Agatha Raisin and the Blood of an Englishman

Agatha Raisin and the Blood of an Englishman Fee fie fo fum I smell the blood of an Englishman At loathsome local pantomime Agatha Raisin a hears ogre baker Bert Simple scream die on stake between legs in stage trapdoor Agatha s agency fin

  • Title: Agatha Raisin and the Blood of an Englishman
  • Author: M.C. Beaton
  • ISBN: 1849019770
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fee, fie, fo, fum I smell the blood of an Englishman At loathsome local pantomime, Agatha Raisin a hears ogre, baker Bert Simple scream, die on stake between legs in stage trapdoor Agatha s agency finds baker s wife, gorgeous Gwen, was beaten and has affairs, no grieving widow Case is solved with old pals Sir Charles, James Lacey, cop Bill Wong.

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      485 M.C. Beaton
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    1 thought on “Agatha Raisin and the Blood of an Englishman”

    1. I am always amazed by readers who take such a dislike to Agatha Raisin and the series written by M. C. Beaton, in which this irrascible character stars. I think it is because Agatha Raisin has little to love about her, at least at first glance. We readers prefer a protagonist who is easier to sympathize with, not one who harbors outlandish jealousy and lies at the drop of a hat. Bad things happen to Agatha. Some of these things she brings on herself--her jealousy, vanity, spite and single-minded [...]

    2. I liked it, it was nice to see the regular characters. In the first third, old nasty Agatha is back. Then the book shifts into a formulaic disappointment. Conflicts start and are resolved in two sentences. Agatha has a sense of danger now, and it is overused. She has become high tech with a constant companion of her iPad and a mention of her kindle. Her described looks seem to have greatly improved and she thinks every man she meets wants to get married. She wears silk clothing at all times, it [...]

    3. Oh Agatha, Agatha - will you never learn? Apparently not, and perhaps that's why we love her, but it would be nice to see some emotional growth in our beloved Agatha Raisin.This is a typical Agatha Raisin novel - mildly amusing narrative, outrageous plot, Agatha on the prowl for a husband and jealous of young Toni. This book requires no effort to read. For the die-hard Agatha Raisin fan. Not for someone new to the series.I read a Netgalley advance copy of The Blood of an Englishman.

    4. Received this from giveaway. The characters are annoying thin, merely names on paper with little substance to carry the plot. Yet, my main issue is with Agatha herself. She's a detective with a reputation, judging as to how this book is #25 in the series. However, Agatha is ready to throw herself at any man who comes into contact with her. She's quick to create marriage fantasies with anyone she comes across. Furthermore, this story started off as a mystery, but towards the middle, we're sudden [...]

    5. Oh my, where to begin. I won an ARC of this book through a giveaway. According to the publisher, this is the 25th Agatha Raisin "adventure", though it is my first acquaintance with both the character and the author. While I'm a great fan of British literature and the cozy mystery genre, I must admit to being completely stumped as to how the 24 previous books, if anything like this one, managed to be published. The plot is threadbare, the characters thin, weak and cliched, and then there is Mrs. [...]

    6. If you have not read any of the Agatha Raisin Mysteries yet, up to and including this one, you need to get caught up! I loved this book. There is a healthy dose of humour all the way through it and the characters are not only memorable, but a lot of fun. I love unique mysteries where you feel as though you haven't read it all before in one form or another. M.C. Beaton has a way of making everything that happens feel like it is original. If you are a fan of the cozy mystery, this will satisfy you [...]

    7. Repeat after me, Gentle Readers: mystery novel protagonists are NOT role models! We aren't reading the novels of the esteemed Glenn Beck, right? GOOD.The Blood of an Englishman provided me with several hours of reading bliss. The pacing is lickety-split. The plot is just complicated enough, although it did seem to have one small hole. Agatha is hilariously awful, and insecure in a way that is at once offensive and touching. The murder suspects are total jerks. Heck, even most of Agatha's friends [...]

