Flawed Heart

Flawed Heart This is a full length second chance romance Max Belle s storyThis isn t the man I married The man I married was strong beautiful and pure The man I married cherished our lives together The man I mar

  • Title: Flawed Heart
  • Author: Bella Jewel Roger Wayne Lidia Dornet
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 200
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  • This is a full length, second chance romance Max Belle s storyThis isn t the man I married The man I married was strong, beautiful and pure The man I married cherished our lives together The man I married loved me.ThisThis isn t that man.One night One accident It changes everything.I wish I could tell you the exact moment he fell out of love with me I wis This is a full length, second chance romance Max Belle s storyThis isn t the man I married The man I married was strong, beautiful and pure The man I married cherished our lives together The man I married loved me.ThisThis isn t that man.One night One accident It changes everything.I wish I could tell you the exact moment he fell out of love with me I wish I could tell you there was hope That I hung on That I fought I wish I could tell you that we fixed it That happily every after was just out of our grips.It wasn t I ran, in the dead of the night, I packed my things and I left him.Now I m back He s still the same man A deadly underground fighter for the House of Obsidian He s still dangerous He s still broken I still love him.This is the part where I m supposed to turn around and run But I don t.

    Flawed Heart House of Obsidian, by Bella Jewel Jun , Flawed Heart is the story of Max and Anabelle Their love spans time, and with a love like that there are hardships Their love spans time, and with a love like that there are hardships First let me say Max is OMG Flawed Heart House Of Obsidian Kindle edition by Bella Flawed Heart House Of Obsidian Kindle edition by Bella Jewel, Lauren McKellar Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks . Flawed Heart House of Obsidian MP CD Flawed Heart House of Obsidian Bella Jewel, Roger Wayne, Lidia Dornet on FREE shipping on qualifying offers I met him in college, and I fell Flawed Heart House of Obsidian read online free by Flawed Heart read online free from your Pc or Mobile Flawed Heart House of Obsidian is a Romance novel by Bella Jewel. Read Flawed Heart online free by Bella Jewel Novels Read Flawed Heart House of Obsidian online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile Flawed Heart is a Romance novel by Bella Jewel. Flawed Heart by Bella Jewel, Paperback Barnes Noble Flawed Heart by Bella Jewel This is a standalone second chance romance and contains a HEA I met him in college, and I fell in love It was a beautiful love, pure and perfect Max quickly became everything I could have ever wanted He was the jock, the popular guy, and I was just Belle. Flawed Heart House of Obsidian read online free by Flawed Heart House of Obsidian Online read I reach over, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear She shivers, but doesnt stop me You dont have to be, I say in a low, raspy voice. Flawed Heart jobcluboforegon flawed heart Fri, Jan GMT flawed heart pdf The Seven Countries Study is an epidemiological longitudinal study directed by Ancel Keys at what is today the University of Minnesota Laboratory of Physiological Hygiene Exercise Science LPHES Begun in with a yearly grant of US , from the U.S Public Health Flawed Heart House of Obsidian read online free Flawed Heart House of Obsidian by Bella Jewel I got home only an hour ago and I smiled a big fake smile at Tina and Pippa, then I slipped into my room and I ve been sitting here ever since. The painful path to replacing a flawed heart valve USA TODAY Feb , The painful path to replacing a flawed heart valve David A Andelman, editor of the World Policy Journal, recounts his experience having a defective heart valve replaced, and the road to recovery.

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    1 thought on “Flawed Heart”

    1. 2.5 STARS*sigh*I don't even know what to say about this book.It had good intentions and the premise is my all time favourite romance trope, but even a second chance love story can't save my enjoyment of a read when the writing and the consistency of the story is mediocre at best. I really tried and since this is an ARC I finished reading the whole book, but it's just not good.Here is my list of problematic and spoilerish things:1. The connection between Max and Belle albeit cute was far too rush [...]

    2. This is probably the most appropriately titled yet utterly illogical book of the month.I say 'appropriate' because the entire plot is flawed to the degree of being painful and the usage of the word 'illogical' because the dark secret that the hero is hiding from his wife that results in the demise of his marriage is the most nonsensical reasoning I have read in months for cheating.It seems like one big excuse to screw other women during a five year separationD HE BLAMES HER FOR RUNNING AND SHE A [...]

    3. The brightest part of this book - Immy.***Quick Review:***Series:First in the House of Obsidian series but can be read as stand alone.Grade:Contemporary Romance. New adult.Main characters:Max runs a club House Of Obsidian with underground fighting ring. He used to be loving and caring. But now he doesn't feel anything. Belle was a sweet innocent girl, but now she is just broken. Secondary characters:We have here once again Raide Knox, Jokers' Wrath MC and Rainer, friend of Pippa. Steamy: Some ho [...]

