Hard Hand

Hard Hand I had made a deal with the Devil This particular devil was Billionaire Marc Andretti former pro poker champion my dream lover and as I discovered the hard way someone who took orders from the Mob

  • Title: Hard Hand
  • Author: Jessa Jacobs
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I had made a deal with the Devil.This particular devil was Billionaire Marc Andretti, former pro poker champion, my dream lover, and as I discovered the hard way, someone who took orders from the Mob.I d had enough of his secrets and lies.So why couldn t I get enough of HIM Hard Hand is Part Three of the Full Tilt Billionaire serial It is not a standalone Expect a cliffhI had made a deal with the Devil.This particular devil was Billionaire Marc Andretti, former pro poker champion, my dream lover, and as I discovered the hard way, someone who took orders from the Mob.I d had enough of his secrets and lies.So why couldn t I get enough of HIM Hard Hand is Part Three of the Full Tilt Billionaire serial It is not a standalone Expect a cliffhanger

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    1. This is the third book so far in this series, and in this we learn a little more about Marc's family and his background, Tara has literally been living and breathing nothing but poker for months, she practices, plays and watches and she's about as ready as she can get for her first big tournament the first World Poker Tour event in Atlantic City.Tara is in excellent shape both physically and mentally, she's trained and prepared and it's hard to see how anything could stand in her way, Marc sees [...]

    2. Tara was great and Buffy was amazing but Marc was AWFUL. I think that was his name. It's been a couple of days since I read the serial, but it was something like that. The premise of the story was great! Nerdy math genius catches the attention of mob family member who bribes her to let him coach her to play in and win the World Poker Championship. but he was such a douche I could not like this book even if it been written better. This first book in the series (which was actually a serial) was t [...]

    3. A series that just keeps getting better and better beautifully written and created! Love Marc and Tara there relationship and chemistry professional and personal life's ! I can't wait to read the next book see there relationship and chemistry develop further and to see what's next for them both ! A book that flows from page to page and keeps a reader interested in what's going to happen next very intrigued! I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review !

    4. I received this book in exchange for an honest reviewI love this series. It just gets better and better. With the chemistry between Marc and Tara getting hotter. But could it get cooled down when Marc is forced to tell Tara about his past and family? Can't wait to see what will happen next

    5. 4.5 *'sFirst off thanks to Jessa Jacobs for providing me with a copy of this installment to read in exchange for an honest review. Secondly, Holy Hotness Batman! Jebus Ha. I love that Jessa's characters have grown from installment one to now. Marc and Tara are both bad-a*s in their own ways. And as fro skills she has hers at the table and he has his in bed. They balance each other out just right. Its puuuurfect. As I read a song came on by my favorite band. And as I listened I realized the lyric [...]

    6. Thanks to the author, who provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.As many others have said, this series just keeps getting better. Tara’s Hold’em skills have gotten to the point that she and Marc are travelling to Atlantic City, to enter Tara into her first “big” tournament. But before they can leave town someone from Marc’s past makes a demand of him. I have been waiting to find out what his backstory is, and what we learn about it in this piece of t [...]

    7. After fighting with himself to stay away from Tara and knowing his loosing this battle, Marc decides to go all in and finally make her his. But like everything in his life, all things have a prize and his might be loosing her.Marc has been spending a lot of time with Tara and he likes how he feels when his around her besides the tournaments and training. Marc is not used to feeling this way but is it too late?But like always nothing last forever and after avoiding his dark past this one comes cr [...]

    8. This ARC was given to me free for my honest review by Jessa Jacobs. Hard Hand (Billionaire Erotic Romance:Full Tilt Billionaire, Part Three)Love! this book! Hot Sexy!Tara And Marc prep and train for the championship poker game. Marc is not honest to Tara to why he wants to do this, lies and secrets! Tara runs away, but Marc finds her and convinces her to return to Las Vegas. Still not telling her the truth, she is confronted by a mob guy to make her follow trough with the plan. Only she doesn't [...]

    9. **ARC given for a honest review**I absolutely love this series Marcus and Tara are still at it the chemistry between them is unstoppable Marcus and Tara's journey together is getting intense. Feelings are starting to form This picks up where book 2 ended Tara is at it at the tables Making a name for herself Doing what she does best she practices, she plays and she watches and she's about as ready as she can be for her first big tournament in Atlantic City. In this installment we get a glimpse of [...]

    10. I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest reviewWow this series just gets better and better.The story in this book is very well written and well developed and fast paced. The characters in this book are very well written and the chemistry between Marc and Tara is smoking hot.In this book we will see Tara put into action the skills that Marc has taught her at the real poker tournament tables, has he taught her enough to win? In this book we will also see some of Marcs family me [...]

    11. My Review: Tara is making ranks theough the small tournaments and making a bit of a name for herself. Willing to keep learning from Marc about tell tails and when to call someone on a bluff, but she has been learning some things of her own that she knows will please Marc. But now on a trip to a bigger tournament in Atlanta Marc has been asked to deliver a message to another player. But now he has to deliver the message without alerting Tara in on his past. But someone aproaches Tara and now Marc [...]

    12. Hard Hand is the third part in a 5 part serial. In this book we dig into the lives of Tara and Marc. Now that she's moved in and they've given into temptation we start to see something blossom, even if they try to ignore it. They act like a regular couple, but still treat it as a business deal. When they travel to the first WSOP entry tournament, all the things Marc has been keeping from Tara come out in a terrifying way! He's forced to open up to her, or lose her forever! The action picks up in [...]

