That Girl is Mine - Part One

That Girl is Mine Part One AveryI came to California to start a new life while also supporting my boyfriend s dream of being a doctor My dream is to be a dancer on Broadway but you can dance in LA right I can transfer to a c

  • Title: That Girl is Mine - Part One
  • Author: Eve Cates
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • AveryI came to California to start a new life, while also supporting my boyfriend s dream of being a doctor My dream is to be a dancer on Broadway, but you can dance in LA, right I can transfer to a college out here, and I can focus on my dream later It s Josh s turn now And I love Josh I love him a lot.But then, there s Dylan A sexy tattooist, who s sharing his homeAveryI came to California to start a new life, while also supporting my boyfriend s dream of being a doctor My dream is to be a dancer on Broadway, but you can dance in LA, right I can transfer to a college out here, and I can focus on my dream later It s Josh s turn now And I love Josh I love him a lot.But then, there s Dylan A sexy tattooist, who s sharing his home with us until Josh starts earning money At first, I think he s a jerk Then I hurt myself and it turns out he s not a jerk at all It turns out he s complicated like a dance.DylanJosh and I were friends as kids We grew up in the same neighbourhood, went to the same school, partied a lot in high school we were living the dream Girls loved us Then he went off to college, and while we kept in touch, it wasn t a constant thing That s why I was surprised when he told me about Avery At first, I was pissed, I mean, he needed somewhere to stay for a while, and I m happy to help him find his feet, but he brought a chick into my house my pussy free zone This was never going to end well.I should have listened to my gut I should have said no I can t be trusted around beautiful women Follow Dylan and Avery in That Girl is Mine, a forbidden romance, told in three parts.

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    1. As I said in the update, it reads as a newspaper article: this happen at this time, person looked like this while doing that. The writing is very dull and amateurish. There is no flow, just endless dry descriptions of things. The author uses parentheses a lot to explain what characters feel. It's clear that it's written by an inexperienced author. I felt nothing for any of the characters, no friendship between two guys, even though they supposed to be best friends, barely there romance between t [...]

    2. TITLE: That Girl is MineSERIES: (Part #1)AUTHOR: Eve CatesGENRE: Contemporary Romance | New AdultEXPECTED PUBLICATION: May 21stMY RATING: ★★★★Book Funk F*ck Off - if this drool worthy cover and the story within doesn't chase this book funk away I will cut a biarch!!The Story line is typical where it's not so much unique has been done many times before, but it is easy to get into, short, no mention of book #2 yet, the double up of words and spelling errors in this suck with it being a pub [...]

    3. DNF at 86%My opinion. Did not work for meke work for you.Just awful. Written in dual POVs, but the switch happens so quickly, I had to go back and think about whose POV I was reading. Hard to connect. I hate when the author introduces secondary characters like Roxy (Dylan's close friend) who are just trouble makers. Even though Roxy claimed to love her little husband GeorgieI think she wanted Dylan. There is no other reason why she would want to go into a bet with Dylan about another girl. I jus [...]

    4. This one sucked me in and now I can't wait to read the second installment. Of course, I'll be saying the same thing once I finish that one and I'm not so patiently waiting on the final installment. I swear, I tried to wait it out but the synopsis spoke to me and I was curious! This was short too short! However, the author does a fantastic job with the character development in such a short period of time. I was glued to the pages wanting to read more of Avery and Dylan's story or it is Avery and [...]

    5. AmazingIf I had to put a song to this book it would be Jesse girl by Rick Springfield. This book is part 1Story is about Avery moving from NY to California because of her boyfriend's medical intern. She moves in with her boyfriends best friend until her and her boyfriend can save money. Best friend is a total player and does not believe in commitment. This story is about temptation.

    6. Loved it but pissed me off! I don't know the exact date I read this May 2016, yes but it won't let me leave the date blank. Makes it the the 1st no matter what!

    7. I didn't feel the characters connection. It crossed into something more with no anticipation.Let's see what book two offers.

    8. 3 Cranky Stars!Author Eve Cates is a talented story teller with the ability to draw you into a story and leave you wanting more. "That Girl is Mine - Part One" is a very short novella and I query the decision to not combine Parts One and Two into a fuller work. In Part One, Avery moves to LA with her long time boyfriend Josh. The two are deeply in love and Avery puts her schooling and own dreams on hold to help Josh with his dream.Josh, fresh out of Medical School, is doing his residency at a ch [...]

    9. Ugh I wrote a whole review about how bad this book is and it got eaten by . :( I don't have the patience to write it again but trust me, if you are looking for a fun quick entertaining read, this isn't it. There are several editing errors that should've been found if the author asked a friend to read before it was put up for sale. When you ask people to pay you, the least you could do is make sure you get your names correct. Editing was only one of my issues with this book though but maybe I'm a [...]

    10. I'm going to go ahead and give this one a try even though it sounds A LOT like one of my favorites Thoughtless.let's see how similar they are.Definitely had the thoughtless feel, way too much for my liking but I will say I kept going and it wasn't bad. But can't give it more than 3 for the simple fact of comparing it to Thoughtless

    11. I really liked this series. I normally don't like characters that are cheaters but the author made them likable. I also thought the H and h had great chemistry.

    12. Avery has dropped everything to head west with her boyfriend, Josh, as he pursues his dreams of becoming a doctor. She's not giving up on her dream of becoming a dancer, however, and as soon as they settle in with Josh's good friend, Dylan, she will embark in her dream. As I read Avery's POV I appreciated how down to earth and likable she was, never thinking too much of herself. And oh, sexy, dirty talking Dylan was just delicious! He doesn't do relationships because he doesn't believe in love, [...]

