Achoo! Why Pollen Counts

Achoo Why Pollen Counts Spring has arrived and pollen is in the air Baby Bear does not like the pollen it sticks to his fur and makes him itchy and sneezy He s allergic Achoo He just wishes the pollen were gone But when his

  • Title: Achoo! Why Pollen Counts
  • Author: Shennen Bersani
  • ISBN: 9781628555509
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Spring has arrived and pollen is in the air Baby Bear does not like the pollen it sticks to his fur and makes him itchy and sneezy He s allergic Achoo He just wishes the pollen were gone But when his friends gather to tell him why they need pollen, Baby Bear learns that pollen is good for the forest and provides food for many animals, including him

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    • Best Read [Shennen Bersani] ↠ Achoo! Why Pollen Counts || [Ebooks Book] PDF ☆
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    1. An adorable book about pollen and how it benefits and affects us! Gorgeous illustrations and informative facts that my nature and science-loving kids enjoyed!

    2. Allergies are so unpleasant and affect so many folks. Allergies to pollens are dreaded but few folks who are contending with this problem stop and think how thankful they should be for the pollens. In Achoo! Why Pollen Counts the young reader learns about allergies and also about the importance of pollen. Personally, I'm one of those affected by pollens and I, like "Baby Bear," contend with the days of itching and sneezing during the pollen season. However, Baby Bear meets a variety of critters [...]

    3. Baby Bear wakes up from his Winter nap and finds himself suffering from pollen allergy. The pine forest has clouds of pollen blown about in the warm Spring wind. The forest floor is coated with pine needles and a blanket of pollen. Baby Bear gets pollen on his face and fur, which has him sneezing and suffering from itchy watery eyes. When his forest friends explain that his symptoms are caused by pollen allergens, he says, "I don't like pollen". His friends and his Mother do a great job of expla [...]

    4. My Review: It was interesting to know that pollen is good for the forest and also provides food for many animals. Some types of pollen are light and float in the air, while some are heavier and cling to flowers. Many insects ear pollen, the spiders catch pollen in their web and eat it for dinner. The bees use pollen and nectar to make beebread. Ladybug snack on pollen in the fall, they find that it has plenty of protein to help them hibernate in the winter.Also, it’s interesting to know that p [...]

    5. Shennen Bersani gets to the heart of allergy season and the people and animals who suffer from it. Pollen sufferers want the pollen gone but if that happens, then our entire ecosystem collapses, several species at a time. Pollen is IMPORTANT for so many reasons all of which Baby Bear finds out in this fun and educational picture book, 'Achoo! Why Pollen Counts'.Colorful, realistic illustrations bring the book alive as numerous forest animals, Ladybug, Spiderling, Honeybee and Snow Owl give Baby [...]

    6. I had never really thought about how some animals might be allergic to pollen before reading this book. But Baby Bear's constant sneezing showed that some of them might be. As he complains about the pollen that is causing his discomfort, some of the other animals explain how they rely on pollen for food, and that pollen is present in some form in all four seasons. Plus, pollen is used for one of his favorite foods made by the bees. Baby Bear decides that a little discomfort isn't as big a deal a [...]

    7. This book handles an unusual but important topic in a child-friendly way. Any youngsters with allergies will relate to these animals, and learn more about allergens, and that pollen is very important to the ecosysem. Colorful illustrations have specks of pollen floating about the animals, and shows close-ups that children will enjoy. For example, most of us don't want to get near enough to a bee to examine it, but these mostly realistic paintings show lots of interesting detail.

    8. Little bear is suffering from allergies and wonders why we need pollen. An accessible and appealing narrative about pollen in the ecosystem that preschoolers will appreciate.

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