    4. 1 star – Contemporary Romance“Flawed” indeedt to mention infuriating, cheesy, choppy, rushed, melodramatic, and nonsensical. I didn’t like the hero or heroine (at all) and felt absolute nothing, zilch, for their contrived, supposedly deep, emotional, powerful, all-consuming connection/love besides frustration. And the big, dark, earth-shattering, soul-destroying “secret” that kept the H/h apart for five years was utterly ridiculous. Needless to say, the “romance” fell very flat a [...]

    5. I was very curious about Max and Belle's story after meeting them in Desolation and I really wanted to be able to give this book more then 3 stars but unfortunately it let me down :(Max and Belle are married but have been apart for 5 years. After Max witnesses something horrific he had a depressive episode, pushed Belle away end everything went downhill from there. I love Bella Jewel's ability to make you live a story and her writing style but unfortunately only this things made me give this boo [...]

    6. I loved Belle and Max!I've been waiting for their story for a while now and I'm so glad I finally got to read it! It's exactly what I expected when I started reading this book. I definitely need more of this!If you've read Bella Jewel before and liked her, I'm pretty sure this book won't be a disappointment.

    7. OMFG this is FINALLY sitting in my iPad and I'm FINALLY reading it ahhhhhhh!! I have seen this being boomeranged all over facebook from the likes of stalkers like me!! The daily teasers were driving me insane, now finally I'm going to turn off life and get reading this, freaking love this authorhighly anticipated book!! “Max,I just don’t think I can ever forgive you.Belle.” This is not really what I expected, I love the writing style of this author, like she engages you from the first page [...]

    8. Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewFlawed Hearts chronicles the relationship of married couple Max and Anabelle as they try to rebuild their relationship after five years of separation. If you are a Bella fan like myself and have read the Joker Wrath MC series and most recently the book, Desolation, then these characters wouldn't be a surprise to the readers. The story of Max and Anabelle's relationship is an emotional, heartbreaking, sexy, and heart-tugging read that chroni [...]

    9. I honestly don't know where to start with this book, Belle & Max meet in school/college fall in love, get married young then something happens to Max & he changes turning to drink, drugs & gambling. Belle runs away heartbroken & doesn't come home for 5 years when she's forced too because her mum is dying of cancer.This story has been told a thousand times has every cliche you could think to add. The characters gave me whiplash, Max was a total arsehole & Belle was a doormat. [...]

    10. I luvd this it was great Belle as had a hard 5 yrs an she is back where it al started back home where she left the luv of her life an he family but she is back cause her mum is terminally sick so she wants 2 spend as much time with her as she can but bein home is hard an the feelings she as tried 2 push back r now fightin with her Max her ex as been through so much as well but he push Belle away an hurt her so much she couldn't stay but she didn't know what Max was goin through an when they c ea [...]

    11. Another amazing book from Bella Jewel. This has to be one of my favorite books of 2015 so far! It had everything! Love, passion, a good story and characters that I loved.Anabelle is a single mother, trying to raise her little daughter, Immy. When her sick mother needs her help, she returns home but her past comes back to haunt her as well. Five years ago, Anabelle ran from the man she loved. She left her husband because she couldn't live with the knowledge that he didn't love her anymore.Max is [...]

    12. 3 Disappointed StarsI don't really know where to start with this review. I've been looking forward to Max and Belle's story every since I read Desolation and was first introduced to the characters. But now that I've finally read their story I was a little disappointed. Five years ago Belle left her husband, Max, with the secret of their unborn child. Now she's back in town to take care of her dying mother and when she see's Max again she realizes she doesn't want to keep running. Their past isn' [...]

    13. Max is supposed to be a leading man? Yeah right. What a total loser. He was a dickhead "then" and he's an ever bigger dickhead now. He's also a massive CHEATER who whilst screwing around with other women for 5 years and not doing a damn thing to get his wife back, expects his wife to be celibate the whole time.He is a repulsive slut (nothing to be proud of when you're a husband who says he loves his wife), and she just lets him back in her bed after he screwed dozens of women "just because". Als [...]

    14. This is def my last book from this author I seriously hate her weak and needy females and her cheating hero's make me sick so no more books from her for me!

    15. This felt unfinished to me. It's full of cliches and goes back and forth in time between when they met in college and the present. Hero did really really shitty things and I didn't feel that he ever redeemed himself. He didn't even really try. The thing that really didn't sit right with me is that the husband is a complete tool. He's all bad boy, alpha male, but I feel like a real man wouldn't do what he did to his wife. He pushed her away, pushed her to a point where she needed to leave, and th [...]

    16. 3 StarsThis book, for me, was a case in which the blurb created so much anticipation and the book just didn't quite meet my expectations. I wanted to like the book much more than I did. The idea behind the story was good, the follow through wasn't.Max and Belle meet in college. Max is a star football player with an on again, off again girlfriend when he runs into quiet and shy Annabelle. At first they start off friends eventually turning into much more. Eventually marrying, Max starts running hi [...]