    13. Well, damn! So, this isn't one of those books that turns you into an emotional basket case or wows you with profound thoughts and heroics. However, it is very well done for a fast & furious romantic drama (especially these 60 page series types) that's not too heavy but has an element of forbidden/taboo attraction between the female MC and her boyfriend's best friend. I'm not big on books with unfaithful characters because I despise cheaters in both real life and fiction. So far, the storylin [...]

    14. This was a quick read but I really enjoyed it. From the synopsis, I was immediately drawn in. I love forbidden love stories. This story does remind me of Kellan and Kiera in the Thoughtless Series by SC Stephens. I'm dying to find out what happens next between Avery & Dylan. And if Josh finds out?!On to Part Two. There were some spelling/grammar issues but totally forgivable!

    15. ***3.5 She Is Josh's Girl Stars***This book was so similar to S C Stephen's "Thoughtless" that I had a difficult time keeping the books separate in my head as I read this book. Other than that, it was an interesting read and I will continue with the series to see how it all plays out.

    16. The first part of this book gives you a glimpse into Avery and Dylan's initial meeting and their friendship as well as Avery's relationship with her boyfriend Josh throughout the whole thing you know it is leading somewhere but the exact goes and whys could be just about anything. The story is similar to another series I adore but not so much that I don't also enjoy this one

    17. Interested enough to read book2. Book 1. was just a light foreplay before the down and dirty begins. This is the 1st time I've read anything by this author and I hope she doesn't disappoint. So off to book 2. Fingers crossed.

    18. That Girl is Mine part 1Avery and Josh started dating in college, Josh moved to NYC to go to medical school because he could not get in to one in LA.They were very happy together they even though they were soul mates. When he got accepted to do his residency at his dream college at Children's Hospital in LA Avery was very happy for him but could not stand the thought of having a long distance relationship.She decided that even thought she was not accepted to a university in LA she would pack-up [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this book The characters were strong the plot concise and the writing was very good. Keep in mind this is a three-part book, each one except the last being a cliffhanger. I didn't mind the cliffhanger thing (I usually try to stay away from them), since all three were on Kindle Unlimited. Just so you know this is a review for the entire three book seriesThis is your typical love triangle story. Avery and Josh move in with Josh's' old friend, Dylan. They are new to California and [...]

    20. This was a pretty good book. It reminded me of the Thoughtless series. Avery grew up with a single mother in New York City and she moves all the way across the country to Los Angeles for her boyfriend. Josh grew up in LA but went to college in New York City to become a doctor. He moves back to LA to Intern at a hospital there and loves and wants his girlfriend with him. Josh and Dylan grew up together and were best friends. Avery and Josh move in with Dylan when they move. Avery is a good girl w [...]

    21. "That Girl is Mine" was wonderful. It was Part one of the series. I love the story of Josh, Avery and Dylan. Avery is the quiet girl that has not seen much in her life. Josh is her boyfriend and gets an internship for medical school at a Children's Hospital in California. They must both move in with Dylan, the tattoo artist and best friend of Josh's, until they can get on their feet. Dylan starts to like Avery and he finds that very strange, for one, he is a man whore , and two, she is Josh's gi [...]

    22. 5 Stars of Tattooed HotnessOMG I am so in love with this book right now. It kind of makes me think of the book Thoughtless by SC Stephens. Of course this book has only minimal similarities and I loved Thoughtless, as I loved this one. I can not wait to read more. It is a series so of course it ends leaving you wanting more but that is what makes Ms. Cates wonderful.What happens when you meet a guy, become best friends then realize he may be your soul mate? Naturally you would run to be with this [...]

    23. OmgEve Cates is just awesome. She blew me away with the step brother series and now with a start to a new series that I can tell is going to be awesome. Josh and Dylan have been friends since high school, so it was easy for Dylan to agree to let Josh and his girlfriend stay til they get on their feet, but it wasn't that easy. Avery is excited about starting over in California, she loves to dance but now it's Josh chance to go after his dream of being a Dr. , she's enjoying stay with Dylan he isn [...]

    24. 5 Stars. Loved it!OK, I need to start off by saying this is completely out of the norm for me in regards to my reading preferences and normally I wouldn't like it or I may even steer clear from this type of story BUT I really loved it. Yea, very twisted of me, lololol!!!!!It was a very quick read, actually not gonna lie, the serials are not exactly my favorite thing as I would much rather read one book, maybe 2 and 3 sometimes is just pushing me because there are so many books out there that I w [...]

    25. I really like this story. It's one you can just dive right into and love it. With the way Eve wrote it was so easy to visualize the characters. I really like Dylan. Whats not to love with a tattooed and sexy guy? Josh on the other hand, I'm not a fan. There is just something kinda off with him in my book. Will have to see how this plays out, but can tell who I'm rooting for. How far will the lines be pushed by these two? What will that one kiss turn into? I can't wait to find out!I will be waiti [...]

    26. I enjoyed reading the whole series even as bitter sweet as it was. Cheating has always been a sore spot for me so it was kind of impressive that Eve Cates could write a book series set around two people conducting an affair and still get me to feel for the characters. And I did. I felt for all 3 of the main characters. Ultimately, it ended perfectly in book three. I couldn't think of a better way to end the story. This wasn't really a three book series though. It was more like 3 volume of one bo [...]

    27. I loved this first part of the story of Dylan & Avery. The story is simple but so effective, it brings to life a forbidden romance that happened unintentionally. The way in which the main characters grow through the chapters shape beautifully with the settling in process. The added extra characters are delightfully colourful and the way in which they support the story is written with flair & imagination. Impatient for the next part!

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