    8. Murderous Fun!Back when I used to buy a lot of paperbacks, the publishers would sometimes put a stamp on one saying 'Guaranteed Good Read'. They were so convinced that the book was great, that they promised money back if you don't like it.While publishers don't tend to do that anymore, anything by M.C. Beaton should really come with that stamp. She is a guaranteed good read.In The Blood of An Englishman, Beaton brings us Agatha Raisin in all her glory. For those of you who haven't read an Agatha [...]

    9. I've read all your novels, so I'm sorry Mrs Beaton, but this latest novel reads like a first draft that needs to be re-read and edited at least twice! Some characters, like Roy Silver and James Lacey for example, are so obviously just used as devices to introduce disasterous episodes and there are several inconsistencies and repetitions. If the writing had been more meticulous, it could have been a good story.

    10. Agatha Raisin is normally like comfort food for me: Always a pleasure and something to look forward to. However, this time was different. It could possibly be due to the change of narrator, which is a factor, but this 25th installment didn’t hold my interest as much as earlier books.This mystery takes us back to Winter Parva, the setting for As the Pig Turns. Agatha is watching a play with Mrs. Bloxby, but the action takes place after the show as Agatha is driving back to Carsely. She sees pol [...]

    11. Another awesome story with Agatha and her assortment of chums. This time trying to solve the horrific mystery of how a leading man in a Christmas play ends up being impaled on a spike under a trap door! I love Agatha's wit, her intelligence and her fierce loyalty to those closest to you (in a begrudging way)

    12. Someone is murdering amateurs taking part in amateur productions. Agatha Raisin is in the audience when the first death takes pace and finds the second victim as she investigates. The story is well written but seems more suited for a gossip magazine due to the authors fixation with makeup, clothes of characters, and romantic interests. Prefer the author's Hamish MacBeth series although The Blood of an Englishman is well written. This was a free review copy obtained via .

    13. My mother is a big MC Beaton fan, and even she agrees that the latest stories have gone downhill. This does not even feel like a story - this feels like either an amateur piece of writing or the skeleton of a plot, in which padding, tension and characterisation will be added later. Aside from Agatha Raisin, the rest of the characters are just cardboard cut-outs with no personalities. The detective work is a farce and their is about as much tension as well, similies currently fail me.I'll finish [...]

    14. My sister and I have been avid fans of the Agatha Raisin series since the first book. However, the series has taken an odd turn. Agatha is no longer someone whose behavior reveals her character. Instead, she has become a two-dimensional paper doll who, along with the other characters in the book, fails to elicit either empathy or dislike. In fact, this is the first Agatha Raisin book where I felt compelled to finish it out of hope that it would improve rather than not being able to put it down b [...]

    15. Having got this book out of the library for my mum, knowing how much she enjoys an Agatha Raisin and remembering reading the first books in the series with my daughter when she was about 13 I thought I would give it a go.I really do think it is time for M C Beaton to stop. No characterisation, no plot development, switching from scene to scene and with weeks passing without explanation, Agatha herself flitting from man to man without rhyme or reason - this is not anywhere near as good as the ear [...]

    16. The Agatha Raisin stories are very formulaic, but they're fun. This one was much better than Something Borrowed Someone Dead - I'm glad I didn't give up on the series.

    17. I didn't care for the new narrator much at all, and found the plot complicated and confusing to keep track of the players. Between those factors, this was a real disappointment.

    18. I had never read an Agatha Raisin mystery before I agreed to participate in the anniversary celebration for the 25th book in M.C. Beaton's series featuring her. Beaton's The Blood of an Englishman may exemplify the cozy mystery. But, in some ways, she also turns some of the tropes on their head. Agatha Raisin smokes, drinks, hates tea, heads up her own private detective agency (without a license), and is man-crazy. None of those sweet romances in a cozy mystery for Beaton. It's actually a fun, r [...]