    13. I received a free copy for an honest reviewThis is a story which just keeps on getting better! In this instalment Marc and Tara are working on being honest with one another. As they try to understand their changing relationship, the upcoming tournaments aren’t the only thing they need to worry about.When the secret behind Marc’s past is revealed and his family catch up with him, will Tara be able to forgive him? And more importantly has Marc unwittingly put her in danger?Jessa Jacobs has don [...]

    14. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This is the third installment in the Full Tilt Billionaire series. In this book, things begin to heat up between Tara and Marc. Tara is willing to learn all that Marc has to show her. How far will they be able to take things, at the poker tables and in the bedroom? Will the secrets of his family be the end of them?Hard Hand is a sexy read with intriguing characters. It will have you wanting the next installment the [...]

    15. Marc and Tara both agreed on their plans to train Tara hard in order to get into the poker tournament. What Marc didn't plan to happen was developing feelings for Tara. He's been with other women but none of them made him want a woman to actually respect and care for him the way that he wanted Tara to. Tara soon realizes she really doesn't know anything about Marc besides playing poker. Nothing about his family and Marc wants to keep it that way. Will he decide to open up and tell her everything [...]

    16. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.I am really enjoying this series by Jessa Jacobs. This story continues Tara and Marc's story so if you haven't read the previous installments, you better read them first.In this book we see Tara enter her first Tournament and we learn a little bit more about Marc. Marc is coming to terms with the fact that he may feel more for Tara than he thought and Tara is coming to terms with who Marc really is.Looking forward to see how things progress [...]

    17. This story just keeps getting better and better. This new twist with Marc's family is going to be epic!!! I love this story, it's fresh, hot, sexy and it keeps you wanting to know more. I'm learning a lot about poker too!! The characters are developing really well and with every instalment we learn something new that will make the next one even betterif that is at all possibles! I can't wait to read more!

    18. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI'm so impressed with this author. Every book her writing skills are improving. The scene where Tara gave him head is sooo much better than the first time they have sex at the end of the second book.Looking forward to the next book :)

    19. I receive a free copy for an honest review. Here is mine and I loved it. Tara and Marc still going strong. Marc is seeing that Tara isn't like all the others. He is getting feelings for her but he isn't use to it.Tara is still Tara she is honest and loving but when a goon comes up to her and grabs her there's fear now. Marc will have to come clean and see if she will stay of go.love this series.

    20. Marc and Tara have a plan. Entering poker tournaments and gaining respect from other players has Tara excited about her decision to stay with Marc. However, Marc shares some disturbing news. Will Tara walk away? Has Marc put her in danger? Will Tara win the tournament? Jessa Jacobs gives you sexy time mixed with difficult choices. Hard Hand 3 is a fantastic read!

    21. Oh things are heating up with Tara and Marc. She finally finds out about this family and who they really are. Tara is amazing in the eyes of Marc, even after she finds out who his family is, she continues to stay with him. This is the beginning of Marc falling for her and he doesn't even know it.Given an advance copy for an honest review.

    22. I received this as a ARC for my honest opinion:This series gets better and better as each book comes along. Book one was good and book two was better and this one was even better. This book is a short book and doesn't take long to finish is an easy read.

    23. The suspense continues to racket up, as Tara moves up into more difficult tournaments and her relationship with Marc also progresses. Marc was usually the dominant one in relationships but Tara took the reins a few times with this example being one of them:"I was always the aggressor in sexual encounters, always in control. I had no idea how to be submissive, so this was going to be an adventure for me. I tried to relax, but I admit, it wasn't easy. With her fingertips, she was already spreading [...]

    24. Review of Hard Hand (Full Tilt Billionaire, Part #3)My Rating 4 StarsThis series continues to draw me in and keep me engaged. Wanting to know just what happens next.Marc & Tara have this incredible chemistry, and they are like two peas in a pod. But Marc has secrets that he hasn’t told Tara, will he enlighten her?, or will he continue to train her, and hope when she learns the truth she’ll still play the game? Well you’ll have to read the next installment to find out. Bring on the next [...]

    25. HARD HAND is getting tougher on all accounts. Tara is feisty in this part, learning new tricks on the gambling tables and behind bedroom doors. Even Marc is impressed with her prowess. It was fun to see his reactions when he feels more connected to her, relishing their relationship on borrowed time.There are a few surprises as Marc's past starts to catch up with him and Tara finds out the hard way. The mage is getting more serious and detailed, which is becoming exciting to read about. And that [...]

    26. I received this book for free to give my True and Honest Review Jessa Jacobs has done it again a brilliant exciting quick read which I loved. We see Tara and Marc saying they were going to be honest with each other but Marc's still keeping who his family is, elk that is until Luke turns up threatening him that He's harm Tara if he didn't follow what he wants done, while they're in Chicago for the world's championship. & that's where Marc had to tell her everything. Does it make her run our s [...]

    27. Received this free copy from the author for an honest review. Tara and Marcus relationship getting more intense professionally and personally. Does he have feelings for her? Marcus brother Shows upwhat does he want. Tara ' s first tournament game very intense then later she is approached by a stranger. ScaryWith a message for Marcuswhat's going on!! Secrets are revealed then Marcus takes control in more ways than one Oh this story is soooo good. :-)

    28. Contemporary Mob - Billionaire Series.Kindle Unlimited read. Cliffhanger. Some of the truth about him comes out in this book. Her life may be in danger now and I wonder if he'll pick her or his reputation and family moneyif it comes down to it.

    29. wow this third book in the series is even hotter than the second. Tara and Marcus relationship is starting to become much more. This series is a really quick enjoyable read

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