novel is another winner and I am sure Kelly fans will not be disappointed. This fan certainly was not.Captain Douglas Bowden is selling out of the British Royal Navy at the end of the war against Napoleon. He is thirty-seven years old and has know [...]

    8. Like many in our times at least, Carla Kelly is appalled by the land clearances of the 19th century when landowners forcibly removed most of the Highlanders from their traditional lands in Scotland. In particular, she's upset by the actions of the incredibly wealthy Dutchess of Sutherland who knew that her agents conducted terrible, nearly genocidal, acts in her name. Kelly is also passionate about medical men of the 19th century, particularly those attached to the military, in this case the Bri [...]

    9. Though the story is good, based on a real life Navy surgeon's life, it does tend to get a bit slow through the middle. I was intending to put it away without completing but then my inquisitiveness took over. And one thing I'm really curious about, why does Carla Kelly put in some very misplaced actions through the scenes? I wouldn't give in spoilers but then I found some things quite absurd like the instant crying by the characters, especially the hero and the heroine. I can understand it being [...]

    10. This book is pretty typical of its genre, I shouldn't have been surprised. But people keep recommending them, so every once in a while I decide to give it another try. The good: a nice little story, not too sappy, great uplifting theme. The bad: it's true to form, and the reason I dislike this type of books: flat characters, highly predictable, lack of originality, depth and conflict in the plot. But mostly I miss the escapism. I read novels for the most part, to escape, and books like this don' [...]

    11. In the wake of the Napoleonic Wars, the residents of Edgar, a poor Scottish fishing village, were left with few means for survival. For them, hope came in the shape of a surgeon, recently retired from the Royal Navy, in search for the ideal place to open a quiet country practice. He hadn't set out to save anyone - he'd had his fill of it at sea - but true to his calling, he couldn't leave a child with a compound fracture untended. Before long, encouraged by the heroine's example, he wasn't only [...]

    12. The hero spends too much time insisting that he is only staying temporarily and not enough time falling in love. There is also a little to much free and easy contact between the hero and heroine without societal consequences which did not seem in keeping with the time period. It is also doubtful that one person could cause so much to happen in such a short period of time. However, this book explores an ugly, sad part of Scottish history something I knew little about before reading the book, in t [...]

    13. This was extremely unexpected. This a heart felt, deeply rooted, intelligent, giving in sacrifice book. This book took such an unexpected turn it had me hook line and sinker from the beginning to the end. Tearful moments and gut wrenching moments. It not only depicted real historical emotionally deep circumstances, it reached down deep into unspoken challenges in history, and life. I swear it even touched on P.T.S.D. Misunderstanding and yes love, but in a unique way. I understand why this was n [...]

    14. Once again Carla Kelly tells a moving, funny, heartbreaking and redemptive tale of common people during the Regency era. Why aren't there more stories like this? Ms. kelly excels at tales of broken people -- usually suffering the after effects of service to their country in war -- who find love and redemption with the right person, a person who understands them. I shed tears and laughed and cheered for Douglas and Olive, not just to come together in the end, but the build a live of their village [...]

    15. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts for more, visit Punya ReviewsDoing No Harm was yet another clean romance by Carla Kelly with lots of emotions and “feel good” vibe. I generally love the setting and characters Ms. Kelly draws through her narration; so simple, yet so very complicated. But that is human nature I guess. The year is 1816. Royal Navy’s one of the most esteemed surgeons Captain Douglas Bowden has seen it all, done it all in the decks of many ships he’d [...]

    16. Doing No Harm is the third book by Carla Kelly I read, and it features her usual stock of H&h: two fundamentally good people, altruistic, not perfect, and very much in love with one another without much fuss or useless angst. Why four and not five stars, then? - It is more an historical novel than a romance, focussing more on the choral inhabitants of the fictional town of Edgar than on the protagonists themselves;- too much crying, really; every five minutes the characters seemed to be move [...]

    17. I am a big fan of clean historical romance and Carla Kelly is one of my favorite authors. In Doing No Harm, Kelly demonstrates once again her mastery of the genre. I loved pretty much everything about this novel. The setting (Scotland), the characters (Doug and Olive as well as Flora, Tommy and all the others), and the plot (helping Scottish Highlanders who've been driver from their homes). I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Douglas Bowden, a retired Naval surgeon in search of a 'quiet, peaceful count [...]

    18. Deeper than I was expecting. I loved all of the history and learned a lot from reading this book - even though it was a very painful history. I'm planning a trip to the Highlands in May, and I won't look at it the same way I would have before reading this book. I love books that teach while entertaining. Thanks, Carla Kelly!

    19. This is great romantic fluff, though I admittedly teared up at one point, so it wasn't all fluffy. I didn't know much about the Highland Clearances and was grateful for the Scottish history lesson. This is Carla Kelly at her best.

    20. Interesting story set within a strong historical context.My only niggle is the use of the word Stoop, which I think as an American word.We may have some of these architectural features here in the UK but I doubt many people refer to them using that word.

    21. Overall, this is a good story but once again I'm surprised by the contemporary feel of a historical novel by this writer. Carla Kelly is admittedly more interested in history than romance, but I find much of her writing very modern in feeling and tone.

    22. So much more than “just a romance”!Although this novel can be summarised as - ex navy doctor seeks and finds a cause after war- it is so much more. With masterly skill and great depth of historical novel, fuelled by the same passion expressed by Douglas and Olive, the impact of the genocide of the Highlanders is vividly depicted by the impact on the population of a small lowlands village. Both hero and displaced refugees struggle to heal their post traumatic stress in the day to day life of [...]

    23. I have never read a book like this Historical fiction based in Scotland! So interesting but a little frustrating with some strange maybe old-time Scottish? vocabulary.I learned some tragic things about the history of Scotland I had never known.It is a beautiful, heart-warming love story with nothing offensive. Perfect ending.The author is an LDS, Idaho resident, with many novels to her credit.This was the first, excellent choice of our new daytime bookclub. Looking forward to many more.

    24. 4.5 stars for me, and while it was a little long winded, the slower pace fits the setting and proprieties of the day. The H suffers PTSD, and while it is not mentioned, it seemed clear he is ashamed of being so affected. The h was a lovely mix of fire and kindness without being cloyingly sweet. I liked that she was not perfectly suited to be being a doctor's wife. I enjoyed the story, and brushed up my history too.

    25. This wasn't great literature, but it really touched my heart. The characters were wonderful and carefully developed. They made me laugh and they made me cry. I learned about the Scottish Highland Clearances, a horrible series of events for the common people of Scotland. I had no idea! The author brings humanity to those who were abused and those who chose to help them.

    26. This book was the typical romance story. It followed the same format that most romance stories follow. It was an okay read. It was not one that I would read again. The characters were interesting and the historical nature of the book was interesting.

    27. Not my favorite from Ms Kelly. The story was pretty good, but it was much heavier than a lot of her other books. The people in the book are just so downtrodden. It was a good ending, but there was more suffering than I was looking for--not an easy beach kind of story.

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