Saved by the Alien Lord

Saved by the Alien Lord Earth girls might be popularbut they re definitely not easy Kidnapped by sexy aliens Cat and the women of the Sentinel Five base are looking for a way home Their captors might be ripped hot warriors

  • Title: Saved by the Alien Lord
  • Author: Mina Carter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Earth girls might be popularbut they re definitely not easy Kidnapped by sexy aliens, Cat and the women of the Sentinel Five base are looking for a way home Their captors might be ripped, hot warriors looking for that one special woman, but these girls have this little thing against being slaves Even if their leader is well on his way to stealing Cat s heart as wellEarth girls might be popularbut they re definitely not easy Kidnapped by sexy aliens, Cat and the women of the Sentinel Five base are looking for a way home Their captors might be ripped, hot warriors looking for that one special woman, but these girls have this little thing against being slaves Even if their leader is well on his way to stealing Cat s heart as well as her body Then a new player enters the arena A dangerous rival war commander has challenged the K Vass claim on terran held space and all its women Tarrick K Vass can t afford to let any of the earth women be captured, especially not his little human, Cat When his human is taken, he ll do anything to rescue her Anything Up to and including starting an intergalatic war.

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    1 thought on “Saved by the Alien Lord”

    1. As I was suspecting this story somehow picks up after the first.There are so many gaps in the story that I want to cry:- how did the women get the weapons, how did they fight the aliens and escaped- how can a cow look like creature help create good looking aliens or Lathariens after a quick tumble in the grass so to speak? Genetically they should have "cow" traits considering that they are conceived in a normal fashion - horizontally not a test tube- My list of questions is long and I don't want [...]

    2. Sci-if that hits the mark!Okay. I'm a sucker for good sci-fi. I like it over the top, full of action, and with hot romance. Mina has managed to totally deliver on this series. I have to say I think her sci-fi is better than her shifter, and I really like her shifters! But something about this story makes me hot, cry, and laugh. I want to know about each woman that's been featured getting her man! But I do love a good hunky alien! High recommend! Drop in and go for it!

    3. DELICIOUSLY CUTE, SERIOUSLY SEXY AND DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAINING !!!Title: Saved by the Alien LordSeries: Warriors of the LatharDesignation: Book Two of Four, Not a StandaloneAuthor: Mina CarterMy Rating: FIVE SUPER SEXY STARS*****And the fun continues with Saved by the Alien Lord, the second book in the captivating Warriors of the Lathar Series and what a tantalizing, fun-filled treat it is. Mina has once again done what she does best. And what is that you ask? Well, she's delivered yet another e [...]

    4. I had never been a big fan of reading the sci-fi genre but Mina Carter is definitely changing my mind on that. I am really loving this series. This one was full of action and heat! I love Cat's feistiness and Tarrick's possessiveness. They make for one explosive couple. I also really enjoyed meeting some of the other females. I can't wait to get their stories. I know they'll be just as much fun and make life difficult for the men they end up with!

    5. Alien Hot Men!! I love this series, and cannot wait for the next book!! This series is about hot, alpha alien males who capture human military women, thinking that that just because they are small and need protecting, these women are far from and show these men that they are mot as fragile as they think when in a battle with the bad guys who kidnapped the women! Even though its a short story series, i soo wish it wasnt and that each women will get their HEA!

    6. Still like the characters! Some world-building and logic fails - NO TYPOS!! (woohoo? or are my standards just too low reading all the self-pubs XD) Plot is interesting but everything is just a bit too pat for me, really a function of the length more than anything.

    7. More pleaseAm loving these short stories. Very hot and fun stories with big hunky males with tough sexy females holding their own. Can't wait for more this series is great!

    8. This middle part of the series picks up and our heroine shows how badass she is. Again, why isn't this all one book?

    9. 3.5 stars. This continues on from book 1.Cat and the other women show the K’Vass Lathar what they are made of when the T’Laat Lathar arrive and steal the human women. The women manage to get hold of weapons and give the T’Laat a good hiding.Cat and Tarrick come to a mutually agreeable compromise on their future.

    10. A must readThis is the second book in this series. You have to start with Captured. This book continues with Cat's story and it is a wild ride! Lots of action, enemy aliens, and steam!

    11. From the action to the love scenes, you could feel every bump, lump and thrust of the characters on their journey. The story was quick paced and tightly written, the heroine, Cat, was strong, smart and able, the hero, Tarrick, protective, clever and sexy as f@ck! I want my own Latharian lover!

    12. I love reading about badass women and this part of the story is full of them. Lots of action and girl power.

    13. Loved the first. Had to get the next.Oh it continues. Yeah for me. Just as good as the first one. Now I want more. Love it. Yeah for me.