    17. Wtf did I just read? I can't believe that was the big secret that kept their AMAZING (?!?) love apart for 5 years (eye roll). Really?!? And then the next thing I know I see the word epilogue on top of the page? Was anything solved at all to warrant an epilogue? Really?

    18. I HATE and I mean absolutely HATE giving a low star rating.These authors put in so much work in their stories and only hope that we as readers will love them.Sadly I didn't love this one and I came so close to DNFing this I can't even tell you.The story started out pretty promising in the begining but then then Max went and opened his freakin mouth and said why he doesn't think Belle would fit into his world.That my friend was strike one for me.Belle also started out as a good girl and I was ok [...]

    19. "Max?""Yeah, baby?""Can I keep you forever?"I read book two, Flawed Love, before reading this story. I wasn't a giant fan of the second book however, I felt Flawed Heart was a lot better.Belle comes back to town, with her daughter in tow, to care for her sick mom. She doesn't want to see her estranged husband, and the plan was working until he shows up at her mom's house. Now Belle has to decided what to do about their daughter, when it comes to Max. She's got enough on her plate between a termi [...]

    20. -SPOILERS-Nope. This story just didn't do it for me. I love Bella Jewel but this book is eerily similar to another of her books Till Death (which I loved). But that's not even what bothered me. What got to me is that in Till Death the heroes reason for being a bastard to his wife made sense- I could see that happening. But the reason Max turned so cold and mean to Annabelle made ZERO sense to me. So Max is on his way home one night when he sees a wreck. When he gets to the truck the family is de [...]

    21. Flawed Heart by Bella Jewel was anything but flawed. It was fabulous! If you’re a Bella Jewel fan like I am then you will know she didn’t stray from her usual writing style. Flawed Heart is the story of Max and Anabelle. Their love spans time, and with a love like that there are hardships… First let me say: Max is OMG! Smokin’ hot! I have a very clear picture of who he is in my head. I’m certain he is the broody, yet gentle man that I would fall head over heels for myself. Yes please! [...]

    22. Not as gripping as 'Til Death but very good and emotional nonetheless.I read it in one sitting. The author knows how to write a good book and mixes all the ingredients just right.I liked the "before" by Max and the "now" by Belle until 70% in the book when it got reversed. It gave an interesting plus to the story and helped to structure the book.

    23. 5 ANNI PRIMA"Max?" she asks, when our breathing evens out."Yeah, baby?""Can I keep you forever?" I grin. "Fuck yeah you can."And that's exactly how I found the girl of my dreams.Max e Belle si conoscono al college, sono giovani e hanno degli obiettivi. Belle studia per diventare giornalista, Max gioca a football, sperando di poter giocare per una squadra importante un giorno. Solo che si conoscono al momento sbagliato. Perchè Max ha una storia con Demi, la stronza, e anche se non sente più nie [...]

    24. I don't know how Bella Jewel does it. I really have no idea. But, just as her previous books, "Flawed Heart" is amazing. It's full of angst, heart-break and misunderstandings. It's filled with hurt, disappointment, but also with forgiveness and love. "Flawed Heart" by Bella Jewel is a beautiful second chance romance with unusual characters and an original plot that will keep you glued to your Kindle. Max and Belle used to be happy and deeply in love. Things were going really great until one nigh [...]

    25. 3.5 starsFlawed Heart was ok for me. While there were things I really enjoyed there was also things I didn't like. I loved reading the 'Then', I loved watching Max and Ana fall in love. I think my biggest complaint is that I didn't like how Ana took blame for her marriage failing. I think she made the best choice for herself and she tried to help him but he kept pushing her away. I didn't have an issue with Max having sex with others even though he was married because she did leave him for 5 yea [...]

    26. Even love can be numbed in the presence of painBella Jewel fans, I'm so excited to tell you that there are some Joker's Wrath MC characters in Flawed Heart. If you are familiar with that series, you are probably doing a fist-pump right now, huh? Actually, I haven't read any Bella Jewel books that I didn't love, she's a word wizard and she has cast a spell on me, I'm hers. Just ask my family. If they try to interrupt me when I'm reading one of her books, it's not pretty. They can get their own da [...]

    27. So I thought that I was going to enjoy this book, cause after I read the blurb I thought "this is definitely going to be an epic story" turns out it was NOT that great :(I triedI really tried to like this book but Max was such a pathetic hero. So Max & Belle met in college, you know the "cliche" popular jock boy meets shy geeky innocent girl & the crazy ex girlfriend blah blah blah. Well along the storyline they were so madly in love with each other after they got married it was all rain [...]

    28. Loved this second chance romanceGoing from past to present. Past, shows how Max swooped in claiming Bell, the popular guy in school falling for the beautiful girl without reputation and how their relationship grows from there. Then a fateful night that changed Max and everything falls apart. Years later its time to talk and the chemistry is still thick in the air.I loved the angst, the characters Max's filthy talk, hotness and the Alpha male he was.Fast paced hot read,loved it.

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