A Ring to Secure His Heir

A Ring to Secure His Heir Office cleaner Rosie Gray is intoxicated by the after hours attentions of mysterious suave businessman Alex but her dreams are destroyed with the slamming of the bedroom door on their one night sta

  • Title: A Ring to Secure His Heir
  • Author: Lynne Graham Penelope Rawlins
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • Office cleaner Rosie Gray is intoxicated by the after hours attentions of mysterious, suave businessman, Alex, but her dreams are destroyed with the slamming of the bedroom door on their one night stand Discovering she s pregnant, she goes to confront him but no one at work has heard of Alex Kolovos They do, however, know Alexius Stavroulakis, the CEO, and he has a gliOffice cleaner Rosie Gray is intoxicated by the after hours attentions of mysterious, suave businessman, Alex, but her dreams are destroyed with the slamming of the bedroom door on their one night stand Discovering she s pregnant, she goes to confront him but no one at work has heard of Alex Kolovos They do, however, know Alexius Stavroulakis, the CEO, and he has a glittering proposal for her

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    1 thought on “A Ring to Secure His Heir”

    1. All is right in HarleyLand again with LG at the helm. Alexius, a new besotted fathead has galloped into the kingdom on behalf of the heroine Rosie’s natual grandfather. In searching her out to see if she is “worthy” of the crown Greek lifestyle and acknowledgement, the granddad asks Fathead to get to know her. When Gramps said “get to know her” I doubt he meant have a ONS wherein you sneak out while she’s asleep and she’s already multiplying little Greek tycoon baby zygotes. Never [...]

    2. My initial rating was two stars, because this one just an okay reading experience. But since I'm still in a bookhangover from my three 5 star reads in a row, I just don't trust my objectivity. So three it is because there is nothing extreme about this one - to either like or dislike.Hero is a beta in alpha clothing. He goes out of his way to fulfill his godfather's hare-brained scheme of vetting the godfather's long-lost granddaughter. He actually hangs around an office building well past workin [...]

    3. This book was a return to the LG I so loved. The heroine was just such a hoot and so good with verbal barbs, she said things in all honesty without knowing that her words were denting the hero's ego. The hero who was used to wealth and women and getting what he wants. Even though the heroine grew up poor and became pregnant, she didn't accept the hero's proposal. The hero sought her out because of his godfather who told him to check her out(she was his granddaughter). I loved how the hero kidnap [...]

    4. I have loved most of Lynn Graham's books but I must be honest and say that this is one of those that I kind of just liked. Something was missing in this story. Okay, the story of a poor heroine working as an office cleaner who meets a millionaire (of course she thinks he's just a worker there. is seduced and left pregnant (geez don't these guys think about protection!!!!) is a very old and used plot - in fact I seemed to remember a very similar story read before.Anyway, I did find it a bit of a [...]

    5. Me encanta el prota de esta novela. Es tan, ¡tan! Lynne Graham-style que me tuvo sonriendo la mitad de la novela y la otra parte suspirando. Él no sabe cómo lidiar con los sentimientos y me pareció tan hombre que a mi mente femenina le costó procesarlo pero él es llanamente un tipo insensible que va redimiéndose' pero no al punto de traicionar su esencia, y esta clase de historias me puede~ No quiero que se vuelvan todo hearts and flowers porque no es creíble. LG demuestra por qué es un [...]

    6. Loved this one. Rosie is a great heroine, very strong-willed, filled with integrity. Really liked her. And the resolution wasn't rushed. Woo hoo!

    7. 3 stars, which means it was okay. Some parts got a chuckle. Of course, it's sexy sexy sexy, but more tasteful than some of Graham's latest offerings. No cheating. A Ring to Secure His Heir struck me as an unusually specific title -- one that actually aligns with the content. Alex's beloved godfather asks him to investigate his granddaughter, who had grown up in a foster home and knew nothing of his existence. Alex falls in lust and makes a baby with said granddaughter, who was a virgin at age 23 [...]

    8. A nice read.I liked the character of Rosie, she was sweet, caring, innocent, and spoke her mind. Maybe sometimes she changed her mind more than once but she was adjusting to new life experiences and emotions to know the rest of the world. She does a great job in the end with her honesty and telling "it like it is" attitude.Alex on the otherhand enters into his "relationship" with Rosie with lies and secrets. Yes, he maybe rich and sexy but those things don't impress her much. He is clueless as t [...]

    9. What a disappointment! The romance—what little there was of it—fell flat and the protagonists were pale imitations of Lynne Graham's best heroes and heroines. If Alexius and Rosie weren't arguing, then they were having sex or thinking about it. Alexius's character seemed underdeveloped and concerned with only one thing: S-E-X. Rosie was even more frustrating than Alexius believe it or not. She, too, thought with her libido more than her mind, but that wouldn't have helped since that brain wa [...]

    10. 2.5 stars (?)This was so not for me because of the heroine. Rosie changed her mind like I change the song when my iTunes is in aleatory reproduction, which is a lot.It's a shame because Alesxius was the kind of I-don't-know-what-feelings-are hero I love. Yes, I'm a sucker for those guys who claim to have no heart but are so nice and giving yet they preserve their ruthlessness for when necessary. Also I loved that he wasn't omnipotent, it was so cute when he couldn't drive perfectly.The plot was [...]