    14. SavedAnother great book by Mina Carter. Through her books you could learn about Aliens if they were to come here. Hopefully the Aliens would be like some of these. Highly recommend this book & others by Ms. Carter, great read & author.

    15. I loved this story. It is a continuation from Captured by the Alien Lord. That one was a romantic version of a space opera, this one turns it on its head. OMG, the Lathar are surprised at Earth women.So, the setup -- in the earlier book, a few ships from an alien warrior race capture the military spacestation where our heroine lives and works. Even though the humans put up a good resistance, the alien technology is too much and they capture everyone. They want the woman for sex and breeding, bec [...]

    16. 2nd book, continues from the first with the same lead pair, but introduces an actual plot (or something of the sort), and some more characters. here's what i thought of the first one (copy pasted, because, well, the 2nd ain't that different, except for a villain, and 'another' kidnapping! oh, and the drugging issue. i don't think the author put it in the first book, but the happy oh-yes-shag-me was because the h had been drugged. oops.)______________________________short, fun story, with a coupl [...]

    17. This is a very short read so keep that in mind when deciding if this is for you!Even though Cat bedded an alien that doesn't mean she is going to stick around. Using her military background she is finding information that may help her to escape along with all the other humans. But she doesn't count on being kidnapped a second time.Tarrick isnt going to let his human go no matter what. So when another steals what he see's as his he get majorly pissed and makes sure to get her back.So what happens [...]

    18. 4.5 starsMina you so rock! This was a sexy hot quick read that I found a lot of fun. I loved the interaction between Cat and Tarrick. Oh and you can just imagine the chemistry just poppin off of both of them. I didn't get a chance to read the first book, but it didn't take anything from it. The story line and characters were awesome and I'm finding that I'm really enjoying Mina's quick sexy reads. Sci Fi at its awesomest A group of Alien's male take over a human space station, they are quick to [...]

    19. Ok, when I read the first one I found issues with the story and characters. Now that I read book 2I just loved it! More character development and more to the story just cinched it for me. I laughed my butt off because seriously Cat isn't taking anything laying down. Her character is freakin awesome. Tarrick lol well he's just funny cause he's gotta be the guy in command but also keep his mate happy. Which at the beginning she still hasn't quite accepted because she is stubborn and wants a choice [...]

    20. As usual Ms. Carter's talent shines through in this second installment. We get a bit more Sci-Fi flavoring as well which I was grateful to see. While reading this one, I thought more than once that the Lathar warriors and society reminded me of Klingons. That said, this book/series is definitely Sci-Fi light or Sci-Fi romance.In book 2 we see that Tarrick and his men aren't complete brutes which was oh-so-barely hinted at in the first book. We actually Tarrick as a caring, loving protector when [...]

    21. Gotta admit I do love these guysOk so I finally read the two I missed the first round, and I love this series. Still short and think they could have been combined into a novel, but I'd read the next one. I can't seem to get enough of the boys from Lathar.Even though Cat came to an agreement with Tarrick, she doesn't feel she needs to stop looking to escape just cause he's hot. After all, she wasn't really given a choice, and no one likes to have their freewill taken away. When Tarrick's ship is [...]

    22. Yay a second book!Enjoyed the first book, Captured, but was disappointed by the short length and the ending. Book 2 picks up soon after book 1 and expands the action, the characters and the universe. Plus there's a definite villain for the characters to take on.Go Team Human! Underestimating a woman can lead to exciting times as this book shows.Nice twist at the end that was foreshadowed in book 1 and that sets up a wide range of possible follow up stories.Again, way too short and over too soon. [...]

    23. Saved by the Alien Lord(Warriors of the Lathar Book 2)The women were kidnapped again,only this time by different aliens.They were the brutal kind.Would Tarrick get to them in time?The new alien was in the process of trying to rape Cat.In walks Tarrick and the fight begins.Guess who wins?Cat and Tarrick are back on his ship and safe.Cat is falling in love with the big lug.Will there be a happily ever after?.

    24. More please!The first book was pretty good, but the second book brought more of the human & alien characters alive. I desperately want to know what happens with some of the other characters! Mina Carter is always great at making the reader connect with and care about the characters. More please!!

    25. Fantastic SeriesThis series just gets better and better with each book. Although the first story is pretty short, the others are longer, and all are extremely well written. They are full of vivid characters, Hot love scenes, interesting adventures, Hot aliens, and truly beautiful love stories. This set is a wonderful addition to anyone's e-library!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26. Good ReadI really enjoyed this short I like the fact that Cat's was extremely fierce and sassy. I also like that Tarrick's was so possessive he was definitely the definition of an alpha male making for a explosive couple. Overall a really good read looking forward to see what's going to happen next in the series.

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