    19. I generally really enjoy the Agatha Raisin mysteries but I didn't get into this story. The plot -- and mystery - felt too convoluted: too many red herrings and a resolution that was both grotesque and random. It felt as if familiar (and liked) secondary characters popped up for one-liners or small scenes but they didn't really spend a lot of time impacting the plot or its resolution. The appeal of a cozy mystery versus a hardcore mystery (i.e. Agatha Christie vs. cozy) is the focus on the charac [...]

    20. I am going to start with the only redeemable quality of this book was the writing flowed. Most of the book is the main character Agatha Raisin fancying herself in love with almost every man she sees,putting on her make-up,picking out her wardrobe,and being romantically jealous of any women her friend Charles and her ex-husband James speak to. It was a disjointed mystery and didn't feel like the main focus of the book. When a book says it is a mystery I want a mystery. It sometimes felt like a ba [...]

    21. I eagerly await each Agatha Raisin book. I don't understand why people say that the stories are all alike. They are as different as books in a series with a reoccurring theme (murder) can be. Agatha has a personality all of her own. I probably would not like her if I knew her but I adore her in a book. She just never changes- always trying to one-up somebody and always looking for a man and thinking that she, a middle-aged woman, can get whichever one is in her sights. And all the while solving [...]

    22. This is the 25th Agatha Raisin story and she hasn't changed a bit. She is still opinionated, narcissistic, rude, and irritating. And I love her. The Raisin stories are basically all the same story. Agatha comes to a play in this case, or on a trip, or is hired. Then a murder happens (basically a horrible murder) and Agatha is hired be someone to investigate. She falls in love with one of the suspects and dreams of marriage. She gets in trouble with the police higher ups who don't want her nosing [...]

    23. Ah so good to see the nasty ole Agatha Raisin in all her glory--her obsessiveness over her hair, makeup, and clothes, her jealousy towards younger more attractive women, her search for the ideal man, concern about increasing waistline AFTER stuffing her face with greasy junk food, her continued wrong choice of boots on a snowy day I however did not expect two almost engagements to happen in this book! I wonder if Aggie will actually end with Sir Charles FraithFor someone who's just starting this [...]

    24. M.C. Beaton Fans rejoice, another winner! Those people who say Agatha is getting boring, Well! All I can say is "Snakes and Bastards" as we all know they are not worth a hill of beans! Love this quick and fun read. Agatha is always on the trail of a new husband, but always just misses the mark. Agatha is ageless, even with her hair tinted, her chin hairs growing out and her never ending dreams of finding Mr. Right. Like an old friend all the characters stay the same, the formula is the same, but [...]

    25. Loved it but then I'm a huge Raisin fan. One of the things I like about this series (besides all the characters basically telling her to sod off) is that AR and her crew get into more situations, mystery in one chapter than many mysteries incur through a whole story. The way a mystery should be written -- chockful of suspense and mystery bits. One does not have to wade through 60 - 90 pages before they get what they came for -- mystery!!

    26. First off let me say they changed the audiobook narrator and I am not a fan of the new narrator. I normally love this series on audiobook but this one was a chore to listen to and get through. In general I had the been there done that feeling with this particular book. I also did not like what the murderer did after the murder (I can't say much more without giving it away). I was disappointed in this one. Oh well. Can't love them all.

    27. I do like that Agatha seem to be becoming more attractive in this new book. This could help explain why she still has the affection of long time friend Sir Charles and ex-husband James. I still enjoy her antics however and her bumbling around trying to find the "right man". The murders are a bit more gruesome than normal and seem heading away from the "cozy" category, but that's alright by me.

    28. This series may be on the silly side, and the characters may at times be annoying, but it's still good for a few laughs in each book!

    29. As usual Beaton bangs on about smoking, "global warming" (as she calls it) and faux fur. Particularly nasty was her remark that a domestic violence victim was "eminently beatable". Very unpleasant

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