    11. Oh, goody! I loved the story from beginning to end. The plot is really simple and you might say, predictable but it was well written, with angsty goodness, witty dialogue, great characters, perfect writing from Ms. Lynne Graham - it was at times funny, sad, frustrating, but there was never a dull moment! This was one of the books that kept me smiling the whole time. I can’t help smiling now as I’m writing this review. Just thinking back over the story, makes me want to read it all over again [...]

    12. I loved this book! There were many times I wanted to slap Rosie for being so stubborn and pushing Alex away non-stop when he was trying so hard to make their relationship work. I mean come on it was obvious the guy was crazy in love with her. In fact I think he was way too clingy and insecure for a Harlequin hero. The hero was so amazing I am having a crush on him. I loved how the relationship progressed and how reluctant he was to become a husband and a father but in reality he was desperate fo [...]

    13. Well. I just don't know what to say. To me, this book is a perfect example of cheesy Harlequin romances with an over bearing jerky hero who acts jerky, right up till the end and doesn't grovel enough for forgiveness. I did enjoy it though :)

    14. Alexius seeks to do a favor for his godfather – find out if the long lost not acknowledged granddaughter is a “good” person or a gold digger in disguise. If she turns out to be above board grandfather will acknowledge her. If she is a worm looking for a way in and easy hand-outs – forget it! He has enough hands clamoring for his money!!So Alexius goes off to investigate the little – literally she is petite - office cleaner. Alexius finds himself attracted to little Rosie – you knew h [...]

    15. 3.5 / 4starsAlexius is on a mission: check out his godfather's estranged granddaughter for him. Simple mission. Wrong.Our arrogant hero, spoiled by wealth and so many conquests, doesn't know what hits him. Nothing prepares him to the fiery attraction or to the emotions Rosie makes him feel. Our feisty heroine confuses the hell out of him. She gives as much as she gets. Not impressed by his wealth, she refuses his half-hearted marriage proposal when she got pregnant. And she fights him all the wa [...]

    16. A RING TO SECURE HIS HEIR was a quick read.Alex was supposed to check out his godfather’s granddaughter. He wasn’t prepared for their meeting to land in bed and a few weeks later her passing out in his office pregnant. While he never planned on a wife and baby, he never thought that Rosie would put up such a fight at his marriage suggestion. Taking Rosie to Greece to meet her grandfather seems to be their last chance and only after an ugly ultimatum does Alex finally realize how important Ro [...]

    17. I liked this one on the whole. The heroine was not a total doormat and she did refuse to marry him until he fell in love with her. He was so rich and always been so that he was 100% arrogant but he never treated her poorly. In fact he listened when she refused to marry him but he still stuck with her. The end was fun when he comes to get her at her grandfather's party. The end was pretty grovelly in a very sweet way.

    18. 2.5 ก็สนุกนะแต่พล็อตไม่ได้มีความแตกต่างจากงานของลินน์เล่มอื่นๆ เดาได้หมดตั้งแต่ต้นเรื่องยั้นจบเลยขาดความตื่นเต้น หรือการบีบคั้นอารมณ์ใดๆทั้งสิ้น อ่านได้เรื่อยๆ

    19. *3.5* This was a funny read. I did like the heroine in this one and the barbs between the h and H. The reaction of the H is so funny because he was expecting the heroine to just jump at the chance to marry him. It still had the predictability and OTTness of any HP romance, but I think this was one of the more entertaining ones.

    20. Me gustó mucho,Rosie no es la típica joven humilde sumisa,tiene su carácter y el desarrollo de la historia y los personajes estuvo muy bien. Ah y el perrito,amo las historias con perritos.

    21. Another cleaner and billionaire. Same new topic. Similiar.Not too stupid to live heroine But a (╯°□°)╯︵┻━┻ hero

    22. 2.5 starsThis may contain major plot spoilersI'm sorry to say that I didn't like this book so much compared to other Lynne Graham books I've read in the past. I know some people here really liked and enjoyed this book partly because of the strong heroine of Rosie, who's sometimes a typical in this Harlequin Presents line, and I see that people enjoyed that aspect of the book. I did like that Rosie was a strong character as well and she wasn't a doormat, ready, willing and able to stand up to Ale [...]

    23. An OK story. I liked Rosie, but once she & Alexius started being physical, her backbone seems to have disappeared. Yes, she refuses to marry him since he doesn't love her, but she has little trouble with being in his bed.There were a couple plot points that kind of fizzled out- So much was made about her evil/ lazy/ dishonest family members who would "eat her alive", but aside from the bitchy (at first) aunt who later befriends her niece, none of them appeared in this book. Also, I really wo [...]

    24. This is a fun one. The hero is sent to find out if his godfather's secret granddaughter will make a suitable heir. She doesn't let him railroad her.

    25. Review:I’ve read many Lynne Graham books and she has been number one in my favorite Harlequin Presents writers for quite some time already, but unfortunately, this book wasn’t up to her usual standard. It’s a wonderful guilty pleasure romance that I’m accustomed to expect from her, so I can’t complain, but, still, I was left slightly hanging.All the aspects why I like her books were there – the über alpha, the penniless damsel in distress, the unexpected baby, the slow burn till lov [...]

    26. Rosie’s grandfather played matchmaker when he asked Alex to meet his granddaughter and get to know her for him. The chemistry between Rosie, and Alex was Hot. I did enjoy this book. I think the two cared for one another, but I didn’t feel the connection of love between the two. The life between Rosie, and Alex was worlds apart. I did like the fact that Rosie always spoke her mind, and was not a door mat. Rosie was not the type of person that was impressed by wealth. Alex was used to be waite [...]

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